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Le rendez-vous des anciens et amis de la Force Navale - Het rendezvous van de oudgedienden en vrienden van de Zeemacht
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 Global Actualité maritime 2020

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Global Actualité maritime  2020 Empty
MessageSujet: Global Actualité maritime 2020   Global Actualité maritime  2020 EmptySam 5 Sep 2020 - 10:13

Maritime News from around the world 01-01-20 / 17-01-20 (1)

Korean fishing vessel sank after collision with Russian reefer, Japan sea
Jan 01, 2020 at 06:51.

Russian reefer SUBARU collided with Korean 28-ton fishing vessel SE of Pohang, South Korea, Japan sea, at around 0615 UTC Dec 31, fishing vessel sank. Reefer didn’t sail away, responding to accidents and taking part in SAR. All 12 crew of Korean fishing vessel were rescued, by reefer according to Russian sources, by Korean fishing vessel which was nearby, by Korean sources. Reefer was en route from Busan, understood to Pohang, she reached Pohang several hours later and anchored in Pohang inner anchorage.
Turkish container ship on tow, Aegean sea
Jan 01, 2020 at 16:50.

Container ship MED SAMSUN while en route from Antalya to Tekirdag, Turkey, encountered engine trouble in the evening Dec 29 in Greek waters, and understood, asked Greek authorities for shelter. The ship anchored off Naxos island eastern coast, Aegean sea, in the morning Dec 30. Understood owner contracted tug, MED SAMSUN was taken on tow of tug ALEXANDER 5 (IMO 9020405), towage commenced in the evening Dec 31. Port of destination not defined, probably still Tekirdag.
Dutch freighter dangerous sailing caused by faulty autopilot
Jan 02, 2020 at 06:02.

MRCC Gris-Nez, France, was alerted at 0520 UTC Jan 1 on dangerous movement of Dutch general cargo ship MOEZELBORG SW of Boulogne, English Channel. The ship didn’t change course as she should, and was heading for sandbanks in general direction of French coast. Voice contact was established, understood the ship was out of control, cause not clarified. Patrol boat was sent, check team boarded the ship and, understood, didn’t find any violations like intoxication. As a precaution, boat escorted MOEZELBORG for some time, to make sure vessel is safe. MOEZELBORG is en route from Portugal to Finland.
Two crew washed overboard by wave in freezing Arctic waters
Jan 02, 2020 at 13:59.

Two crew have been washed overboard by a wave from Bulgarian bulk carrier STARA PLANINA in Norwegian sea, some 210 nm SW of Bodo, Norway, in the morning Jan 2. Bulk carrier started search and rescue and as of 1330 UTC, was stil searching the area. 2 Norwegian SAR helicopters were deployed, both should be already in the area. Both seamen didn’t have life jackets, while carrying out the job on open deck, and unfortunately, chances of finding them alive are very small, life jackets or no life jackets, because the only thing which may keep them alive in winter Arctic seas, for probably, several hours, is immersion suit. The ship while en route from Murmansk Russia to Constanta Romania, encountered severe storm.
General cargo ship disabled, drifting since Jan 1 in Aegean sea
Jan 03, 2020 at 10:28.

General cargo ship LADY SHAM suffered engine failure in the evening Jan 1 and started to drift in Aegean sea in area between Rhodes and Karpasos islands, Greece. As of 1000 UTC Jan 3, the ship was still drifting in western direction towards Karpathos island being monitored by Greek CG, tug is to be deployed.
Cargo ships collided in Avacha Bay, Kamchatka
Jan 03, 2020 at 18:48.

Two general cargo ships collided on anchorage in Avacha Bay, Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka peninsula, Russia, Pacific, reportedly on Jan 2, though date is to be confirmed. SHANTAR bow struck TANIR portside, TANIR suffered hull breach below waterline, which was sealed with hard patch by divers. As of Jan 3, both ships were berthed in Petropavlovsk.
Those strange AIS glitches
Jan 04, 2020 at 09:42.

Capesize bulk carrier CAPE KESTREL is en route from Australia to China, a regular voyage of a modern bulk carrier, managed by a well-known company. The ship was sailing full speed in Celebes sea, when In the morning Jan 4, local time, her AIS positioning put her to North sea at Zeebrugge anchorage, where the ship, according to AIS, remained for several hours, and then returned back to Celebes sea, to her normal course and speed. Quite a glitch. What it was, and what was the cause? Malfunctioning?
Such glitches happen, regularly, but mostly with AIS of substandard ships, or ships already decommissioned, but very rarely with modern ships of recognized owners.
There are some glitches of epidemic proportions in some areas – like well-known 2014 Black sea glitches in Russian waters, or in Chinese waters in or near Chinese ports, which I spotted last year. No doubt those glitches were spoofing, initiated by security or military, so I differentiate them from random glitches of random ships, which randomly happen here and there, though rarely with the ships like CAPE KESTREL. If there are navigators on bridges of such ships, trained and on watch, such glitch won’t be of much trouble, if any.
Russian freighter still aground, Marmara sea
Jan 04, 2020 at 16:20.

General cargo ship NEVADO 35 ran aground in Sarkoy area, Tekirdag, Turkey, Marmara sea northern coast, in the morning Dec 25. As of Jan 4 is still aground, lightering under way to offload part or all of her cargo of sunflower meal. Several attempts to refloat her without offloading failed.
December 26, 2019
Russian cargo ship ran aground in Marmara sea, Turkey UPDATE
General cargo ship NEVADO 35 ran aground in Sarkoy area, Tekirdag, Turkey, Marmara sea northern coast, in the morning Dec 25, while en route from Istanbul to Catania Italy. Attempts to refloat by own means failed, Coast Guard and Coastal Shipping Safety officials are to arrive at grounding site, to assess the situation.
Dec 26 Update: The ship is in laden condition cargo of sunflower meal was loaded in Yeysk port, Russia. As of 0700 UTC Dec 26, the ship understood to be still aground, with tug at her side.
Spanish freighter disabled, towed back to port
Jan 04, 2020 at 16:22.

General cargo ship MORAIME reportedly suffered mechanical failure SW of Vigo, Spain, en route from Vigo to Casablanca. The ship was disabled at around 0000 UTC Jan 4, during Jan 4 towed back to Vigo, and berthed.
Russian Navy ship disabled while being in Syria, towed back to Black sea Naval base
Jan 05, 2020 at 14:44.

Russian Navy Landing ship ORSK suffered engine (one of two) breakdown during her regular trip from Naval base Sevastopol, Black sea, to Syria, and had to be towed back to Sevastopol by Navy tug MB-304, passing Bosphorus on Jan 3. Turkish bloggers didn’t miss this transit and posted a lot of photos in social nets.
Russian Navy Landing ship ORSK, Project 1171 (Tapir), commissioned 1968, displacement 4650, capacity up to 1500 tons of cargo and vehicles, crew 55, Black Sea Russian Navy Fleet.
Navy tug MB-304, Project 745, commissioned 1977, displacement 1452, crew 32, Black Sea Russian Navy Fleet.
Tanker managed to unmoor in adverse weather, avoiding major accident
Jan 05, 2020 at 18:05.

Product tanker STONE 1 was offloading gas oil at Aabernaa Fjord, Denmark, Little Belt, when in the morning Jan 4 strong wind battered the area and moored tanker. Mooring lines started to snap, tanker managed to start engine and move away from berth. In the process of unmooring some 30 tons (according to officials and media) of oil leaked overboard, not exactly clear how – either pump wasn’t stopped in time, or hose broke, or both. Tanker anchored in Aabernaa Fjord, and as of Jan 5, remained in the same position. Nobody was injured, tanker understood not to suffer any damages. Crew, hopefully, won't be blamed for leak, they managed to do most important thing – to take tanker away from pier in dire emergency, thus avoiding major disaster.
Ferry ran on rocks, breached, Greece
Jan 05, 2020 at 18:26.

Ferry PROTEUS ran on rocks of a small island Daskalonisi in Skiathos harbor, Skiathos island in the northwest Aegean Sea, in the afternoon Jan 5, with 45 passengers on board, shortly after leaving Skiathos. Ship’s hull was breached, water ingress reported. Understood passengers and crew are in no danger, passengers were to be transferred back to Skiathos by patrol/SAR boats.
Russian freighter refloated, Marmara sea
Jan 06, 2020 at 02:31.

Jan 6: Was refloated in the afternoon Jan 5 and taken to Tekirdag anchorage, anchored. No news yet on damages.
General cargo ship NEVADO 35 ran aground in Sarkoy area, Tekirdag, Turkey, Marmara sea northern coast, in the morning Dec 25. As of Jan 4 is still aground, lightering under way to offload part or all of her cargo of sunflower meal. Several attempts to refloat her without offloading failed.
December 26, 2019
Russian cargo ship ran aground in Marmara sea, Turkey UPDATE
General cargo ship NEVADO 35 ran aground in Sarkoy area, Tekirdag, Turkey, Marmara sea northern coast, in the morning Dec 25, while en route from Istanbul to Catania Italy. Attempts to refloat by own means failed, Coast Guard and Coastal Shipping Safety officials are to arrive at grounding site, to assess the situation.
Dec 26 Update: The ship is in laden condition cargo of sunflower meal was loaded in Yeysk port, Russia. As of 0700 UTC Dec 26, the ship understood to be still aground, with tug at her side.
Ferry grounded by storm, some 300 people evacuated, Philippines
Jan 06, 2020 at 08:44.

Ferry OCEANJET 7 ran aground shortly after leaving Plaridel, Misamis Occidental, Northern Mindanao, Philippines, in the morning Jan 6. The ship left Plaridel bound Tagbilaran City in Bohol, with 271 passengers and 17 crew on board. According to Philippines CG statement, ferry was pushed aground, encountering rough seas. Several rescue boats were deployed in rescue, all passengers and crew rescue, all are safe.
Passenger ship OCEANJET 7, IMO 7908990, GT 275, built 1979, flag Philippines.
Dredger attacked, 4 guards killed, 3 Russian and Indian crew kidnapped
Jan 06, 2020 at 09:23.

Hopper dredger AMBIKA was attacked by pirates at night Jan 2 in Niger river mouth, SW of Barri, according to Dryad Global information obtained from its’ source. Firefighting occurred according to this information, between pirates and military armed security personnel on board. 4 guards were killed, pirates managed to board drdger and kidnap 3 crew, including 2 Russians and 1 Indian. Dredger according to tracks, later resumed her works in river mouth.
6 containers lost in stormy Aegean sea
Jan 06, 2020 at 10:04.

Container ship MEDKON ISTANBUL encountered severe storm entering Aegean sea early in the morning Jan 6, after transiting Dardanelles, en route from Rodaport Marmara sea to Aliaga, Turkey. The ship lost 6 containers being N of Bozcaada island, Turkey, resumed sailing after reporting accident to maritime authorities.
Bulk carrier disabled, drifting in stormy Aegean sea towards Peloponnese
Jan 06, 2020 at 15:21.

Cargo ship with cargo of steel or iron suffered rudder failure in the morning Jan 6 in Aegean sea NE of Cape Maleas, southeast of the Peloponnese. Disabled ship is caught in severe storm raging over Aegean sea, drifting. Greek MRCC is monitoring situation, ready to intervene. Greek sources don’t reveal ship’s details other then her flag, Marshall Islands, cargo and countries of departure/destination. The ship is en route from Turkey to Argentina, according to all sources. There is one ship which fits description and available details, it’s Greek bulk carrier AELOS, the only difference being its’ destination, it’s Malta, according to AELOS AIS records. But Malta may be a transiting point, to get bunker or supplies or something else. So highly likely, distressed vessel is bulk carrier AELOS. The ship isn’t under command since around 0700 UTC, drifting in SSW direction, latest AIS position 3 hrs late, as of 1500 UTC.
Ships’ ID is not yet confirmed.
Russian missile cruiser troubled in Bosphorus
Jan 06, 2020 at 16:44.

UPDATE: According to informed sources, cruiser transited Bosphorus without any trouble on Jan 5 and was anchored off Istanbul, waiting for daytime Jan 6 to berth at Sarayburnu pier in Istanbul, as a part of Russia’s President Putin Turkey visit program. Cruiser failed to berth because of strong wind and heavy rain, and returned to anchorage. Visit https://twitter.com/Saturn5_ for more details and updates.
Comment: There are no news in Russian media, mainstream and else, that cruiser was to make a stop in Istanbul, in connection with Putin's visit. All what was said was "sudden cruiser's trip to Syria, called by region's growing tension", something like that. As of Jan 6, there are still no news on cruiser Turkey visit.
Russian missile cruiser MARSHAL USTINOV ran into trouble while transiting Bosphorus on Jan 5 in southern part of the Strait near Kabatas area, apparently going out of control and moving towards shore and piers. Understood Strait’s traffic safety tugs saved the day, took Russian cruiser under control and led her to Moda anchorage, southeast Istanbul, Marmara sea, just outside the Strait. Cruiser reportedly was anchored. Not much information available, including of course, tracks. Cruiser was/is en route from Black sea, Sevastopol Naval Base most probably, to Syria, with an order to “assist in stabilizing situation in the region”. Not much of assistance, judging from Bosphorus transit. More of a menace to all around.
Russian Navy Slava-class missile cruiser MARSHAL USTINOV, displacement 11280, commissioned 1986, crew 476, armament missiles, guns, torpedoes, helicopter, Russian Black sea Navy Fleet.
Container ship COSCO PACIFIC fire
Jan 07, 2020 at 07:47.

UPDATE: According to China COSCO Shipping information on fire accident on board of container ship COSCO PACIFIC, fire started in a container loaded with lithium batteries, falsely declared as spare parts. At least two containers were destroyed by fire, neighbouring containers said to be damaged, extent of damages and number of damaged containers yet unreported. Burnt containers were operated by Wan Hai Lines, they were loaded in Nansha and bound for Nhava Sheva. As of morning Jan 9, the ship was still at Colombo, all burnt and damaged containers already offloaded, containers around fire still under monitoring, understood fire safety checks under way. If it’s the end of the story and there won’t be any new fires in containers near fire site, COSCO PACIFIC should be considered lucky, to get off so easily.
Container ship COSCO PACIFIC while en route from Port Klang Malaysia to Ngava Sheva western India reported fire in container or containers, in cargo hold.on Jan 4, being under way in Arabian sea off southwest Indian coast. The ship interrupted scheduled voyage and headed for Colombo, arriving there in the morning Jan 6. She was berthed, containers on fire are to be offloaded, ship’s to be under constant monitoring until completing inspection. The ship is deployed on SEA-India-Pakistan service, quite a number of shippers are to cope with delays and schedule interruptions. As of morning Jan 7, COSCO PACIFIC was still berthed at Colombo.
Platform fire, 3 workers injured, Gulf of Mexico
Jan 08, 2020 at 08:23.

Fire broke out on an Akai-C 6 platform, belonging to Mexican State Oil Company PEMEX, and located in Campeche Bay, southern Gulf of Mexico, at around 1000 LT Jan 7. 3 workers were reportedly injured, personnel were about to be evacuated, but fire was extinguished in less than an hour, in another hour platform resumed operations.
Cocaine delivered on board of Sealand ship in unusual manner
Jan 08, 2020 at 08:24.

Ecuadorian Navy seized 88 packages of cocaine stashed in container on board of container ship SEALAND LOS ANGELES on Jan 7, circumstances rather unclear. The ship left Guayaquil Ecuador, in the evening Jan 6, understood bound for Balboa Panama, or probably, she was to make one more call to Ecuadorian port, port of Puerto Bolivar. Early in the morning Jan 7 while under way, the ship was boarded by two armed persons, who allegedly, put packages into container. SEALAND LOS ANGELES arrived at Puerto Bolivar in the evening Jan 7 and was berthed, container with cocaine, initially bound for Balboa, was offloaded. Crew wasn’t mentioned, and hopefully, will be left out of it. Trafficked in containers drugs are nothing unusual, the way situation develops unusual will be the ships without illicit drugs, stashed somewhere in containers, in cargoes whatever they may be, or anywhere else, but the manner in which drugs were delivered on board, seems to be out of ordinary.
5 crew injured, 1 died, on board of offshore ship transported by heavy lift ship
Jan 08, 2020 at 10:09.

UPDATE: According to BOSKALIS information there was no accident on board of either PETROBRAS 70, or BOKA VANGUARD. Extra personnel were taken on board to carry out some works on a newbuild ship, 6 people fell ill, one fatally. I didn’t ask BOSKALIS when company called me on the phone, what illness they fell victim to, but in general it doesn’t look like some infectious disease, it looks more like food or beverage poisoning. – Voytenko Mikhail, 1830 UTC Jan 8.
BOSKALIS heavy lift ship BOKA VANGUARD interrupted her voyage from China to Brazil with offshore processing ship PETROBRAS 70 on board, and approached Durban South Africa, on Jan 7, requesting immediate medical assistance to 5 Brazilian seamen, understood of PETROBRAS 70 crew, who were injured in an accident, details of accident remain unknown. One more crew suffered fatal injures and died, his body remained on board of the ship. 5 injured crew, one in critical condition, were evacuated by South Africa Sea Rescue NSRI organizations and Air Force helicopters, operation was coordinated by MRCC South Africa.
Understood PETROBRAS 70 is a newbuild, in process of being transported from ship building yard in China, in Qingdao probably, to Rio de Janeiro. Ship’s AIS is faulty, occasionally positioning her in Europe.
Understood accident took place on board of PETROBRAS 70, not BOKA VANGUARD.
After medevac, BOKA VANGUARD resumed her voyage.
All NSRI photos: https://www.nsri.org.za/2020/01/durban-tuesday-07-january-patient-evacuation-off-a-ship/
Offshore processing ship PETROBRAS 70, IMO 9654062, dwt 272682, built 2019, flag Liberia, owner PETROBRAS Brazil – all data taken from EQUASIS.
Enigmatic mission of Russian missile cruiser and confusing finale
Jan 08, 2020 at 15:17.

Russian missile cruiser MARSHAL USTINOV, “one of the most powerful and fearsome ships in Russian Navy” – as she’s usually presented by Russian pro-military media and experts, after three days anchorage in Moda area, Istanbul, Marmara sea, heaved up anchor and sailed back to Black sea, transiting Bosphorus in the afternoon Jan 8. Russian mainstream media remain silent on all of it - on sudden run to Istanbul, on embarrassingly failed attempt to berth at Sarayburnu pier in Istanbul, on apparent mechanical problem which caused failure, and indeed, on goal or goals of that voyage. Second-line media insisted cruiser was to sail to Syria, because of Iran-USA conflict and hyped regional tension, to somehow, mitigate it all just by cruiser’s fearsome looks. There was one more guess, EuroAsia Daily website said cruiser was to provide security during Putin’s visit to Turkey, not clarifying how she was supposed to bolster this security? By failing berthing and staying on anchor for 3 days in Istanbul outskirts?
Freighter broke off moorings by storm, taken under control, Iceland
Jan 09, 2020 at 04:48.

General cargo ship FRANCISCA broke off her moorings at Hafnarfjordur, Iceland, early in the morning Jan 8, in a stormy weather with strong wind and heavy swell. The ship was taken back to berth by CG ship TYR and two tugs, no damages reported, though judging from photo of strayed FRANCISCA , there may be some. It was mentioned, that the ship broke off moorings during her stay at Hafnarfjordur since Jan 7 not once, but several times, due to storm raging in the area.
Cargo ship with disabled rudder taken on tow, Norway
Jan 09, 2020 at 04:49.

Cargo ship MS FOLLA 2 suffered steering failure with rudder being stuck, unable to move, W of Narvik, Norway, in the evening Jan 8, while en route from Bodo to Svolvar. SAR boats responded, rudder was moved amidships, allowing towage. FOLLA 2 was taken on tow by SAR boat DET NORSKE VERITAS at around 2300 UTC Jan 8, to be towed to Lodingen, north of accident site. As of morning Jan 9, caravan was approaching Lodingen.
Tankers detention zone in southern Red sea
Jan 09, 2020 at 17:51.

According to Yemeni (Houthi) sources, on Jan 7 Saudi Arabia forces released tanker ADVENTUROUS after 25-day long detention in detention area in southern Red sea, designated by Saudi-led coalition. Tanker with 30,000 tons of diesel oil on board headed for port of destination Al Hudaydah port, held by Houthi forces. As of evening Jan 9, tanker was approaching Al Hudaydah. 9 more tankers remain in detention, with 157,000 tons of gasoline and 94,000 tons of diesel on board, in total. Who’s right and who’s wrong in Houthi vs Saudi conflict, or more/less right/wrong, is anyone’s guess, but Yemeni civilians unquestionably, are the main victims of this conflict, suffering most. Detained tankers crews aren’t happy, either. Some tankers remain in detention for already more than 2 months.
Russian tanker collided with Turkish fishing vessel, 3 missing
Jan 10, 2020 at 07:17.

Product tanker GLARD-2 collided with Turkish fishing vessel DURSUN ALI COSKUN at 0335 UTC Jan 10 while approaching anchorage north of Kilyos, Istanbul, Black sea, en route from Rostov Russia to Izmir Turkey. Fishing vessel sank, of 6 crew 3 were rescued, 3 went missing, SAR under way.
Never since 2009 was there so much ice in Svalbard waters
Jan 10, 2020 at 08:49.

General cargo ship NORBJORN couldn’t make it to Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Island, Svalbard archipelago, Norway, because of ice, and had to be assisted by ice-class Coast Guard ship NOCGV SVALBARD (IMO 8640387), on Jan 9. The ship was taken to free water and reached Longyearbyen later that day. “Never since 2009 was there so much ice in Svalbard waters”, say locals.
Security alarm is no joke – giant container ship sealed off by counter terrorism teams
10, 2020 at 17:59.

