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 Global Actualité maritime 2020

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Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Global Actualité maritime 2020   Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 EmptyMar 8 Sep 2020 - 14:22

Août 1 2020 / 31-08-2020

Freighter troubled in Bulgarian waters, tilt and list after water ingress
Aoû 01, 2020 at 14:45.

Romania general cargo ship DENIZ S ran into trouble in Bulgarian waters off Obzor, northeast of Burgas, on Jul 31. There was water ingress in forepeak area, ship developed fore tilt and portside list. During Jul 31 the ship reportedly and according to track, was towed to Burgas. Since late Jul 31, the ship was positioned in the middle of Burgas port entrance, status unclear. As of 1430 UTC Aug 1 she remained in the same position, with 2-3 tugs at her side and nearby. Understood salvage under way and she’s considered too unstable to be docked at port.
Hamburg Sud owned container ship disabled by fire at Balboa, Panama
Aoû 02, 2020 at 04:57.

Container ship CAP JACKSON reportedly suffered fire in engine room while at anchor at Balboa, Panama, where she arrived on Jul 29 from Manzanillo Mexico. 1 crew injured, one generator completely destroyed. CAP JACKSON port of call was Puerto Colon, she was to transit Canal. As of 0430 UTC Aug 2, she remained at anchor.
CAP JACKSON operates on the MPS service for Hapag-Lloyd and the MCPS service for Hamburg Sud, from Livorno Italy through the Panama Canal and north to ports in the US and Vancouver Canada. Hapag-Lloyd, a slot charterer on the Mediterranean Pacific Service (MPS), already notified its’ clients on this accident. She’s to be undergo repairs.
Dutch cargo ship fire, Izmir
Aoû 02, 2020 at 07:38.

Fire erupted in reportedly, container, on board of multipurpose cargo ship FWN SPLENDIDE, berthed at Izmir Turkey, in the afternoon Aug 1. Fire was extinguished by firefighter engines in about an hour, understood it didn’t spread further, but number of damaged containers is unknown. As of 0730 UTC Aug 2, the ship remained berthed at Izmir.
Ferry sank off Samui island, 7 missing, Thailand UPDATE
Aoû 02, 2020 at 08:42.

Aug 3 UPDATE: 1 body (skipper) was recovered, and 2 persons were rescued. 4 remain missing, SAR continues.
Ferry RAJA 4 was caught in rough weather at night Aug 1, capsized and sank, while en route from Koh Samui island to Donsak Ferry Pier, Surat Tani province, Thailand, Gulf of Siam. There were 12 crew and 4 passengers (3 truck drivers and 1 woman) on board, and a cargo of garbage, 3 big lorries and a pickup. Police patrol boats and RIBs responded, 9 people were rescued, 7 remain missing.
Passenger ro-ro cargo ship RAJA 4, IMO 7812517, GT 324, built 1978, flag Thailand, operator Raja Ferry Plc (Don Sak - Koh Samui ferry line).
Sightseeing boat capsized in Bangkok, 75 tourists narrow escape
Aoû 02, 2020 at 15:16.

River sightseeing boat Lai Si Chan 1 with 75 passengers aboard interrupted her scenic trip along Chao Praya river in Bangkok in the afternoon Aug 2, and headed for nearest pier, after boat started to take water and list starboard. Boat made it to pier just in time to safely disembark passengers. All were safely evacuated, no injures reported. The boat capsized and sank along pier, with parts of superstructure remaining above the waterline.
Armed guard rioted, took control of bulk carrier
Aoû 03, 2020 at 07:32.

Rather unusual incident involving armed guard took place on board of bulk carrier JAEGER, manager by one of the biggest bulk carriers operating companies, Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. On Jul 21 JAEGER took on board 3-men strong security team in Arabian sea while en route from Singapore to Suez, understood from private security vessel or boat, to provide safe passage via Gulf of Aden and Red sea. Once on board, one of the guards did not surrender his weapon to the vessel’s Captain as protocol requires, and then took control of the ship, as he voiced his grievances and demanded several months wage delay. According to Eagle Bulk Statement: “Eagle Bulk in coordination with maritime security experts, worked to deescalate the situation and after a period of approximately three days, the guard surrendered his weapon and allowed the ship to continue on its original course”. Reportedly he was disembarked on Aug 1, not clear how, where and by what means. As of 0700 UTC Aug 3, the ship was already in Suez Canal on a northbound transit.
Eagle Bulk has nothing to do, of course, with guard’s wage delays, it’s security agency’s fault, but on the other hand, if Eagle Bulk is hiring low-rate security (like many other owners and operators do, in GoA region), Eagle Bulk is partially responsible for incidents involving armed guards.
Oil tanker grounded by river pilots in Congo River
Aoû 03, 2020 at 08:59.

The Oil Products Tanker VENLO is the second oil tanker to be grounded in the past two months due to river pilots ignoring marker buoys. In June, the Oil tanker SEA FORCE had to be pushed off a sandbank by a tugboat brought from Pointe Noire to Boma. Fortunately, the ship sustained no damage. Charterers suffered costs and 3 days delay.
The VENLO was grounded on Friday 31 July as the ship was approaching Kuntuala Terminal near to Boma, DR Congo. It was clear that the ship was being directed some 200m to the wrong side of a navigation buoy.
Another cruise shipping company stops operation
Aoû 03, 2020 at 13:30.

Last week the FTI Group announced to discontinue various divisions, brands, and subsidiaries. Major restructuring due to the consequences caused by the corona pandemic leads to the decision. One of the affected subsidiaries is the one-ship shipping company FTI Cruises operating the small classic cruise ship MS BERLIN. She was built in 1980 and carried up to 412 passengers on her trips to the Caribbean. MS BERLIN moored in Málaga, Spain with little movement since May 2020. The vessel will be offered for sale.
Container ship contacted lock wall, inflicting serious damages, Kiel Canal
Aoû 04, 2020 at 05:07.

Container ship BOMAR VALOUR contacted wall at new North Lock in Brunsbuettel, while entering Kiel Canal, at around midday Aug 1. Accident was caused reportedly, by the delay with handling stern mooring line. Lock wall was severely damaged, suffering a hole or dent of 10x1 meters, 4 meters deep, size. The ship was said to sustain slight damages, she was allowed to continue voyage from Bremerhaven to Helsinki, where she arrived in the morning Aug 4.
Crane Crash Kills 11 in India's Premier Shipyard
Aoû 04, 2020 at 06:33.

A huge jetty crane at Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL), Visakhapatnam, India crashed and killed 11 workers.
As per the Indian government, the incident took place during load testing of the crane, which weighs a staggering 70 tonne.
During the test, the crane crashed along with 10 workers in the same cabin, consisting of engineers and other shipyard workers. The workers did not survive the crash, giving up to the huge iron structure.
On investigation, it was found that the cabin got separated from the base of the crane during testing, with the crane coming down with a loud thud.
HSL officials announced an inquiry by a core team into the accident, headed by engineers across multidisciplinary fronts from one of India's premier engineering colleges.
Apart from probing into structural defects, the team would also see if there was any human error that caused such a mishap.
The port city of Visakhapatnam is of vital importance to India as it houses the Eastern Command of the Indian Navy, apart from many other naval bases.
Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL), is one of India's premier shipyards, having manufactured a multitude of submarines, corvettes, frigates, and surveillance ships for the Indian Navy, as well as the Indian Coast Guard.
LPG tanker engine room fire, Antwerp
Aoû 04, 2020 at 09:32.

Fire erupted in engine room of a PLG tanker MORITZ SCHULTE, berthed in Atwerp at Industrial Dock, ESSO Refinery, in the morning Aug 4. ESSO and city fire engines responded, fire was extinguished, one person treated for smoke inhalation. No news on damages yet. Tanker arrived at Antwerp on Aug 2 from the UK.
Korean freighter grounding, Nagoya
Aoû 04, 2020 at 15:09.

General cargo ship DONG MYUNG ACE ran aground in front of Tobishima, Nagoya, at around 0500 UTC Aug 4, on arrival from Funabashi, Japan. The ship was refloated at around 0700 UTC with high tide, and tug assistance, and safely berthed. No information on damages.
Capesize bulker broke off moorings, contacted berthed container ship VIDEO
Aoû 04, 2020 at 16:43.

Capesize bulk carrier CHINA STEEL GROWTH, moored to mooring buoys in Kaohsiung Harbor in front of container terminal, broke off her moorings when strong storm hit Kaohsiung at around 0400 LT (UTC +Cool Aug 4. Giant ship drifted astern, and contacted by stern berthed WAN HAI container ship. Both ships reportedly, were damaged. Gantry crane was reportedly, also contacted, but luckily, that contact resulted in just some sparks. Understood contacted container ship is WAN HAI 162, she unmoored at around 0830 LT, left harbor and was anchored at Kaohsiung outer anchorage. As of 1630 UTC, she remained in the same position.

Beirut port explosion mystery solved? UPDATES: 3 ships disappeared. VIDEO
Aoû 04, 2020 at 18:40.

Aug 5 1515 UTC UPDATE: Cruise ship ORIENT QUEEN, berthed at Beirut near blast site, was seriously damaged, started taking on water, capsized and sank starboard along berth, remaining partially above waterline. 2 crew reportedly (but not yet confirmed) died.
Aug 5 0730 UTC UPDATE: Three ships were berthed near explosion site, AIS of all these ships are off during last 14-16 hours, immediately or shortly after, the blast. General cargo ship MERO STAR, IMO 8321682, dwt 4110; general cargo ship RAOUF H, IMO 8325535, dwt 6343; Livestock carrier JOURI, IMO 9174775, GT 4033.
In Jul 2014, I’ve been asked by one of Russian national newspapers to investigate the story of general cargo ship RHOSUS, stranded in Beirut with cargo of ammonium nitrate, following the letter they received from the Captain of the ship. That’s what I found out:
General cargo vessel RHOSUS called Beirut, Lebanon, in October last year. Vessel loaded with ammonium nitrate was destined for another country, the reason she called Beirut is unclear, maybe for supplies or due to some mechanical trouble. RHOSUS was detained after PSC inspection, which found a number of deficiencies. Since then vessel is stranded in Beirut. By now only four crew stay on board – Master (Russian nationality), Chief and Third Engineers and Bosun, all of them Ukrainians. Vessel was owned and operated by Mr. Grechushkin Igor, Russian citizen now Cyprus resident (last known manager Teto Shipping, Cyprus). RHOSUS actually, is abandoned – owner doesn’t communicate, doesn’t pay salaries, doesn’t provide supplies. Owner of the cargo declared abandonment, too. Beirut authorities don’t permit the remaining crew to leave the vessel and fly to home. The reason is obvious, port authorities don’t want to be left with abandoned vessel on their hands, loaded with dangerous cargo, explosives, in fact. Why don’t they want to arrest vessel with cargo, to release the crew and replace it with temporary local crew, is unclear.
Many believe that yesterday's explosion in Beirut was caused by that ammonium nitrate cargo on board of RHOSUS. Probably.
A powerful explosion occurred in Beirut port area on Aug 4, killing and injuring dozens of people, and causing widespread damage. As of evening Aug 4, there’s no clarity with regards to the cause of explosion/explosions, and what triggered it. Russian witness insists he saw the ship on fire prior to blast, he managed to record fire and explosions on his mobile phone.

Crew kept hostages on a floating bomb – m/v Rhosus, Beirut
Jul 23, 2014 at 08:27.

General cargo vessel RHOSUS called Beirut, Lebanon, in October last year. Vessel loaded with ammonium nitrate was destined for another country, the reason she called Beirut is unclear, maybe for supplies or due to some mechanical trouble. RHOSUS was detained after PSC inspection, which found a number of deficiencies. Since then vessel is stranded in Beirut. By now only four crew stay on board – Master (Russian nationality), Chief and Third Engineers and Bosun, all of them Ukrainians. Vessel was owned and operated by Mr. Grechushkin Igor, Russian citizen now Cyprus resident (last known manager Teto Shipping, Cyprus). RHOSUS actually, is abandoned – owner doesn’t communicate, doesn’t pay salaries, doesn’t provide supplies. Owner of the cargo declared abandonment, too. Beirut authorities don’t permit the remaining crew to leave the vessel and fly to home. The reason is obvious, port authorities don’t want to be left with abandoned vessel on their hands, loaded with dangerous cargo, explosives, in fact. Why don’t they want to arrest vessel with cargo, to release the crew and replace it with temporary local crew, is unclear.
Russian and Ukrainian authorities do nothing, while as it seems, their involvement is a must, in order to achieve some kind of agreement with Beirut authorities, and work out a joint plan either to replace the crew with locals unconditionally, or finance the crew and vessel until she’s auctioneed.
Cocaine found in parasite tube, attached to US tanker hull
Aoû 05, 2020 at 06:12.

Police detected so-called “parasite”, a steel tube attached to, understood, underwater hull of a product tanker MTM POTOMAC, docked at Santo Tomas De Castilla, Guatemala, where she arrived on Aug 4 from Colombia. Tube was filled with packages containing, it is believed, cocaine, 56 packages in total. Interestingly, there was a GPS transmitter in tube, to track the shipment and help traffickers, who were to receive the drugs, to locate it. Crew and ship’s management weren’t mentioned, understood they’re clear of suspicions and have nothing to do with drug trafficking.
Gantry crane collapsed in Ngava Sheva UPDATE 3 cranes collapsed
Aoû 05, 2020 at 15:46.

Aug 6 UPDATE: Three giant cranes at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust came crashing down due to high winds on Aug 5. JNPT authorities are assessing the damage.
Renewed COVID19 outbreak on Norwegian cruise
Aoû 06, 2020 at 06:38.

Renewed COVID19 outbreak on a Norwegian cruise raises second wave fear in the country.
MS ROALD AMUNDSEN, owned by the Norwegian company Hurtigruten had made it to the headlines when it became among the very first cruise ships to resume operations in the post-COVID period.
The company has once again made it to the news because of a COVID outbreak on its MS ROALD AMUNDSEN, affecting at least 36 crew members and 5 passengers. Moreover, this outbreak has raised fears of a second wave of COVID outbreak in Norway.
Hundreds of passengers who had boarded the cruise ship are now in quarantine facilities, waiting for test results.
This is a massive PR failure of Hurtigruten. The company accepted that there was a breach in their internal procedures, as said by the company CEO Daniel Skjeldam.
Officials fear that hundreds of people, along the Western Norwegian coast, could have been infected by the unprecedented outbreak.
Most of the crew members, numbering around 158, have been tested for the virus. Among them, 122 tested negative.
The ship is currently docked in Tromso, with the local municipality urging travellers to contact the local health officials.
Container ship disabled, towed to safety, Vietnam
Aoû 07, 2020 at 06:10.

Container ship PROMOTE suffered engine failure and was disabled on Aug 6 east of Cam Ranh, Vietnam, en route from Saigon to understood, northern Vietnamese port. Coast Guard responed and sent a tug, the ship was towed to safe anchorage in Phan Rang waters, south of Cam Ranh. As of Aug 7, the ship probably, already fixed problem and is under way. Her AIS is off for more than 24 hours.
Major oil spill off Mauritius Island
Aoû 07, 2020 at 07:18.

The island of Mauritius is facing an environmental catastrophe after oil began leaking from a grounded vessel. Mauritius on Thursday announced that oil was leaking from the bulk carrier WAKASHIO that had run aground in the southeast of the island in late July. The ship had no payload at the time but was carrying over 200 tonnes of diesel and more than 3,800 tonnes of low-sulfur bunker fuel oil. The bulk carrier began to breach, releasing some of the bunker fuel. Boom is in place to prevent the oil from spreading but all efforts to stabilise the vessel and pump up the oil failed so far due to bad weather conditions.
"The public in general, including boat operators and fishers, are requested not to venture on the beach and in the lagoons of Blue Bay, Pointe d’Esny and Mahebourg,” the environment ministry of Mauritius said in a statement. Officials launched an investigation.
The grounding happened at Pointe d'Esny, which is listed under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, and near the marine park of Blue Bay. Ecologists fear the ship could break up, which would cause an even greater leak and damage the island's coastline. The country depends crucially on its seas for food and for tourism, boasting some of the finest coral reefs in the world.
The WAKASHIO is a 203,130 deadweight tonnes bulk carrier measuring 300 meters in length. It is registered in Panama. The WAKASHIO was built in 2007 by Universal Shipbuilding in Kawasaki, Japan. It is managed by Okiyo Maritime / Nagashiki Shipping of Japan.
Hong Kong bulk carrier contacted pier, both ship and pier damaged, Klaipeda, Baltic sea
Aoû 07, 2020 at 16:40.

Bulk carrier PEARL ISLAND contacted pier while maneuvering to berth at Klaipeda port, Lithuania, on Aug 6, on arrival from UK. Both ship and berth suffered damages, extent yet unknown.
2 stowaways jumped from container ship, drowned in Valencia Harbor, Spain
Aoû 07, 2020 at 17:02.

Container ship LETO informed authorities of port of Valencia, Spain, that two stowaways jumped overboard shortly after the ship arrived at Valencia, in the morning Aug 7. Civil Guard and police searched the area, both stowaways were found dead, in the vicinity of ship’s bow. Both migrants are of African origin. Prior to Valncia, LETO called Cameroon and Ivory Coast.
Hopefully, the crew won’t be blamed for these deaths.
Cargo ship struck embankment, Shanghai VIDEO
Aoû 08, 2020 at 06:49.

Cargo ship HONG PU 89 lost control and struck left-side embankment of Huangpu river in Xuhui District, Shanghai, while sailing upstream, at around 2000 LT Aug 7. Both ship and embankment were damaged, assessment under way. The ship resumed moving at reduced speed, probably under tow, and was berthed at around 2300 UTC.

Bulk carrier damaged in collision, Nigeria UPDATE VIDEO
Aoû 08, 2020 at 09:22.

Aug 8 UPDATE: BUDVA was struck by a stern of berthing bulk carrier PLUTO, and suffered hull breaches and gashes in starboard bow area, some of fore mooring lines broke. No information on PLUTO damages, probably slight.
Aug 7: Bulk carrier BUDVA collided with unnamed cargo ship in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, on Aug 6. BUDVA is docked at Harcourt since Jul 27, so probably, it happened during BUDVA shift or another cargo ship berthing. BUDVA was reportedly, damaged to an extent, that she’s in need of repairs.

Greek Panamax found positive, crew to be changed
Aoû 09, 2020 at 07:12.

11 out of 22 crew of a Greek Panamax bulk carrier PATRA were found test positive, almost immediately on arrival at Yuzhniy Port, Ukraine, Black sea. The ship was anchored at outer anchorage, crew underwent medical screen, several were found to have flu symptoms, and after that, all crew were tested. The ship has been moved to port and berthed at night same day at quarantine pier, with all crew on board. 11 positive crew may be hospitalized, or may remain on board, not yet clear. All crew are to be changed, the ship is to be disinfected, according to Ukrainian pandemic chief, one Golubyatnikov (Director of infectious diseases Laboratory of Ministry of Health), who also added, that Ukraine has somehow, to seal the “virus-prone” shipping loophole.
Ukrainian sources report the ship arrived from Egypt, but it is not correct, after Egypt she called Algeciras.
MAERSK tanker stuck off Malta with 27 migrants on board
Aoû 09, 2020 at 14:07.

Product tanker MAERSK ETIENNE was ordered to rescue illegal migrants on Aug 4, while underway in Gulf of Gabes, Med, SW of Malta, being en route from Genoa Italy to Port of La Skhira, Tunisia. Not exactly clear what organization ordered the ship to pick up 27 distressed migrants, whether it was MRCC Malta or some other body, but anyway, the ship interrupted her voyage, picked up migrants early Aug 5, and arrived at Malta outer anchorage in the evening Aug 5. As of Aug 9, she was still at anchor, waiting for the problem to be solved – what coastal State will allow migrants to disembark.
SAL heavy lift aground with wind turbine blades, USA
Aoû 10, 2020 at 04:57.

Heavy lift cargo ship IMKE ran aground while approaching Ogdensburg, northernmost port in New York State, St. Lawrence Seaway, at around 1830 UTC Aug 8. The ship arrived at Ogdensburg from Montreal with cargo of wind turbines. Stern is probably damaged. She was still aground as of 2300 UTC Aug 9 according to last AIS, tug or tugs were assisting refloating. Seems like they’ve been pushing her towards berth.
Container ship rammed into pier, Manila UPDATE VIDEO
Aoû 10, 2020 at 14:28.

UPDATE: Ship’s fore starboard hull was severely damaged, a gash or a breach on a waterline level, several meters long and at least meter high, judging from video sent by Sailors.tv
Cette vidéo est privée. Veuillez vous connecter pour vérifier que vous pouvez la regarder.

No doubt, portside was also damaged, extent yet unknown. In fact, the ship remained stuck in pier for quite some time after accident. Maybe there were technical problems of taking her out, or maybe, it was decided first, to patch, at least partially, huge breach.
Container ship OCEAN ABUNDANCE rammed into Pier 2 of North Harbor, Manila, early in the morning Aug 10, while maneuvering to berth. Engine reverse control malfunction is thought to be the cause of an accident. Pier is severely damaged, container ship bow, undoubtedly, is also damaged, though there are no details yet on ship’s damages extent.
Thailand maritime and sailing news, latest
Aoû 11, 2020 at 07:09.

Two good news from Thailand
One of the largest container ships of the world, MSC MINA, called Laem Chabang
One of the largest container ships of the world, MSC MINA, called Laem Chabang port, Thailand, on Jul 30, it was a breakthrough event, a first ever mega container ship, with 20000+ TEU capacity, call in Thailand. The ship left Laem Chabang on Jul 31, bound for Nansha China, but she will come back. MSC MINA is deployed on an Asia – Europe service, with rotation Busan - Ningbo - Shanghai - Yantian - Tanjung Pelepus - Cenes - Antwerp - Le Havre - Feli. Xstow - Algeciras - Singapore - Laem Chabang - Nansha - Yantian - Shanghai - Long Beach – Auckland.
MSC has established itself in Thailand since 2001, and opened a new office in Laem Chabang Port in November last year. In July, MSC has launched a new service, called “Seahorse”, which is connecting 8 Asian countires, including Thailand.
Sail training vessel Vela being launched from Thailand
July 22, 2020…Phuket, Thailand--The 34.14m / 112' custom sail training schooner 'Vela' is being launched by Marsun Public Company Ltd. in Thailand at their Samutprakan shipyard.
“We just finished sea trials aboard Vela, our new sail training vessel and sister ship to STV Argo, also built at the Marsun Shipyard. She’s a beauty! Their mission is the same as Argo, circumnavigating the world with trainee crew at the helm. Argo has sailed around the world six times with trainees since her launch in 2006. And, by the way, we are sailing Vela to Singapore in about two weeks”, reports Jim Stoll of Global Expeditions Group, writing to Gordon Fernandes of Asia Pacific Superyachts in Phuket.
Both Vela and Argo are two-masted Marconi rigged schooners, certified and inspected by the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency as a Category “0” vessel, allowing them unrestricted operation in the world's oceans. The schooners are operated by Sea|mester, a study abroad training program for student crew trainees.
Vela’s highly functional, sophisticated yet classic design and engineering are the work of the Langan Design team from Newport USA, Travis Yates from Global Expeditions Group, and the Marsun Shipyard team, located at the mouth of the river to Bangkok.
Marsun has built over 300 vessels for various clients (VELA is hull #300) and has a highly technical engineering department allowing them to build or repair vessels like VELA as well as larger yachts. They have recently expanded their dry-docking capacity so that they can handle a variety of projects at any one time.
In ruins: Insights on Lebanon’s former No 1 maritime logistics hub
Aoû 11, 2020 at 07:22.

The most important logistics hub for maritime traffic in the Near and Middle East has been irreversibly destroyed on 4 August 2020. 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in a storage hall in the Beirut port area, killing hundreds of people and causing widespread damage. The highly explosive cargo came to Beirut on board the general cargo ship RHOSUS sailing from Georgia to Mozambique with an unscheduled halt in Beirut port in October 2013. Later the owner of the vessel declared abandonment due to financial difficulties. In the past six years, the dangerous cargo was stored in a warehouse at the port without special safety precautions.
The port of Beirut is left in ruins. The medium-sized port was the largest and most important container port in Lebanon. FleetMon's port usage rate based on AIS data indicates 55% usage by cargo vessels, 26% usage by sailing ships and yachts, and 14% port usage by tankers. Around 500 vessels called the port per month before the incident. 70% of Lebanese imports entered the country through the port of Beirut. The commodity value of imports is $ 20 billion, while the value of exports is only $ 3.5 billion. Most of the goods are imported from China as well as Italy, Greece, Germany, and the USA.
Before the blast, Beirut was amongst the ten most important ports in the Mediterranean and considered the gateway to the Middle East with 12 direct connections. Eight direct routes lead to China and 27 to Europe showing its importance in global shipping. Large parts of the port infrastructure and superstructure have been destroyed as well as ample storage complexes like the huge grain silo, which shaped the port's scenery. It has been blown away by the explosions in port. Significant amounts of grain were stored there to supply extensive parts of the country's population. According to the United Nations, the devastation in Beirut's port could also affect the situation of many people in the neighboring country Syria. The port of Beirut was an essential hub for handling humanitarian aid. Lebanon and Syria have been struggling with an economic crisis and lack of medical supplies due to the coronavirus pandemic before.
The secretary general of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Kitack Lim, stated in response to the explosion, "I express my deepest condolences and sincerest sympathies to the families of the victims and to the government and people of Lebanon following the catastrophic explosions in the Port of Beirut. The port provides a vital artery bringing food, medicines, and supplies to the country, and its destruction will have devastating consequences. The United Nations is assisting the immediate response to the incident. The IMO stands ready to assist in any way we can."
Shipping traffic is now temporarily diverted to the port of Tripoli in the north of Lebanon. The port is much smaller, but because of the country's economic crisis, the number of vessels docking in Lebanon is fewer than in the past, which will help Tripoli handle the additional shipping activity. Nevertheless, the crisis-plagued country is hit hard by the destruction of its most important port.
MAERSK Drilling eyes for investment in new carbon-negative energy
Aoû 11, 2020 at 13:09.

After it's successful deployment in the Aerospace Industry, the Shipping and Offshore sector will soon see the deployment of carbon-neutral energy.
In an agreement signed by the Danish shipping behemoth and California based Clean Energy Systems, Maersk Drilling has agreed to invest a net amount of $1 million, aimed at net carbon neutrality.
When deployed on a full-scale basis, the project will yield the production of renewable fuel as well as power, while removing greenhouse gases from the environment.
We delved deep into the concept of Carbon-Negative Energy and found out that the principal ingredient to the process is biomass. After using biomass in place of traditional fuels, syngas will be produced. This syngas will then be separated by chemical processes, separating natural gas and hydrogen, which will be sold off separately.
After this process, the syngas, now depleted of all its hydrogen, will produce electricity, capturing all the CO2 emitted in the process. This CO2 will then be stored in permanent CO2 storages, resulting in the complete removal of CO2 from the environment, thus, attaining net carbon neutrality.
Morten Kelstrup, COO of Maersk Drilling said, "We believe the world needs a broad portfolio of technologies and solutions to meet the challenge posed by climate change."
The move comes amid rapid environment-friendly steps being taken by the company to reduce its carbon footprint.
A.P. Moller-Maersk had announced in 2019 that it aims to help the Shipping Industry attain a carbon-neutral future, promising that all ships in its fleet would be having a net-zero emission by 2050. Søren Toft, Chief Operating Officer, Maersk, said, “The only possible way to achieve the much-needed decarbonisation in our industry is by fully transforming to new carbon-neutral fuels and supply chains.”
Developing energy-efficient solutions has been the top priority of the company, which invested over $1 billion in the same.
WAKASHIO latest, owner statement, comment
Aoû 11, 2020 at 16:11.

Nagashiki Shipping Statement Aug 11:
Nagashiki Shipping Co. Ltd the owner and manager of the bulk carrier, M/V Wakashio, reports the following update in relation to the grounding of the vessel off the island of Mauritius on July 25th 2020 and the resulting breach of a bunker tank on August 6th 2020.
Situation of leaked Fuel Oil
As of July 25 Local Time when the vessel ran aground, it had approximately 3,800 MT of Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil(VLSFO) and 200 MT of Diesel Oil(DO) onboard.
By August 11 Local Time, approximately 1,020 MT of VLSFO onboard had been pumped out and transferred onto small tankers.
Approximately 1,000 MT had leaked out from the vessel fuel tank from this incident, and460 MT is estimated to been manually recovered from sea and coast.
About 1,600 MT of VLSFO and about 200 MT of DO remain on the ship, and the transfer work is continuing.
Situation of the Ship
We confirm the crack inside the hull of the ship had expanded. The situation is being continuously monitored by a professional team of salvors. Since this ship is unable to navigate by itself, a tow connection has been established between a tug and the Wakashio. In order to secure the vessel so that it will not drift.
There are some 1,600 tons of fuel left on board, discharging of this fuel into tankers continues.
With any luck (and salvors professional skills), the ship won’t break up, and will be salvaged, depending on a number of factors.
Even if the ship breaks in half, it doesn’t mean, that the remaining fuel (if there will be any remaining fuel) will leak out. Ship’s wreckage – if she will break up – will be removed. It is highly likely, that both halves, should the ship break in two, may be sealed and towed away.

Three crew died while cleansing cargo tank of tanker, Philippines
Aoû 12, 2020 at 05:22.

Three crew of tanker ANDRINA 200 reportedly, died of suffocation in a cargo tank, on Aug 10, at Calaca, Batangas, southwest Luzon, Philippines. Seamen were cleansing cargo tank and inhaled fumes from cargo residues on the bottom of tank. They lost conscience, were recovered by other crew and sent to hospital, to be found dead on arrival to hospital.
Scrap fire in cargo hold of Thai bulk carrier, Netherlands
Aoû 12, 2020 at 06:06.

Fire erupted in cargo hold of a Thai bulk carrier VIYADA NAREE at Dordrecht, Netherlands, in the evening Aug 11. The ship was loading cargo of scrap. Fire reportedly, was quickly taken under control by fire teams. Extent of damages unknown. As of morning Aug 12, VIYADA NAREE was still berthed at port, probably continuing scrap loading.
All photos https://www.zhzactueel.nl/2020/08/11/brand-op-zeeschip-in-dordrecht/
Tanker NORDIC WOLVERINE found positive, quarantined
Aoû 12, 2020 at 07:51.

As of morning Aug 12, tanker NORDIC WOLVERINE was still at anchor t Cano Dulce area, west of Barranquilla, Colombia, reportedly assessing damages she sustained while being aground during Jul 19-30. well Colombian authorities decided not to waste an opportunity, ran tests and found three test positive crew members. Tanker is under quarantine now.
VLCC tanker completed repairs, but was disabled by positive test
Aoû 12, 2020 at 17:14.