A turmoil in and around Kwai Chung Container Terminal in Hong Kong early in the morning Jan 10 worried many people including residents. Berthed container ship OOCL HAMBURG was surrounded by water police boats, strict security measures were implemented in port. As it came out, all the trouble was triggered by accidentally pressed SSAS (Ship Security Alarm System) button. The ship was sealed by security forces for some three hours. After inspection and confirmation of a false signal, security emergency was called off.
There wouldn’t be so much commotion and trouble in case of wrongly activated EPIRB, but SSAS is a different matter, duty officer or Captain can’t call the authorities and notify them of a false alarm – if it’s a security alarm, Captain or officer on watch, or whoever is talking on the phone or radio, could be doing it with a gun pointed at his head. That’s why the ship was immediately surrounded by police and counter terrorism teams, both on pier and from seaside, sealed off and thoroughly checked.
Tanker, probably in load, aground on coastal reefs, Java sea
Jan 11, 2020 at 06:12.

Cargo ship identified as tanker MT EXPRESS 88 (no data found) on Jan 10 was beached by storm on northern coast of Bawean island, Gresik Regency, Indonesia, Java sea, in Tanjungori district. The ship sailed from Jakarta about a week ago and anchored off Tanjungori to shelter from storm, the wind changed direction, anchor dragged, and tanker winds up on coastal reefs. 11 crew abandoned tanker and were rescued by local fishermen, all are safe. On a photo beached MT EXPRESS 88, looks like she’s probably, in load.
Dutch freighter caught in MMEA net, detained off Penang. Why?
Jan 11, 2020 at 17:14.

Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) caught a new prey, Dutch freighter ANET, which had been careless enough to anchor 22 nm SSW of Pulau Kendi, a small islet off Penang island south. The ship anchored in the morning Jan 8, being en route from Colombo to Singapore, ETA Jan 14, so probably, ANET anchored for the purpose of fitting into arrival schedule. She was detained on Jan 10, and taken to Penang Anchorage, on the same accusation of unauthorized anchorage. Company is to be fined. These regular detentions are kind of a puzzle. The ship anchored 22 nm off nearest Malaysian land, outside 12-mile zone. What’s wrong with that? Why should the ship be detained and fined, on what grounds? Is it purely monetary act, on the part of Malaysia, a regular source of State budget income, or is it MMEA initiative, as a pathway to promotions and accolades?
Are all the ships transiting in or near Malaysian waters notified, that anchorage near Malaysian coast without proper formalities is a crime, and is a safe distance from Malaysia somehow outlined and determined? It’s definitely not 12-mile territorial waters zone, it’s something else, some other distance.
GRIMALDI car carrier seized by Libyan National Army?
Jan 12, 2020 at 14:03.

Naval forces of the Libyan National Army (LNA), led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, opposed to Libyan UN-recognized government, seized Italian cargo ship, according to official LNA statement, released on Jan 12. The ship was en route to Misurata Port, controlled by government. The statement didn’t reveal details or identify the ship, it was said only, that the ship was taken to LNA-controlled Bengazi, she’s to be checked and arrested, if any arms or military equipment found. If there are no arms/ammunition on board, the ship will be released, all cargo bound for Misurata to be offloaded at Bengazi. Crew is interrogated, added LNA representative.
According to available information the ship in question is GRIMALDI’s car carrier GRANDE BALTIMORA, but if that’s the case, the whole story is becoming a riddle. The ship arrived at Misurata from Antwerp on Jan 9, she left Misurata in the morning Jan 11 and sailed to Bengazi, arriving at Bengazi anchorage area early in the morning Jan 12. She wasn’t anchored, and as of 1000 UTC Jan 12 was cruising around.
So if GRANDE BALTIMORA was intercepted and seized, and that’s how it all looks, she couldn’t have on board any cargo bound for Misurata, military or civil, because it was already offloaded. The only likely explanation is, LNA is sending a warning to shipping, ships and owners and shippers, to avoid freight destined for territories, controlled by UN-recognized government.
General cargo ship sank in Java sea, 14 crew safe
Jan 12, 2020 at 15:44.

General cargo ship KM EL No.2 with 14 crew was reported as missing on Jan 11 in Belitung island waters, Indonesia, Java sea. The ship loaded with cement and construction materials was en route from Jakarta to Pontianak, western Kalimantan. The ship sank on Jan 12 after developing list due to cargo shift, being caught in rough seas. Judging from video, she’s resting on bottom on more or less even keel. All 14 crew rescued, safe.
Chinese freighter contacted dock at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, both damaged
Jan 12, 2020 at 16:43.

General cargo ship TAI GANG contacted CSBC shipbuilding Corporation dock at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, early in the morning Jan 6, while leaving the port. Accident was caused by steering failure. Both dock and ship’s bow were damaged, TAI GANG reportedly sustained underwater hull breaches. The ship was towed to berth, she remained at Kaohsiung until Jan 9. On Jan 9 she left Kaohsiung, bound for Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China. On Jan 12 she reached Quanzhou outer anchorage and was anchored.
Probably because of accident, ship’s AIS was faulty, at least during Jan 9-11, showing 30 knots speed and wrongly positioning the ship.
Accident in Gatun Lock, Panama Canal
Jan 13, 2020 at 14:00.

Two tugs collided in Gatun Lock while providing transit of a Greek tanker VELOS LEO, in the afternoon Jan 12. One tug literally climbed over another. Cause of accident yet unknown. Tanker wasn’t damaged and continued her transit, en route from Beaumont USA to Lazaro Cardenas port, Mexico. Tanker completed transit late Jan 12, and entered the Pacific.
One worker or tug crew was reportedly, injured or killed in an accident, but there’s no official confirmation. Understood there was some one-way traffic delay or suspension.
CORRECTION: Panama Canal Media contacted MB and requested correction: 1) Nobody was injured in this accident, thankfully; 2) The vehicles involved are called “locomotives” rather than tugs.
Ghost Thai yacht drifting in Malacca Strait with Brit passport
Jan 13, 2020 at 15:22.

Indonesian fishermen spotted sailing yacht drifting in waters of Muara Batu, North Aceh, northeast Sumatra, Malacca Strait, on Jan 12, while fishing. Yacht was drifting some 20 nm off Muara Batu coast. They approached the yacht, but didn’t see anyone on board, so they boarded her and didn’t find anybody. Yacht, in apparently good condition (and not a cheap one, either), was abandoned. Name of the yacht is in Thai, it is said, that they found document or documents on board, but couldn’t identify owner, or other details. Yacht was towed to Krueng port, Muara Batu, and handed over to authorities. Yacht’s owner still not identified, local officials informed all related parties.
UPDATE Jan 15: ID of a British citizen (passport) was found, there were no suspicious or prohibited items on board, so probably, the yacht broke off by wind or current from her mooring position in Thai waters (Phuket and nearby islands, or Krabi Province), and drifted to Northern Sumatra coast, via Andaman sea and across western Malacca Strait. It doesn’t look like a tragedy and hopefully, it wasn’t a tragedy, but a case of mostly, negligence. Yacht is presently situated at Lhokseumawe, Muara Batu.
Direct sea route Thailand – Bangladesh under FTA Agreement
Jan 14, 2020 at 08:42.

Free Trade Agreement between Thailand and Bangladesh is agreed in principle, by both side, during the 5th Joint Trade Committee (JTC) meeting between the two nations on Jan 8 2020 in Bangkok. Thailand is ready for Free Trade Agreement talks and required for FTA joint study on its’ feasibility.
Bangladesh is Thailand's third-largest trade partner in South Asia after India and Pakistan, with annual bilateral trade worth $1.25 billion in 2018, down 4.4% from the previous year.
So far, Thailand is having a significant trade surplus, with exports to Bangladesh amounting to $1.2 billion and imports worth just $59.24 million.
Thailand exports from Bangladesh cement, plastic pellets, chemical products, textiles, steel, tapioca products, air conditioners, cosmetics, and automobiles and parts; importing a small amount of garments, scientific and medical gear, fresh and frozen aquatic animals, and machinery and parts.
Thailand's direct investment in Bangladesh totalled $1.5 billion from 2006 to 2019, mainly in agriculture and processed agricultural industries, construction, and hotels and related services, while Bangladesh's investment in Thailand was worth $1.12 million during the period.
All import/export goods are transported to/from Bangkok and Laem Chabang ports, via transit ports in Malaysia, mainly Port Klang, and Singapore, delivery time being some 7-12 days.
There is an alternative route, which excludes transit ports and transshipments, project being mulled over for quite some time. It’s a direct route between Chittagong Port and Thailand’s Port of Ranong in Andaman sea. Delivery time will be shortened to some 5 days. This project was also discussed during 5th Joint Trade Committee (JTC) meeting, and both sides agreed it has to be expedited.
This route of course, requires a feasibility study, and hopefully, it will take into consideration a very interesting option – it may attract shippers from other countries in the region, such as Vietnam or Philippines, or Cambodia.
Of course transit cargo flows will require expansion of land bridge between Ranong port and ports of Gulf of Siam, and quite a number of other routes, already existing or projected, first of all routes, included into EASTERN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR (EEC) Project.
Voytenko Mikhail
January 14, 2020 Thailand
Fishing vessel with 39 crew disabled, trapped in Antarctic ice
Jan 14, 2020 at 15:23.

Fishing vessel HONGJIN NO.707 with 39 crew on board lost steering and/or propulsion after contacting ice floe in the Antarctic, E of Zuchelli Station, Terra Nova Bay, some 1,600 nm S of Southern Island, NZ, reportedly on Jan 10. The crew tried to fix damages, but failed, and contacted Korean authorities, requesting assistance. Korean research icebreaker ARAON responded, and was said to reach disabled fishing vessel on Jan 14, most probably taking her on tow.
Tanker collided with fishing vessel, 1 dead, 2 missing, Galveston
Jan 15, 2020 at 04:15.

Product tanker BOW FORTUNE collided with fishing vessel PAPPY’S PRIDE at around 2130 UTC Jan 14 while entering Galveston, USA, Gulf of Mexico. PAPPY’S PRIDE capsized, leaving 4 crew in water. 2 were rescued and transferred to medical emergency, 1 of them later died. 2 crew remain missing. Tanker berthed at Galveston, her port of destination, at around 2300 UTC. Search for 2 missing fishermen still continuing.
Is the 26,000 TEU container vessel coming now?
Jan 15, 2020 at 07:58.

Excerpts from article which was kindly sent to Maritime Bulletin by author, Mr. Frank Diegel, CEO Marine-Pilots.com.
Is the 26,000 TEU container vessel coming now?
The last month Jan Tiedemann from Alphaliner (BRS) in Hamburg has reported, that DNV GL has awarded Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding (group) Co., Ltd. an approval in principle for the design of an LNG-powered 25,000 TEU container vessel. Based upon the reported vessel dimensions, he reckons that the ship could actually have a capacity closer to 26,000 TEU. Have a look at his rough calculation and his graphic.
The pressure on shipping companies to cut costs pushes this development
The main reason for the growth of ships is economic pressure: fuel costs and fierce competition between shipping companies give an advantage to those who are able to transport containers at the lowest cost with the largest ship.
But where will this lead us in shipping? Where will this development end?
Fact is, that there will be a shift in transport costs from sea to land. The shipping companies are saving costs by operating ever larger ships, while on land more and more investment must be made to server infrastructure. These are among others:
- Lower access routes and berths for ships
- Larger cranes
- Larger intermediate storage areas
- Larger transport capacities to the hinterland by truck, train or inland waterway vessel
Some ports have already introduced a size limit for ships because they are no longer wanting to take part in this rat race.
Impact on Maritime Pilots
The handling of the ship giants is becoming more and more difficult with masses over 200,000 tons. The area exposed to the wind and the ever-increasing draught of the ships with ever-increasing dimensions make safe manoeuvring in existing harbours and their access routes riskier.
Effects on port operators
The port operators have the investments described above because the existing - often still very modern - infrastructure can no longer cope with the size of the new ships.
Effects on vessel insurers
The cost risk of a single ship accident rises. The complete loss of ship and cargo alone, without taking into account consequential damages, can cause losses in the high 3-digit million-dollar range. Under certain circumstances, the limit of 1 billion dollars in damage can be exceeded.
Conclusion and discussion
Personally, I am taking a critical view of future ship sizes, especially regarding the rising costs at land and the growing safety risk. But this might be only a conservative view of a European.
Comments and opinions are welcomed and highly appreciated.
Frank Diegel, CEO Marine-Pilots.com
Full text and graph of the design of an LNG-powered 25,000 TEU container ship https://www.marine-pilots.com/article/14132
Dense smoke in Master’s Cabin of Iranian freighter
Jan 15, 2020 at 10:20.

Master’s Cabin of Iranian freighter KASRA-1, berthed at Makhachkala Port, Russia, Caspian sea, was filled with dense smoke release from a small fire source, on Jan 15. Fire didn’t spread out and was quickly extinguished, no damages except dense smoke reported. Most probably, an electric appliance caught fire due to a shortcut.
Cargo ship abandoned after developing list, Taiwan Strait
Jan 15, 2020 at 11:05.

General cargo ship STAR LORD issued distress signal in the afternoon Jan 15, reporting portside list, crew preparing to abandon the ship. STAR LORD was en route from Kaohsiung Taiwan to South Korea, running into trouble in Taiwanese waters off Changhua County coast, Taiwan Strait. All 7 crew were evacuated by helicopter, the ship understood to remain at anchor, abandoned. She doesn’t look like she’s sinking or going to capsize, judging from photo.
Russian Master found drunk, fined £500, Belfast
Jan 15, 2020 at 17:55.

58-year old Russian Master of Russian freighter DANICA HAV was found intoxicated during berths shift on Jan 14 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Pilot had to intervene twice, to prevent contact with pier. Pilot reported incident to authorities, police detained Master and found excess alcohol in his breath test. He appeared in Belfast Magistrates Court on Jan 15, was found guilty and admitted his guilt, ready to pay fine. He was fined 500 pounds, paid the fine and left, returning to the ship. DANIVA HAV is to leave Belfast on Jan 15, under the command of a relief Captain. The replaced one is to sail on board of DANICA HAV as a passenger.
Two South Korean ships detained by Indonesia in Singapore Strait UPDATE tanker released
Jan 16, 2020 at 06:26.

Indonesia detained two South Korean ships on unclear grounds, and is keeping them in detention, anchored in Singapore Strait waters between Indonesian islands Bintan and Batam. LPG tanker DL LILY was seized on Oct 9, while en route from Port Klang to Singapore, and is kept since then at her present position. Bulk carrier CH BELLA was seized on Jan 11, NW of Bintan island, where she anchored on Jan 9 shortly after leaving Singapore. Indonesia says both ships were seized for violating nation’s border and sailing into territorial waters. Crews of both ships are restricted in their movements and remain on board, it is said, that the supplies like food and water are regularly replenished.
What it’s all about, is absolutely unclear. Indonesia may seize half of Singapore Strait trafficking ships, if applying that “territorial waters violation” rule in full. What’s the meaning of it? What’s the purpose? Malaysia is regularly detaining foreign ships for allegedly, unauthorized anchorage, so often that this violation may be considered as a source of income for Malaysian budget. Indonesia found this innovative scheme useful and worthy of implementation?
Jan 17 UPDATE:
LPG tanker DL LILY, held in detention by Indonesian authorities for about 100 days, was released on Jan 17, understood after South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs intervened and demanded the release. The ship is to be docked at Singapore, for further investigation. As of 1500 UTC Jan 17, tanker entering Singapore.
Bulk carrier CH BELLA remains in detention, Korea continuing talks with Indonesian Naval Command, to facilitate bulk carrier release.
Tug fire
Jan 17, 2020 at 03:41.
Fire reportedly erupted on board of tug NORSUL VITORIA at port of Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil, understood at night Jan 16. No other information available, as of 0030 LT (UTC -3) no AIS during last 3 hours.
Pirates strike again, Gulf of Guinea UPDATE
Jan 17, 2020 at 07:37.

UPDATE: Turkish tanker was attacked at around 2100 UTC Jan 16, some 50 nm SSW of Bonny. Nigerian Navy armed personnel thwarted attack by opening gunfire, pirates fled. Tanker continued voyage from Lagos to Calabar, Nigeria, anchored at Calabar outer anchorage early in the morning Jan 17.
Commercial ship was attacked in Gulf of Guinea SW of Bonny late Jan 16. Assumedly it’s a tanker operated by Greek company, but it’s an assumption based on available scarce information, and calculations. There are some indications, that the ship was hampered as a result of attack. Awaiting additional information.
Ghost tanker beached by storm, Northern Cyprus
Jan 17, 2020 at 13:35.

Product tanker RAWAN dragged anchor in stormy weather and was pushed ashore on a Famagusta coast, Northern Cyprus, on Jan 17 or earlier, no news on damages. 6 crew are safe. Tanker AIS off since late 2017, probably she’s intentionally hiding voyages records in order to avoid sanctions. Local media says she arrived at Famagusta with cargo on board, type and quantity unknown.
Master found intoxicated, arrested, Oresund
Jan 17, 2020 at 18:27.

Swedish Traffic Control in Oresund failed to contact general cargo ship CHRISTINE and alert on her dangerous course, leading the ship to coast, at night Jan 16-17. Traffic Control contacted Coast Guard, the ship changed course in time to avoid grounding. Pilot was transferred on board of freighter, which is en route from Denmark to Riga Latvia, she was taken to Landskrona Sweden, for investigation. Master was tested for alcohol, and found intoxicated. Reportedly, he is arrested, CHRISTINE remained at Landskrona, as of 1800 UTC Jan 17 she was in the same position.
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Maritime News from around the world 18-01-20 / 31-01-20 (2)

German freighter lost deck cargo, interrupted voyage, Atlantic, Spain
Jan 18, 2020 at 03:53.

General cargo ship PEMBA lost part of her deck cargo on Jan 14, while sailing in stormy waters off Spain’s northwestern coast of Costa da Morte area, Galiciam en route from Ceuta Spain to Szczecin Poland.. Several steel construction pontoons were lost overboard, remaining afloat and endangering traffic in the area. By Jan 17 reportedly, all pontoons were accounted for, and recovered. The ship interrupted voyage and called port of Vigo, Spain, to fix remaining deck cargo and probably, take on board recovered pontoons. As of morning Jan 18, the ship was still berthed at Vigo.
Dutch freighter contacted ENI gas platform, Italy Adriatic
Jan 18, 2020 at 13:54.

General cargo ship ZAANBORG left Ravenna Italy in the evening Jan 15, bound for Piraeus, but shortly after departure contacted ENI gas platform AGIP 1, some 3.5 nm off Ravenna. The ship was taken back to Ravenna, Corsini, and berthed, as of Jan 18 she remained at port, being under investigation. Platform wasn’t operating, extent of damages yet unknown. ZAANBORG suffered portside damages in forecastle area, see photo. The cause of accident yet unknown.
Turkish tanker contacted 3 inland vessels in Rotterdam
Jan 18, 2020 at 14:44.

Tanker ATLANTIS ARMONA while maneuvering in Botlek Rotterdam at night Jan 17, went out of control and moved astern instead of ahead, contacting three berthed inland vessels. Tanker damages unknown, but said to be some, inland vessels sustained superficial damages, dents and scratches. Tanker arrived at Botlek in ballast, to load a cargo of flax oil.
GRIMALDI car carrier Master reportedly medevaced, Spain
Jan 18, 2020 at 15:25.

A crew member of car carrier GRANDE COLONIA, anchored at Valencia anchorage, was medevaced in the morning Jan 18 by helicopter, and transferred to hospital. Medevac was carried out by Spain SAR agency Salvamento Maritimo, his rank wasn’t specified. According to local media, medevaced person is Master of the ship. GRANDE COLONIA arrived from Civitavecchia, being at anchor since Jan 13 or 14.
MSC container ship crashed pilot boat, Gioia Tauro
Jan 18, 2020 at 18:24.

MSC container ship struck pilot boat while moving in Gioia Tauro harbor, Italy, on Jan 18. Pilot boat sank, after understood, being crashed between container ship bulbous bow and pier, but was quickly recovered by crane and placed on pier. Boat luckily, was unmanned at the time of an accident. Container ship wasn’t identified, and there are 3 MSC container ships at Gioia Tauro, as of evening Jan 18, but available information points at MSC ADELAIDE, she was in process of berthing on arrival from Genoa.
Kidnapped 19 crew of MT DUKE released, 1 died. V.SHIPS Statement.
Jan 19, 2020 at 12:06.

CREW RELEASE MV Duke. Statement issued by Union Maritime Ltd, and V.Ships Management (India) PvT, Ltd Owners and Managers respectively of MT DUKE. London January 19, 2020:
Following the attack on tanker DUKE and abduction of 20 crew members on December 15, we can confirm that 19 of the crew members taken hostage were today released by the criminal gang holding them. It is with great regret that we have to report that one valued crew member, an Able Seaman, was evidently taken ill and died shortly after capture.
We are seeking further information from those crew members that have been released and a full investigation will be held into the AB demise. All our sympathies and condolences go out to next of kin, family and friends at this tragic time. The AB’s immediate family have been informed and are being supported.
All the crew who have been released have undergone medical checks and are reported to be well, given the circumstances of their ordeal. They will be debriefed by the local authorities and then return home to their families with all possible speed where they will continue to receive our full support and counselling.
Ship attacked in Gulf of Guinea UPDATE
Jan 20, 2020 at 05:11.