Very large crude oil tanker AMUNDSEN SPIRIT sailed from Gdansk Poland on Aug 10 after completing repairs at Pilsudski Shipyard, but had to anchor at outer anchorage same day, after 13 out of 32 crew were tested positive prior to departure. One crew was taken to hospital, but character of his illness is unknown. The rest of the crew remain on board, Polish Authorities said they have no authority over tanker, because she’s anchored in international waters, so probably, tanker may leave anchorage and sail away. If say, there’s a pending voyage of 14+days duration, that will be quarantine in itself, though authorities globally, in most part, lost common sense long ago, and may quarantine hapless tanker, notwithstanding time she spent at sea. As of afternoon Aug 12, she was still at anchor.
Tanker boarded by Iranian Special Forces in Gulf of Oman VIDEO
Aoû 13, 2020 at 05:07.

Product tanker WILA was boarded by Iranian Special Forces from helicopter in the afternoon Aug 12, in international waters off Khor Fakkan Anchorage, UAE, Gulf of Oman, according to USA Navy and Gulf media reports. Tanker is probably, deployed in bunkering operations in UAE waters. Tanker AIS was off during some 2 hours, then reappeared, as of 0430 UTC Aug 13 she was either cruising at slow speed, or drifting, north of Khor Fakkan Anchorage.

Vietnamese freighter aground, Philippines VIDEO
Aoû 13, 2020 at 05:07.

General cargo ship GLOBE 6 ran aground at around 2330 UTC Aug 12 in Bulalacao Bay near Nagubat island, southern Mindoro, Philippines. The ship with cargo of rice is en route from Ho Chi Minh Vietnam to Davao, Philippines. As of morning Aug 13, the ship is understood to be still aground.

Bulk carrier fire, Greece
Aoû 14, 2020 at 05:39.

Aug 14 UPDATE: The ship moved to Lavrio, either towed or escorted, at a reduced speed, was anchored at around 0000 UTC Aug 14. As of 0515 UTC Aug 14, remained in the same position. Fire probably, damaged engine or other machinery.
Aug 13: Greek media reported fire on board of Marshall Islands flagged cargo ship in Kafirea Strait, Aegean sea, Greece, which occurred on Aug 13. Fire was said to be quickly extinguished by the crew, but some SAR boats responded. The ship wasn’t identified. According to available information and ships tracks, it is most probably, bulk carrier STAR CLEO, ballasting from Turkey to Gibraltar. She reduced speed at around 1330 UTC and changed course. As of 1740 UTC, she was either adrift, or moving at a slow speed, no tugs in sight.
Dubious natural gas search of ORUC REIS continues
Aoû 14, 2020 at 09:31.

Tensions between Greece and Turkey concerning the natural gas deposits in the eastern Mediterranean persist. The research vessel ORUC REIS left the port of Antalya on 2020-08-09. During the entire night of Tuesday, the Turkish research vessel moved in an area that Greece claims as an economic zone for itself. Greek warships called the vessel's captain every 15 minutes to leave the region immediately. However, the calls remained unanswered. The Orup Reis is accompanied by several Turkish warships, reports the Greek state radio.
2020-08-14: The research vessel remains in the critical area, Navigation status is "restricted manoeuverability" which indicateds that ORUC REIS is engaged in surveying or underwater operations.
Catastrophe off Mauritius averted, WAKASHIO pumped out
Aoû 14, 2020 at 10:20.

Days after a state of emergency was declared by the government of Mauritius, Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth confirmed that all oil from the grounded cargo vessel WAKASHIO has been pumped out.
He described the process as a 'race against time' after experts noticed a crack on the ship's hull, which led fears of the ship breaking apart before completion of oil extraction.
Japan's Nagashiki Shipping, the owner of the grounded bulker, has been actively involved in the oil extraction, providing another ship for the same. Together with a Mauritian helicopter, as well as help from the French Navy, the fuel has been transferred to the shore.
A French military aircraft containing pollution control equipment has been spearheading the efforts to minimise environmental damage, alongside a 6-membered Japanese team.
When Ursa Space Systems, an analytics company based out of the U.S used Finnish satellites to map out the spillage, they saw the size of around 3.3 square kilometres. When they remapped the entire spillage again, they saw a 10-fold increase in the spillage area (Around 30 sq. kilometres).
Mauritius houses a unique biodiverse marine ecosystem, which has now been exposed to some 1000 tonnes of low graded sulphur fuel. Besides environmental impacts, the spillage will adversely affect the country's economy ranging all the way from fishing to tourism.
Capesize bulk carrier WAKASHIO broke up, fore part under tow UPDATE
Aoû 15, 2020 at 17:57.

Regretfully, Capesize bulk carrier WAKASHIO, which ran aground on the reefs off Pointe Desny, southeast Mauritius, at around 1600 UTC Jul 25, broke in two, understood on Aug 15, notwithstanding salvage attempts. The bigger, fore, half of the ship is to be towed away or is already under tow, destination unknown. Aft part with superstructure, engine room and fuel tanks, remains on the reefs, posing none or minimal pollution threat, because all fuel was siphoned out during salvage operation. There is no “ecological disaster” or “catastrophe”, even if stern remains on reefs to be dismantled on the site.

Owner Statement Aug 16:
Nagashiki Shipping Co., Ltd. the owner and manager of the bulk carrier, M/V Wakashio, report the following update in relation to the grounding of the vessel off the island of Mauritius on July 25th 2020 and the resulting breach of a bunker tank on August 6th 2020.
It was confirmed on August 15 that the vessel has broken into two sections.
Situation of leaked Fuel Oil, (as of August 15th.)
As of July 25th, Local time, when the vessel ran aground, it had approximately 3,800 MT of Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil(VLSFO) and 200 MT of Diesel Oil(DO) onboard.
The remaining quantity onboard, which is estimated to be around 3,000MT of oil has been recovered from the vessel and transferred to small tankers by August 12th, Local Time.
Approximately 100 MT of Lubricant oil and Residual oil onboard had been collected by August 14th. An amount of unrecovered oil is believed to have leaked out of the vessel. In order to collect and clean up the oil, booms and absorbents have been deployed to prevent the oil reaching the shore.
At approximately 14:00 local time on August 15th, a crack in the cargo hold No. 8 to the stern side progressed. This caused the vessel to break. A towage plan will be implemented to tow the forward part of the vessel.
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2 lighter ships sank in Bangladesh, 13 crew missing
Aoû 16, 2020 at 07:13.

wo lighter ships sank in Bangladesh waters near Hatiya island in the morning Aug 15: MV AKHTER BANU-1 and MV CITY-14, both in load. MV CITY-14 was loaded with some 2,000 tons of raw sugar, all 12 crew rescued. MV AKHTER BANU-1 was loaded with some 2,000 tons of wheat, 13 crew are missing. Both ships, like all other lighter ships in Bangladesh, aren’t registered in international registries or databases.
4 Iranian tankers seized by the USA; Largest seizure in history
Aoû 18, 2020 at 06:35.

Drama unfolded near the Strait of Hormuz last Friday when the U.S has seized the cargo of 4 Iranian oil tankers en route to Venezuela, sending a strict signal that the U.S Government meant action when it imposed sanctions on both Iran and Venezuela.
The move sent shockwaves through Tehran and Caracas, after an estimated 1.116 million barrels of petroleum onboard the Liberian-flagged M/T BELLA, M/T BERING, M/T PANDI and M/T Luna were seized. The Greek companies linked to the vessels in question are IMS SA, Bandit Shipping Co, Palermo SA, Paladine Maritime Inc, Vienna Ltd, and Rifia Shipping Co. The seized cargo is reported to be en route to Houston.
None of the vessels can be traced via Automatic Identification System at the moment. M/T BELLA and M/T BERING turned off their AIS at the beginning of May 2020. M/T PANDI and M/T Luna were last seen via AIS in the first half of July 2020.
The U.S, via its Justice Department, stated that the 'critical' operation in the Strait of Hormuz had been executed with assistance from 'foreign partners', possibly hinting at Saudi Arabia.
Unofficial reports noted the absence of military force in the seizure. Reportedly, the shipowners were merely threatened with sanctions by the US government, who then surrendered the cargo to US officials.
After the U.S President, Donald Trump designated Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist outfit, the Strait of Hormuz has been abuzz with tanker seizures and rising tensions among the two countries.
This act marks the U.S government's largest fuel shipment seizure in history.
Two days before, the US claimed Iran had briefly seized the Liberian-flagged oil tanker WILA in the Strait of Hormuz, before releasing it again.
Container ship disabled by fire, Mediterranean
Aoû 18, 2020 at 13:57.

Fire erupted on board of container ship X PRESS MONTE BIANCO early in the morning Aug 18 off Tarragona, Spain, Mediterranean, reportedly in engine room. Helicopter and SAR ship responded, delivering fire team and equipment. Fire is said to be taken under control, a lot of smoke and high temperature reported. No AIS during last 10 hours as of 1330 UTC, understood the ship is disabled, with SAR ship and tug nearby, towage probable. The ship was en route from Valencia to Barcelona.
Bulk carrier rammed, pier, both damaged
Aoû 18, 2020 at 15:03.

Bulk carrier FEDERAL CARIBOU contacted pier after she went out of control during berthing maneuvering at Puerto Cortes, Honduras, in the morning Aug 17. Both pier and ship’s bow sustained damages.
Panamax bulk carrier on fire, adrift in Arabian sea, in need of medical assistance UPDATE
Aoû 19, 2020 at 06:54.

UPDATE: Reportedly, 1 crew died, 1 crew injured. No additional information yet on fire details. As of 1300 UTC Aug 19, the ship was still adrift, no other ships nearby.
Latest: 2nd Engineer died, 3rd Engineer was injured.
Bulk carrier FANEROMENI issued distress signal in the morning Aug 19 in Arabian sea E of Socotra, reporting fire on board and requesting medical assistance for an injured crew. No other information available at the moment. The ship is disabled, adrift since around 0200 UTC, still adrift as of 0530 UTC Aug 19, at least two ships seem like they respond to distress call. FANEROMENI id en route from Abu Dhabi UAE to Port Elizabeth South Africa, most probably in ballast.
Japanese mega container ship hard aground, UPDATE refloated
Aoû 19, 2020 at 09:32.

Aug 21 UPDATE: She was refloated at around 1730 UTC Aug 20 and taken to anchorage, anchored at around 2000 UTC. As of 0500 UTC Aug 21, was still at anchor, with SAR ships and tug at her side.
Aug 20 UPDATE: Owner Statement:
The owner and manager of the container ship Mackinac Bridge (152297 GT, 2015 built) report the vessel went aground in heavy weather conditions off Guangzhou anchorage area, Baili Island 19 August 2020.
All the crew are safe and there is no pollution. The Mackinac Bridge reports minor damage which will be fully assessed by Class during a diver inspection.
Tug boats have been employed and a plan will be agreed with the MSA to safely re float the vessel. The vessel has no cargo on board. All the appropriate authorities and have been contacted and are responding. The incident has been reported to the P&I Clubs and Insurers.
Aug 19: Container ship MACKINAC BRIDGE ran aground early in the morning Aug 19 on Hong Kong waters, while proceeding to Nansha port, Guangdong Province, China. As of 0915 UTC Aug 19, the ship remained in the same position, with SAR ship nearby. Reportedly, Chinese Salvage is after contract, waiting for divers inspection. No information so far on damages, though it looks like there are some, probably serious.
Greenpeace unveils massive methane leak in the North Sea
Aoû 19, 2020 at 10:34.

Activists from the environmental group Greenpeace found two huge methane leaks in the UK's part of the North Sea.
On Monday Greenpeace reported that its patrol ship ESPERANZA located two gas-emitting craters on the seabed. Greenpeace says that the leaks were reportedly caused by a 1990 drilling accident by ExxonMobil in an exploration campaign. If this was the case, the leak would have been active for 30 years.
In 1990, the rig reportedly targeted an oil reservoir, which turned out to be a gas pocket. This resulted in a large blowout that left sizable craters in the range of 15-to-50 yards on the seabed.
The activists on board the group's patrol ship ESPERANZA used an ROV (Remotely operated underwater vehicle) to survey the leak, recording the process from two large boreholes.
A recent independent study hints that a staggering amount of 8,000–30,000 tonnes of the greenhouse gas gets released into the atmosphere from these two boreholes.
Greenpeace has long been a critique of the oil and gas industry, asking the UK government to intervene on the matter and change the scenario in place at the North Sea.
Usual story: bulk carrier seized after 1 positive test
Aoû 19, 2020 at 16:54.

One crew of bulk carrier NORD BARENTS was caught test positive, after he boarded ship in La Coruna, Spain, among several other onsign crew. The ship arrived at La Coruna on Aug 16, crew change took place on Aug 17, onsign crew are Filipino, they flew to Spain Madrid from Manila, via Munich Germany. They have been tested at Munich, results became known on Aug 19, so probably, the crew and the ship will be put under arrest, which is called nowadays “a quarantine”. Understood convicted in test positive seaman is healthy in all respects.
Tanker on fire after collision with barge, 14 missing VIDEO
Aoû 20, 2020 at 07:00.

Tanker LONG QING 1 with some 3000 tons of fuel on board collided with sand barge in Yangtze Estuary waters in the morning Aug 20. Collision impact resulted in fire on board of tanker, while barge sank. Of tanker 14 crew and barge 3 crew, 3 were rescued, 14 remain missing.
Tanker LONG QING 1, MMSI 413495000, tonnage 3948, flag China.

UAE tanker assumedly hijacked by pirates in Somalia waters UPDATE not piracy
Aoû 20, 2020 at 17:43.

Aug 22 UPDATE: Tanker AEGEAN II wasn’t hijacked by pirates, she was boarded by local militia, and there was some kind of dispute/conflict, but understood, nobody was injured. Tanker left Bereeda anchorage in the evening Aug 21, sailed to Bosaso Puntalnd, and at 1730 UTC Aug 22 entered Bosaso anchorage area.
Aug 20: Chemical tanker AEGEAN II allegedly was boarded and hijacked by armed men in Somalia waters on Aug 19, while en route from UAE to Mogadishu, Somalia. According to track, tanker changed course in the morning Aug 16, and headed for Horn of Africa, she was anchored off Bereeda, Puntalnd, in the evening Aug 19, after some 2-days cruising off Bereeda. It is said, that tanker encountered mechanical problems and was sailing at a slow speed towards Mogadishu, until Aug 16, when she was, presumably, attacked.
Situation isn’t clear. It may be an act of piracy, but it may be as well, some commercial or other dispute, which led to ship’s seizure, if it’s seizure.
Gantry crane contacted by container ship, collapsed
Aoû 20, 2020 at 18:15.

Container ship MOUNT CAMERON contacted gantry crane at Pier 2 of Chittagong Container Terminal in the afternoon Aug 20, while maneuvering to berth at Pier 5. Gantry crane partially collapsed and became inoperative, halting cargo operations at Pier 2. The ship with pilot on board was berthed after contact, no information on ship’s damages.
US warship traversed Taiwan Strait amidst Chinese threat
Aoû 21, 2020 at 07:17.

On Aug 18, the US Navy's guided-missile destroyer USS MUSTIN sailed through the Taiwan Strait on the backdrop of sharp criticism from Beijing.
The Taiwan Strait is roughly 110 miles wide, separating Taiwan from mainland China.
USS MUSTIN is forward-deployed to the U.S. 7th Fleet area of operations in support of security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.
A U.S spokesperson said that the act was well in line with the country's “commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific”, amidst rising military tensions between Beijing, Taipei, and Washington. This comes a day after Beijing said that the option of war was on the table if Taiwan decided to move for complete independence.
Beijing, through its Foreign Ministry, "expressed deep concerns to the U.S. side" amidst the latest development in the Taiwanese Strait. Taiwan has been long claimed by China as one of its own territories, even though the island nation is self-ruled and democratic.
Both Taiwan and China had monitored the USS MUSTIN when it passed through the Strait in a freedom of navigation voyage. This is the US Navy's 10th trip through the Taiwanese Strait in 2020. The sharp increase in the annual passage by the US Navy comes amidst rising tensions between China and the US in the South China Sea.
On June 4 2020, another Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS RUSSELL had traversed the controversial Taiwanese Strait after China unveiled its latest aircraft carrier Shandong.
Dredger struck gas pipeline causing explosion and fire, 4 missing, 6 injured, Corpus Christi VIDEO
Aoû 22, 2020 at 04:54.

Dredger WAYMON L BOYD caused explosion and major fire in Corpus Christi Ship Channel in the morning Aug 21, after she struck, while working, an underwater gas pipeline. Of 18 personnel on board, 4 went missing and 6 were injured, 3 of whom have been transferred to a hospital with burns treatment facility.

Chinese fishing vessel attacked, crew wounded, Sierra Leone
Aoû 22, 2020 at 18:14.

Chinese longliner SHENGHAI2 was attacked by armed persons early in the morning Aug 21 on Freetown anchorage, Sierra Leone. Crew reportedly, tried to thwart an attack with ensuing fight, several crew were injured, including some seriously wounded. Pirates fled the ship and area after Navy or Coast Guard sent a team to assist crew.
Japanese capesize bulk carrier cocaine bust, Master and senior officers detained VIDEO
Aoû 23, 2020 at 06:17.

Capesize bulk carrier FRONTIER FALCON was berthed at Icdas port, Turkey, Marmara sea, late Aug 19 on arrival from Colombia. On Aug 22, joint team of police anti-narcotics division and Coast Guard, searched ship’s hull and found a container or a box, attached to hull in aft section. Box contained packages with cocaine, totaling 25 kilo. Hull inspection with deployment of divers was to be continued. According to official statement, 7 crew including Captain were detained, caught allegedly, in the process of procuring the packages from a box. Involvement of the crew including Captain and senior officers, is not yet conformed, details remain sketchy and unclear. Usually, when drugs are found in hideouts, law enforcement bodies are either tipped off or monitor suspicious ships long before detention and search.

Container ship lost stability, rested on pier, Chittagong
Aoû 23, 2020 at 14:27.

Container ship OEL HIND developed starboard list and rested on pier at Chittagong port in the morning Aug 23. Accident was caused by faulty cargo plan and subsequently, loading and positioning of empty and loaded containers. The stability was restored after replacing some 20 containers, but the ship didn’t leave port as scheduled, in the afternoon Aug 23, pending a thorough inspection. As of 1400 UTC Aug 23, she was still berthed at Chittagong.
One more Capesize bulk carrier cocaine bust, Captain detained, Turkey
Aoû 24, 2020 at 06:38.

Box with 30 kilos of cocaine, attached to ship’s hull, was detected by anti-narcotics police division of Zonguldak, Turkey, Black sea, on Aug 22 or 23. As in other FRONTIER FALCON similar case at Icdas, Turkey, bulk carrier with cargo of coal arrived from Colombia at Eren port, Zonguldak, on Aug 21. Three crew were detained, including Captain. The ship wasn’t identified, but according to history and tracks of ships in Eren, it is, almost undoubtedly, a brand new Chinese Capesize bulk carrier SHANDONG DE RUI, but it has yet to be confirmed.
Strange story – two Capesized bulk carriers busted for cocaine trafficking simultaneously, both arrived from Colombia, on both ships – according to local sources citing officials – crew were involved, including Captains.
Greenpeace activists occupy an oil platform in the North Sea.
Aoû 24, 2020 at 06:57.

In an act straight out of a real-time movie, four brave climate activists from Greenpeace boarded a Total operated oil production platform in the North Sea on Aug 18.
Though the platform, named Dan Bravo, was unmanned, Total ended up halting output at the plant for the time being.
Located some 210 kilometres from the western Danish coast, the activists claimed it to protest against oil and gas exploration.
Denmark is revered as a torchbearer in countering climate change, having one of the most ambitious climate targets the world has ever known.
The Dan Bravo oil platform produces around 5,500 barrels of oil per day. Total halted the operation citing safety precautions.
The activists had a message for Danish policymakers: If they don't ban the search for oil and gas in Denmark, the reputation earned by the country in being a green frontrunner would be dented.
Greenpeace's sailing boat RAINBOW WARRIOR started the action from the port of Esbjerg, Denmark. The vessel ferried the activists in reaching the rig, who then swam 500 metres from the ship owing to safety regulations. They towed their luggage behind them for occupying the oil platform for an unknown time in waterproof bags while swimming. Due to upcoming storms the Greenpeace activists left Dan Bravo on Aug 20.
In 2018, Total bought the field from Denmark's Maersk.
Engine room explosion injured 4 crew, Greece UPDATE 1 crew died
Aoû 24, 2020 at 13:01.

A Aug 25 UPDATE: One injured crew died in a hospital.
Explosion occurred in engine room of passenger ro-ro ferry BLUE HORIZON at Heraklion Port, Crete, in the morning Aug 24. Four crew were injured and taken to hospital, understood their condition isn’t life-threatening. Official said that assumedly, the pump exploded. As of afternoon Aug 24, the ship remained berthed at Heraklion. oû 24, 2020 at 13:01.
Greek and Turkish bulk carriers collided in Bangladesh waters, both damaged
Aoû 24, 2020 at 15:57.

Bulk carriers DENSA PANTHER and ARCHAGELOS GABRIEL, both anchored off Kutubdia island, south of Chittagong, Bangladesh, collided in the morning Aug 23, after ARCHAGELOS GABRIEL dragged. Both ships reportedly, sustained serious damages, DENSA PANTHER is said to suffer hull breach. DENSA PANTHER remained at anchor near collision site, ARCHAGELOS GABRIEL sailed off and as of evening Aug 24, was cruising in loops southwest of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, intentions unclear.
LNG tanker crew stabbed, heavily wounded another crew, tanker interrupted voyage
Aoû 25, 2020 at 13:39.

One of the crew of LNG tanker MADRID SPIRIT went amok and attacked another crew with the knife, stabbing him in the back, head and thorax, on Aug 20, inflicting heavy injures, which required emergency surgery. Tanker en route from Bilbao Spain to Nigeria, interrupted her voyage and steamed to nearest port, Dakar, Senegal, reaching the port in the afternoon Aug 20. Crew managed to disarm and immobilize perpetrator, locking him in cabin or service compartment. On arrival to Dakar, wounded seaman was transferred to hospital, perpetrator was arrested and taken to custody. Tanker left Dakar on Aug 22, and resumed her voyage.
USCG icebreaker HEALY maimed by fire, limping to Seattle
Aoû 26, 2020 at 05:13.

Icebreaker USCGC HEALY (WAGB-20) suffered fire in the evening Aug 18, in one of the two of propulsion electric motors, in Gulf of Alaska, shortly after leaving Seward, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Fire was extinguished in a short time, no injures reported, but the ship lost her stb propulsion, and had to interrupt planned voyage to Arctic waters. She sailed to homeport of Seattle at a reduced speed, for repairs. At 0430 UTC Aug 26 she was some 500 nm due west of Juan De Fuca Strait entrance, having apparently, some problems along the way, because she stops from time to time, moving at some 6-7 knots speed, while under way.
Upsurge in stowaways trying to reach Europe by merchant ships
Aoû 26, 2020 at 08:27.

Four stowaways of Algerian origin were found on board of general cargo ship JANINA at Valencia, Spain, on Aug 25. One of them claimed to be minor, he was taken ashore, the rest remained on board, the ship left Valencia same day, bound for Mostaganem, Algeria. They will most likely leave JANINA in the Algerian port. There’s a surge of stowaways found on ships arriving at Valencia, recently – 11 in less than 3 weeks. Stowaways claim they sneak on board of the ships all by themselves, without any assistance from human traffickers or NGOs or whatever else. Masters of the ships invaded by migrants/stowaways say otherwise. Master of the JANINA, in particular, said, that perpetrators just couldn’t board the ship without outside assistance.
CMA CGM unveils the world's largest LNG powered vessel
Aoû 26, 2020 at 10:02.

LNG powered vessels have been at the forefront of the shipping industry's fight against global warming. Spearheading the global effort is the French shipping behemoth CMA CGM, which is all set to receive its first ultra-large LNG-powered containership after the vessel's gas trials.
The CMA CGM JACQUES SAADE is currently in China's Shanghai Jiangnan-Changxing Shipyard, as shown by the vessel's AIS data.
The vessel was initially launched in August 2019, which then underwent sea trials in 2020. Now, the 23,000 TEU LNG powered ship is all set for delivery. It is predicted that the ship will be fully inducted in service within September, plying on the vital Europe-Asia route.
Giant LNG-bunkering vessel GAS AGILITY, owned by Japan's Mitsui Osk Lines (MOL) and chartered by Total arrived off Rotterdam on Aug 22 and is expected to bunker LNG to Jacques Saade, as well as to eight of its other CMA CGM sister vessels.
CMA CGM has declared that all ships will be of 400 metres length, thereby giving the company an edge in the plummeting container shipping market.
In an earlier statement, the company had already declared that it plans to induct some 20 LNG powered vessels under the aegis by 2022, in compliance with IMO regulations.
Ships crews change prohibited, but a must. Can’t change but must change, or else.
Aoû 26, 2020 at 13:52.

Disturbing news from Thailand’s Council of Ministers of Thailand, Aug 25 meeting, which approved draft Ministerial Regulation of the inspection of foreign ships, calling Thai ports. Inspection purpose is to check the ship’s compliance with Maritime Labor Convention 2006, in part of Contract Period expiration. Understood, new inspection officers are empowered with detention authority, if they find MLC Contract Period violations. Thailand is closed for foreign crew changes, and this new Regulation doesn’t mention crew change crisis at all. There’s no discussion on re-opening Thai ports for crew changes, not even mentioning it, in public, in media, in social nets.
Ships having crews with expired Contracts shall be obliged to provide inspectors with plan to “correct the violation” in nearest future, someplace, not Thai ports (which will remain closed), this plan to be endorsed or rejected by inspectors. Inspectors are authorized to require and check all the relevant papers on board, inspections are to be carried out without any preliminary notification.
All the expenses and costs arising from carrying out inspections, are to be paid by the shipowner.
Now, we already have it all in Australia, it’s probably, running in some other countries, also. It’s not some kind of coincidence or Thailand Ministry of Transport initiative, it’s a beginning of a new, worldwide campaign. Crew changes are prohibited or restricted to a level of being impossible, but crews must be changed. How?
Luxury yacht engulfed in fire, 17 people on board rescued VIDEO
Aoû 26, 2020 at 14:54.

Luxury charter yacht LADY MM with 8 passengers and 9 crew on board suffered fire on Aug 25 off Sardinia northeast coast, Italy, while en route from Capri to Porto Cervo. All people left the yacht on a tender and were rescued. Yacht meanwhile, was engulfed in flames and dense smoke. No information on her condition and status, as of Aug 26. AIS went off when the fire spread to bridge.

Japanese capesize bulk carrier cocaine bust, Owner Official Statement
Aoû 27, 2020 at 04:46.

Statement re Frontier Falcon from Owners and Charterers / Drugs found attached to hull.
London August 26,2020
Owners and Charterers of the 2011 built bulk carrier, FRONTIER FALCON, report that the vessel completed her cargo operations at the Port of Icdas, Turkey on 0930 hrs local time 25th Aug.
The vessel however remains in the port, at anchor, as the current Master, Chief Officer and Chief Engineer have been taken ashore to continue assisting the Authorities with their enquiries with regards to the confiscated 25-kilogram package of drugs found attached to the ship’s hull.
All state their innocence and that they have no involvement, whatsoever, in the incident.
As enquiries from the Authorities are likely to take time, as the case involves drugs, Owners believe that the above-mentioned crew members are likely to spend some more time in Turkey, before they return onboard.
For this reason and to prevent any delay, Owners are sending a new Master and Chief Engineer to the Port of Icdas with eta to join the ship on 27th Aug.
Crew members who are required to remain in Turkey will be repatriated after the enquiries are completed.
At no time was the vessel detained by the Authorities, as it was concluded that the vessel itself is not involved in any illegal trade.
The ship is authorized to depart upon arrival of the new Captain and Chief Engineer.
Owners and Charterers deplore any involvement with the carriage of drugs and have strict policies in place to prevent such incidents. They will cooperate fully with the local investigations to establish responsibility for this illegal shipment.
From the very beginning, allegations of Master and crew involvement seemed to be highly doubtful, it just doesn’t make any sense. Turkish authorities as their compatriots in other countries, are always ready and happy to seize and accuse those at hand, namely crew.
Initial news:
Japanese capesize bulk carrier cocaine bust, Master and senior officers detained VIDEO
August 23, 2020 6:20 am
Capesize bulk carrier FRONTIER FALCON was berthed at Icdas port, Turkey, Marmara sea, late Aug 19 on arrival from Colombia. On Aug 22, joint team of police anti-narcotics division and Coast Guard, searched ship’s hull and found a container or a box, attached to hull in aft section. Box contained packages with cocaine, totaling 25 kilo. Hull inspection with deployment of divers was to be continued. According to official statement, 7 crew including Captain were detained, caught allegedly, in the process of procuring the packages from a box. Involvement of the crew including Captain and senior officers, is not yet conformed, details remain sketchy and unclear. Usually, when drugs are found in hideouts, law enforcement bodies are either tipped off or monitor suspicious ships long before detention and search.
Cargo ship fire, Taipei VIDEO
Aoû 27, 2020 at 05:17.

Fire erupted on board of cargo ship YINGARA, berthed at Taipei Taiwan, in the afternoon Aug 26. Understood the ship was undergoing maintenance repairs, and some chemical on cargo deck was incidentally ignited. Fire was extinguished by shore fire engines in some 1.5 hours. No injures reported, 8 crew left the ship when fire started.

Aframax contacted pier at Primorsk, Russia, detained
Aoû 27, 2020 at 14:53.

Crude oil tanker NORDINDEPENDENCE contacted oil terminal pier at Primorsk oil port, Russia, Baltic sea, on Aug 26, during unmooring operation. Pier sustained damages which are to be assessed, tanker meanwhile, was anchored at Primosrk anchorage, waiting for a safety deposit, if assessment finds substantial damages, it is to be decided in 72 hours. Tanker arrived from Rotterdam on Aug 25, is bound for Rotterdam, understood with cargo of crude.
Panamax disabled, adrift, Indian ocean
Aoû 27, 2020 at 15:05.

Bulk carrier YASA UNITY encountered electric problem and was disabled on Aug 21 in Indian ocean east of northern Madagascar, while en route from India to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. As of Aug 27, still drifting, crew couldn’t fix the problem, owner contracted tug BOKA SUMMIT (IMO 9315575) for towage, ETA YASA UNITY Aug 27 or 28.
Turkish freighter ran onto coastline of Greek island, full speed
Aoû 27, 2020 at 15:56.