UPDATE: According to information provided by Clearwater Dynamics (Alert), and according to initial information and calculations of FleetMon/Maritime Bulletin, container ship was attacked, but luckily, escaped.
Clearwater Alert:
It has been reported that an incident has occurred onboard a container ship whilst drifting approximately 80nm south of Cotonou, Benin. The Duty Officer spotted two armed pirates on the main deck, resulting in the main deck lights being switched on and the vessel proceeding to the west at full speed. As the vessel began to make way, a small craft with a ladder was seen departing the scene. All crew are accounted for.
Clearwater Alert didn’t identify the ship, but almost undoubtedly it’s a container ship ATLANTIC DISCOVERER. The ship was adrift for some 5 hours in attack area, cause unknown. She resumed sailing shortly after attack, moving W at full speed. As of 1100 UTC Jan 20, she was cruising off Tema, Ghana.
Container ship disabled by fire, on tow, Mozambique Channel
Jan 20, 2020 at 14:16.

Container ship EM OINOUSSES while en route from Maputo Mozambique to Mombasa Kenya suffered fire in engine room in the afternoon Jan 19, sailing abeam of Nacala, Mozambique, Mozambique Channel. The ship went NUC, drifting, engine room was sealed, fire fighting system activated. Two tugs from Nacala, RT MAGIC and RT SPIRIT, were contracted, EM OINOUSSES was taken under tow at around 2100 UTC Jan 19, understood to be towed to Nacala. As of 1400 UTC Jan 20, caravan was approaching Nacala, EM OINOUSSES AIS off during last 16 hours, engine room reportedly still sealed.
Greek tanker collided with fishing vessel off Ulsan, Japan sea
Jan 20, 2020 at 17:06.

Chemical tanker VALOR reportedly collided with Korean fishing vessel at around 1430 LT (UTC +9) Jan 20 off Ulsan, Korea, while en route to Ulsan. Fishing vessel with 6 crew was heavily damaged, but remained afloat and managed to reach Gampo port (north of Ulsan) under own power. VALOR anchored at Ulsan outer anchorage.
Russian fishing vessel fire, 47 crew evacuated, Okhotsk sea
Jan 21, 2020 at 05:12.

Fire erupted on board of fishing vessel ENIGMA ASTRALIS early in the morning Jan 21 in Okhotsk sea SE of Magadan, Russia. No information on fire cause and on fire area, where exactly did it start. Reportedly, all 47 crew went to nearby fishing vessels, there is a lot of smoke, but no visible flame. Vessel’s AIS is on, as of 0500 UTC Jan 21 she was drifting, with many vessels nearby. No injures reported.
Failed tanker robbery, crew captured one robber, Indonesia
Jan 21, 2020 at 07:45.

Indonesian tanker HORIZON MARU was boarded by four armed with sharp weapons robbers early in the morning Jan 21 in Kabil waters, eastern Batam island, Indonesia, Singapore Strait understood crew managed to fight robbers off, and in the process, capture one of the perpetrators. One crew suffered face injury. Captured robber was handed over to police. Tanker alerted ships in the vicinity and police via VHF Ch.16.
One more ship attacked S of Lagos. Same gang?
Jan 21, 2020 at 07:46.

An unidentified ship was attacked late Jan 20 in Gulf of Guinea, some 55 nm S of Lagos. The ship nearest in time and position was tanker en route to Lagos, hopefully attack was thwarted, if this tanker was the ship in question. The ship didn’t stop and reached Lagos anchorage early in the morning Jan 21. Awaiting ship’s ID and more information. Looks like it was the same gang, which attacked container ship on Jan, is running rampant in waters south of Lagos.
Ship attacked in the morning Jan 21, Nigeria. UPDATE MSC ship attacked.
Jan 21, 2020 at 12:41.

UPDATE: Clearwater Dynamics shared its’ information with Maritime Bulletin, not disclosing ship’s name, but there was no other container ship in the vicinity, fitting into time and position, except MSC GRACE. The ship is deployed on container service connecting Gulf of Guinea States, so no wonder she has armed guards on board. As of 1630 UTC Jan 21, the ship was sailing in Bonny area, heading towards Port Harcourt.
Clearwater Dynamics Alert:  Nigeria
It has been reported that a container ship has been attacked whilst underway approximately 45nm West Southwest of Brass, Nigeria. A black speedboat with a white flag and 15 armed pirates onboard, fired upon the vessel and then moved away. The Nigerian authorities have been notified. UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the container ship did have an onboard security team, who returned fire which resulted in the pirates aborting their attack. During this incident the crew retreated to the Citadel.
An unidentified ship was attacked in the morning Jan 21 in Gulf of Guinea, some 75 nm WSW of Bonny. The ship nearest in time and position was container ship en route to Port Harcourt. There’s a lap in AIS track. There are many fishing vessels around, too. Awaiting ship’s ID and more information.
Dredger barge grounded too avoid sinking, Matagorda Ship Channel, Texas
Jan 22, 2020 at 04:35.

Dredger barge EVERETT FISHER started to take on water in the evening Jan 21 in the Matagorda Ship Channel near Port Lavaca, Texas, while being towed by tug DANA ROBYN. To avoid sinking, tug pushed barge aground. Barge 4 crew went to tug. USCG and other concerned agencies are responding.
Masterful control of the ship in a dangerous situation
Jan 22, 2020 at 06:54.

Ferry NORDNORGE entered Bodo harbor, Norway, and was proceeding to berth, on Jan 21, when suddenly wind strengthened to some 30-35 meters/sec, putting ferry and her Master in a very difficult situation. Understood she couldn’t safely maneuver to skip berthing and wait out until wind quiets down, so Master decided to dock, with onshore wind pushing ferry towards pier. He masterfully controlled ship’s positioning with propulsion and anchor, until the ship finally, berthed alongside pier, as smoothly as if assisted by tugs.
Customs boat capsized, 3 officers died, in collision with smugglers, Hong Kong
Jan 22, 2020 at 07:54.

Hong Kong Customs boat CE13 with 5 Customs Officers on board on Jan 21 collided with allegedly, smuggling boat, carrying illegal cargo of frozen meat, near Chek Lap Kok island, north of Lantau Island, Hong Kong. Customs boat capsized, leaving 3 officers trapped inside cabin. Divers rescued them, but all 3 died later in hospital. 2 officers who weren’t inside cabin, survived. Smugglers boat later was found and seized, with no people on board.
World's largest LNG bunkering vessel on duty in Rostock
Jan 22, 2020 at 08:59.

175 LNG-powered ships are currently operating worldwide. The world's largest bunker ship for liquefied natural gas (LNG) reached Rostock today. LNG bunkering vessel KAIROS will refuel another ship with LNG from the seaside. The procedure takes eight hours until finished.
KAIROS is 117 meters long with a tank capacity of 7,500 cubic meters. The LNG bunkering vessel is used for ship-to-ship reloading processes and especially for LNG refueling of ships and gas consumers on land as well as tank trucks and tank wagons for onward transport. After entering the harbor, the vessel will turn and then go alongside on the heavy-duty ship ORION I, which is currently being equipped with new cranes by Liebherr and will then be officially put into operation.
Liquefied natural gas is considered to be more environmentally friendly than marine diesel because combustion produces significantly fewer pollutants. Vessel KAIROS was christened in Hamburg in February 2019 and began refueling other ships in March. According to the operating company, around 100 bunkerings have been carried out since then.
8 kidnapped crew of Greek tanker released after 3-week captivity
Jan 22, 2020 at 13:13.

8 crew of Greek tanker HAPPY LADY, kidnapped by Nigerian pirates on Dec 30 last year, were released on Jan 22, all are reported to be safe and sound. Among kidnapped were Master, Engineers, Officers.
Cargo ship distress, abandoned, Taiwan Strait
Jan 22, 2020 at 16:23.

General cargo ship LIAN FENG 18 ran into trouble in the evening Jan 19 in waters bordering provinces Fujian and Guangdong, China, southern Taiwan Strait. The ship reported developing portside list, 10 Myanmar crew in need of rescue. About an hour and half later all 10 crew were rescued by passing nearby ships and then transferred to SAR ship, SAR coordinated by MRCC Zhangzhou. LIAN FENG 18 remained afloat, anchored. She was still afloat as of morning Jan 20, no news on situation development since Jan 20. The ship was reportedly en route from Kaohsiung Taiwan to Busan Korea, but according to track, while being well into East China sea and sailing in northern direction, LIAN FENG 18 made an U-turn on Jan 15 and sailed in opposite direction. She went off AIS on Jan 17, being abeam of Tancheng, Chinese waters, northern Taiwan Strait.
Chinese supertanker loaded with crude collided with container ship, Singapore Strait
Jan 23, 2020 at 04:03.

Chinese VLCC XIN JIN YANG collided with container ship DANUM 160 at around 2100 LT (UTC +Cool Jan 22 in western Singapore Strait E of Karimunbesar Island. VLCC had to interrupt her voyage in laden condition from Iraq to China, anchored near collision site for inspection. Container ship DANUM 160 continued her voyage from Port Klang to Kuching, Borneo island, Malaysia. No mentioning of heavy damages. Both ships were proceeding in the same direction at the time of collision.
German 8,500 TEU container ship fire
Jan 23, 2020 at 05:09.

Post-Panamax container ship NORTHERN JUPITER reportedly suffered fire in engine room early in the morning Jan 4 in Malacca Strait, while en route from Singapore to Port Klang. The ship was anchored and remained at anchor until Jan 10. On Jan 10 she was taken on tow and towed back to Singapore, anchored at Singapore roads on Jan 11, and as of Jan 23, remained in the same position.
No other details available, no mentioning of cargo damage, no information on repairs/voyage continuation or cancellation.
UAE tanker abandoned, drifting in Arabian sea UPDATE Sank
Jan 23, 2020 at 13:29.

UPDATE Jan 24: Reported sank.
UPDATE: Tanker issued distress signal at around 0600 UTC Jan 23, reporting flooded engine room, sinking. Indian CG coordinated SAR, all 13 crew were rescued by passing nearby cargo ship, all are reported safe. Tanker is understood to remain afloat, drifting. The ship was en route from Basrah to Hazira India.
Bitumen tanker REEM 5 reported abandoned, adrift in Arabian sea 185 nm SW of Karachi, Pakistan, since morning Jan 23. Latest AIS dated 0020 UTC Jan 23, speed 4 knots, moving due S. AIS track is interrupting, actually no continuous AIS track since Jan 2019. No other details available at the moment.
German freighter grounding, Sweden
Jan 23, 2020 at 18:13.

General cargo ship POLLUX in the morning Jan 23 strayed off fairway and ran aground by bow in Lake Vanern, Sweden, while approaching port of Hallekis, on arrival from Gibraltar with cargo of bentonite. The ship was refloated in the afternoon with tugs assistance, after several unsuccessful attempts. Understood no damages sustained, as the bottom is clay and mud. Cause of accident unknown.
British Capesize bulk carrier on fire in Gulf of Aden UPDATE
Jan 24, 2020 at 04:11.

UPDATE 1900 UTC Jan 24: Understood crew managed to restart engine, bulk carrier resumed sailing at a reduced speed.
UPDATE: Fire according to owner, erupted in engine room and was extinguished by crew in some 3.5 hours. As of 0800 UTC Jan 24, bulk carrier was disabled, drifting, probably towage required.
UK-flagged Capesize bulk carrier BW ACORN is reported on fire, ship is disabled, drifting since around 2300 UTC Jan 23 in Gulf of Aden. BW ACORN is en route from Singapore to Suez. AIS still on as of 0330 UTC Jan 24. Awaiting more details and development.
Disabled Turkish cargo ship taken on tow, Aegean sea
Jan 24, 2020 at 05:34.

General cargo ship ADES was disabled due to mechanical failure in Aegean sea in the evening Jan 23, while trying to shelter from stormy seas S of Levitha island. The ship drifted south, Master requested assistance, tug POTHITOS (IMO 9012094) from Kalymnos was deployed. ADES was taken on tow at around 0315 UTC Jan 24, DEStination yet unknown. The ship is en route from Haifa Israel to Tuzla Turkey, Marmara sea.
Major cruise lines banning tourists from Wuhan and Hebei, to prevent coronavirus
Jan 24, 2020 at 13:41.

Chinese media report major cruise companies implementing mass boarding ban for all tourists who’re about to embark ships, if they come from Wuhan city or Hebei Province, or even if they were in Wuhan in 15-day period prior to cruise. All passengers whose trip is suspended are offered refund options. Such companies as Costa Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises, MSC Mediterranean Cruises, Dream Cruises, Star Cruises and Oceania Cruises, implement these strict measures on Jan 24 in order to prevent coronavirus outbreak on board of their ships, say Chinese media.
Troubled bulk carrier on tow, Mediterranean
Jan 25, 2020 at 04:15.

Bulk carrier ORMI suffered mechanical failure on Jan 21 in Mediterranean soith of Rhodes island, Greece, while en route from Kherson Ukraine to Haifa Israel, and started to drift. The ship was adrift until Jan 23, when contracted tug KARAPIPERIS 18 (IMO 8810205) took her on tow and towed to southern coast of Karpathos, where ships either were waiting for favourable weather or probably, fixing some problems. Towage resumed early in the morning Jan 25, in northern direction, destination probably Piraeus. ORMI is loaded with cargo of soybeans.
Bulk carrier grounding, Rosario
Jan 25, 2020 at 04:56.

Bulk carrier STAR ATHENA ran aground off the berth after unmooring or during unmooring, at around 0830 UTC Jan 24, at Rosario port, Parana river, Argentina, being loaded with soybeans. The ship was refloated at around 2300 UTC same day, moved across river to opposite bank and anchored. As of 0430 UTC Jan 25, she remained at anchor. Ship’s next port of call is Bahia Blanca Argentina, to complete loading.
Shipping and coronavirus: monitor
Jan 26, 2020 at 07:51.

Jan 26: So far, there are no reported or otherwise known, cases of coronavirus-infected seamen and/or any other virus-related incidents, like delays, quarantine, etc., occurring to merchant ships worldwide. Few known coronavirus-related cases are restricted to cruise and ferry shipping.
Singapore: On Jan 25 cruise ship GENTING DREAM (IMO 9733105) departure from Singapore was delayed, tourists at Marina Bay Cruise Centre had to wait in queues for several hours. Official statements denied any connection to coronavirus, but some passengers reported, that cruise line and Cruise Center personnel accidentally, spilled out the real reason behind delay – two tourists from China were found to be unwell, having symptoms of fever and pneumonia, both were taken to hospital (tourists spotted ambulance), the ship’s interior had to be disinfected and cleansed prior to tourists embarkation. GENTING DREAM left Singapore late at night Jan 25, bound for Port Klang, Malaysia.
Macau: At least one coronavirus-infected person arrived at Macau by ferry from Hong Kong, a woman from Wuhan.
Cargo ship with cargo of grain aground, Azov, Russia
Jan 26, 2020 at 12:55.

General cargo ship ZERNOGRAD laden with grain ran aground in Azov area near Petrovskiy village, Don river, Azov sea, Russia, while en route from Rostov-on-Don to Trabzon Turkey, at 0950 Moscow time Jan 26. As of 1530 Moscow time Jan 26, the ship was still aground with no tugs in sight (though reportedly, 4 tugs were sent), probably waiting for high water.
Some 5,000 cruise passengers and 1,200 crew screened for coronavirus, 148 isolated
Jan 26, 2020 at 14:15.

Cruise ship COSTA VENEZIA returned to Shenzhen port, southeastern China near Hong Kong, in the morning Jan 26, after a 6-day cruise to Vietnam. On arrival, cruise ship was boarded by medical team, all 4973 passengers and 12 49 crew were checked by medics for symptoms of fever and pneumonia, 4 were found to have high temperature. 148 passengers who’re residents of Wuhan or visited Wuhan recently, were isolated for a stricter screening. Passengers and crew spent all day on board, they’ve been granted permission to disembark in the evening Jan 26. Next scheduled cruise is cancelled, 5155 tourists will be refunded, including air tickets costs.
Laden LPG tanker aground, Houston
Jan 26, 2020 at 17:48.

Witness alert: LPG CLIPPER EIRENE ran aground leaving Houston and being fully laden, at around 1330 UTC Jan 26. Said to stray off fairway. As of 1730 UTC, probably refloated, with 3 tugs at her side and at least 2 nearby.
Tugs collision, 3 missing, sulfuric acid vapor release, Mississippi
Jan 26, 2020 at 19:57.

Tug COOPERATIVE SPIRIT at around 0530 LT Jan 26 collided with tug CREPPEL, which was pushing 2 barges laden with sulfuric acid, near 123 mile mark, Luling, Mississippi river. Tug CREPPEL sank after collision, 1 crew rescued and 3 went missing. Tug COOPERATIVE SPIRIT was badly damaged, one of barges with sulfuric acid was also damaged, releasing an unknown amount of acid vapor into the air. A number of responsible agencies are responding to accident consequences.
Shipping and coronavirus monitor: Hainan; Indonesia; Brazil
Jan 27, 2020 at 09:17.

Hainan Island, China
Hainan Maritime Bureau implemented strict screening procedures for all ferries arriving at Hainan Island ports. 25 ro-pax ferries in the evening Jan 26 were held in quarantine areas for a thorough medical check of passengers and crews. Tourist boats sailing are banned, no exceptions.

Authorities of Central Kalimantan Province, southern Kalimantan, Indonesia, implemented a medical screening in quarantine zone for all ships, especially those arriving from China. Designated quarantine zone is 2 nm offshore, understood it concerns mostly or exclusively, ships, bound for Kumai port, Kapitan river.

Santos Port Authorities, Brazil, on Jan 26 were alerted by rumors about possible coronavirus infection on board of bulk carrier KM SINGAPORE (IMO 9479321, dwt 80559), triggered off by ship’s crew wearing masks and gloves. Medical check didn’t find any trace of any disease, let alone coronavirus. Crew wear masks and gloves due to harmful character of working conditions.
Paranagua Port Authorities Brazil were also alerted on Jan 26, also by rumors on possible coronavirus infection on board of bulk carrier GREAT PRAISE (IMO 9324655, dwt 52424), berthed at Paranagua since Jan 22. Medical check was carried out, crew came out clean.

Incidents in Brazil may be considered as forewarnings on possibility of hyped rumors and fears. Probably, Captains and crews should be more careful and considerate in their everyday activities while in ports, with the understanding, that absolutely normal actions under normal circumstances may be found as suspicious in times of general public’s pandemic fears. The outcome may be very negative, from unnecessary medical checks to delays.
CMA CGM container ship sailing from China 6 crew with fever UPDATE
Jan 27, 2020 at 16:00.

Jan 29: CMA CGM updated Maritime Bulletin on CMA CGM URAL situation – crew said to be healthy, so hopefully, it’s a story with good end, and case is closed:

We are in constant contact with the CMA CGM URAL. All the necessary measures to ensure appropriate medical follow-up have been taken.
The International Radio Medical Center (CIRM Roma) confirmed yesterday that the entire crew is in good health.
Responsable des relations presse Groupe
Group Head of Media Relations
6 Sri Lankan seamen confirmed ill, suffering fever and high temperature, on board of container ship CMA CGM URAL, which is presently steaming in Gulf of Aden, en route from China to Suez and then Mediterranean / Black sea ports, via Singapore. Ship called Chinese ports as follows: Shenzhen Jan 15; Xiamen Jan 14; Ningbo-Zhoushan Jan 11; YANGSHAN Jan 8-9.
Merchant Shipping Association of Sri Lanka was alerted on a mass crew illness in the morning Jan 27. It is not known of course, at present, if seamen are infected with coronavirus, or it’s something else. ETA Suez Jan 30, exact type of disease can be identified only in port with respective medical facilities, though of course, if situation deteriorates and condition of ill seamen will significantly worsen, they’ll have to be medevaced, there are more than enough means, ports and medical facilities in Red sea region.
Shipping and coronavirus monitor: Hubei and Jiangsu; Thai Navy; global trends
Jan 28, 2020 at 08:54.

In Chinese ports in Jiangsu and Hubei provinces, meanwhile, Maritime Authorities implemented stricter ships/crews-related rules, to prevent coronavirus infection. Crews of ships calling these ports are banned from going ashore unless it’s an emergency, all supplies are to be ordered via ship’s agent company, and delivered under supervision of port authorities.
Thailand Navy called off 20 sailors, part of the crew of a Thai submarine presently under construction at CSIC shipyard in Wuhan. Crews of new submarines still under construction are getting acquainted with submarine, and undergo training, it’s a worldwide Navy practice. All 20 sailors returned to Thailand on Jan 26, all are reported to be healthy.
Medical screening and quarantine of cargo ships arriving from China is becoming pandemic, spreading like wildfire worldwide, so there’s no meaning in listing countries and ports which implemented strict protective measures. Ship’s agents no doubt, are duly advising Masters and managers on all changes in ports regulations.
As for restriction in Chinese ports, cautious and sensible Masters and crews, I believe, already avoid shore leaves while docked in Chinese ports, to be on the safe side.
Ferry line between China and Japan suspended, first time in 35 years
Jan 28, 2020 at 16:13
Japan suspended ferry line between Japan and China, which was connecting Kobe, Osaka and Shanghai since 1985, without interruptions. Line is suspended until further notice, that is, until coronavirus epidemic will be subdued. With the things standing as they’re now, continuation of the service is considered to be too risky for public health.
Crew screening in Bangkok Port
Jan 28, 2020 at 17:31.