General cargo ship MESSILA with cargo of wind turbine blades ran aground on eastern coast of Tilos island, Greece, Aegean sea, in the morning Aug 27, while en route from Mersin Turkey to Istanbul. Judging from track, the ship didn’t change course as she should, and headed straight ahead, at full speed. She’s probably seriously damaged. As of 1540 UTC Aug 27, she was in the same position, with tug at her side and another tug approaching.
Disabled offshore support vessel under tow to Brest, English Channel
Aoû 28, 2020 at 05:14.

Offshore support vessel NEPTUNE suffered propulsion failure in the morning Aug 27 west of Ushant, southwest English Channel, and started to drift, being en route from Falmouth UK to Saint-Nazaire. Crew failed to fix the problem, owner contracted Société des Abeilles SAR ship ABEILLE BOURBON (IMO 9308687) to tow NEPTUNE to nearest port, Brest. Towage commenced at around 1330 UTC Aug 27. As of 0500 UTC Aug 28, caravan was already in Brest waters, joined by one more tug.
Bulk carrier with cargo of steel hard aground in Weser, Germany
Aoû 28, 2020 at 05:43.

Bulk carrier RUBINA ran aground in Weser river, Germany, in front of Sandstedt, at around 2000 UTC Aug 27, while proceeding downstream, en route from Bremen to Houston USA. The ship reportedly, is loaded with steel. As of 0530 UTC Aug 28, bulk carrier was still aground, with 5 tugs at her side assisting in refloating, and SAR tug standing by. No damages reported so far.
Cargo ship attacked in Gulf of Guinea, probably tanker UPDATE
Aoû 28, 2020 at 07:47.

UPDATE: Confirmed PIKE was attacked, attack thwarted.
Cargo ship was reportedly attacked in the morning Aug 28 in Gulf of Guinea, SW of Lagos Nigeria. According to tracks of ships in the area, it is most probably, tanker PIKE, en route from Lagos to Rotterdam. If PIKE is the ship which was attacked, it doesn’t seem like she was boarded, she didn’t reduce speed or stop, and as of 0730 UTC is continuing voyage. Probably, attack was thwarted.
Information is not yet confirmed, no other details are available.
Bulk carrier in danger of capsizing after nickel ore liquefying
Aoû 28, 2020 at 14:17.

Bulk carrier ZHONG CHANG HE SHENG issued distress signal in the afternoon Aug 27, reporting liquefying of her cargo of nickel ore, danger of capsizing. The ship was in East China sea north of Senkaku islands, en route from Surigao Philippines to Lianyungang, China, Yellow sea. The ship changed course and headed for Chinese coast, she approached mainland in the morning Aug and then turned south, heading for Ningde, apparently in an attempt to keep wind and sea at favorable angles. She was approached by Chinese SAR ships, and continued sailing at a reduced speed. As of 1400 UTC Aug 28, she was sailing NE of Ningde, condition understood to be stable.
Fishing vessel attacked, Gulf of Guinea UPDATE 2 South Koreans kidnapped
Aoû 28, 2020 at 17:06.

Aug 31 UPDATE: There were 50 crew on board, including 48 locals and 2 South Koreans. Pirates kidnapped only 2 Korean crew, and fled on a speedboat towards Nigerian waters.
Fishing vessel was boarded at around 1300 UTC Aug 28 in Gulf of Guinea in roughly the same area SSW of Lagos, where tanker PIKE was attacked some 9 hours earlier. It is reported, that the vessel, fv AP 703, was hijacked, or probably, pirates kidnapped some crew and already fled. As of 1630 UTC, vessel was sailing full speed towards Ghana coast, with operational AIS.
Turkish freighter rammed Kiel Lock Gate, Lock inoperative
Aoû 29, 2020 at 11:11.

General cargo ship ELSE rammed into Lock’s closed gate at Kiel early in the morning Aug 29, while approaching Lock to enter it, en route from Klaipeda Lithuania to Les Sables France, via Kiel Canal. The ship remained stuck for some 6 hours, until she was pulled out and berthed at Kiel. Gate was seriously damaged and is inoperative, ELSE obviously, also sustained damages.
Collision in Taiwan Strait, 12 missing, merchant ship fled
Aoû 30, 2020 at 06:57.

Mainland Chinese fishing vessel MIN JIN YU 05119 collided with unidentified merchant ship in Taiwan Strait some 45 nm east of Pintang island, Fujian Province, China, at around 0400 Beijing time Aug 30. Fishing vessel sank, of 14 crew on board 2 were rescued, 12 are missing, SAR under way.
No news on merchant ship, which understood, fled the collision site without rendering assistance, or probably, didn’t notice collision at all.
Latvian freighter aground in Kolding fjord, Denmark UPDATE refloated
Aoû 30, 2020 at 12:42.

Aug 31 UPDATE: Was refloated in the afternoon Aug 30, reached Kolding, berthed.
General cargo ship RIX EXPLORER ran aground near Drejens while approaching Kolding, Kolding Fjord, Southern Denmark, at around 1400 UTC Aug 29. As of 1230 UTC Aug 30, the ship was still aground, authorities said she’s to be refloated some time soon after hull survey. She’s in load, arrived from Kalmar Sweden.
FSO NABARIMA with 173,000 tons of oil on board suffering water ingress, Venezuela
Aoû 31, 2020 at 09:20.

Floating Storage and Offloading Unit FSO NABARIMA was reported by Eudis Girot, one of trade unions leaders of Venezuelan Oil Industry, to be in emergency situation, due to lack of proper and professional maintenance. FSO with some 173000 tons of oil on board, positioned in Venezuelan waters, is suffering water ingress in superstructure/engine room area, with water in some compartments being up to 1.5 meters high. FSO developed a slight starboard list. Mr. Eudis Girot is blaming for it the PDSVA management, which manned FSO with unqualified personnel, incapable of handling FSO machinery.
Container ship tested positive, stuck for 14 days
Aoû 31, 2020 at 16:46.

One crew of container ship VISITOR was found positive during her stay Aug 29-30 at Vigo, Spain, and taken to hospital. On arrival to the next port of call, Marin, Spain, the ship was put under quarantine, though the crew are healthy and were tested negative. It didn't matter, the ship was put under 14-day “quarantine”.
Polish freighter accused in non-authorized anchorage, Vietnam
Aoû 31, 2020 at 16:47.

Polish general cargo ship PADEREWSKI was cited with administrative violation by Vietnamese Coast Guard on Aug 31, for anchoring in Vietnamese waters without proper authorization. Not clear how could the ship violate laws and regulations of sailing in Vietnamese waters, considering her voyage details. The ship left Map Ta Phut, Thailand, on Aug 24, bound for Dung Quat, Vietnam. She arrived at Vietnamese waters on Aug 27 and anchored north of Dung Quat, waiting most probably, for berth or order, a typical situation. On Aug 30 she was spotted by CG, and boarded by CG next day. CG officers filed an administrative violation case, the ship moved to Dung Quat same day and anchored on port’s anchorage. Most probably, owner/Master will be fined, though not clear, for what crime or misdemeanor.
Fin août 2020
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Septembre 01-2020 /  30-09-2020

Tanker accident in Falmouth
Sep 01, 2020 at 11:33.

Product tanker ELSE MARIE THERESA understood to come out of control while unmooring at Falmouth Docks in the morning Sep 1, and reportedly, ran aground by her bow, contacting nearby training boat SMIT YARE (IMO 9266621). According to official statements, tanker was quickly returned to berth, with minimal damages to all involved.
Tug towing empty barge sank, 2 dead, 2 missing: Mauritius, WAKASHIO
Sep 01, 2020 at 13:39.

Port TUG SIR GAETAN collided with barge she was towing in stormy weather conditions in the evening Aug 31, off Mauritius northeast coast near Poudre d'Or. Tug sustained hull breaches and sank, of 8 crew on board, 4 escaped on a life raft (media are saying crew escaped on a lifeboat, but there’s no place for a lifeboat on a small port tug) and were later rescued, 2 were recovered dead, 2 went missing. Tug was towing an oil barge, said by all media to be loaded with oil residues from bulk carrier WAKASHIO wreck, so expectedly, media already went amok.
23.6-meter long barge is empty, she was kept in a standby mode near WAKASHIO wreck site as a precaution, to collect possible residue, but was towed away as unnecessary. Understood she drifted aground, and doesn’t pose any “ecological” threat. Cool down, everybody, especially journalists. No sensations here. Local media report:
It’s an accident, with tragic consequences, with deaths, but still, it is not “Wakashio disaster takes another tragic turn with sinking of a tug”, because WAKASHIO disaster has nothing to do with towage accident.
Turkish freighter grounding, Kerch Strait, Black sea
Sep 01, 2020 at 15:41.

General cargo ship IMMENSITY ran aground in Kerch Strait in the evening Aug 30, while transiting Strait in southern direction, from Azov to Black sea. The ship strayed off fairway during the turn. Attempts to refloat by own means failed, tug responded and assisted the ship in refloating. She was refloated in the morning Aug 31, completed the transit, and anchored at outer anchorage in Black sea. No reports on damages yet. The ship with cargo of steel is en route from Mariupol Ukraine, Azov sea, to Barcelona, Spain. As of 1530 UTC Sep 1, she was still anchored.
Freighter disabled by fire, drifting, Bay of Biscay
Sep 02, 2020 at 05:49.

General cargo ship TEJO ALGES reported fire in engine room at around 1030 UTC Sep 1 in Bay of Biscay, north of Ferrol, Spain, while en route from Ferrol to Greenore, Ireland. Fire was extinguished by crew, but understood, fire inflicted damages, which disabled TEJO ALGES. Owner reportedly, is planning to contract towage, to tow the ship back to Ferrol. As of 0530 UTC Sep 2, she was still adrift.
Spirit of Adventure finishes Ems overpass VIDEO
Sep 02, 2020 at 06:22.

Adding another feather to its cap, German shipbuilder Meyer Werft announced on Monday that the "SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE" had completed conveyance down the narrow River Ems. The cruise ship has been built by the famous shipbuilder for Saga Cruises, a Britain based shipping company.
Hosting one of the largest and most advanced shipyards in the world, Papenburg based Meyer Werft has been a pioneer in cruise ship construction for companies around the world. SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE's conveyance ceremony comes as a major milestone for the company, given that the ship's float-out happened just a month prior to that.
Ems is a narrow river, so manoeuvring through the narrow passageway poses new challenges for the company every time. Therefore, ships are often faced backwards so as to use the propellers to pull the ship from the front, rather than pushing it from the back. Tugboats assist in this process, offering greater control during the transfer. Meyer Werft said that this type of transfer has proved its effectiveness to the company, owing to its maneuverability.
The delivery of the 58,250 GT cruise ship is scheduled in the next few weeks. Meyer Werft will closely coordinate the process with Saga Cruises.

Livestock carrier in load with 43 crew missing. UPDATES 2 rescued 2 dead
Sep 02, 2020 at 06:38.

Sep 5 UPDATE: One more alive crew was found in a life raft on Sep 4, he’s understood to be in stable, not life-threatening, condition. Dead body of a man, connected to a life vest with letters GULF LIVESTOCK 1, was found in the morning Sep 4. SAR was declared to be suspended, because of approaching typhoon HAISHEN. Typhoon was approaching Amami-Oshima Island and the area around from the Pacific, following, almost exactly, the track of typhoon MAYSAK. As of 0000 UTC Sep 5, typhoon was still in the Pacific SE of Amami-Oshima Island.
Understood 2 crew survived disaster, 1 crew died in a hospital, 1 was found dead.
Sep 4 UPDATE: Japanese CG found one more alive crew, unconscious, he was taken to hospital.
Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC (GNH) deeply regret to report the incident relating to their vessel, MV GULF LIVESTOCK 1, which is reported missing while the vessel was enroute from New Zealand to China, with livestock on board. The Japanese Coast Guard received a distress call early on Wednesday morning (Sept 2nd) to which they responded and one of the 43 crew members, the vessel’s Chief Officer, was rescued. The search for survivors is still continuing by the Japanese Coast Guard.
Spokesperson of Gulf Navigation states: Our hearts go out to those onboard and their families at this time. We also express deep regret for the sad loss of the livestock on board. We are monitoring the situation closely and working closely with those involved in rescue efforts. We pray that there are other survivors.
According to Japanese CG, 1 crew, Chief Officer of Filipino nationality, was rescued, SAR continues. He said, that the ship capsized after engine failure – she was turned broadside towards all the strength of waves and wind, and quickly capsized, guaranteed outcome for any disabled ship in severe storm, but especially so for ships with high freeboard and big superstructure.
There were 5,800 cattle on board.
It is hard to believe, that Master missed typhoon on converging track with ship’s route, or disregarded typhoon as a threat. Maybe Master miscalculated typhoon trajectory, or maybe he hoped the ship will overtake it. Whatever were the reasons, the ship sailed straight into the typhoon.
Patrol plane at around 1900 Tokyo time spotted a lifeboat, but no people in it, and a man in lifejacket nearby, not clear dead or alive. SAR suspended until tomorrow daylight.
Sep 2: Livestock carrier GULF LIVESTOCK 1 issued distress signal at 0145 Tokyo time Sep 2 in East China sea, some 100 nm west of Amami Archipelago, part of the Ryukyu Islands southwest of Kyushu. The ship with 43 crew on board is en route from New Zealand to China, i.e. she should be carrying livestock. Patrol plane searched the area, but didn’t find the ship. Search continues, as of 1500 Tokyo time, Japan Coast Guard ship HAYATO was in the area. Last ship’s AIS position dated 1230 UTC Sep 1, ship adrift.
Crew includes 39 Filipino, 2 New Zealand, 1 Australian and 1 Singaporean nationalities.
The ship, judging from ship’s track and track of typhoon MAYSAK, may be caught in a center of typhoon and fall victim to its’ fury, with wind up to 130 kt in gusts.
Turkish freighter on tow of Greek tug off Crete
Sep 02, 2020 at 17:56.

General cargo ship encountered mechanical problems on Aug 28 south of Kalamata, Greece, Peloponnese peninsula, while en route from Agrios Nikolaos Greece to Izmit Turkey. Not clear if she was drifting during next 3 days, or limping ahead at dead slow speed. She was taken on tow at around 0500 UTC Sep 2 by Greek tug PONTHITOS (IMO 9012094), to be towed to Aliaga.
VLCC tanker NEW DIAMOND no flames no smoke UPDATES
Sep 03, 2020 at 06:45.