Bangkok Public Health and Maritime Authorities launched medical check of all cargo ships arriving to Bangkok from China. Prior to Jan 28, 5 ships were checked, according to officials. No coronavirus symptoms were found, all checked seamen were declared healthy and safe. Masters are to notify Thailand authorities on ship’s arrival no later than 24 hours before arrival, understood via agent. Medical check of cargo ship berthed at Bangkok Khlong Toei Port, carried out on Jan 28 by medical team, was widely reported in local media.
Tanker collided with fishing vessel, Martha’s Vineyard
Jan 29, 2020 at 05:38.

Product tanker IVER PROSPERITY collided with fishing vessel EDNA MAY some 25 nm S of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA, at night Jan 27, while en route to Providence Port, USA. Tanker was anchored E of Martha’s Vineyard and as of morning Jan 29, remains at anchor. Fishing vessel suffered minor damages, tanker sustained none, and though reportedly, two small holes were found, their origin isn’t clear. All in all, it was more a brush, than collision, or else fishing vessel wouldn’t go off so lightly.
Tanker contacted breakwater, Ulsan, Korea
Jan 29, 2020 at 05:40.

Product tanker BON CHALLENGER contacted breakwater while leaving Ulsan, Korea, Japan sea, in the morning Jan 27. The ship, bound for Busan, was in ballast after offloading cargo of palm oil, and couldn’t hold on against strong wind. Tanker was brought to anchor after accident. No reports on tanker damages, but as of morning Jan 29, tanker was still at Ulsan.
Cocaine, GRIMALDI’s ro-ro, Dakar – routine scheme
Jan 29, 2020 at 06:41.

Cocaine again, and again it’s GRIMALDI’s ro-ro cargo ship GRANDE NIGERIA, and again it’s Dakar Senegal. 120 kilograms of cocaine packed in 4 bags were found in ship’s ventilation system on Jan 28, ship’s crew are presently interrogated. Customs were tipped off on drugs contraband by an informant. The ship arrived at Dakar of Jan 24 from Brazil, and as of morning Jan 29, was still at Dakar.
GRANDE NIGERIA was involved in two cases of drug trafficking, latest was also in Dakar in June 2019, another one was in Santos Brazil in 2018:
Tour boat collision filmed by passenger, Argentina
Jan 29, 2020 at 07:28.

Tour boat ANAMORA in the afternoon Jan 28 collided with berthed fishing vessel while leaving resort city Mar del Plata, Argentina, with dozens of tourists on board. Collision was video captured by one of the passengers. Several said to sustained slight injures. No data found on ANAMORA in ships databases.
South Korea ramping up virus defense in sea ports
Jan 29, 2020 at 16:32.

South Korea is strengthening coronavirus preventive measures in its’ ports, and as of Jan 28, all cargo ships arriving from China are subject to quarantine and strict medical check. It sums up to some 40-70 ships weekly, including container ships. Prior to Jan 28, such measures were applied only to ships arriving from ports of Guangdong, Yunnan, Jiangsu and Hunan Provinces.
China – Korea Incheon-based ferry lines suspend passenger transportation, starting Jan 29, on 3 out of 10 routes, but the ships will still be ferrying cargoes, including containers.
Tanker on fire, Persian Gulf, UPDATE Jan 31: 2 died, 3 missing, 8 injured
Jan 29, 2020 at 19:01.

UPDATE Jan 31: According to Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there were 12 crew and 44 technical staff on board, at the time of an accident. 2 died, 3 went missing, 8 were injured. Understood there was an explosion prior to fire, all landmarks of typical explosion/fire accident on board of tanker in ballast. According to Gulf News, tanker is presently under the name of SAM, Palau-flagged, preparing for final voyage to India’s scrap yard, for dismantling.
UPDATE Jan 30: According to information from different sources, there were 16 people on board, all safely evacuated. Maintenance works mentioned as cause of fire, so assumedly, there were some hot works on cargo deck, or in cargo tank, which sparked off fire and highly likely, explosion. Tanker is in a lay-up for at least two years. Ships in lay-up are prone to all kinds of accidents, including fire, leaks, developing list, etc.
Tanker was reported on fire off Sharjah, UAE, in the afternoon Jan 29. Reports went with video footage and photos, but all being taken too far from the ship. It’s obviously a tanker, a big tanker with that, anchored and in ballast. Later unconfirmed information identified tanker in question as VLCC ZOYA 1, operated by UAE company. Tanker in ballast is anchored off Sharjah since at least year 2018, due to financial and legal disputes, including unpaid crew wages. It is highly likely, that the ship has on board some watchmen at best, not regular crew. Or maybe tanker is unmanned. Obviously, gas in empty tank or tanks somehow inflamed, maybe igniting residues in tanks bottom part.
MAERSK container ship breakdown in Gibraltar Strait, towage
Jan 30, 2020 at 05:33.

Container ship MAERSK BATUR suffered engine failure shortly after leaving Algeciras, in the afternoon Jan 29, being en route from Algeciras to Newark USA. At the time of breakdown the ship was sailing in Gibraltar Strait, she started to drift. Master informed authorities, tug was contracted to tow the ship back to Algeciras, reportedly to be docked in Campameno, for repairs. As of 0530 UTC Jan 30, towage was still under way in the Strait, escorted by Spain SAR ship SAR MASTELERO, ETA Algeciras Jan 30.
Chinese pair isolated in infirmary, 6,000 people locked in COSTA cruise ship, Italy
Jan 30, 2020 at 10:50.

Chinese family pair, husband and wife, are reportedly isolated in hospital on board of Costa Cruises cruise ship at Civitavecchia, Italy, on Jan 30. Both are suffering from fever and respiratory complications, both are presently undergoing medical checks, coronavirus suspected to be the case. Some 6,000 people on board are banned from disembarking, understood both passengers and crew. The ship wasn’t identified by Italian sources, but there’s only one Costa Cruises ship at Civitavecchia at present, it’s a brand new cruise ship COSTA ESMERALDA, completing her 6-day cruise around Med. She arrived from Mallorca. Understood the pair arrived in Italy on Jan 25 and joined cruise at Savona, second port of call. 6-day cruise starts and ends at Civitavecchia.
Medics refusing to board ships arriving from China?
Jan 30, 2020 at 11:30.

Strange news, or rumors, from Greece – mega container ship YM WARRANTY can’t enter Piraeus port on arrival from China, via Singapore and Suez, because medical facilities can’t provide proper and reliable medical check of ship’s crew. It is said, that port’s medics refused to board the ship, to carry out crew health screening. With that said, there were no alerts from ship’s Master, that there’s anyone ill on board, or having virus-like symptoms. What’s going on, yet unclear.
Hapless offshore giant ship PETROBRAS-70 troubled again, aground in Rio de Janeiro
Jan 31, 2020 at 06:59.

Brand new offshore processing ship PETROBRAS 70 ran aground in Niteroi area, Rio de Janeiro, at night Jan 30, when she broke off anchors in Guanabara Bay during anchorage operation. PETROBRAS 70 has been offloaded from heavy lift ship BOKA VANGUARD, on arrival from China, and was to be temporarily anchored in Guanabara Bay. The giant ship ran aground near seaside boulevard, scaring drivers. She was refloated in rather short time and taken to anchorage in Niteroi area. Strong wind and heavy rain battered Rio de Janeiro last night. According to officials, the ship couldn’t cope with gale-force wind, went out of control and slowly moved aground.
PETROBRAS 70 is to be deployed in Santos Basin oil fields, joining the fleet of four other offshore processing ships. Bad start for PETROBRAS 70 – there was a serious accident on board of the ship early Jan this year, while she was transported from China, when 5 Brazilian workers were taken to hospital, and 1 died.
Freighter pushed aground by storm, eastern Mediterranean
Jan 31, 2020 at 07:36.

General cargo ship MUSTAFA KEMAL 1 dragged anchor and drifted ashore at Hatay waterfront, Hatay province, southeast Turkey N of Iskenderun, Med, understood on Jan 30. Strong storm in the area was the cause of accident. Salvage is reportedly, already under way.
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Maritime News from around the world 01-02-20 / 29-02-20 (3)

Two mobile cranes fell from JUMBO heavy lift ship in Rostock
Fév 01, 2020 at 11:16.

Two mobile cranes fell into water in process of loading them onto heavy lift ship JUMBO VISION at Rostock Port, Germany, in the evening Jan 31. the ship reportedly sustained damages. Two persons engaged in loading operation were slightly injured.
JUMBO VISION was loading cranes at cranes producer Liebherr berth. Cranes were already loaded and placed on deck, when suddenly, ship’s crane boom moved and contacted one of mobile cranes. Crane fell overboard, the ship listed, list forced second crane to move and fall overboard.
AIDA cruise ship with 3000 passengers rejected port call, drifting, Caribbean
Fév 02, 2020 at 04:15.

Cruise ship AIDAPERLA with more than 3000 passengers on board was prohibited from entry Castries, St. Lucia, Caribbean, on Feb 1, on arrival from St Vincent and the Grenadines, as per cruise itinerary. The ship reported several persons on board having respiratory problems, and the Department of Health found number of sick people to be unusually high, to grant free practice. There’s no mentioning of coronavirus and understood, there’s no suspicion of coronavirus infection, or any data to validate virus fears, but still…
The ship approached Castries at around 0530 LT Feb 1(UTC -4), reduced speed, sailed in northern direction, turned back and approached Castries again at around 1400 LT, and again, moved away, drifting or moving at slow speed. As of 0300 UTC Feb 2 (Feb 1 2300 LT), the ship was moving north at slow speed, probably waiting out, to fit into broken itinerary. Next port of call is Roseau, Dominica, ETA Feb 2.
Pilot ladder snapped, pilot near fall, MAERSK container ship
Fév 02, 2020 at 06:17.

Pilot boarding container ship MAERSK LETICIA at Itajai, Brazil, on Jan 31, had a harrowing moment, when one of two of securing ropes broke up, while he was still climbing ladder, preparing to step onto accommodation ladder. He managed to keep the balance, and safely completed boarding. Second pilot aborted boarding.
On Dec 30 2019 pilot fell into water and died while boarding MAERSK KENSINGTON in New York.
Pilot’s foot crushed, but he managed to climb up
Fév 02, 2020 at 07:40.

Pilot was boarding cargo ship on approaches to Hualien port, eastern coast of Taiwan, in a fresh weather. He already was on ladder, but still too low, when a wave pushed pilot boat into ship, pilot’s right leg was caught between boat and ship’s hull, crushing the feet. Luckily, pilot wasn’t knocked out by hit and by pain, and managed to climb up the ladder, jumping on steps with left leg. Footage is quite recent, ship’s details remained unknown, but in this case, it’s irrelevant. Video illustrates dangers of boarding the ship even when all necessary measures are taken. Sea is sea and weather is weather, and there are many things and risks man can’t foresee, and guarantee absolute safety.
German container ship troubled in Kiel Canal CORRECTION
fév. 2, 2020 at 18:50

Feb 4 CORRECTION: Manager company sent to MB its’ official Statement detailing container ship CERES accident, which took place during Kiel Canal transit:
The container vessel CERES did not suffer from a sudden engine failure when transiting the Kiel Canal earlier this week. Following high temperatures of the shaft generator the ship made a controlled stop under full supervision of the master and pilots and did not run into the embankment. CERES was kept in its waiting position during repairs by use of the bow thruster and proceeded its voyage after completion.
Container ship CERES suffered engine failure while transiting Kiel Canal in the afternoon Feb 2, and ran onto embankment. Was refloated in about an hour and a half by tug, resumed transit, seemingly under own power, but escorted and assisted by tug. According to track, the ship is experiencing steering problem. As of 1830 UTC Feb 2, was approaching Kiel. She’s en route from Hamburg to Kaliningrad Russia, Baltic sea.
Concrete boards collapsed in cargo ship hold, two dockers trapped beneath, Japan
Fév 03, 2020 at 07:03.

Concrete boards stacks collapsed in cargo hold of general cargo ship TENSHO MARU NO.1, berthed at Yatomi, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, during cargo operation at around 0830 Tokyo time Feb 3. Two prot workers were trapped beneath collapsed boards, the ship developed starboard side list. Fire and emergency teams are deployed in salvage operation, understood both workers are alive, waiting to be released.
General cargo ship TENSHO MARU NO.1, IMO 9105437, dwt 1600, built 1995, flag Japan, manager EBISU KAIUN Y.
Tug with barges still aground, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, Louisiana
Fév 04, 2020 at 05:09.

Tug MISS ODESSA with 6 hopper barges loaded with rocks, ran aground at around 2200 LT Feb 2 on Atchafalaya River near Berwick, Louisiana, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. One of the barges broke in two during refloating attempts, the rest of barges and tug didn’t suffer damages. As of 0430 UTC Feb 4, tug and barges were still aground, refloating operation being under way. Tug traffic in the area reportedly suspended, a number of tugs can be seen upstream and downstream from grounding site.
Ships keep being hit by virus fears
Fév 04, 2020 at 09:15.

Vietnamese authorities had to come up with official statement rebutting news on cruise ship WORLD DREAM (IMO 9733117, Dream Cruises) visiting Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh Province, Gulf of Tonkin, with 3 passengers diagnosed later with coronavirus.
Three passengers that took the same cruise from China to Vietnam in January have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, with a further two suspected of being infected, the South China Morning Post has learned.
The fact is, WORLD DREAM didn’t call Ha Long Bay on that specific 5-day cruise during Jan 19 - Jan 25 period, but the news raised concerns and fears to such an extent, that the authorities had to react and put the record straight.
In Japan meanwhile, cruise ship DIAMOND PRINCESS (IMO 9228198, Princess Cruise), with some 3,700 people on board, is placed under quarantine off Yokohama, because the Hong Kong man boarded the DIAMOND PRINCESS in Yokohama on Jan 20, got off at Hong Kong on Jan 25, and was found infected on Feb 1, in hospital in Hong Kong. Passengers and crew members are barred from leaving the ship until completing medical screening and ship’s interiors disinfection. The ship will likely be allowed to dock at the port in the evening Feb 4, or later, but as of 1730 Tokyo time Feb 4, she was still at anchor, in front of Yokohama. “Some guests onboard the ship are believed to be complaining of sickness” – but it’s impossible not to have several people, among 3,700, complaining of this or that queasiness. Indeed, with modern diagnostic technologies, number of absolutely healthy people is shrinking to zero.
Too much panic around, too many rumors, fears, false news and haste actions.
Bulk carrier anchored off Belgium for 2 weeks, fearing cargo explosion
Fév 04, 2020 at 13:30.

Bulk carrier LIFE PASSION is kept at anchorage off Oostende, Belgium, North sea, since her arrival from Novorossiysk Russia, on Jan 20. The ship is loaded with iron ore, and there’s a risk of mass explosion due to ore self-heating and hydrogen emission. There already was an explosion while the ship was under way in French waters, though reportedly, comparatively minor, one crew was injured and medevaced by helicopter. Emergency team is already on board, evaluating situation. Understood situation is to be taken under control, eliminating explosion threat, by filling holds with inert gas. The ship is bound for Ghent.
Tanker from Japan under quarantine with 7 crew having corona-like symptoms
Fév 05, 2020 at 06:10.

Chemical tanker AWASAN PIONEER with cargo of caustic soda has interrupted her voyage to Kendawangan, Ketapang Regency, southwest Kalimantan. The ship was ordered to stop at Pontianak anchorage, western Kalimantan. She was anchored off Pontianak on Feb 2, and remains at anchor, being put under quarantine. 7 out of 22 crew were reported to have coronavirus-like symptoms: fever, weakness, cough and sore throat. Tanker arrived from Shunan port, Japan.
Coronavirus impact on regional shipping
Fév 05, 2020 at 08:29.

Thailand economy is already suffering consequences of corona outbreak in China, and tourism sector isn’t the only one to be hit. Thai exports to China, especially exports of perishable agricultural goods, came to a standstill, and Thai National Shippers’ Council doesn’t expect improvements until Feb 10, with export goods being piled up in ports. Export of manufactured goods is also on the decline.
“Chinese importers have suspended bringing in perishable products and this may continue as long as China is unclear about when the coronavirus situation will end,” said Thai National Shippers’ Council vice chairman Visit Limluecha.
Decline in Chinese import to Thailand is forcing Thai companies to look for replacement sources elsewhere.
When coronavirus outbreak will be put under control and China resumes trade as normal, there will be, inevitably, long ships queues in major Thailand ports, because of many goods already piled in ports, and more goods still outside ports, waiting to be shipped.
Japan shipping industry is encountering similar problems, mostly problems with Chinese industrial goods to be transported to Japan. Some companies already changed logistics schemes, trying to avoid congested Chinese ports. The least hit sector according to Japanese shipowners, is bulk sector. Raw materials are handled in Chinese ports without any perceptible interruptions or delays.
Crewing in region is also under stress, with many owners and crewing companies refusing to hire Chinese seamen, or to renew expiring contracts.
Cruise ship WORLD DREAM with some 3600 people under quarantine in Hong Kong
Fév 05, 2020 at 12:12.

Cruise ship WORLD DREAM is placed under quarantine in Hong Kong port, on arrival from Kaohsiung Taiwan in the morning Feb 5, with some 1800 passengers and 1800 crew on board. Three coronavirus-infected passengers were on board of WORLD DREAM during her 4-day Vietnam cruise during Jan 19-25, but infected persons were diagnosed with virus later, in Hong Kong. The company found out about infection on Feb 3, the ship was already under way on another cruise, with Kaohsiung being her first port of call. Cabins of infected persons were immediately sealed, Taiwanese authorities banned passengers and crew from disembarking on ship’s arrival, on Feb 4. The ship left Kaohsiung same day and sailed back to Hong Kong, berthing there in the morning Feb 5. All people on board are under quarantine, prohibited to leave the ship. More than 30 crew reported being sick, with cough and sore throat, 3 of them having fever. Those 3 with coronavirus symptoms were already hospitalized.
Some 90% of passengers are Hong Kong residents, the rest are from other countries, except China – there are no mainland Chinese persons on board. Understood cruise was cancelled.
General cargo ship sank in Indonesian waters, crew rescued
Fév 05, 2020 at 14:14.

General cargo ship GRAHA ANGKASA 1 issued distress signal in the evening Feb 3, reporting flooded engine room, sinking, and requested assistance. The ship was sinking in waters of Serei, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. SAR boats from Serei Fleet Base were deployed, all 12 crew were rescued in challenging weather conditions. The ship was loaded with some 3000 tons of unidentified cargo, bound for Morowali, Central Sulawesi.
Aframax tanker crew requested repatriation from Shanghai, turned down
Fév 05, 2020 at 14:52.

18 crew of Aframax tanker STI ROSE requested replacement and repatriation from Shanghai, where tanker is presently docked, pending 2-month repairs at ship repair yard. 21 crew include 10 Russian, 10 Filipino and 1 Greek nationalities. Russian seamen also contacted Russian General Consular in Shanghai, with the same request. Shanghai isn’t listed in red-hot zones stricken by coronavirus epidemics, and according to Consular and ship’s Greek management, there’s no clear and present danger of infection, but sailors want to be on the safe side and insist on repatriation. The crew didn’t get enough supplies of face masks, they have been provided with only 100 masks, while each such mask should be replaced with new one each 2 hours, so the crew isn’t protected by masks for quite some time already. Russian authorities, therefore, rejected seamen in repatriation. They turned to ITF, but with the same result.
Presently, crew is banned from shore leaves, for whatever purposes, except maybe, repairs-related.
Disruption of supply chains vs. virus outbreak: what’s more dangerous?
Fév 06, 2020 at 07:21.

Philippines Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) has lifted 14-day quarantine period of all cargo ships coming from China, Macau and Hong Kong SAR, which was implemented by BOQ several days earlier. The BoQ lifted the ban after Philippines Ports Authorities (PPA) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) made an appeal, citing serious disruption in the supply chain.
Planned 14-day quarantine of all cargo ships arriving from China, Macau and Hong Kong, has become known on Feb 5, leaving all concerned, from ship owners to shippers, from logistic companies to retailers and supermarkets, in a state of shock and frustration. Such a ban should inevitably throw the nation’s economy into an abyss of economy crisis, of lifelines total disruption, and finally, chaos.
Here’s the thing – a red line between epidemic preventive policy and sustaining supply chains, a balance which has to be finely tuned, not hacked with an ax. Crossing the red line with unnecessary stringent quarantine may lead to much more negative, disruptive results, if such quarantine destroys or disrupts lifelines of the whole nation.
Stringent quarantine is the last line of defence, to be implemented only if virus mortality rate is an existential threat, no less. In our modern world with most of population living in urban areas, disruption of supply chains is more dangerous, than most of known virus epidemics, coronavirus so far, being no exception.
Italian tanker RINELLA M grounding, Adriatic sea. UPDATE
Fév 06, 2020 at 14:36.

Feb 6: Product tanker RINELLA M ran aground in Split, Croatia, at around 0200 UTC Feb 6, in Split harbor, Croatia. Tanker arrived at Split on Feb 4 from Novorossiysk. As of 0600 UTC, position didn’t change, no tugs in sight.
Feb 6 UPDATE: According to local sources, tanker was torn off moorings by strong wind which battered area throughout all night, drifted, and grounded in harbor waters. Tanker already completed offloading and is aground. Refloating delayed until weather improves, divers are to survey tanker’s hull prior to refloating. All 22 crew remain on board, they’re safe.
One more cruise ship with some 2,500 people may be next virus prisoner
Fév 07, 2020 at 06:36.

Cruise ship SUPERSTAR AQUARIUS may be the next coronavirus quarantine prisoner, adding up to a fleet of two cruise ships presently locked in Hong Kong and in Japan. The ship is to arrive at Keelung Taiwan on Feb 7. Taiwan already banned all international cruise ships from visiting Taiwan ports, but this one, SUPERSTAR AQUARIUS, is an exception, because 1709 passengers on board are Taiwanese. The ship left Keelung on Feb 4, arriving at Naha Japan on Feb 5. As of morning Feb 7, SUPERSTAR AQUARIUS already left Naha and is steaming towards Keelung. All passengers and crew will undergo virus test and health screening on arrival, and if all show negative test, they’ll be cleared for disembarking. If not, the ship be immediately put under 14-day quarantine.
Lebanese car carrier seized in Italy, suspect in arms trafficking
Fév 07, 2020 at 08:09.

Lebanese car carrier BANA is in detention in Genoa, Italy, since Feb 2, suspect in arms trafficking from Turkey to Libya. The ship came into light earlier, she was spotted by French Navy in Libyan waters, escorted by Turkish Navy frigates. Libyan National Army Command issued a statement, accusing the ship in illegal transportation of arms, including tanks and armored cars, from Turkey to Libya. Ship’s voyages records were tampered with, Italian authorities believe there at least three trips from Turkey to Libya. All ship’s documentations, including logs and electronic logs, are seized, to be scrutinized. Reportedly, there was a whistleblower among crew, who tipped off Italian authorities.
Italian ferry hit rock, sustained 8-meter underwater gash
Fév 07, 2020 at 14:27.

MOBY’s ferry GIRAGLIA, connecting Gallura Sardinia, and Bonifacio Corsica, Italy, struck underwater rock while leaving Gallura on Feb 6, and sustained underwater 8-meter long gash with ensuing water ingress. The ship had passengers and vehicles on board, but luckily, situation remained under control. GIRAGLIA was anchored at Gallura entrance, and as of 1400 UTC Feb 7, remained at anchor. Understood passengers were taken to port.
German freighter disabled in Saronic Gulf
Fév 07, 2020 at 16:05.

General cargo ship BBC URSA was disabled by a mechanical failure in the afternoon Feb 7 E of Aegina island, Saronic Gulf, S of Piraeus, while en route from Piraeus to Port Marghera, Italy. Tug KARAPIPERIS 18, IMO 8810205) was quickly provided BBC URSA was taken on tow at 1350 UTC, to be towed to Piraeus. At 1600 UTC caravan was approaching Piraeus.
Port Hedland outer waters when cyclone strikes
Fév 08, 2020 at 08:35.

Tropical cyclone DAMIEN closed down Port Hedland, Pilbara region of Western Australia, with gale-force wind and heavy rain. All cargo operations suspended, dozens of ships, mostly Panamax and Capesize bulk carriers, are thronged off port in outer anchorage area, some being at anchor, but the majority slowly cruising around, weathering out the cyclone. Port Hedland is one of the largest iron ore loading ports in the world and the largest in Australia.
Tanker grounding, Marmara sea
Fév 08, 2020 at 15:54.

Chemical tanker ASTER ALVAR ballasting from Rotterdam, suffered engine failure and was beached at Cinarcik beach, W of Yalova, southeast Marmara sea, at around 0830 UTC Feb 8. The ship was refloated by three tugs, and taken to Altinova, E of Yalova. As of 1530 UTC, tanker was either berthed or in process of berthing.
German freighter damaged in Lock while leaving Kiel Canal
Fév 08, 2020 at 18:12.

Car carrier MAIN HIGHWAY reportedly contacted Northern Lock wall in Brunsbuettel, while leaving Kiel Canal after southbound transit, in the evening Feb 8. The ship said to sustain hull breach above waterline, was allowed to leave Lock in about an hour and a half after accident, resumed sailing to Cuxhaven, her port of destination.
Tanker with violent migrants on board made emergency call
Fév 09, 2020 at 06:06.

Product tanker HARALD MAERSK on Feb 8 had to interrupt her voyage from Conakry to Amsterdam (via Las Palmas and Algeciras), and make emergency call at Vigo Spain, because of 3 aggressive stowaways on board. They’ve been found reportedly, on Feb 7, and shortly after, their violent behavior disrupted crew activities and demanded immediate enforcement response. Tanker was boarded by Spanish Immigration Police officers, who took situation under control and stayed on board throughout Feb 7-8 night, because tankers can dock at Vigo only during daytime, and therefore, HARALD MAERSK had to spend the night at sea. Tanker berthed at Vigo in the morning Feb 8, and as of 0500 UTC Feb 9, was still berthed, investigation under way.
Vigo Police have some doubts about the whole story – Police said, that merchant ships are often ordered by owners to simulate dangerous situation on board after finding stowaways, in order to get rid of them, and all costs and troubles they bring.
Ferry contacted pier in strong wind, damaged, Denmark
Fév 09, 2020 at 18:14.

Ro-ro cargo ferry ARK DANIA at around noon Feb 9 contacted pier while berthing in strong wind at Esbjerg, Denmark, North sea, on arrival from Immingham UK. Ship’s hull was damaged, she’s to remain at port until damage repaired. No other details available.
Ghost Ship WESTERDAM latest: is to dock in Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Fév 10, 2020 at 04:46.

Feb 12 UPDATE 1: According to HAL statement, cruise company reached an agreement with Cambodia Government, WESTERDAM was granted entry to Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Gulf of Siam, and permission for all passengers to disembark. All passengers are expected to go to Phnom Penh, and fly to their homes, all travel costs including air tickets to be covered by HAL. Expected Time of Arrival at Sihanoukville is around 0000 UTC Feb 13.
Feb 12 UPDATE: As of 0400 UTC Feb 12, WESTERDAM was well into Gulf of Siam and Thailand waters SW of Trat islands (Koh Chang, Koh Kut, etc.) keeping sailing towards Laem Chabang / Bangkok at some 11 knots speed. Reportedly, CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) addressed Thailand authorities in a statement, asking to revise entry ban, and allow the ship to dock. CLIA accentuated presence on board of at least 19 Thai nationals, mostly crew members. Government decision to ban WESTERDAM was criticized by both international and national media.
Some mainstream media already said that the ship has nowhere to go, which of course, isn’t true. Here’s the situation: the ship most probably, is to be anchored somewhere off Laem Chabang. Virus incubation period for WESTERDAM is expiring on Feb 15, and there’s a good chance, that Thailand authorities will allow medics to board the ship and assess situation. There’s no danger of food/water/fuel shortages, Thai Prime Minister already specified, that Thailand is ready and willing to provided all required supplies. Meanwhile, HAL no doubt, will continue talks with all concerned parties, including regional States.
In a worst-case scenario, if the ship is rejected by all regional countries, there are other options left, such as Australia, New Zealand, USA Hawaii or most progressive chunk of the world, California. They’ll have to accept the ship, especially if there won’t be any suspicious cases found after Feb 15.
Feb 11 UPDATE1: Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha in an official statement made at Government House at 1318 LT Feb 11, confirmed ban on WESTERDAM entry to Thailand, saying that though Thailand is sympathetic with people on board, but Thai nation safety comes first. Thailand is ready to provide ship with all necessary supplies, including food and fresh water. Ministry of Transport meanwhile, hinted there were some news on sick people on board of WESTERDAM, though it seems to be highly unlikely.
Incubation period of virus for WESTERDAM expires on Feb 15, so if there are no suspicious cases by this date, it means actually, that all people on board are virus negative. Understood countries in the region don’t want to allow the ship to dock, fearing it will develop into something like cruise ship DIAMOND PRINCESS nightmare still unfolding in Japan, but still, this is no excuse to turn innocent people into pariahs, locked on board of modern Flying Dutchman.
Feb 11 UPDATE: Thailand will not allow WESTERDAM to disembark passengers at the Laem Chabang port, Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said on Feb 11. Mr Anutin posted a short Facebook message saying he has directed authorities not to allow the WESTERDAM ship to dock in Thailand. The message was posted after the operator of the vessel announced on Feb 10 the ship will disembark passengers at port in Chon Buri on Feb 11, Kyodo News reported.
Feb 10: Hapless cruise ship WESTERDAM with 1257 people on board has become a Flying Dutchman, a ship from techno thriller movie – she’s rejected entry by country after country, port after port, and her present port of destination is unclear. The ship is (was) on a 14-day Taiwan & Japan cruise, she departed Hong Kong on February 1, with 1455 passengers and 802 crew on board. WESTERDAM was scheduled to call Japanese Ishigaki Island, Naha, Okinawa, Nagasaki and Fukuoka (Hakata), and complete her cruise in Yokohama on February 15.
That cruise had been canceled shortly after it started, after the Japan banned WESTERDAM from visiting any port in the country. The ship headed for Manila, but she was banned while approaching Manila. There are no ill persons on board, no symptoms of any disease, but Philippines temporarily ban travellers from China, Hong Kong and Macau from disembarking in the country. After some time spent on high seas, on Feb 4 she arrived at Kaohsiung Taiwan, to be expelled from Kaohsiung next day, for the same reason of coming from Hong Kong, based on the same fears.
Holland America, apparently, did her best to save the cruise, and sent the ship to Guam, but also was denied entry by Guam governor, notwithstanding the request from US State Department to grant entry.
As of morning Feb 10, WESTERDAM is steaming in South China sea in southwest direction, port of destination not identified. It may be Vietnam, it may be Thailand, it may be Singapore. The problem is, the ship has to dock somewhere sometime soon, she can’t sail oceans forever, like a Ghost Ship from legends.
Crashed H beam killed port worker in cargo hold, Korea
Fév 10, 2020 at 07:27.

Port worker was killed by H beam, which fell in cargo hold of reportedly, Chinese general cargo ship DA GUI, on Feb 8 during wielding works. The ship docked at Yulchon Terminal, Gwangyang, Yeosu, Korea, on Feb 7, on arrival from China. Understood some repair works were under way, not known by whom, by crew or by some local company workers.
Tragedy in Phuket Royal Marina waters, 2 children died
Fév 10, 2020 at 08:10.

Two tourist speed boats collided in channel in Phuket Royal Marina waters in the morning Feb 10, claiming lives of two Russian children, 12-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl. According to The Phuket News, boat “Payan 5”, operated by Seastar company, was en route from Laem Nga in Rassada to pick tourists up at Royal Phuket Marina, and was struck by another boat, the “ALP” operated by LP company, with 39 people on board, mainly or all of them being Russian tourists. 22 people were injured, sent to hospitals in Phuket, with various injures, some of them have been already released after treatment.
Companies running tourist boats throughout Thailand found themselves in near-desperate situation after Chinese tourism collapse, because of coronavirus. Rows of idled tour boats are lined up in all sea resorts of the country, and one should expect tour boats operators and crews to be more considerate and professional in these hard times, not the other way around.
Two Russian tankers detained by Maritime Police, South Korea
Fév 10, 2020 at 08:46.

Two Russian tankers on Feb 9 were detained by Korean Maritime Police off Gunsan, South Korea, Yellow sea, for illegal STS operation in Korean exclusive economic zone. Tankers were engaged in oil ship-to-ship transfer, being some 15 nm W of Gunsan, without requested formalities and authorization, in order to avoid extra paper work and costs. Companies operating tankers may face hefty fine.
Suezmax oil tanker in load still aground at Port Said entrance UPDATE refloated
Fév 10, 2020 at 09:27.

Suezmax crude oil tanker ASTRO PERSEUS reported aground since 0800 UTC Feb 9 at Port Said entrance, looking like she strayed off fairway prior to grounding, probably because of some steering/engine failure. Several tugs were trying to refloat laden tanker during the day Feb 9, but all attempts failed, salvage suspended at night until daytime Feb 10.
Tanker is en route from Ust-Luga Russia to China, i.e. she’s loaded with crude oil.
Feb 10 0915 UTC UPDATE: Tanker still aground, with at least 4 tugs deployed in refloating.
Feb 10 1540 UTC UPDATE: Was refloated at around 1430 UTC, as of 1540 UTC slowly moving to deeper waters, either by moved tugs or under own power escorted by tugs. No doubt she’s to be anchored and surveyed, most probably by divers.
Maersk container ship anchored off Haiphong with suspect virus case, cleared
Fév 11, 2020 at 07:07.

An Indian seaman on board of container ship MAERSK ATLANTIC was reported to suffer fever, sore throat. The ship was ordered to anchor on Haiphong outer anchorage, Vietnam, on Feb 7, on arrival from China, where she called 4 ports in Feb 2-6 period, including ports of Yantian, Shantou, Xiamen, Hong Kong. Understood sailor virus test was negative, because the ship was cleared to proceed to Haiphong in the morning Feb 11, she has been berthed by 1000 LT Feb 11.
COSCO cargo ship under search, “missile-like” machinery spotted, India
Fév 11, 2020 at 09:38.

COSCO specialized cargo ship DA CUI YUN arrived at Deendayal Port, Kandla, western India, from China, on Feb 3, and remains at port since arrival. Her next port of call is Karachi, Pakistan. According to local reports, Customs and national security bodies are searching the ship since Feb 8, because there are suspicions the ship may carry arms, it was even said, that some missile-like machinery was spotted. As of morning Feb 11, nothing suspicious or illegal has been found, so far.
Dutch container ship lost containers, troubled off Dutch coast
Fév 11, 2020 at 15:42.

Container ship OOCL RAUMA at around 1430 UTC Feb 11 reported to Dutch Coast Guard at least 5 containers lost overboard some 25 nm N of Ameland island, West Frisian Islands, north coast of the Netherlands. The ship is en route from Kotka Finland to Rotterdam, she’s sailing at a reduced speed since around 1200 UTC, against strong wind and rough seas. CG tug GUARDIAN (IMO 9637363) sent to assist, probably container ship is troubled, as of 1530 UTC she was slowly moving west at some 2 knots speed.
LPG tanker distressed in stormy seas, towed to safety, Norway
Fév 12, 2020 at 04:33.

LPG tanker CRYSTAL LAVENDER suffered engine failure west of Farsund, southern Norway, in the morning Feb 11, while en route from Portugal to port in Norway. Tanker started to drift towards Norway coast, tug FFS ATHOS (IMO 9714575) was deployed. Tanker was taken on tow at around 1830 UTC Feb 11, and towed to Lyngdal Norway, she was anchored at around 0300 UTC Feb 12.
WESTERDAM the Flying Dutchman is to dock in Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Fév 12, 2020 at 05:59.

Feb 12 UPDATE 1: According to HAL statement, cruise company reached an agreement with Cambodia Government, WESTERDAM was granted entry to Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Gulf of Siam, and permission for all passengers to disembark. All passengers are expected to go to Phnom Penh, and fly to their homes, all travel costs including air tickets to be covered by HAL. Expected Time of Arrival at Sihanoukville is around 0000 UTC Feb 13.
Feb 12 UPDATE: As of 0400 UTC Feb 12, WESTERDAM was well into Gulf of Siam and Thailand waters SW of Trat islands (Koh Chang, Koh Kut, etc.) keeping sailing towards Laem Chabang / Bangkok at some 11 knots speed. Reportedly, CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) addressed Thailand authorities in a statement, asking to revise entry ban, and allow the ship to dock. CLIA accentuated presence on board of at least 19 Thai nationals, mostly crew members. Government decision to ban WESTERDAM was criticized by both international and national media.
Some mainstream media already said that the ship has nowhere to go, which of course, isn’t true. Here’s the situation: the ship most probably, is to be anchored somewhere off Laem Chabang. Virus incubation period for WESTERDAM is expiring on Feb 15, and there’s a good chance, that Thailand authorities will allow medics to board the ship and assess situation. There’s no danger of food/water/fuel shortages, Thai Prime Minister already specified, that Thailand is ready and willing to provided all required supplies. Meanwhile, HAL no doubt, will continue talks with all concerned parties, including regional States.
In a worst-case scenario, if the ship is rejected by all regional countries, there are other options left, such as Australia, New Zealand, USA Hawaii or most progressive chunk of the world, California. They’ll have to accept the ship, especially if there won’t be any suspicious cases found after Feb 15.
LPG tanker leaking inflammable gas, risk of explosion, China
Fév 13, 2020 at 05:57.

LPG tanker GAS PRODIGY loaded with 2,400 tons of liquid propylene arrived at Fuzhou Chemical Terminal, Fujian Province, China, on Feb 10, from Philippines. During offload preparations leak was found in a flange of a pump of Tank No.1, and a leak of propylene gas. Tanker was taken to outer anchorage, safety zone around the ship was established. Propylene mixture with air is highly inflammable, so there’s risk of fire and explosion. Technical team boarded tanker in the evening Feb 12 to fix the problem, on Feb 13 reportedly, repairs still under way.
Tanker troubled in Banda sea, details unclear
Fév 13, 2020 at 16:41.

Product tanker ANDRIANA XX, anchored since Feb 5 at Masarete, Buru Island, Maluku, Banda sea, Indonesia, was reported as suffering water ingress in engine room via pump room leak, date of accident unclear. Blackout was reported, but with that, AIS is on as of Feb 13. Judging from tanker’s track, accident could take place on Feb 4, being under way NW of Masarete. Tanker managed to get to nearest shelter, Masarete anchorage, probably towed.
Master of bulk carrier missing in the Pacific, SAR under way
Fév 13, 2020 at 18:18.

Master of bulk carrier RISING WIND was reported missing on Feb 11, somewhere in 10 50N 148 09E area, if analyzing ship’s search track. MRCC Australia alerted JRSC Guam, a large-scale SAR was launched, with deployment of planes. The ship turned back and started moving along her initial track at around 0230 UTC Feb 12, until 2300 UTC, and after that, it seems, it was decided to move in legs, see screenshot of her track. The ship is en route from Japan to Australia, at the time of the alert she was some 400 nm SE of Guam. According to Chief Officer report, received by MRCC Australia, 47-year old Master was last seen in his cabin, feeling ill.
Master of bulk carrier hospitalized after fall, Richards Bay
Fév 14, 2020 at 04:11.

NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute) reported medevac of a Master of bulk carrier at Richards Bay, South Africa, on Feb 13. Master suffered a traumatic injury in a fall, and was in serious condition. Bulk carrier was approaching Richards Bay and was met by NSRI team at sea, to prepare Master for evacuation. He was disembarked and transferred to ambulance in port. Bulk carrier wasn’t identified, but judging from NSRI photos and track, it’s bulk carrier BITTERN, arriving at Richards Bay from Mombasa Kenya on Feb 13. The ship presently, is berthed at Richards Bay.
4 crew poisoned by fumigation, 1 died, France
Fév 14, 2020 at 09:39.

General cargo ship FRI DOLPHIN alerted MRCC Corsen France, in the evening Feb 13, reporting 4 crew being poisoned during cargo fumigation process. The ship was in Bay of Biscay W of Brest, en route from Les Sables d'Olonne to Hull UK, with cargo of corn. Paramedics team was transferred on board by helicopter, they found one crew dead, other three in stable condition, but weather didn’t allow airlifting, so the ship interrupted voyage and headed for Brest. The ship entered Brest waters and anchored early in the morning Feb 14, and sick crew were transferred to hospital, their condition being stable. FRI DOLPHIN was still at anchor as of 0930 UTC Feb 14.
Container ship MAERSK TEMA attacked, Gulf of Guinea, Feb 15 UPDATE 2
Fév 14, 2020 at 12:37.

Feb 15 UPDATE2: 1600 UTC – MAERSK TEMA heading for Lagos at some 13 knots speed (can’t sail at full steam?). Nigerian patrol vessel and Portugal Navy ship cruising around in attack area, hunting pirates? No news so far on crew condition, no details on attack events, the only thing sending out information seems to be AIS.
Feb 15 UPDATE1: 1130 UTC – MAERSK TEMA under way for about half an hour, at a slow speed of some 5 knots, escorted by SVS TEACH and Portugal Navy ship, destination unclear. No news on what happened and what’s situation on board, what’s crew condition.
Feb 15 UPDATE: As of 0400 UTC, container ship still adrift, with Nigerian patrol ship SVS TEACH (IMO 9686534) and Portugal Navy ship at her side. No new information available yet. Nigerian patrol ship SVS TEACH reached MAERSK TEMA in 15 hours after attack alert. Several hours later, she was joined by Portugal Navy ship. Several Nigerian security or patrol boats/ships were much closer to the distressed container ship, than SVS TEACH, but they stick to their assignments and didn’t respond.
1900 UTC UPDATE: The ship is still adrift, Nigerian patrol ship SVS TEACH (IMO 9686534) is steaming towards MAERSK TEMA, will approach her in probably, 2-3 hours. What’s going on? Either pirates are still on board, trying to break into citadel, or they already fled, looting the ship and damaging whatever equipment they could to disable the ship (with crew still being in citadel), or they broke into citadel and kidnapped all the crew, or those essential required to take under way?
There’s something strange in this attack – how did pirates manage to board container ship with high freeboard, sailing at 19+ knots speed, in the daylight? Somalia piracy history and experience taught us, that the ships sailing at 18 and above knots speed, plus high freeboard, were as good as impregnable, especially in the daytime. MAERSK TEMA was sailing from Pointe Noire Congo, will it be too far fetched to assume, that two perpetrators who were reported to appear on board, sneaked into the ship while she was docked at Congo?
1230 UTC UPDATE: Confirmed attacked ship is container ship MAERSK TEMA, reportedly at least two pirates managed to board her, crew said to shelter in citadel, the ship is adrift since time of attack, with AIS on and no navy or security ships/boats seen around.
Awaiting updates.
1030 UTC Feb 14: Cargo ship was attacked in Gulf of Guinea 110 nm NW of Sao Tome, at 0812 UTC Feb 14. It’s most probably, container ship MAERSK TEMA, en route from Pointe Noire Congo to Lagos Nigeria. She went NUC after attack, drifting, AIS is on.
Reefer carrying drugs arrested with all hands in Danish waters while en route to Russia UPDATE
Fév 15, 2020 at 18:20.