According to latest SLN statement dated morning Sep 9, fire is under control or extinguished, no flames, no smoke visible. Hopefully, this time it’s the end of the story, and there won’t be any new reignition. Tanker is said to be under tow in seaward direction.
0900 UTC Understood firefighting continues, and open fire isn’t yet doused. No updates from Indian/Sri Lankan Navy/CG during last 7 hours.
1230 UTC fire in the aft section and superstructure reignited again, said Indian CG in latest tweets. Seems like the whole structure in aft section is overheated, and there is substantial quantity of bunker fuel left, which didn’t burn out, and that leads to repeated reignitions.
1315 UTC Fire is extinguished, according to official statements of both Sri Lankan and Indian CG and Navy, and latest photos. Tanker and all ships deployed in firefighting/salvage remain almost stationary, final towage didn’t yet commence, too early for that. Temperature inside superstructure, hull and engine room must return to normal, salvage professionals must assess tanker’s status and damages, and after that, she’ll be towed to safety, probably to port of destination, to offload crude. She looks like she won’t need repairs after completing voyage and offloading cargo. Highly likely she’ll be sold for scrap.
1330 UTC: According to latest ICG report, fire seems to be doused, no visible flames anymore.
0600 UTC Looks like fire reignited, most probably tanker’s bunker fuel. Tanker is slowly towed around, while firefighting continues. NEW DIAMOND appointed SMIT Salvage as salvage company, British and Dutch joint team to arrive to Sri Lanka soon.
Sep 5 UPDATE: NEW DIAMOND crew rescue by MT HELEN M photos:
19 crew of VLCC NEW DIAMOND were rescued in the morning Sep 3 by MT HELEN M (IMO 9308223), passing tanker HELEN M was the first ship to respond, and the first ship on the site. All photos by curtsey of HELEN M Captain, Capt. Vinay Chandra. Many thanks, Capt. Chandra, for your and your crew bravery and seamanship skills!
Sep 5 0910 UTC UPDATE: Fire seemingly, under control, the smoke still billowing from superstructure is of white-grey color, meaning that inflammables, including probably fuel, were doused or burned out. Tanker is under tow of offshore tug ALP WINGER, slowly moving in northern direction, without it seems, any destination in mind, waiting until fire is extinguished, and tanker is safe to be towed to port. Reportedly, owner assigned salvage company, name unknown.
Sep 4
1820 UTC UPDATE: Offshore tug ALP WINGER (IMO 9367504) took NEW DIAMOND on tow, towage commenced at around 1620 UTC, in eastern direction, at some 2 knots speed, but caravan is gathering way.
1615 UTC UPDATE: According to Indian Coast Guard, fire is under control, and it looks like under control on latest photos. Tanker is ready to be towed either off to ocean away from Sri Lankan coast, or if/when fire is extinguished, to nearest most suitable port. But as of 1615 UTC, towage didn’t yet commence. Anyway, great news on fire being taken under control!
Sep 4 0400 UTC UPDATE: Firefighting continues, carried out, understood, by joint efforts of Indian, Sri Lankan and Russian Navy and CG ships, offshore tug APL WINGER (IMO 9367504), but Russian ships had already left the scene. At least 2 tugs from Hambantota port are also deployed. Master of NEW DIAMOND is on board of one of the ships, assisting in firefighting. From the looks of latest photos, fire is contained around portside superstructure, tanker developed slight portside list, nothing unusual in major fire accidents. Tanker drifted some 20 nm SW, closer to Sri Lanka coast, now she’s some 25 nm off coastline with inoperative AIS.
My initial assumption, that the majority of ND crew were picked up by MT HELEN M (IMO 9308223), was correct, later they’ve been transferred to one of SLN ships and… isolated on “pandemic” fears and protocols. Injured 3 Engineer is OK, nothing life-threatening. Missing seaman is of Filipino nationality. Cargo tanks as of morning Sep 4, were intact.
Sep 3 1840 UTC UPDATE: Latest photos from Indian CG, fire still not under control, but didn’t get through cofferdam or cargo deck to cargo tanks, hopefully firefighters will manage to beat it off, and protect cargo tanks from fire.
Sep 3 1510 UTC UPDATE: Judging from latest Indian CG aerial photo, fire broke through into superstructure and superstructure now is engulfed in blaze.
Sep 3 1330 UTC UPDATE: According to latest official information from Sri Lanka and India authorities, all crew left the ship, including Captain and 2 crew who remained on board after majority of the crew, 19 seamen, left tanker earlier. 1 crew is said to be missing, 1 injured. Understood fire was thought to be under control, but blazed out again, and judging from photo, is spreading from engine room to superstructure. AIS seems to be off. Navy and CG ships and planes, both Sri Lankan and Indian, are responding.
Sep 3 0940 UTC UPDATE: Situation maybe isn’t all that dramatic and critical, after all, judging from some secondary sources information. AIS is on, tanker doesn’t require assistance any more.
Sep 3 0815 UTC UPDATE: Reportedly, non-essential crew left tanker and went on board of passing cargo ship, understood it’s product tanker HELEN M (IMO 9308223). Captain and several other crew remain on board, continuing firefighting, according to latest available info. Sri Lanka officials said Navy and CG ships and boats responded to fire, but non are seen yet in the vicinity of drifting NEW DIAMOND. Last AIS dated 0620 UTC Sep 3.
Very Large Crude Carrier NEW DIAMOND issued distress signal early in the morning Sep 3, reporting fire in engine room, in Bay of Bengal some 40 nm east of southeast Sri Lanka coast. The ship is disabled, drifting since around 0200 UTC. Sri Lankan authorities said crew will be evacuated, though probably, there’s no need in evacuation, if crew managed to extinguish fire by own means. Tanker in load is en route from Basra Iraq to Paradip India. AIS seems to be working. No other details available at the moment.
Typhoon Maysak wreaking havoc in Vladivostok Navy Base and in Port, VIDEO
Sep 03, 2020 at 10:25.

Typhoon Maysak crushed onto Vladivostok, Russia, Japan sea, with all its’ might, wreaking havoc at Navy Base and in Commercial Port. Floating Dock in Navy Base area broke off her moorings, drifted along Navy Base piers and reportedly, contacted berthed submarine or submarines, and surface ship, damages unknown. Container Terminal at Commercial Port was just flooded. Watch videos.

Dutch company to develop green hydrogen hub in Vlissingen, NL
Sep 04, 2020 at 06:22.

VoltH2 B.V, the Dutch startup backed by Belgian energy pioneer André Jurres, recently signed an agreement for the construction of a 25 MW hydrogen plant in Vlissingen with the North Sea Port collective.
The project will initially start with the 25 MW plant and will expand to 100 MW, after completion of construction by 2023. The basic idea behind the green hydrogen electrolysis plant is the utilization of green electricity generated by offshore wind parks in the Netherlands.
The project will be a long term subsidised partnership between the VoltH2 and the North Sea Port, focusing on an industrial plot covering 27,950 square metres in Vlissingen.
North Sea Port's CEO, Daan Schalck pointed out, “VoltH2’s investment in a green hydrogen plant is in line with the energy transition that North Sea Port is working on with many partners.”
The plant construction is currently in the planning stage. Allegedly, it will involve the green hydrogen plant, with additional facilities for hydrogen storage, refueling, as well as distribution facilities. Although unconfirmed, the possible construction of a pipeline to a tanker transfer point is also part of the agreement.
Daan Schalk also added that Vlissingen is well poised to become an energy port in Europe.
LPG tanker under construction damaged by typhoon Maysak, Korea VIDEO
Sep 05, 2020 at 17:05.

LPG tanker PANG TIAN under construction at Ulsan shipyard, was damaged during typhoon Maysak passage on Sep 3, understood moored ship started to bump against pier, and hull was breached, with ensuing water ingress. Tanker developed starboard list, but finally, was stabilized.
LPG tanker PANG TIAN, IMO 9864291, dwt 62367, under construction.

Flying electric speedboat unveiled in Switzerland
Sep 07, 2020 at 06:45.

We've seen super-fast bullet trains that literally fly above rails. Now, it's time for 'flying' speed boats. Yes, you heard that right.
Initially aimed at cutting energy costs and reducing sea-sickness, Swiss lakes were the first to witness live trials of the world’s first electric-powered hydrofoil speedboat.
With a top speed of around 55kmph, the manufacturers of The Candela Seven say that it travels further and smoother than all other electric boats.
Due to the foils lifting out of the water during the process, water-resistance gets drastically reduced. Similarly, waves can't slam directly into the boat during its operation, thereby cutting energy consumption by 80% in comparison to normal diesel-powered boats. All these factors combined extend the craft’s range to 90 km.
Additionally, this incredible speedboat, made out of carbon fibre, also carries an on-board computer that adjusts the foil positions 100 times per second automatically, thereby countering rolling and sea-sickness.
Since waves don't hit the speedboat, the ride is unusually smooth.
Electric boats have been long known to sacrifice either speed or range owing to the battery capacity. However, things are soon going to change, thanks to the Candela Seven.
Candela Speed Boat hopes to drum up a new business with a European tour. Since last year, the company has delivered around 16 boats.
However, all these come with a hefty price tag. It is estimated that the boat will cost around 250,000 euros ($296,000).

Tanker hit by devastating explosion, Vietnam
Sep 07, 2020 at 07:47.

Product tanker TRUNG THAO 36 BLC suffered a devastating explosion in portside cargo tanks midship area in the morning Sep 7, while waiting for permission to enter Dung Quat port, Quang Ngai, central Vietnam. Some of 12 crew were thrown overboard by the blast. 1 crew went missing, 11 were rescued. Fire after explosion was extinguished by SAR and tug boats in about an hour. Tanker is in ballast, so no doubt fumes from cargo tanks residues exploded.
Ship attacked south of Lagos UPDATE confirmed Dutch reefer, 2 Russian crew kidnapped
Sep 08, 2020 at 07:03.

Sep 9 UPDATE: Two Russian crew were kidnapped, most probably senior officers.
UPDATE 0930 UTC: Confirmed Dutch reefer WATER PHOENIX was boarded, situation unclear. Some crew were probably, kidnapped. the ship os of 09300 UTC, was still adrift with AIS on, no Navy or security boats nearby.
Merchant ship was attacked in the morning Sep 8 some 30 nm south of Lagos, Nigeria. Attacked ship wasn’t identified, but according to ships tracks in the area, it is most probably, Dutch reefer WATER PHOENIX, and it looks like she was boarded. The en route to Lagos with ETA Sep 8 suddenly stopped and as of 0630 UTC remains in the same position, with operational AIS.
Awaiting ship’s ID confirmation and more details.
Tragic incident on MAERSK ETIENNE highlights African migrant crisis
Sep 08, 2020 at 10:06.

The African migrant crisis is real, and anyone living in Europe will bear testimony to this. In March 2019, the European Commission declared the migrant crisis to be at an end, but recent developments in Tunisian waters seem to reflect the exact opposite.
It all began a month ago. The Danish shipping giant Maersk extended a helping hand to Maltese authorities when they responded to requests in helping a nearby boat that was under distress. FleetMon reported about the incident.
The MAERSK ETIENNE arrived at the scene and found an overcrowded, wooden fishing boat carrying 27 African migrants — including a pregnant woman and a child. There shouldn't be any confusion in the course of action they took henceforth.
The tanker waited for a green light from authorities in Malta to dock the ship at the port of Valletta and help the migrants reach Malta safely.
Well, the ship is still waiting for the same, with the situation spiralling out of hand.
There's an increasingly new trend emerging from front line migrant route countries like Italy and Malta: humanitarian vessels are often denied permission to discharge rescued refugees.
Laws laid down by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) dictate vessels near a boat in distress have an obligation to respond, the Mediterranean bearing no such exceptions. These rescued migrants are then taken to a nearby port.
But after the Maltese government requested that the tanker rescues the migrants, it did not allow the ship to come ashore. Time is running out for those on board, and it's running out fast.
A Ticking Time Bomb?
A typical tanker is never designed to accommodate more than a handful of crew members. Supplies on board usually last for a month, and that is designated only for the crew.
As a result, food supplies onboard the tanker are running out at an unprecedented rate, and so is the patience of those onboard. Things are already spiralling out of control in the Mediterranean.
On Monday, Sep 7, three of the migrants jumped overboard, highlighting the urgency of the situation. The captain and crew were quick to implement recovery procedures and the three persons have now been rescued and brought back on board the vessel where they are being given due care.
The month-long refusal by Malta and other nations to allow a tanker from a major global company like Maersk to dock reflects an escalation in hard-line tactics employed against migrants.
Crew change in Thailand rumored to be allowed soon
Sep 09, 2020 at 16:34.

Rumors are Thailand is re-opening for foreign crew change, details and dates yet unclear. Hopefully I will get more details tomorrow, and most importantly, confirmation if rumors are true. Nothing official yet, at least publicly, but on the other hand, Thai public aren’t much interested in crews and crew changes. Of course if rumors come true, that will be excellent news, even if crew change is restricted to ships, calling Thai ports only.
Bulk carrier troubled, anchored in St. Lawrence river, NY
Sep 10, 2020 at 17:36.

Bulk carrier FEDERAL EMS reportedly suffered engine failure and contacted bottom in St. Lawrence river in front of Massena, St. Lawrence County, New York, at around 0950 UTC Sep 10, while proceeding downstream en route from Thunder Bay to Montreal. The ship isn’t aground, she anchored off channel and understood, doesn’t hamper traffic. As of 1730 UTC, she remained at anchor.
Cable laying ship on fire, all 60 personnel evacuated, East China sea
Sep 11, 2020 at 06:06.

Fire erupted on board of a cable laying ship at around 0340 Seoul time Sep 11, west of southern tip of Tsushima island, East China sea. All 60 people on board left the ship and went to nearby smaller cable laying ship, which was working in pair with her. As of 1500 Seoul time, firefighting was still under way, with deployment of Korean SAR and CG ships. Ship on fire wasn’t identified, but according to ships’ tracks in the area and photos, it’s Korean-flagged cable laying ship RESPONDER. No AIS during last 8 hrs as of 0600 UTC 1500 Seoul time) Sep 11.

Japanese Coast Guard calls off search for missing GULF LIVESTOCK 1
Sep 11, 2020 at 06:39.

Japanese Coast Guard calls off search for missing livestock carrier.

The Panama-flagged livestock carrier GULF LIVESTOCK 1 with 43 crew and 5,800 cattle on board capsized in southwest Japan on Sep 02 during the typhoon Maysak. The 2002-built ship experienced an engine issue while sailing from Napier, New Zealand to Tangshan, China, in inclement weather and sent a distress signal before it went missing. The extensive search for the crew of the livestock carrier has been suspended on Sep 10. Coast guard JCG SHIKISHIMA has found no trace of the ship since Sep 05 2020. It is believed that the vessel has sunk.

On 3 September, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) of New Zealand announced a temporary suspension of live exports of cattle. Pressures on the government are increasing to implement a permanent ban on live cattle exports after this human and animal welfare disaster.
VLCC tanker NEW DIAMOND after fire SRLAF Video
Sep 11, 2020 at 13:12.

Sri Lanka Air Force posted a short video on youtube with plane filming NEW DIAMOND after fire – ship’s having stern tilt, which can be considered as quite normal, after a massive and prolonged firefighting. Seemingly tanker is under tow, with a thin fuel sheen in her wake. According to latest salvage tracks, she’s towed eastward, understood to keep her against fresh wind and sea during salvage team survey and preparations for further towage.

EIMSKIP reefer contacted fishing vessel, pier, while mooring at Tromso
Sep 11, 2020 at 14:20.

Reefer SVARTFOSS contacted berthed fishing vessel FISKENES (IMO 9234563) and after that, pier, while mooring at Tromso, Norway, at night Sep 10. Understood FISKENES sustained slight or no damages, but pier is reportedly, seriously damaged. FISKENES left Tromso early in the morning Sep 11. No information on SVARTFOSS damages. the ship is en route from Murmansk to Netherlands via Norwegian ports, with cargo of reefer containers. In the afternoon Sep 11, reefer was still at Tromso. Cause of accident unknown.
Tanker with cargo of jet fuel seized by EUNAVFOR German and Italian frigates
Sep 11, 2020 at 15:40.