Feb 16 UPDATE: 310 kilos of cocaine were seized. The ship was brought to Kalundborg, berthed, crew understood to be under investigation. It is not known, how many of the crew were involved in trafficking, though there’s no doubt, that a number of crew had to be involved, including officers. The ship can’t slow down at night in a lane with dense traffic in order to transfer drug shipment to a boat, without involving some essential crew, not to mention rendezvous with this boat, which had to be plotted long before the ship reaches Danish waters.
Danish police on Feb 15 busted a large-scale drug contraband operation and traffickers ring, including it seems, the crew of reefer DUNCAN ISLAND. Police were alerted about coming drug shipment for quite some time, it was in fact, an international operation. Reefer sailed from Ecuador on Jan 27, on Feb 14 she called Helsingborg Sweden on Feb 14, left Swedish port early Feb 15, bound for S-Petersburg Russia, and was intercepted off Langeland, Denmark, at the time of transferring drugs to a small boat. Three persons who were to pick up shipment from the ship were arrested, the ship was ordered to sail to unnamed port, where all the crew are to be arrested and interrogated. Some details aren’t revealed, including drug type and quantity, it was only said, that “this is really very big bust”.
One passenger from WESTERDAM tested coronavirus positive in Malaysia
Fév 15, 2020 at 18:44.

One passenger of cruise ship WESTERDAM tested positive for coronavirus in Malaysia, when checked by Malaysian medics on arrival from Cambodia, understood on Feb 15. 144 tourists took a flight from Cambodia to Malaysia on their return trips to home, among them a 83-year old woman and her husband, who tested negative. Cruise ship WESTERDAM couldn’t dock for some 2 weeks, being rejected by 5 countries on coronavirus fears, until finally, Cambodia agreed to accept the ship, and allowed passengers to disembark.
Coronavirus already hitting shipping, hard
Fév 16, 2020 at 08:20.

Bangladesh economy is starting to suffer from coronavirus impact – just two ships arrived at Chittagong from China in February, so far. Bangladeshi garment industry is already complaining, that the stocks of ingredients required for producing leather goods, mostly imported from China, are running dry, the same can be said about ointments and ceramics industries. If supply chains remain disrupted throughout Feb-Mar, some 8 percent of garment factories and workshops will be closed. Power industry of the country may be considered as most affected – most or all power stations, in work and under construction, heavily depend on China suppliers, so if China remains in virus stall for some months to come, Bangladeshi power sector will have to look for new suppliers elsewhere.
Anchorages at biggest ports shipping ores and coal throughout the world, are something awful to look at, because of number of anchored bulk carriers, idled by Chinese economy slowdown. Chinese ports handling bulk cargoes, technically, are the least affected by virus, it’s deeper than that – Chinese industry is about as good, as paralyzed, so China has no other options left, except drastic reduce in ores/coals import volumes.
Cargo ship bound for Iran ran aground, Caspian sea
Fév 16, 2020 at 13:41.

General cargo ship PORT OLYA 2 ran aground at 143 kilometer mark in Volga – Caspian sea Channel at around 2000 Moscow time Feb 15, while en route from Port Olya, Volga river, to Amirabad Iran, with cargo of grain on board. According to officials, the ship refloated by own means at 1120 Moscow time Feb 16, though according to track, she seems to be still aground, as of 1430 Moscow time Feb 16.
WESTERDAM toll of virus prisoners rising, 14 Dutch tourists stuck in Phnom Penh
Fév 16, 2020 at 14:44.

At least 14 Dutch passengers who disembarked from cruise ship WESTERDAM in Cambodia, can’t leave the country after the news on WESTERDAM American tourist, 83-year old woman, found virus positive in Malaysia, where she and a group of other American tourists arrived on their way home from Cambodia. All 14 tourists are to remain in a hotel until virus tested and health screened, some of them said they felt more secure and safe on board of the ship, than locked in Phnom Penh hotel, however luxury. What’s making situation all the more frustrating, is lack of evidence and proof, that American woman held in Malaysia was infected with virus on board of WESTERDAM, not somewhere else, while on the way to Malaysia. It’s still not confirmed, that she’s infected with coronavirus, and not suffering from usual flu.
Spanish tuna seiner sank in the Atlantic
Fév 16, 2020 at 15:48.

Tuna purse seiner ALBACORA SEIS sank at night Feb 15 south of Abijan, Ivory Coast, due to incontrollable water ingress. All 29 crew rescued by MONTELAPE, sister ship of the same owner, all are safe.

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SUITE Février 2020
Cargo ship fire at Tuzla, Turkey
Fév 16, 2020 at 19:26

Fire erupted in Master’s cabin of general cargo ship SUZZY, dry-docked at Tuzla, on Feb 16. Not clear if fire was restricted by cabin only, or started somewhere else in superstructure, and spread to Master’s cabin. Fire was extinguished by firefighting teams, 15 crew were evacuated, no one was injured. The ship sustained some unspecified damages.
May she rest in peace? Ghost ship beached by storm, Ireland.
Fév 17, 2020 at 04:45.

Abandoned and unmanned general cargo ship ALTA (ELIAS), anchored off Cork coast, Ireland, was pushed aground on Feb 16 by storm Dennis, and remains beached on the rocks. The ship is hard aground in a legal sense also, for quite some time. There’s dispute over her ownership and a mystery story of hijacking behind it. Understood Coast Guard is trying to find out owner, to task him with refloating or wreck removal. The ship made quite a story last year, being distressed in the Atlantic and drifting for about a year: The mystery of cargo ship found in the Atlantic a year after she was abandoned
Previous news:
The mystery of cargo ship found in the Atlantic a year after she was abandoned
Sep 04, 2019 at 18:19.
Royal Navy ice patrol ship HMS ROTECTOR on Sep 3 posted on TWITTER photos and a short report of abandoned ship, spotted in the middle of the Atlantic. There were no people aboard and the ship looked like she was derelict for quite some time.
HMS Protector @hmsprotector Sep 3
Two days ago HMS Protector discovered this apparently abandoned Merchant Vessel whilst mid-Atlantic. We closed the vessel to make contact and offer our assistance, but no one replied! Whilst investigations continue we’re unable to give you more detail on this strange event…
The ship they found is cargo ship ALTA, her story being quite a mystery:
Cargo ship distressed in the middle of the Atlantic
October 3, 2018
Cargo ship ALTA requested assistance on Oct 1 in position 24 13N 043 48W, in the middle of the Atlantic, some 1500 nm west of African coast, 1100 nm east of Caribbean. The ship is disabled since Sep 19, drifting or slowly moving on north direction. She’s en route from Greece to Haiti, ETA Sep 27. The ship changed owner in late 2017.
Cargo ship ALTA, IMO 7432305, GT 2295, built 1976, flag Tanzania, manager ALTA SHIPPING LLC, USA.
According to several sources including allegedly, ship’s owner, crew of 10 were forced by USCG to abandon the ship.
In July 2019 I was contacted by people via contact form and email, claiming to be ALTA owners, and asking for help. Understood they contracted salvage company, but company and salvage turned out to be a fake, the ship, according to owners, was hijacked and towed to Guyana. They were tipped on ship’s whereabouts, but couldn’t claim her back, because she was hijacked again, this time from Guyana, in late Spring. And now, early September, she was found drifting in the middle of the Atlantic.
I don’t know what to make out of this story.
Letter from allegedly, ALTA owner:
Hello Mr. Voytenko Mikhail
Our hope is your help.
Our investigation capacities is minimums, last 3 months a anonymous person said us that the MV ALTA IMO 7432305 keeping at British GUYANA. as under hijack. Please we're needing your help.
Believe me that we have been trying for a long time to locate the ALTA IMO vessel 7432305 3 months ago we were informed by an anonymous person that the ALTA vessel had been hijacked in British GUYANA Our research capacity is limited and this creates problems in locating the ship; The pirates are on the lookout.
Believe me that we have been trying for a long time to locate the ALTA IMO vessel 7432305 3 months ago we were informed by an anonymous person that the ALTA vessel had been hijacked in British GUYANA Our research capacity is limited and this creates problems in locating the ship; The pirates are on the lookout.
Believe me that we have been trying for a long time to locate the ALTA IMO vessel 7432305 3 months ago we were informed by an anonymous person that the ALTA vessel had been hijacked in British GUYANA Our research capacity is limited and this creates problems in locating the ship; The pirates are on the lookout.
We are owners
Alta Shipping LLC
Chinese heavy lift ship carrying cranes contacted Curacao Bridge
Fév 17, 2020 at 06:32.

Heavy cargo carrier WISH WAY with two container gantry cranes on board arrived at Willemstad, Curacao, Caribbean, from China, in the morning Feb 16. Cranes contacted Queen Juliana Bridge when the ship was passing under the Bridge, though the cranes height was 2/3 of projected, specifically with the purpose of safe passing under the Bridge. The Bridge traffic was suspended for some time, but later re-opened, damages weren’t serious. Cranes were reportedly, badly damaged, and that’s bad news for Curacao economy, because old cranes often break down and are incapable of handling container ships without delays and disruptions.
India claims detained COSCO ship carried nuclear missile launcher
Fév 18, 2020 at 07:01.

Feb 18: Indian Security and Customs Agencies found on board of COSCO specialized cargo ship DA CUI YUN, docked at Deendayal Port, Kandla, since Feb 3, some “essential” parts for missile launchers, capable of launching solid fuel powered nuclear missiles. According to documents, and an industrial dryer of some 18 meters length, but Indian authorities believe it’s a part of missile launcher. Investigation continues.
Previous news:
COSCO cargo ship under search, “missile-like” machinery spotted, India
February 11, 2020
COSCO specialized cargo ship DA CUI YUN arrived at Deendayal Port, Kandla, western India, from China, on Feb 3, and remains at port since arrival. Her next port of call is Karachi, Pakistan. According to local reports, Customs and national security bodies are searching the ship since Feb 8, because there are suspicions the ship may carry arms, it was even said, that some missile-like machinery was spotted. As of morning Feb 11, nothing suspicious or illegal has been found, so far.
Horrific mortal accident – seaman’s hands were torn off by rope ladder
Fév 18, 2020 at 07:38.

A horrific accident occurred on Kaohsiung Anchorage on Feb 15. A crew of Myanmar nationality was leaving tanker HONG CHING, to return to Myanmar for a leave. He started to descend rope ladder to board tender boat, when suddenly something went wrong – both his hands entangled with rope ladder, probably boat bumped into tanker hull and tugged ladder, not clear. There was a jolt, both his hands up to shoulders were literally torn off, and he fell into water. Nearby workboat quickly picked him up, but he was already dead, either from shock or drowning unconscious.
Tripoli Strike: There is a Turkish cargo ship in port, but she wasn’t hit or destroyed
Fév 18, 2020 at 17:45.

The Libyan National Army (LNA) made an official statement on Feb 17, claiming that its forces had destroyed a Turkish cargo ship, berthed at Tripoli, Libya. The ship brought to Tripoli arms and ammunition, says LNA. Turkey already denied this claim, saying that there’s no Turkish ship at Tripoli.
Comment: Turkey statement is incorrect, there’s a Turkish ship at Tripoli, it’s a bulk carrier AYLA, she arrived at Tripoli on Feb 15 from Istanbul. But she’s far from being hit or destroyed, judging from her most recent looks. Her AIS is on, and no other ship in port looks like hit by missile or shell. Reportedly, port was either shelled or hit with missile, resulting in one warehouse fire and a lot of billowing black smoke. As for LNA claim on sinking Turkish ship, such a bold statement is not surprising for those who have to monitor Libyan maritime news and information. LNA claims and statements, at least with regards to shipping and ships, weren’t, kind of, exactly true, so far.
Chinese cargo ship sank off Shanghai, 3 dead, 3 missing
Fév 19, 2020 at 06:15.

Cargo ship SHENZHOU 19 sank early in the morning Feb 17 north of Zhoushan, while en route from Shanghai to Guanzhou, China. During SAR 3 crew were rescued, but all 3 died from, understood, hypothermia, and 3 went missing. SAR continued, but as of Feb 19, missing seamen weren’t found.
Container ship ran aground while approaching Barranquilla
Fév 19, 2020 at 07:12.

Container ship AS FILIPPA reportedly ran aground on Feb 18, when entering entrance channel to Barranquilla, Colombia, on arrival from Cartagena. The ship got stuck at around 1500 UTC Feb 18, was refloated with the help of 3 tugs at around 1700 UTC, and resumed moving towards Barranquilla. She was berthed at around 1900 UTC Feb 18. No information on damages, channel traffic reportedly was suspended for some time.
Two crew of bulk carrier found infected with virus at Chennai UPDATE test negative
Fév 19, 2020 at 17:17.

UPDATE: According to latest news, samples tested coronavirus negative, cargo probably, will be offloaded. Understood two virus suspect crew are kept on board, isolated from other crew. The ship meanwhile, seems to be still in a quarantine or lockdown. Hopefully, it’s a happy end, though it’s really difficult to follow development and separate confirmed info from rumors.
Bulk carrier MAGNATE with 19 crew on board arrived at Chennai, eastern coast of India, on Feb 18, from Shanghai, reportedly with cargo of steel. The ship was berthed, and boarded by medics, alerted understood, in advance, on presence of two sick crew, with virus-like symptoms of fever and flu. 2 sick seamen were isolated and checked, both tested coronavirus positive. They’ve been taken to hospital, the rest of the crew are isolated in superstructure, the ship is fenced off at shore side, so that no docker or other port personnel would mistakenly blunder in and approach the ship. It is to be decided yet, whether to offload the ship, or send her back to China with all cargo remaining on board.
Fears spread further, and it was said, that workers refuse to offload cars from car carrier GLOVIS SKY, berthed next to unfortunate MAGNATE.
What’s more scary – coronavirus, or panic virus?
Tanker attacked in Gulf of Guinea UPDATE 10 crew kidnapped
Fév 20, 2020 at 10:08.

1400 UTC: The ship is under way after drifting in S direction for some 10 hours or more, steaming towards Lagos, with no security/navy nearby. 10 out of 24 multinational crew were kidnapped. Crew includes Georgian, Filipino and Ukrainian nationalities.
0950 UTC: Confirmed attacked ship is tanker ALPINE PENELOPE. According to Dryad Global report, officer on watch identified two armed men on board, and no further details regarding the nature of weapons or actions have since been received. Understood SSAS was activated, and after that, communications were lost. No AIS yet, and as in the case with MAERSK TEMA container ship, no navy/security ships/boats seen in the vicinity yet.
0815 UTC: Still no AIS, and no navy/security in vicinity.
0430 UTC: Merchant ship was attacked at 0110 UTC Feb 20 in vicinity 05 10N 002 05E, S of Cotonou. Most probably, tanker ALPINE PENELOPE was attacked, her latest AIS timed 0130 UTC, no signal since then. She’s en route from Netherlands to Lagos, should be loaded. No security/navy boats/ships nearby.
Coronavirus threat hampers emergency medical assistance on ships
Fév 21, 2020 at 06:53.

Russian 57-year old seaman on Feb 20 suffered serious right foot injury during routine works on board of Russian bulk carrier ORANGE LINK, anchored on Incheon anchorage, Korea, Yellow sea, since Feb 7. Medical team couldn’t board the ship until Coast Guard and Quarantine Service checked the crew on possible coronavirus infections. Nothing suspicious was found, medics boarded the ship and applied emergency treatment on board, patient later was transferred to hospital.
Here’s the question – luckily, it wasn’t life-or-death case, patient wasn’t in need of immediate evacuation and intensive care, but what would happen if he was in need of immediate evacuation? If countdown was on and it was a question of hours or minutes? I refer to virus screening procedures – it’s hours, and patient could die, though he could be saved under normal circumstances. Trauma accidents, or cases of heart attack, internal bleeding, etc., happen on board of merchant ships every day, globally. Now it seems, risk of dying in such cases is much bigger than before, even if the ship is anchored or moored at port, with many hospitals and doctors at hand. There’s a time gap of hours, required for virus check, between patient in need, and qualified full-scale treatment.
Medics treat seaman on board of the ship, all donned in biohazard suits, after the ship was virus-checked.
Container ship to be taken on tow after 24-hours drift, English Channel UPDATES
Fév 22, 2020 at 03:06.

Feb 20: Container ship MSC FABIENNE English Channel N of Brest, NUC since early Feb 20, from Antwerp to Gebze Turkey, ETA Feb 25.
Feb 21 0800 UTC: Approached by SAR ABEILLE BOURBON north of Roscoff France, most probably to be taken on tow.
Feb 21 1630 UTC: Taken on tow by ABEILLE BOURBON at around 1300 UTC, port of destination yet unknown.
Feb 22 0250 UTC: The ship with 1178 containers on board suffered propulsion loss, owner had to contract ABEILLE BOURBON for towage to Brest, ETA evening Feb 22.
Ro-ro cargo ship fire off Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Fév 23, 2020 at 05:56.

Ro-ro cargo ship VOLCAN DE TENEGUIA reported fire on board shortly after leaving Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, in the afternoon Feb 22. The ship with vehicles and other cargo on board was bound for Cadiz Spain. SAR tug PUNTA SALINAS (IMO 7931894) responed with firefighters team, fire was taken under control by 2100 UTC, disabled ship was taken on tow and towed back to Santa Cruz, berthed at around 0100 UTC Feb 23. As of morning Feb 23, VOLCAN DE TENEGUIA remained berthed at port, extent of damages unknown.
LPG tanker suffered fire, anchored at Kalamata
Fév 23, 2020 at 09:05.

LPG tanker EPIC BURANO suffered fire in engine room in the evening Feb 19 in Mediterranean sea S of Peloponnese Greece, sailing in eastern direction after leaving Malta anchorage, port of destination unknown. Tanker was disabled, adrift for about 24 hours, resumed sailing in the afternoon Feb 20, fire extinguished by crew. The ship asked permission to call Kalamata port, Peloponnese, Greece, was granted access, reached Kalamata anchorage under own power, and anchored in the morning Feb 21. As of Feb 23, tanker remained in the same position.
Tanker dragged anchor, drifting towards coast, Gulf of Mexico
Fév 23, 2020 at 09:25.

Product tanker MARIANO ABASOLO at night Feb 21 dragged anchor, drifting towards coast at Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, on arrival from Tampico, understood in ballast. The ship can’t hold against strong wind and waves brought by cold front, even with working engine. Tugs from Coatzacoalcos can’t be deployed, weather is too rough for them.
Feb 23: Tanker managed, under own power or assisted by tugs, to move to anchorage away from coast, and as of Feb 23, she remained safely anchored. There were news on Aframax tanker URAGA PRINCESS troubled at Coatzacoalcos anchorage, drifting dangerously close to shore, but news are obviously, wrong, URAGA PRINCESS (IMO 9439204) being mistaken for MARIANO ABASOLO. URAGA PRINCESS was moving in legs, waiting for weather improvement.
Bulk carrier disabled in English Channel, curious salvage
Fév 23, 2020 at 14:04.

Bulk carrier SEA HERMES reported propulsion failure at 2030 UTC Feb 22 in English Channel north of Cape Gris-Nez, Pas-de-Calais, France. Attempts to fix the problem by crew means failed, SAR ship ABEILLE LANGUEDOC was designated to tow bulk carrier to UK waters, at around 0100 UTC Feb 23 French pilot and a standby Captain from ABEILLE LANGUEDOC were transferred on board of bulk carrier by helicopter – absolutely unclear why, and what specific circumstances demanded deployment of pilot and Captain from another ship. Towage commenced at 0840 UTC Feb 23, pilot was taken off the ship by helicopter, standby Captain remained on board. At 1330 UTC Feb 23, both ships were laying dead in water east of Dover UK, ABEILLE LANGUEDOC apparently disengaged from towing. Probably, bulk carrier is in process of anchoring.
Why by the way, French MRCC Gros-Nez, wrote in press-release, that the ship is Panama-flagged, and is en route from Spain?
Bulk carrier SEA HERMES is en route from Argentina to Gdynia Poland.
Ferries collision in Canaries waters
Fév 23, 2020 at 14:39.

Ferries BENCOMO EXPRESS and VOLCAN DE TABURIENTE collided at Los Cristianos port entrance, southwest coast of Tenerife, Canary Islands, in the morning Feb 23. Both ships suffered damages, but resumed their services later in the day after weather improved. Stormy weather with strong wind and high waves contributed to accident.
Troubled tanker sheltered in Kalamata, Greece
Fév 24, 2020 at 06:07.

Product tanker LEON ZEUS reportedly suffered mechanical damage in Mediterranean off southern Peloponnese, Greece, on Feb 21. Tanker was taken to Kalamata, understood towed, brought to anchor in the morning Feb 23, to fix the problem. As of 0600 UTC Feb 24, she remained in the same position. LEON ZEUS with 32,000 tons of gas oil on board is en route from Tuapse Russia to Tarragona Spain.
Tanker attacked, Master killed, Venezuela
Fév 25, 2020 at 11:48.

Tanker SAN RAMON (SEABOARD I) according to local media report was attacked by 6 armed pirates early in the morning Feb 24 in Boraccha island waters, north of Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, Caribbean. Master was shot in the face and died, trying to resist. One other crew was injured, one crew jumped overboard and went missing. Pirates looted the ship and crew, and fled. Tanker is anchored during last 7 months ot Court order, as suspect in oil smuggling. She was renamed and re-flagged in Oct last year.
Is Master’s arrest in Greek port justified?
Fév 25, 2020 at 13:36.

Master of cargo ship MALAGA was according to Greek media reports, arrested, after PSC inspector spotted loading line being under water, overload of some 9 centimeter, after loading cargo of marble. The ship was detained, some other detainable deficiencies were found. MALAGA arrived at Kavala on Feb 19, as of Feb 25 she was still in port.
Comment: The ship was overloaded, though 9 centimeter overload doesn’t seem all that terrible. Is it a sound case against Master, to justify his arrest, if arrest news aren’t mistake or misunderstanding?
Ships arriving from Korea and Japan equated to arriving from China
Fév 25, 2020 at 15:14.

Hai Phong City and Port authorities on Feb 25 made important decisions which will negatively impact international shipping. They designated quarantine zone berths in port, to handle ships while they’re not yet fully cleared. It means generally, that the crew won’t be able to go ashore, and will have to remain on board. What’s more important, is the decision to include in the list of potentially dangerous from virus ships all the ships which arrive not only from China, but also, from South Korea and Japan. Only Vietnamese crew members will be allowed to disembark, subject to 14-days quarantine. Seamen of all other nationalities will remain on board, unconditionally. It’s quite a headache and problem not only for crews, but for all other involved parties, from agents to crewing and ship management.
There’s a high probability of other Vietnamese provinces, and what’s worse, other countries in the region, to take up Hai Phong lead and implement the same measures.
Latvian freighter disabled, on tow, Baltic sea
Fév 25, 2020 at 17:47.

General cargo ship RIX LAGOON encountered mechanical problem in Baltic sea in Fehmarn Belt, NE of Kiel, shortly after midday Feb 25, while en route from Kiel to Kaliningrad, Russia. Tug BUELK was deployed. As of 1730 UTC, RIX LAGOON seemed to be taken on tow, caravan started moving towards Bay of Kiel. Weather said to be stormy.
Coronavirus fears latest victims: cruise ship in Caribbean and container ship in Med
Fév 26, 2020 at 05:58.

Cruise ship MSC MERAVIGLIA (IMO 9760512, GT 171598) with over 4,500 passengers and over 1,600 crew members was denied disembarkation of either passengers or crew at Ocho Rios, Jamaica, after she docked in port on Feb 25, in accordance with cruise itinerary. Port Health Officials discovered that a crew member was placed in isolation on board, with a cough, fever and associated muscle pains, with a travel history to a country related to coronavirus. After waiting in port for nearly four hours for formal clearance, ship’s command decided to leave Ocho Rios for the next port of call as the long wait had compromised the passengers’ proposed time at the destination. MSC MERAVIGLIA is scheduled to go on to Cozumel, Mexico, and then to the Bahamas. It is unclear if the ship will be allowed to land at those destinations.
As of 0500 UTC Feb 26, the ship was under way, south of Cayman islands, heading for Cozumel Mexico.
Container ship MSC LAUSANNE (IMO 9320398, dwt 79403, capacity 6336 TEU) is probably, having problem with her next port of call on schedule, Ashdod, Israel. One of ship’s crew was recently in South Korea and 14 or 27 day incubation period didn’t yet expire. It was enough for Ashdod Port Authority to reportedly, deny or postpone ship’s docking in port. The crew including seaman in question are healthy in all respects, the the ship already traveled half of Europe with no problems whatsoever, but it doesn’t convince Ashdod officials. Trading companies already sent letters and requests to Israel industry association, asking association to assist, and allow the ship to dock in port. A lot of goods they expect and count on, may finish up in limbo. Final decision is to be made by Ministry of Health.
The ship undocked Lymassol Cyprus, early in the morning Feb 26, her next port of call being Ashdod, ETA Feb 26. She anchored at Lymassol anchorage, and as of 0500 UTC Feb 26, remained at anchor.
Fast ferry near-sink, Rio de La Plata
Fév 26, 2020 at 06:57.

Fast cat ferry ATLANTIC EXPRESS, connecting Buenos Aires with Uruguay port of Colonia del Sacramento, across Rio de La Plata, was reportedly, heavily damaged on Feb 25 while docking at Colonia, with passengers on board. Ferry suffered breakdown and understood, collided with pier, sustaining hull damages and water ingress. Extra pumps were delivered and deployed to take water ingress under control and avoid ferry sinking. All passengers were safely disembarked. As of 0630 UTC Feb 26, ferry was docked at Colonia, AIS on. Information on heavy damages and near-sinking has to be confirmed.
Largest drug bust in Aruba history, ship crew arrested UPDATE
fév. 26, 2020 at 07:21

Fév Aruba, Caribbean, made probably, the biggest narcotics bust in island’s history, seizing general cargo ship ARESSA in the morning Feb 25, and taking her to Oranjestad. The ship was en route from Guaranao Port, Venezuela, to Thessaloniki Greece, it is said that at least one ton of narcotics, most probably cocaine, was found. She sailed from Suriname early February, called Guaranaó in Punto Fijo, and then set sail for Greece. The ship was intercepted in international waters, and arrested after drugs were found. 7 people are arrested, including Captain of the ship.
The ship was re-flagged to Camerroon in 2019, she was Russia-flagged until 2017, Russian management still listed as manager.
UPDATE Feb 27: Several Montenegrin crew members were arrested, not known yet if there are other nationalities among crew. 5 tons of cocaine were found. 26, 2020 at 07:21.
Thai bulk carrier crew died having respiratory problems, Brazil UPDATE
Fév 26, 2020 at 07:56.

Brazilian Navy on Feb 25 confirmed death of a crew member of Thai bulk carrier CHAMCHURI NAREE, caused by “respiratory problems”. The ship is anchored north of Belem, lower Amazon, arriving there on Feb 2 from Paramaribo Suriname. Coronavirus wasn’t mentioned in the statement, as well as any other details of probable causes, accident was reported to National Health Agency and to police. Seaman died while on the way to hospital, in ambulance.
UPDATE: It wasn’t coronavirus or any infectious disease, for that matter. Respiratory problems were caused by diabetes complications.
Kuwait radical lockdown
Fév 26, 2020 at 15:58.

Kuwait Port Authority has issued a circular on Feb 25, which is banning cargo ships from Kuwait Ports, if they arrive from and depart to, Republic of Korea, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong and Iraq. Tankers are excluded from this circular.
Comment: Not clear what does it mean, exactly. Does it mean that from now on, no cargo originated from or destined for, the abovementioned countries, can reach the customers? Does it mean, that there’s, effectively, no more trade with these countries? Looks very radical.
VLOC bulk carrier STELLAR BANNER near capsize, POLARIS latest Statement
Fév 26, 2020 at 17:44.

VLOC bulk carrier STELLAR BANNER loaded with ore developed heavy starboard side list, with cargo deck partially under water, at around 0000 UTC Feb 25, north of Sao Luis, Brazil. The ship left port of Ponta da Madeira, Brazil, on Feb 24, bound for Qingdao, reportedly she suffered water ingress in cargo hold or holds, or probably it was cargo shift. As of 1700 UTC Feb 26, the ship remains afloat, with AIS on. At least 4 tugs and SAR ships are engaged in salvage, it is said, that they’re trying to tow giant ship to shallow waters, to prevent sinking. Crew safe.
UPDATE Feb 27: STELLAR BANNER is reported aground in position 01 46S 043 42W. She was intentionally grounded to avoid capsizing and sinking, and thankfully, there was suitable bank nearby. The ship is loaded with 294,000 tons of ore. The ship’s hull integrity in fore section was compromised in two places when the ship was leaving port, according to officials. List developed because of water ingress. Understood she was grounded by Master while under way, so assumedly Master had saved the ship from sinking.
UPDATE Feb 27: Polaris Shipping Official Statement:
Polaris Shipping Co., Ltd., Seoul, Korea 27 February 2020 13:00 KST
Polaris Shipping, the operator of the Very Large Ore Carrier, MV STELLAR BANNER (300,660 DWT, 2016 Built) report that the vessel made contact with an unidentified shallow sea bed after departing Ponta Da Madeira, Brazil on 24th February at approx. 21:30 hours local time. All crew members are safe and no water pollution has been reported.
As a result of the incident, some ballast water tanks and void space suffered damage although the extent of damage to be further established. All cargo holds are believed to be intact and the situation is under control. In order to assess damage and secure its own safety, the vessel shifted to a safer area. Proper inspections will be carried out by class/underwriter surveyors and a salvage company has been arranged for dealing with the situation.
All the appropriate authorities have been reported and in close contact about the case.
UPDATE Feb 29: Polaris Shipping Statement with regards to oil sheen at STELLAR BANNER site
A slight oil sheen noticed at the site is believed to be residue of “dead oil” which was on the deck; not leakage from fuel tanks. Nonetheless, in close cooperation with Vale, the company is mobilizing all available assets in Brazil to eradicate any potential risk from the oil spillage. An anti-pollution team is already on site, closely monitoring the situation. Therefore, we would like to reiterate that there is no oil leakage from the vessel. As a precautionary measure, oil fence will be installed to mitigate potential risk of oil pollution.
Explosions and fire in cargo ship hold, Hai Phong
Fév 26, 2020 at 19:18.

General cargo ship NEW WIND, docked at ship repair yard in Hai Phong, suffered fire in cargo hold in the afternoon Feb 26. Reportedly, fire was preceded by explosions. Fire was taken under control in half an hour, by yard firefighters, reinforced by city fire teams. The ship is under repairs since early February. Nobody was injured, extent of damages unknown.
Container ship MSC LAUSANNE coronavirus fears victim. UPDATES.
Fév 27, 2020 at 08:06.

Feb 26: Container ship is probably, having problem with her next port of call on schedule, Ashdod, Israel. One of ship’s crew was recently in South Korea and 14 or 27 day incubation period didn’t yet expire. It was enough for Ashdod Port Authority to reportedly, deny or postpone ship’s docking in port. The crew including seaman in question are healthy in all respects, the the ship already traveled half of Europe with no problems whatsoever, but it doesn’t convince Ashdod officials. Trading companies already sent letters and requests to Israel industry association, asking association to assist, and allow the ship to dock in port. A lot of goods they expect and count on, may finish up in limbo. Final decision is to be made by Ministry of Health.
The ship undocked Lymassol Cyprus, early in the morning Feb 26, her next port of call being Ashdod, ETA Feb 26. She anchored at Lymassol anchorage, and as of 0500 UTC Feb 26, remained at anchor.
Feb 27 UPDATE: As of 0800 UTC Feb 27, the ship remained anchored at Lymassol anchorage, apparently waiting for Israeli authorities decision either to allow her to dock at Ashdod and offload containers destined for Israel, or conditions she will have to comply with in order to be cleared, or whatever. It’s insanity. Preventing coronavirus is becoming more harmful and dangerous, considering lockdowns consequences, than coronavirus.
Feb 28 UPDATE: The ship left Lymassol anchorage in the afternoon Feb 27, arrived at Haifa anchorage and was brought to anchor at around 0300 UTC Feb 28. Port of destination was changed, when the ship will be berthed for cargo operations, is yet unknown. As nowadays, almost everywhere around the globe, Haifa port and anchorage are packed with ships, berthed and waiting their turn.
Cocaine dropped from MOL container ship to waiting traffickers
Fév 27, 2020 at 14:00.

Mexico water patrol during surveillance course in Ensenada waters spotted a person on board of container ship MOL MAJESTY, throwing package in water, and a suspicious boat at ship’s side, in the evening Feb 26. Boat with three persons in it was detained, packages containing some 3 kilos of white powder resembling cocaine, were found. Understood all four suspects in drug trafficking were arrested. MOL MAJESTY arrived at Ensenada from Manzanillo on Feb 25, as of 1330 UTC Feb 27 she was still anchored at Ensenada anchorage. Whether the ship is detained for investigation, or it’s a routine stay, is unknown.
Two cargo ships pushed on embankment, one capsized, Tuzla
Fév 28, 2020 at 06:01.

General cargo ship CLAVIGO dragged anchor and drifted onshore at Tuzla, Turkey, Marmara sea, at night Feb 27, in adverse weather. The ship while drifting contacted general cargo ship DEDE, anchored in the vicinity, got entangled, and both ships ended up on the embankment. DEDE sustained some serious damages and capsized, resting on embankment by partially submerged starboard side. Both crews rescued, no injures reported. DEDE AIS as of 0530 UTC Feb 28, is on.
One more coronavirus fear victim? Grimaldi’s ro-ro stuck off Casablanca for 2 days, why? UPDATE
Fév 28, 2020 at 17:58.

Feb 29: Berthed late Feb 28, 2-day delay goes unexplained.
GRIMALDI’s ro-ro ship GRANDE TOGO arrived at Casablanca Anchorage, Morocco, late Feb 26, with ETA Casablanca Feb 27, from Genoa Italy. The ship didn’t anchor, she was turned back and since that time until now, 1700 UTC Feb 28, is cruising in legs off Casablanca and Casablanca Anchorage. Ro-ro piers seem to be empty, with no berthed ro-ro or car carriers. What’s up? Coronavirus fear is most likely answer. If she’s waiting for something, some cargo or whatever, why didn’t she anchor and is cruising around, burning expensive fuel and wearing mechanisms? With Italy being a Hot Zone now, GRANDE TOGO was put under some kind of Flying Dutch quarantine?
Container ship MSC LAUSANNE, meanwhile, is still at anchor at Haifa anchorage, still an outcast, it seems.
Coronavirus is becoming a real threat, not a disease though, but worldwide governmental attempts to prevent pandemic. With such preventive measures, we’d soon find ourselves in Dark Ages, with no energy, food and other vitally important supplies, and ruined infrastructure. And if China and Japan are of any lesson, the best way to get infected and fall sick is to be caught in quarantine.
Singaporean bulk carrier detained in Philippines for falsifying China visit dates
Fév 29, 2020 at 08:18.

Bulk carrier HARMONY SIX is detained by Philippine Coast Guard for allegedly, tampering with AIS data and records, in order to avoid 14-day quarantine on arrival from Chinese port. The ship left Changzhou Port (Shanghai area), bound for Port of Poro Point in La Union, Luzon, on Feb 18, arrived at port of destination on Feb 23, declaring China port call false time span, by shifting departure data from actual Feb 18 to Feb 10. The ship is under investigation. Crazy stuff. What’s the real risk of virus spread from a cargo ship crew, if the crew is prohibited from landing in any case, quarantine or no quarantine?
Passenger ship sank in Amazon river, missing and injured passengers reported
Fév 29, 2020 at 14:37.

River passenger ship ANNA KAROLINE III with some 80 passengers on board sank early in the morning Feb 29 in Amazon river near Boca do Jari, while en route upstream from Macapa to Santarem, Brazil. A number of people are reported missing, some who survived suffered injures. Information so far, is sketchy and incomplete.
Three ferries collided at Gilimanuk, Bali Strait
Fév 29, 2020 at 15:50.

Three Bali Strait ferries collided at night Feb 28 at Gilimanuk port, Bali, being pushed by strong wind.
KMP PUTRI KONENG contacted and stuck with KMP LIPUTAN 12, both moved further and hit landing craft LCT TRISNA DWITYA. It is said, that all three entangled ships were in danger of drifting aground, but assisted by another boat, avoided grounding. reportedly all three ships sustained slight damages, and later resumed services.
Chinese freighter sank after collision, 13 crew missing, Japan UPDATE
Fév 29, 2020 at 18:07.

General cargo ship GUO XING 1 sank in Aomori Prefecture waters, northeast Honshu, Pacific, at around 1300 UTC Feb 29, after collision with local fishing boat. The ship loaded with scrap, bound for Korea, suffered hull breach with ensuing water ingress, probably there was cargo shift, because understood, she sank in a very short time – 13 out of 14 crew went missing, looks like capsizing. 1 crew was rescued. Fishing boat remained afloat, 15 crew safe. Freighter crew included Chinese and Vietnamese nationalities, she left Hashinohe Port, Aomori, earlier this day.
Mar 1 UPDATE: 14 crew included 7 Chinese, 6 Vietnamese (1 rescued) and 1 Filipino nationalities.
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Maritime News from around the world 01-03-20 / 31-03-20

Turkish cargo ship aground, Kos, Greece
Mar 01, 2020 at 06:17.

General cargo ship VON PERLE ran aground on the beach of northeast Kos island, Greece, Aegean sea, early in the morning Mar 1. The ship with cargo of corn is en route from Ukraine to Famagusta Cyprus. As of 0600 UTC Mar 1, she was still aground. Reportedly she grounded onto sandy beach, so probably, hull remained intact.
Chinese tanker siezed by Cambodia, suspect in DPRK sanctions violation
Mar 02, 2020 at 08:27.

Tanker COURAGEOUS was seized by Cambodia Navy Police on Feb 27 in Cambodian waters, arriving there after being expelled from Taiwan, as a violator of sanctions imposed on North Korea. Tanker is suspect in illegal oil ship-to-ship transfers to North Korean tankers. COURAGEOUS was taken to Sihanoukville, Cambodia, berthed there on Mar 1, for further legal proceedings.
Explosion in cargo ship engine room, 2 Engineer suffered burns, hospitalized, Black sea
Mar 02, 2020 at 14:38.

General cargo ship AL HANI in the morning Feb 28 suffered an explosion in engine room while at anchor in Kerch Strait, Black sea, or probably, anchored after accident. Second Engineer was exposed to boiling water and suffered burns, he was taken to hospital in Kerch. The ship continued her voyage to Berdyansk Ukraine on Feb 29, anchored at Berdyansk anchorage on Feb 29. Though accident took place on Feb 28, it has become known only on Mar 2. Though the ship is listed as Togo-flagged and managed by Lebanese company, according to all international databases, Russian media, referring to officials, say it’s a Syrian ship.
LPG tanker leaking inflammable gas, risk of explosion, China. Mar 2 UPDATE.
Mar 02, 2020 at 16:00.

Mar 2 UPDATE: Tanker remains at anchor in designated safe zone, though works to fix faulty flange, carried out during Feb 11 – Feb 23, were partial success, tanker was yet considered to be to dangerous to berth and offload her cargo. Cargo of liquid propylene was offloaded to a barge in STS operation, which lasted from Feb 29 until Mar 1. Understood cargo was offloaded from a tank with faulty flange.
Feb 13: LPG tanker GAS PRODIGY loaded with 2,400 tons of liquid propylene arrived at Fuzhou Chemical Terminal, Fujian Province, China, on Feb 10, from Philippines. During offload preparations leak was found in a flange of a pump of Tank No.1, and a leak of propylene gas. Tanker was taken to outer anchorage, safety zone around the ship was established. Propylene mixture with air is highly inflammable, so there’s risk of fire and explosion. Technical team boarded tanker in the evening Feb 12 to fix the problem, on Feb 13 reportedly, repairs still under way.
Mar 03, 2020 at 07:33

Polaris Shipping Official Statement on STELLAR BANNER salvage development:
Polaris Shipping Co., Ltd. Sao Paulo, Brazil March 03, 2020
• The oil sheen or residue initially spotted at the site of MV STELLAR BANNER has disappeared and the oil fence deployed around the vessel as a precautionary measure has now been removed, after consulting with the Brazilian Navy and IBAMA. However, an anti-pollution team remains on standby.
• With the risk of a potential oil leak mitigated, the de-bunkering plan, the processes of safely removing the fuel from the ship, is progressing. Once complete, the risk of any spill will be further reduced.
• Thanks to the orchestrated effort from multiple parties, including Vale, the company is now seeking to accelerate arrival of a bunker barge at the site to offload remaining fuel oil in the tanks. This translates to approximately 3,500 tons (fuel oil) and 140 tons (gas oil). The detailed de-bunkering plan was submitted to the Navy for review and the operation will be completed in the coming weeks, weather permitting.
• Despite having run aground, overall analysis indicates that the weight of the vessel is well distributed on the sand bank without specific points of stress on the hull, thus the vessel remains stable with its own power. Diving inspections are already examining the hull condition.
Thanks to the support extended by relevant authorities, a group of experts, and Vale, all necessary effort and resources were dedicated to eradicate the risk of pollution since the incident occurred.
UPDATE June 13, 2020
About 145,000 tonnes of iron ore was successfully removed by salvors and the vessel was refloated to assess the ship’s structure, which was deemed a total loss, and hence the decision was taken to scuttle her.
Previous news: Fév 26, 2020 at 17:44.
VLOC bulk carrier STELLAR BANNER loaded with ore developed heavy starboard side list, with cargo deck partially under water, at around 0000 UTC Feb 25, north of Sao Luis, Brazil. The ship left port of Ponta da Madeira, Brazil, on Feb 24, bound for Qingdao, reportedly she suffered water ingress in cargo hold or holds, or probably it was cargo shift. As of 1700 UTC Feb 26, the ship remains afloat, with AIS on. At least 4 tugs and SAR ships are engaged in salvage, it is said, that they’re trying to tow giant ship to shallow waters, to prevent sinking. Crew safe.
UPDATE Feb 27: STELLAR BANNER is reported aground in position 01 46S 043 42W. She was intentionally grounded to avoid capsizing and sinking, and thankfully, there was suitable bank nearby. The ship is loaded with 294,000 tons of ore. The ship’s hull integrity in fore section was compromised in two places when the ship was leaving port, according to officials. List developed because of water ingress. Understood she was grounded by Master while under way, so assumedly Master had saved the ship from sinking.
UPDATE Feb 27: Polaris Shipping Official Statement:
Polaris Shipping Co., Ltd., Seoul, Korea 27 February 2020 13:00 KST
Polaris Shipping, the operator of the Very Large Ore Carrier, MV STELLAR BANNER (300,660 DWT, 2016 Built) report that the vessel made contact with an unidentified shallow sea bed after departing Ponta Da Madeira, Brazil on 24th February at approx. 21:30 hours local time. All crew members are safe and no water pollution has been reported.
As a result of the incident, some ballast water tanks and void space suffered damage although the extent of damage to be further established. All cargo holds are believed to be intact and the situation is under control. In order to assess damage and secure its own safety, the vessel shifted to a safer area. Proper inspections will be carried out by class/underwriter surveyors and a salvage company has been arranged for dealing with the situation.
All the appropriate authorities have been reported and in close contact about the case.
UPDATE Feb 29: Polaris Shipping Statement with regards to oil sheen at STELLAR BANNER site
A slight oil sheen noticed at the site is believed to be residue of “dead oil” which was on the deck; not leakage from fuel tanks. Nonetheless, in close cooperation with Vale, the company is mobilizing all available assets in Brazil to eradicate any potential risk from the oil spillage. An anti-pollution team is already on site, closely monitoring the situation. Therefore, we would like to reiterate that there is no oil leakage from the vessel. As a precautionary measure, oil fence will be installed to mitigate potential risk of oil pollution.
Explosion on Korean Navy patrol boat, 7 wounded
Mar 04, 2020 at 07:13.