German and Italian Navy frigates FGS HAMBURG (MMSI 211905000) and ITS CARLO MARGOTTINI (MMSI 247321300), during the course of Operation IRINI, intercepted in international waters chemical tanker ROYAL DIAMOND 7 in the morning Sep 10 (on Sep 9 according to tanker’s track) off Libyan coast, for allegedly, carrying illegal military cargo to Bengazi Libya. Tanker left UAE with cargo of jet fuel, classified by UN Security Council Resolution 2292, as military, because again, allegedly, it is to be used, or may be used, by Libyan National Army (LNA) Air Force fighter jets Mig-29 and Su-24. UN is backing Libyan Government of National Accord. This interim government is at war with LNA and its’ commander, hence Operation IRINI, tasked with sea blockade of LNA. Tanker is diverted to one of Med ports of a EU State, probably Italian, for a further investigation. Tanker is operated, according to latest data records, by a Singaporean company.
Chinese reefer aground in Japan waters, Japan sea
Sep 12, 2020 at 07:39.

Reefer CHANG SHUN 1 suffered engine failure during the night Sep 12, and drifted aground onto Mitsu island coast, north of Tsushima island, Japan sea, at around 0230 Tokyo time Sep 12. The weather in the area is rather rough, hampering salvage attempts. 14 crew, consisting of Chinese and Myanmar nationalities, is safe. Ports of departure and destination unknown, ship’s off AIS during last 4 days at least.
Chief Officer fell overboard from PIL container ship, North Pacific
Sep 12, 2020 at 14:37.

A man fell overboard from container ship KOTA LAZIM at around 0500 Tokyo time Sep 12 in the Pacific, abeam of Urup island, southern Kuril Archipelago, reportedly he is a Chief officer, 35-year old Chinese nationality. The ship interrupted voyage, turned back and started SAR, assisted by Japanese CG plane. As of 2200 Tokyo time Sep 12, the ship was adrift on a search track, understood continuing SAR. KOTA LAZIM is en route from Yangshan China to Manzanillo Mexico.
Cable laying ship RESPONDER sank during firefighting, South Korea VIDEO
Sep 12, 2020 at 15:13.

Cable laying ship RESPONDER sank at around 1740 Seoul time Sep 12, west of southern tip of Tsushima island, East China sea, South Korea, after more than 12-hour long firefighting, reportedly because the ship took on too much water during firefighting, though it doesn’t look this way. There were no casualties or injures.

Italian bulk carrier disabled after engine room accident, crew injured, medevaced
Sep 13, 2020 at 04:04.

Bulk carrier CHRISTIN suffered accident in understood, engine room, in Mediterranean south of Crete, during Sep 11-12, while en route from Damietta Egypt yo Barletta Italy, with cargo of fertilizers. The ship was disabled, but fixed problem and resumed voyage. One crew, oiler, was injured, in need of urgent medical assistance. The ship closed Crete on Sep 12, injured crew was airlifted to hospital by Greek Air Force helicopter. CHRISTIN resumed voyage at around 1300 UTC Sep 12. Character of trouble unknown, maybe explosion.
Tanker Master died in his cabin during voyage
Sep 13, 2020 at 04:51.

Master of asphalt tanker GLOBAL LADY died of heart attack in his cabin on Sep 12 in Arabian sea. Tanker at the moment was off Karwar port, southwest India, en route from Chennai to UAE with cargo of asphalt. 48-year old Master of Indian nationality was found in cabin by crew, tanker interrupted voyage and called nearest port, Karwar, where he was declared dead.
“Environmental” radicals attacked Dutch dredger with stones and Molotov cocktails
Sep 13, 2020 at 06:53.

Hopper dredger QUEEN OF NETHERLANDS, owned by BOSKALIS WESTMINSTER SHIPPING B.V. and operated by BOSKALIS Indonesia, was attacked by boats with hundreds of fishermen and “activists” on Sep 12 off Makassar Port, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, when the ship was sailing to her new dredging or sand-mining site in waters of Takalar Regency, southernmost Sulawesi. The ship was shelled with stones and Molotov cocktails, which ignited several fires on board. Protesters also cut several pneumatic cables. QUEEN OF NETHERLANDS had to return back to Makassar Port, water police meanwhile, intervened and arrested 12 protesters. “Activists” are members of Indonesian Forum for the Environment WALHI, Indonesian branch of NGO Friends of the Earth. Fishermen probably, were used as a cover in a staged “protest”. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
One of the biggest container ships in the world took down crane in Valencia VIDEOS
Sep 13, 2020 at 13:05.

One of the biggest ships in the world, 23,000+ TEU container ship MSC MIA, reportedly contacted gantry crane while leaving container terminal at Valencia, Spain, in the morning Sep 13. Crane collapsed, crane operator sustained injures and was hospitalized. MSC MIA was anchored at Valencia outer anchorage, and as of 1300 UTC Sep 13, remained anchored. Her next port of call is Gioia Tauro, Italy.
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Ehygxe10
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Ehygxe11
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 896a6a10

Indicatif d'appel:HP6643
Type:Cargo ship
Operating status:Active
Length (m):399,900
Breadth (m):61,50
Draught (m):33,20
Dead weight (t):224986,00
TEU capacity:23756
Tirant d'eau Avg:13,4 m / ...
Vitesse Avg/Max:13,4 kn / 23,3 kn

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Msc_mi13
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Msc_mi12
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Msc_mi11
The world's first fully autonomous ship is all set for sea trials
Sep 14, 2020 at 07:15.

Ever since tech giant IBM joined hands with ProMare and the Finnish Wärtsilä to develop one of the world’s full autonomous ships, the internet has been abuzz with their activities.
The Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) is one of the most high-profile initiatives striving to revolutionise a 10,000-year-old transportation format. Any breakthrough in this project has the possibility to massively transform the way commercial shipping operates.
Drones have replaced traditional jets in the sky. Tesla's autonomous cars are disrupting the automobile industry. So now, the question arises: Why don't we see the same on our waters?
While at sea, ships face far more extreme operating conditions and patchier connectivity. The push for fully autonomous shipping has generally received less attention and investment than other transport sectors, but this might soon change, according to market analysts. By 2030, the $90 billion autonomous shipping industry is poised to grow to a massive $130 billion valuation, highlighting the increasing need for such innovations. Backed by wind and solar energy and thanks to some of IBM's groundbreaking innovation in the field of computer technology, Mayflower is now equipped with satellite navigation systems, oceanographic and meteorological instruments, sonar, radar, and lidar.
The tech giant's vision recognition systems will track down other ships, debris, whales, and icebergs, whilst being commanded by an AI-enabled captain in the journey from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.
UK owned research vessel Plymouth Quest will be hosting the AI captain of the Mayflower project whilst in the trials, starting Sep 16. After successful completion, the ship will attempt to cross the Atlantic in Spring 2021 with no humans on board, as said by a senior IBM spokesperson.
MAS will trace the route of the original 1620 Mayflower to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the famous voyage. The futuristic vessel will be officially unveiled on September 16, the exact day of the Mayflower departure.
After that, it will go on several voyages and missions over the next six months ahead of a transatlantic voyage in April 2021.
During the transatlantic voyage, the vessel will measure microplastic levels at various coordinates of the ocean as well as the algal bloom quantity, the pH of the water, and the oxygen level.
3,800-ton crane of Chinese offshore construction vessel collapsed, South China sea
sep. 14, 2020 at 14:52

The boom of 3,800-ton crane of Chinese offshore construction crane vessel collapsed last week during wind farm installation works off Lufeng, Guangdong Province, South China sea, east of Hong Kong. No injures reported. Crane seems to sustain serious damages. boom crash was reportedly, caused by faulty hoisting brake. Vessel was deployed in Guangdong Shanwei Houhu offshore wind farm construction project, installing monopile at the moment of an accident.
Beirut in panic again after huge fire breaks out
Sep 15, 2020 at 06:29.

It has been a month since the port of Beirut faced its worst possible man-made disaster since the Lebanese Civil War. But the fear of explosions and fires do not seem to leave the city's citizens alone.
On Friday, the port of Beirut woke up to another deadly fire that threatens to cut the lifeblood of the Middle-Eastern country: foreign humanitarian aid. The blaze broke out was an aid agency had been storing food and cooking oil.
As per the Red Cross Regional Director Fabrizio Carboni, the warehouse stocked thousands of food parcels, the life-support of the Lebanese economy.
Ever since a deadly explosion rocked Beirut last month, killing 190 individuals, Lebanon's economy has been heavily dependent on foreign humanitarian aid. This explosion in a food storage warehouse puts the humanitarian operation subjected to serious risk factors.
The residents of the vital Middle-Eastern port have now been subjugated to constant traumas of a fire breaking out, partially because of last month's devastating impact that has scarred most of the residents for life. Many are fleeing the city in an attempt to break free from the trauma. For many, the fire brought back memories of the explosion.
The military police had started an investigation into the blaze, with early investigations indicating repair works in the port setting off the initial blaze. The facility is currently under the control of the Lebanese Army. An Army spokesperson said that the fire has now been put out, with firefighting helicopters and officials coming to the rescue.
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 4ec01e10
Japanese training ship collided with fishing vessel
Sep 15, 2020 at 13:52.

Japanese training vessel FUKUSHIMA MARU with 73 people on board, including 50 students, collided with fishing vessel while approaching Onahama port, Fukushima, east Honshu, shortly after 0900 Tokyo time Sep 15. Fishing vessel sustained hull crack in fore section, training vessel understood to suffer superficial damages. FUKUSHIMA MARU berthed at Onahama port, fishing vessel resumed her sailing to home port, under own power.

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Sur Septembre

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Sur Septembre

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Sur Septembre

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Xavier MONEL
Xavier MONEL

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salut Yves.

Effectivement, je me souviens cet accident.

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Suite septembre
Disabled cargo ship drifted in Bosphorus, collision avoided by tug timely response
Sep 16, 2020 at 05:55.

General cargo ship I SENGUL suffered undefined mechanical failure in southern Bosphorus in Kurucesme area at around 2200 LT Sep 15, during northbound transit. The ship started to drift towards anchored nearby passenger ships. Situation was taken under control after tug and SAR boat responded, the ship was taken back, anchored at Kumkapi anchorage, Marmara sea, Istanbul.
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 0ab76810
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Musa_b10
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 14773510

IMO number:7407233
Name of the ship:I SENGUL
Former names:
MUSA BEY (2018, Turkey)
MV MUSA BEY (2009, Turkey)
Vessel type:General cargo vessel
Operating status:Active
Gross tonnage:865 tons
Deadweight:1565 tons
Length:70 m
Breadth:9 m
Year of build:1976
Classification society:TURKISH LLOYD
Home port:ISTANBUL
I SENGUL is a General cargo vessel built in 1976 by CELIKTRANS SHIPBUILDING - ISTANBUL, TURKEY. Currently sailing under the flag of Turkey. Formerly also known as MUSA BEY, MV MUSA BEY, SOFULAR III, M.GUNDOGDU. It's gross tonnage is 865 tons.

Container ship contacted Lock’s wall, Kiel Canal
Sep 16, 2020 at 13:55.

Container ship WYBELSUM contacted Lock’s central wall in Brunsbuettel in the evening Sep 15, in the process of entering Lock for northbound transit. Understood ship’s portside stern damaged wall, but all in all, damages, both Lock’s and ship’s were not serious. WYBELSUM was allowed to resumed transit soon after accident, she completed transit by 0000 UTC Sep 16, and continued her voyage from Rotterdam to S-Petersburg, Russia. Lock remained operational.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Wybels10
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Wybels11

WYBELSUM - IMO 9386976

IMO number:9386976
Name of the ship:WYBELSUM
Former names:GYBELSUM (2018, Gibraltar)
Vessel type:Container ship
Operating status:Active
Gross tonnage:15597 tons
Deadweight:17083 tons
Length:161 m
Breadth:25 m
Engine type:MAN-B&W
Engine model:6S60MC
Engine power:13560 KW
Year of build:2008
Classification society:GERMANISCHER LLOYD
WYBELSUM is a Container ship built in 2008 by AVIC WEIHAI SHIPYARD - WEIHAI, CHINA. Currently sailing under the flag of Gibraltar. Formerly also known as GYBELSUM. It's gross tonnage is 15597 tons.
Thailand crew change: open for off-sign, but not for on-sign
Sep 17, 2020 at 13:02.

I’ve had a meeting today in Laem Chabang Port, Thailand, with Kerry Siam Seaport Regional Port Logistics Director, Director of an Offshore Marine Services Company, and ThaiOil Marine Ship Agent Manager. We’ve been discussing crew change situation in Thailand. As of now, it’s similar to that in India – off-sign is OK, for all nationalities, providing off-sign crew members are t-negative and leave country in 24 hours, no prolonged stay allowed. The problem is with on-signers, they aren’t allowed into the country. Off-signers can be replaced with Thai seamen only, just like in India.
I’ve been surprised to find out, that there are many vacant Thai maritime professionals, open for hire by foreign shipping companies. The crisis hits Thai sea labor as hard as any other nation. I’ll publish, soon, contacts of company or companies in Thailand, ready to provide interested parties with job seekers CVs and other details.
Ships may call Thai ports for crew change only, but bad news is, these ships will have to berth, with all expenses berthing implies.
There are some positive news of Thai Gov recent decisions, which may eventually, allow into the country on-signers. Thailand – so it is strongly rumored – is about to open for tourism, as early probably, as October. It will be, kind of, new type of tourism, a long-term one, for tourists who agree to stay for at least 90 days. Two extensions will be available for 90 days each; the lengthiest period for the new visa would be 270 days. Thai Gov is targeting millions of tourists during 4Q, mainly to support dying tourism sector, and re-create up to 2.5 mil jobs. Thailand, like nearly all countries in the world, is in bad need of restoring lost jobs, so there’s rather good chance, that on-sign will be allowed – it’s a good business for locals, creating new jobs and new opportunities.
Thailand also, is mulling over long-term smart visas massive criteria relaxation, which will allow skilled foreigners to get smart visa, on a much broader scale. The term “skilled labor” is entitled to skilled professionals in real sectors of real economy, not to humanitarians or artists, or NGOs staffers, with bunches of diplomas and no any real skill in anything.
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Siamcr10
Panamax bulk carrier collided with yacht in East China sea
Sep 17, 2020 at 16:08.

Bulk carrier LADY I reportedly, collided with 15-ton sailing yacht NW of Jeju northeast tip, East China sea, at around 0310 Seoul time Sep 17, while en route from China to Vancouver. Yacht was severely damaged and lost her mast, but remained afloat. Understood there were no or minor injures. Bulk carrier interrupted voyage and anchored off Yeosu, for investigation. Collision took place at night, so it is highly likely, that it was mainly, yacht’s fault. Yacht is said to depart from Mediterranean in February, she left Korean port with Guam being her next stop.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Ladyic10

LADY I - IMO 9336610
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Lady_i11
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Lady_i10

IMO number:9336610
Name of the ship:LADY I
Former names:
LA D (2018, Marshall Islands)
Vessel type:Bulk carrier
Operating status:Active
Flag:Marshall Islands
Gross tonnage:39643 tons
Deadweight:75356 tons
Length:224 m
Breadth:32 m
Year of build:2007
Classification society:NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI (NKK)
LADY I is a Bulk carrier built in 2007 by UNIVERSAL SHIPBUILDING - KAWASAKI, JAPAN. Currently sailing under the flag of Marshall Islands. Formerly also known as LA D, NAVIOS ESPERANZA. It's gross tonnage is 39643 tons.

Panamax bulk carrier aground, Parana river Mar 17, 2020 at 13:47.

Bulk carrier LADY I ran aground at around 0100 UTC Mar 17 in Parana river, upstream of San Lorenzo port, shortly after unmooring being underway downstream with cargo of maize on board. As of 1330 UTC Mar 17, the ship was still aground with tug BRUTUS at her side. Traffic, reportedly, not affected.
Venezuelan VLCC tanker suddenly turned into Russian
Sep 18, 2020 at 14:27.

Venezuelan VLCC tanker AYACUCHO, changed flag early May this year, finding rather unusual substitute, now she’s registered under Russian flag and got a Russian name MAKSIM GORKY, though understood, she’s still operated by Venezuelan interests. All of sudden, this news hits today Russian top headlines, and a number of Russian mainstream outlets already called me, asking for interview. Russia has two Registers, one being International Russian Register, open for non-resident foreign companies. Venezuelan VLCC was registered in this second register, so for all purposes, VLCC may be considered registered under a FOC.
What’s the purpose of it? I guess, it’s mainly the question of security, to avoid US sanctions and probably, seizure. Russian flag may provide such protection, or may not, who knows. The feeling is, many States including rogue ones, believe the US to be much weaker than it was even 6 months ago, and justly so, thanks to Dems, BLM, “pandemic” sabotage, and general turmoil.
Tanker is presently, in South Atlantic, sailing in southeast direction, and marked as “Waiting for Orders”. She left Venezuela in early September, probably in load.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Bc89d710
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 20490910
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 20490911
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 22948210
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 23178410
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 24192310

IMO number:9590008
MMSI: 273212070
Name of the ship:MAKSIM GORKY
Former name(s):AYACUCHO
Callsign: UBOU8
Vessel type:Crude oil tanker
Operating status:Active
Gross tonnage:167572 tons
Deadweight:320840 tons
Length:332 m
Breadth:60 m
Draught Avg: 20.9 m
Speed Avg/Max: 7.2 kn / 18.1 kn
Year of build:2013
Classification society:?
Description:MAKSIM GORKY is a Crude oil tanker built in 2013 by BOHAI SHIPBUILDING HEAVY INDUSTRY CO. LTD. - HULUDAO, CHINA. Currently sailing under the flag of Russia. Formerly also known as AYACUCHO. It's gross tonnage is 167572 tons.
One dead, 4 missing after cargo ship catches fire in Southeast Sulawesi
Sep 18, 2020 at 14:31.

One of six crew members aboard KM Yuliner 05 was killed when the cargo ship burst into flames off the coast of South Buton regency, Southeast Sulawesi on Tuesday.
Four other crew members went missing following the fire, while one survivor has been recovered.
The Kendari National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) has since deployed personnel to find the missing people.
KM Yuliner, which was carrying cement, left for Wakotobi regency in Southeast Sulawesi from Pangkep Port in South Sulawesi on Tuesday.
However, the cargo vessel caught on fire midway through its journey. The cause of the fire remains unclear.
Both the survivor and casualty were found 18 nautical miles west of the vessel’s last known position.
The team deployed by Basarnas is currently combing the location in the hope of finding the missing crew members.
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 2020_010

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Freighter broke off moorings, blocked river, UK
Sep 19, 2020 at 03:38.

General cargo ship ELISE broke off her fore moorings and was rotated across river Arun at Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK, English Channel, in the afternoon Sep 18. Ship’s stern remained stationary at berth, her portside anchor was down, and she was in ballast. She blocked river, even kayaks couldn’t pass her. Understood she was refloated at night same day, or early in the morning Sep 19, after tide changes, and as of 0300 UTC Sep 19, she was already back at berth. No reports on damages, though it was said, that there may be some. She arrived at Littlehampton from Antwerp on Sep 18.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 00d3e310

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 24365110
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 26399910
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 28417110

IMO number:9454462
Name of the ship:ELISE
Former names:
M-V ELISE (2009, Antigua & Barbuda)
FUTURE (2007)
Vessel type:General cargo vessel
Operating status:Active
Flag:Antigua & Barbuda
Gross tonnage:1917 tons
Deadweight:3075 tons
Length:80 m
Breadth:12 m
Draught Avg:3.9 m
Speed Avg/Max:8.4 kn / 13.9 kn
Engine type:Deutz
Year of build:2007
Classification society:BUREAU VERITAS
Home port:SAINT JOHN'S
ELISE is a General cargo vessel built in 2007 by USTAMEHMETOGLU ISTANBUL - ISTANBUL, TURKEY. Currently sailing under the flag of Antigua & Barbuda. Formerly also known as M-V ELISE, FUTURE. It's gross tonnage is 1917 tons.
Russian seaman died of heart attack during medevac, Bay of Biscay
Sep 19, 2020 at 05:09.

General cargo ship RONJA reported one crew in critical condition and requested immediate medical assistance in the evening Sep 17 in Bay of Biscay, north of La Coruna, Spain, while en route from Aveiro Portudal to Brake Germany. The ship changed course and sailed towards La Coruna, while Spanish rescue helicopter has been scrambled to carry out medevac. 45-year old Russian seaman with heart attack symptoms was airlifted to La Coruna, but has been declared dead on arrival, unfortunately. The ship resumed her voyage.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 801cff10

Ronja - IMO 9434046

IMO number:9434046
Name of the ship:RONJA
Former names:
RONJA (2017, Antigua & Barbuda)
RONJAF (2013, Antigua & Barbuda)
UNIVOYAGER (2012, Malta)
OZCAN ATASOY (2008, Turkey)
Vessel type:General cargo vessel
Operating status:Active
Gross tonnage:2979 tons
Deadweight:4500 tons
Length:89 m
Breadth:15 m
Engine type:MAK
Engine model:6M25
Engine power:1499 KW
Year of build:2008
Classification society:BUREAU VERITAS
Home port:LIMASSOL
RONJA is a General cargo vessel built in 2008 by YILDIRIM SHIPYARD - ISTANBUL, TURKEY. Currently sailing under the flag of Cyprus. Formerly also known as RONJA, RONJAF, UNIVOYAGER, OZCAN ATASOY. It's gross tonnage is 2979 tons.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 29552010
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 30237110
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 30237210
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MessageSujet: Re: Global Actualité maritime 2020   Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 EmptyDim 20 Sep 2020 - 9:58

Cruise ships exterminated, budget sailing yachts are next
Sep 20, 2020 at 07:36.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 De0d1c10

The UK based Ocean Cruising Club yesterday (Sep 19) received official notice that foreign yachts waiting to leave the Pacific will not be allowed in to New Zealand, and must now make immediate, alternative arrangements. The club has been liaising with New Zealand immigration and maritime agencies to find a way that would allow up to 300 yachts to sail here on the seasonal cruising route.
Yachts traditionally headed south to New Zealand each summer. Many conducted refits at yards around the country, and cruised New Zealand's coastline, visiting towns and cities along the way.The ocean cruising club was told that maritime border restrictions applied under the current Covid-19 public health response.
…Ministry of Health advice had led the Director General of Health to determine that a potential future cyclone did not provide sufficient basis to warrant an exemption from the order. "Therefore there is no compelling need for the ships in question to arrive in New Zealand for humanitarian reasons”.
"Unfortunately, despite many explanatory letters and emails, health officials do not appreciate most yachts cannot sail to safe harbour in their own countries. Nor do they understand yachts need to be safely out of the cyclone zone before the cyclone season occurs, and not at sea when one occurs." - club's roving rear commodore Guy Chester told RNZ.
A Ministry spokesperson said "The proposal for 300 to 350 yachts or small craft with up to 1000 people to arrive in New Zealand from the Pacific, many from areas of high Covid-19 risk, would pose significant public health risk." The spokesperson said ships and boats in distress would be allowed to enter New Zealand, but any deliberate attempt to contravene this rule could result in harsh penalties including either a fine, imprisonment or forfeiture of the vessel.

Foreign yachties say lives now at risk from NZ decision
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VIKING’s ferry AMORELLA grounded to avoid sinking, passengers evacuation
Sep 20, 2020 at 12:35.

VIKING LINE ro-pax ferry AMORELLA contacted bottom at around 0940 UTC Sep 20 in Aland islands waters, west of Turku, Finland, while en route from Turku to Stockholm, with 207 passengers and 74 crew on board. Understood the ship had to intentionally run aground on one of archipelago’s island coast, in order to “stabilize the vessel”. Probably, or highly likely, her hull was breached with ensuing water ingress, and danger of losing stability. Latest reports as of 1200 UTC said, that all passengers were already evacuated, or probably, evacuation is still under way. The ship remains aground, with a number of SAR and anti pollution boats around.
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Ba2afd10
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Amorel10

IMO number:8601915
Name of the ship:AMORELLA
Former names:AMORELLA (2018, Finland)
Vessel type:RO-RO
Operating status:Active
Gross tonnage:34384 tons
Deadweight:3690 tons
Length:169 m
Breadth:28 m
Draught Avg:6.2 m
Speed Avg/Max: 15.3 kn / 21.7 kn
Year of build:1988
Classification society:DET NORSKE VERITAS
AMORELLA is a RO-RO built in 1988 by SPLIT SHIPYARD - SPLIT, CROATIA. Currently sailing under the flag of Finland. Formerly also known as AMORELLA. It's gross tonnage is 34384 tons.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 30527810
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 31122310
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 31944410
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 30688911

in the past the news

Ferry Amorella allided with terminal berth in Turku, Finland
May 08, 2013 at 02:20.

Ferry AMORELLA allided with terminal berth while berthing in Turku, Finland, in the morning May 7 13. Vessel’s stern ramp was damaged and couldn’t be open, with hundreds of the cars trapped on cargo deck. AMORELLA arrived from Stokholm, next trip to Stokholm was cancelled, vessel taken to another berth.

Viking Line’s Amorella grounded off Aland Islands
Dec 14, 2013 at 16:23.

Viking Line’s AMORELLA ferry ran aground east of Aland Islands, Baltic sea, on Dec 14 13 shortly after midday, with 1945 passengers on board, en route from Turku to Stockholm. Vessel’s hull was reportedly breached in ballast tank area, with ensuing water ingress. Grounding was caused by steering failure which in its’ turn, was caused by power blackout. There is no danger to vessel and people on board, rescue boats are standing by, latest reports say divers were engaged to assess hull’s position and damages, before refloating attempts. Passenger ro-ro vessel AMORELLA, IMO 8601915, 34384 gt, built 1988, flag Finland, manager Viking Line.

AMORELLA refloated by own means at 1845 LT Dec 14 and sailed to Mariehamn. As of 0200 UTC Dec 15 vessel was docked in Mariehamn.

AMORELLA troubled in Oresund
Jan 28, 2016 at 15:12.

Ferry AMORELLA suffered reportedly, mechanical problem on Jan 28 at around 1400 UTC, in Oresund en route from Turku Finland to Landskrona Sweden. Vessel stopped, then resumed sailing at a reduced speed, escorted by two tugs. At 1500 UTC AMORELLA was entering Landskrona.

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Japanese firms form a new Hydrogen Utilisation Council
Sep 21, 2020 at 08:10.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 2e6c0f10

To realise large-scale commercialisation of hydrogen utilisation by 2030, A number of Japanese energy companies have joined forces to develop a hydrogen supply-chain in Japan's Kobe/Kansai area.

Japan's Mitsubishi, The Kansai Electric Power Company, Incorporated, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Marubeni Corporation, Mitsubishi Power, Obayashi Corporation and Shell have joined hands to foresee this project.

Kansai is Japan's spiritual and cultural capital, shaped by towering Osaka and Himeji castles, Zen gardens and arduous journeys to enlightenment. However, modern-day Kansai is also one of the most advanced areas in the world when it comes to green hydrogen utilization projects. A lot of projects involving hydrogen supply and utilization are currently in development in the region.

Kawasaki's four-phase process (production, transportation, storage, and utilization) in establishing a hydrogen supply chain have seen technological advancements. Concurrently, a vision to realize the commercialization of hydrogen-based energy is gaining momentum at both the domestic and international levels.

The Council will be involved in laying down the framework for business models on hydrogen utilization in the Kansai region, after studying supply and demand sides to develop a large-scale hydrogen supply chain.

The global Hydrogen Council is currently composed of Kawasaki, Toyota, Honda, Iwatani, and other Japanese companies, as well as Air Liquide (France), Alstom (France), Anglo American (U.K.), BMW Group (Germany), Royal Dutch Shell (the U.K., the Netherlands), and other multinationals.

Of these, the Japanese conglomerates have come together to spearhead the movement back home.

We are now seeing a global trend where governments around the world are focusing more on the use of hydrogen energy. The U.S. and EU have both proposed their own hydrogen strategies. China, the world's largest producer of CO2, has set national strategies on improving automobiles with a focus on hydrogen energy.
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Dutch freighter contacted Lock‘s wall, Kiel
Sep 21, 2020 at 13:21.

General cargo ship RIMINI reportedly contacted Lock’s wall in Kiel, while entering Kiel Canal, in the morning Sep 21. The ship is said to sustain damages, she passed Lock and was berthed alongside Canal pier or embankment, not far from the Lock, at around 0900 UTC Sep 21. As of 1310 UTC, she was still berthed. It is not the first time RIMINI contacted Lock in Kiel Canal, on May 17 this year she damaged gate and sustained bow damages, in Brunsbuettel Lock. She’s en route from Klaipeda Lithuania to Dordrecht Netherlands.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 957cd810

RIMINI - IMO 9421635
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 24566610
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 26118310
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 30434910

IMO number:9421635
Name of the ship:RIMINI
Former names:
RIMINI P (2013, Netherlands)
MARIA (2008)
Vessel type:General cargo vessel
Operating status:Active
Gross tonnage:1862 tons
Deadweight:2620 tons
Length:87 m
Breadth:11 m
Draught Avg:3.9 m
Speed Avg/Max: 8.7 kn / 15.9 kn
Year of build:2008
Classification society:BUREAU VERITAS
RIMINI is a General cargo vessel built in 2008 by HONG HA SHIPBUILDING - HAIPHONG, VIETNAM. Currently sailing under the flag of Netherlands. Formerly also known as RIMINI P, EEMS SPIRIT, MARIA. It's gross tonnage is 1862 tons.
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Cargo ship grounding, Vietnam
Sep 21, 2020 at 14:44.

Coastal cargo ship VIET TRUNG 69 was pushed aground by storm at Cua Dai bay coast, Gulf of Tonking, south of Haiphong, on Sep 20, while ballasting from Quang Ninh in southern direction. The ship was refloated in the morning Sep 21, and, understood, anchored in Cua Dai bay. Ship’s AIS missing during last 3 weeks.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 4c713610


Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 8e046d10
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MessageSujet: Re: Global Actualité maritime 2020   Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 EmptyLun 21 Sep 2020 - 23:16

Chinese cargo ship sank after collision with fishing vessel, East China sea
Sep 21, 2020 at 17:29.

Cargo ship SHENG HANG 189 collided with fishing vessel ZHEXIANGYUYUN03123 at 1050 Beijing time Sep 21 south of Shanghai, while en route from Nantong (shanghai area) to Fuzhou, northern Taiwan Strait. SHENG HANG 189 sank, 6 crew were rescued by a nearby vessel, directed to SAR by Ningbo Maritime Authority, and later transferred to port, all are safe.
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 77b0d110

Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Sheng_11
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Sheng_12
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Sheng_13
Global Actualité maritime  2020 - Page 2 Sheng_14
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Global Actualité maritime 2020
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