A grenade exploded on a Korean Navy patrol boat during firing drills on Mar 3, in Geoje Island waters, Korea, Korea Strait, East China sea. Seven seamen were injured, two of them seriously, all taken to military hospital. The cause of explosion yet unknown, under investigation.
Republic of Korea Navy Chamsuri-class patrol boat, displacement 170 tons, speed 37 knots, complement 24, armament guns.
Three groundings
Mar 04, 2020 at 07:17.

Panamax bulk carrier ran aground in Inner Japan sea on Mar 1, was refloated same day, resumed sailing on Mar 3 after survey.
Panamax bulk carrier ran aground leaving port in Brazil on Mar 3, in the morning Mar 4 was still aground.
General cargo ship ran aground in Gulf of Tonkin while approaching port, probably as early as Feb 28, as of morning Mar 4 was still aground.
Thailand includes Germany, Italy, France in high-risk zones list
Mar 04, 2020 at 10:33.

The Public Health Ministry has issued an announcement defining nine countries and two territories as high-risk zones for coronavirus disease to accommodate control measures yet to be announced.
The nine countries are Japan, Germany, South Korea, China, Taiwan, France, Singapore, Italy and Iran. The two territories are Hong Kong and Macau.
Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul briefly showed the announcement signed by him on his Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon with a message that all visitors from these countries will be required to quarantine themselves for 14 days with no exceptions. However, the post was deleted minutes later without explanations.
Shipping wasn’t specified or even mentioned, as being embraced by this latest ”hot zones” list and looming “control measures”, authorities are apparently, more concerned with people arriving by commercial flights. But it may well be the case, with all ensuing, very negative, implications for cargo ships, shipping and logistics chains.
Bulk carrier grounding, Brazil
Mar 04, 2020 at 14:24.

Bulk carrier AEOLIAN GRACE aground at Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil, since late Mar 3 local time, understood ran aground shortly after unmooring. As of 0630 UTC Mar 4, still aground, two Svitzer tugs at her side, probably about to be refloated.
Mar 4 1400 UTC UPGRADE: Still aground, at least 4 tugs deployed in salvage.
Not again! MSC OPERA with some 3,000 people faces nightmarish quarantine, Greece. UPDATE
Mar 04, 2020 at 19:05.

Mar 5 UPDATE: According to Greek officials and Health authorities, news published by British tabloids are not confirmed and at the very least, can be considered as exaggerated. The ship left Piraeus with clean Health Certificate, there are no cases of any infection on board, and all people on board will undergo health screening on arrival to Corfu. As of 0700 UTC Mar 5, the ship was in Ionian sea steaming towards Corfu, ETA 0900 UTC Mar 5. With any luck, the story will end soon, without turning the ship into a floating concentration camp.
Mar 4: More than 2,000 passengers on board of cruise ship MSC OPERA are told not to leave the ship, which is due to visit Corfu Island, Greece, on Mar 5. Austrian tourist, who travelled on board of MSC OPERA last week and departed in Italy on Feb 28, was tested positive for coronavirus on return to Austria. All 2,000 passengers on Mar 4 have been told to remain on board of cruise ship after being urgently called back from excursions in Athens.
The ship arrived at Piraeus in the morning Mar 4, left port in the afternoon, and as of 1900 UTC Mar 4 was sailing in Aegean sea along eastern coast of Peloponnese Peninsula, ETA Corfu morning Mar 5.
14-day quarantine for all people on board was mentioned, hopefully authorities will find another option and avoid this awful mess.
Cargo ship beached by storm, partially sank, Vietnam
Mar 05, 2020 at 06:34.

General cargo ship DUC MINH 555, loaded with limestone, encountered rough weather with strong wind and high waves in Ha Tinh Province waters, Vietnam, Gulf of Tonkin, while sailing south to port of Quang Ngai, Quang Ngai Province. The ship couldn’t keep against wind and waves, and was pushed aground at around on the coast in vicinity 18 12N 106 16E, at around 0300 LT (UTC +7) Mar 5. Nine crew managed to leave the ship and get to the shore, understood all are safe. The ship is resting on the ground, partially submerged, battered by swell.
General cargo ship DUC MINH 555, IMO 9601508, dwt 1805, built 2010, flag Vietnam, manager DONG DO TRADING & TOURISM.
Tanker attacked, drifting, crew in citadel waiting rescue, Gulf of Guinea UPDATE 1 crew kidnapped
Mar 05, 2020 at 18:58.

Mar 5 1930 UTC UPDATE: All except 1 22-crew rescued, safe, but 1 Filipino crew who didn’t make it to citadel, has been kidnapped. Crew includes 6 Greeks and other nationalities.
Mar 5 1800 UTC: Product tanker MINERVA VIRGO attacked at around 1300 UTC Mar 5 in vicinity 05 36N 002 21E, 43 nm south of Cotonou, Benin, Gulf of Guinea. Crew retreated to citadel, but according to Dryad, at least 1 crew is unaccounted for. As of 1800 UTC the ship was drifting, not under command, though with AIS on, Benin patrol boat approaching tanker. Understood crew sheltered in citadel, waiting for rescue, and hopefully, unaccounted for crew managed to escape in someplace. Awaiting updates.
Tanker en route from Netherlands to Lagos Nigeria.
Tanker grounding, Argentina
Mar 06, 2020 at 06:29.

Mar 5: Product tanker SAN MATIAS I aground in Bahia Blanca approach fairway since around 0300 UTC Mar 5, while approaching Bahia Blanca. A number of tugs and aux boats around.
Mar 6 UPDATE: Tanker was refloated at around 0430 UTC Mar 6, anchored near grounding site. The ship is loaded with 65,000 tons of crude oil, destined for Puerto Rosales. The hull wasn’t breached, so there’s no cargo loss.
Product tanker SAN MATIAS I, IMO 9298789, dwt 69648, built 2005, flag Argentina, manager ANTARES NAVIERA SA.
Crew evacuated from distressed general cargo ship, Taiwan Strait
Mar 06, 2020 at 07:53.

General cargo ship JIAN GONG 8 early in the morning Mar 5 reported anchor dragging, drift towards reefs near western coas of Quanzhou Bay, Fujian, China, Taiwan Strait. Main engine broke down, crew couldn’t start it in challenging conditions of rough seas, ship being rolling with up to 15-deg list. Salvage tug couldn’t approach distressed ship, it was decided to evacuate 10 crew. By 1700 LT Mar 5 all crew were evacuated, all are safe. Ship’s to be towed to port, or repaired at the site, with weather improvement. As of Mar 6, the ship seems to remain at anchor, AIS is on.
Thailand high-risk zones updated list and visitors treatment
Mar 06, 2020 at 10:41.

High-risk zone updated list includes China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Italy and Iran. All returnees (Thai nationals) are required to undergo self-quarantine for 14 days, or they may be subject to quarantine organised by the authorities. All foreigners coming from high-risk countries are not to be quarantined, except for those having virus symptoms on arrival, during health screening.
Chinese cargo ship attacked, boarded in Gulf of Guinea UPDATE crew safe
Mar 06, 2020 at 15:34

Mar 9: General cargo ship HUANGHAI GLORY reached Lagos anchorage on Mar 7, escorted by Nigerian Navy patrol boat or ship. When pirates boarded the ship, crew mustered in citadel, and was locked there until, at last, Nigerian patrol boat approached the ship on Mar 6, and pirates fled. Crew cabins and service compartments, no doubt, were looted. Nigerian patrol boat was at the scene more than 24 hours after the alert, and attacked ship was in just 2-3 hours sailing time distance from Lagos. This is not the first case, when sheltered in citadel crew had to wait for help for 24+ hours.
Mar 6: General cargo ship HUANGHAI GLORY reported by Dryad Global as attacked, boarded by pirates at 1820 UTC Mar 5, some 85 nm south of Lagos Nigeria, Gulf of Guinea. The ship was drifting after attack, not responding to contact requests. According to track, the ship started moving at around 1300 UTC Mar 6, after about an hour went adrift again. As of 1500 UTC Mar 6, the ship was still adrift or moving at slow speed, Nigerian Navy patrol boat NNS SPARROW approaching – in nearly 24 hours after alert, in vicinity of Lagos. Some defence. 23 crew reportedly all Chinese.
The ship left Lekki port, east of Lagos, understood on Mar 5, though AIS track looks somewhat different with positions and time not exactly fitting in the story.
General cargo ship HUANGHAI GLORY, IMO 9458432, dwt 28287, built 2012, flag HK, manager TIANJIN XINHAI INTL SHIP MGMT, Tianjin.
Cargo ship damaged fish farm fence, some 2 mil fish fled the farm, Turkey
Mar 06, 2020 at 16:59.

General cargo ship NAVAHO went out of control after steering failure in Gulluk Bay, southwest Turkey, Aegean sea, and struck fish farm fence, some 2 million fish fled the farms. Fish farmers said to suffer heavy losses. Date of accident unknown, the ship arrived at Gulluk Bay and anchored on Mar 1.
Container ship broke off moorings at Livorno
Mar 08, 2020 at 06:47.

Container ship SINGAPORE EXPRESS was torn off her moorings at Darsena Toscana container terminal, Livorno, Italy, shortly after midnight Mar 6. Livorno was battered by gale-force regional wind by the time of an accident. Understood aft moorings broke up, while fore moorings remained intact thanks to timely slackening. Port authorities were immediately alerted, deployed tugs assisted the ship and understood, she was moored alongside opposite berth. Crane was reportedly slightly damages by ship’s superstructure. On a photo SINGAPORE EXPRESS right after her stern moorings broke up, drifting across harbor with her aft still held by moorings. The ship arrived at Livorno from Spain on Mar 5, left Livorno on Mar 8, understood with a delay caused by this mishap.
Mega yacht belonging to Saudi Prince capsized in repair yard, no injures
Mar 09, 2020 at 17:44.

Mega yacht NOURAH OF RYAD capsized during lifting operation at repair yard in Perama, Greece, at around noon Mar 8. Yacht was to be lifted out of water for carrying out underwater hull anti-fouling works, something went wrong and she capsized starboard, remaining partially above waterline. Crew and dock workers are safe, nobody was injured.
Cargo ship aground, San Andreas Island, Caribbean
Mar 09, 2020 at 18:34.

General cargo ship RED DUCHESS ran aground approaching Port of San Andres Island, Colombia, Caribbean, in the afternoon Mar 7, on arrival from Moin Costa Rica. As of Mar 9, status and condition of the ship unknown, understood still aground.
Container ship sunk pilot boat entering Taipei, 1 dead 1 missing
Mar 09, 2020 at 19:38.

Container ship GODSPEED reportedly collided with pilot boat at 2045 LT (UTC +Cool Mar 9, while entering Taipei Port, Taiwan, on arrival from Taichung Taiwan. Understood there were two crew on board, but no pilot. One of crew was recovered and declared dead, another one, skipper of the boat, is missing. The ship berthed at Taipei at around 2100 LT Mar 9.
Container ship GODSPEED, IMO 9426738, dwt 7990, capacity 500 TEU, built 2007, flag HK, manager CREATIVITY DRAGON HOLDINGS LTD, HK.
Refusal to handle container ship from China because of virus fear
Mar 10, 2020 at 13:30.

Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd. (CHCL) workers refused to handle container ship GH LEVANT at Port Louis, Mauritius, out of virus fear – the ship arrived from Shenzhen China with some 300 containers to be offloaded, and 400 to be loaded. CHCL is the sole container terminal handling company at Port Louis, so this conflict has to be dealt with somehow. Crew have been recognized by Health Authorities as healthy and not dangerous for public health, but it didn’t convince workers, they refuse to board the ship. GH LEVANT berthed late Mar 9, she left Shenzhen on Feb 24.
German container ship collided with cargo ship, both damaged, Turkey
Mar 10, 2020 at 14:37.

Container ship STADT DRESDEN collided with general cargo ship IBRAHIM SIMSEK at around 0240 UTC Mar 10 in eastern Marmara sea off Senkoy, Turkey, while both ships were under way and proceeding in opposite directions. Both ships sustained seemingly, serious damages, both were anchored near collision site. IBRAHIM SIMSEK lost her stb anchor. STADT DRESDEN is en route from Rodaport Turkey to Evyap Turkey, IBRAHIM SIMSEK is en route fromEvyap to Aliaga, Turkey.
Captain medevaced by USCG helicopter
Mar 11, 2020 at 05:00.

General cargo ship BALSA 84 reported to USCG in the morning Mar 10 Captain in need of immediate medical assistance, off Ocean City, Maryland, US East Coast. 61-year-old Filipino captain was exhibiting symptoms of a possible heart attack and needed medical assistance.
USCG statement: Watchstanders launched an aircrew aboard an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City to assist. Once on scene, the crew hoisted the man onto the helicopter and transported him to Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury.
The ship was en route from Veracruz Mexico to Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, upstream from Philadelphia. BALSA 84 entered Delaware Bay and was anchored same day at Big Stone Beach Anchorage.
Minor collision off Gibraltar Strait
Mar 11, 2020 at 06:48.

Bulk carrier DARYA AUM collided with Spanish fishing boat TATIANA Y MANUEL early in the morning Mar 10 some 12 nm N of Cape Spartel, Tangier, W of Gibraltar Strait. Understood fishing boat struck bulk carrier and sustained bow damages, but remained under way, continued fishing and later returned to base port of Barbate, Spain. Bulk carrier continued her voyage from Newport News USA to Suez Egypt.
Panic or coronavirus, what’s more dangerous?
Mar 12, 2020 at 07:10.

Ferry BLUE STAR MYCONOS departed on Mar 11 from Kavala, northern Greece, with an hour delay, after one crew was taken to hospital with virus-like symptoms, whatever these symptoms may be. The ship according to her service schedule, was bound for Myrina, Lemnos island, and Mytilene. She reached Lemnos and was detained at Myrina until the result of coronavirus test will become known. That is to say, that if result is positive, the whole ship with all crew will be put under quarantine. If, hopefully, it’s not the case and test will be negative, the ship, as hopefully, will resume her service trips after a lengthy delay.
If Greece and other coastal nations, heavily dependant on ferry links, will start to detain their ferries after anyone among hundreds or thousands of their crews got a running nose, their inner transportation infrastructure, both passenger and cargo, will soon collapse, and with that, they’ll have much more trouble on their hands, than mere coronavirus.
Spectacular video of lighter sinking in Hoogly river
Mar 12, 2020 at 08:37.

Two ships collided in Hoogly river, in Batanagar area, downstream from Kolkata, India, at around noon Mar 12 Understood one of the ships was Bangladeshi coastal lighter MAMAMOYEE MAA, loaded with ash, sank after collision, all on board rescued, one suffering injures. another one was a Kolkata Port Trust ship, no data found. A spectacular video of MAMAMOYEE MAA sinking was posted in youtube – the ship ran onto bank to avoid sinking, but strong current took her off, and she quickly sank.

Cargo ship loaded with cement sank off Mexico Pacific coast
Mar 13, 2020 at 06:43.

General cargo ship DUBAN loaded with some 1,500 tons of cement sank 13 nm of the coast of Oaxaca, southern Mexican state on Pacific coast, in the afternoon Mar 12, while en route to Manzanillo. 12 crew rescued. There was water ingress, engine room was flooded, the ship was sinking on even keel, judging from photo. She was already proceeding at reduced speed several hours prior to sinking.
Supply ship collided with oil field FPSO, Brazil
Mar 14, 2020 at 05:30.

Offshore supply ship BATUIRA collided with FPSO P-77 at Buzios oil field, Santos Basin, S of Rio de Janeiro, on Mar 12. The sustained serious damages, but reached Rio de Janeiro understood, under own power, on Mar 13, and was berthed. FPSO remain operative and continued production, damages understood to be slight or none.
Chinese freighter sank in Taiwan Strait, 3 missing UPDATE
Mar 14, 2020 at 10:56.

UPDATE: The ship sank at around 1500 Beijing time Mar 14, of 13 crew, 10 were rescued, 3 are missing.
Cargo ship JING WEI 188 sank reportedly, on Mar 14 or 15, in southern Taiwan Strait south of Xiamen, 3 crew are missing. The ship was en route from Macau to northern China. No other details available.
Ferry sank in Honduras Caribbean, 2 crew missing
Mar 14, 2020 at 18:12.

Landing craft CAPT. BERTO II sank in Honduras Caribbean waters some 40 nm off Coxen Hole, Roatan Island, Bay Islands, Honduras, in the morning Mar 14. Of 8 crew 6 were rescued, 2 are missing. The ship was deployed as ro-ro cargo ferry between Bay Islands and La Ceiba, mainland Honduras.
Tanker grounding, Parana estuary
Mar 15, 2020 at 07:02.

Product tanker FERNI H ran aground on right bank of Parana river downstream from Puerto Parana, Parana estuary, in the morning Mar 13, reportedly after mechanical breakdown. Tanker was refloated same day and anchored upstream from grounding site, resumed voyage late at night Mar 14, according to track. She’s en route from San Martin, Parana, to Zona Comun area, Rio Del La Plata, with some 16,000 tons of gasoil on board.
Australia bans all cruise ships
Mar 15, 2020 at 07:12.

Australian Government has announced effective as of 1400hrs AEST today, that all cruise ships originating from a foreign port will be refused entry to Australian Ports in a bid to contain coronavirus.
The ban is to last for 30 days.
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Tug pushing barges contacted Luling Bridge, Mississippi
Mar 16, 2020 at 05:21.

Pusher tug COOPERATIVE SPIRIT pushing 29 grain barges contacted Luling Bridge (Hale Boggs Memorial Bridge), Mississippi River, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, at around 0615 UTC Mar 15, while sailing downstream. Coast Guard Sector New Orleans has closed the Mississippi River between marks MM 115-122. Of 29 barges, 26 have been recovered, 2 sank, 1 missing. Bridge wasn’t damaged. Tug remained under way, understood she suffered slight or damages.
Tanker full of migrants grounded in Kea island coast, Greece
Mar 16, 2020 at 14:47.

A small coastal tanker with 190 migrants, mostly young men, and 3 crew on board ran aground on Kea island, Cyclades archipelago, Aegean sea, Greece, on a breakwater or embankment, in the morning Mar 16. Unidentified tanker – most probably, the ship is not listed in any international database – sailed from Canakkale, planning to get to Italy. Stormy weather grounded tanker on Kea coast. Migrants are taken ashore and provided shelter, 3 crew are suspects in human trafficking.
Freighter with coal aground, river Don, Azov sea
Mar 16, 2020 at 15:37.

General cargo ship SHAMAN loaded with coal ran aground at around 0800 Moscow time Mar 16 in lower river Don near Donskoy village, while en route from Rostov to Koper Slovenia. As of 1830 Moscow time, she seemed to be still aground, though Russian media reported ship to be already refloated. No damages reported.
Freighter disabled, ordered to contract Abeille, Bay of Biscay
Mar 17, 2020 at 04:39.

General cargo ship RMS WANHEIM reported propulsion failure at around 0800 UTC Mar 16 in Biscay Bay SW of Brest, while en route from Rotterdam to Psajes Spain with cargo of steel. Crew tried to fix the problem, the ship being monitored by MRCC Corsen France. By 2030 UTC the ship was still disabled, drifting, owner had to comply with French Maritime Authorities request or order to sign towage contract with Societe Abeilles, and hire tug ABEILLE BOURBON for towage. Tug was already nearby, towage commenced at around 2030 UTC, RMS WANHEIM is to be towed to Brest. As of 0430 UTC Mar 17, caravan was under way to Brest, ETA Mar 17.
Panamax bulk carrier disabled in Bosphorus, Istanbul.
Mar 17, 2020 at 07:10.

Bulk carrier TYCOON suffered engine failure while transiting Bosphorus in northern direction in Beykoz area, Istanbul, around 2015 UTC Mar 16. She was taken under control by tug or tugs, understood anchored, and resumed transit at 2330 UTC Mar 16, escorted by tugs. She was anchored off Bosphorus in Black sea at around 0030 UTC Mar 17, and as of 0700 UTC, was still at anchor. TYCOON is en route to Odessa Ukraine.
Panamax bulk carrier aground, Parana river
Mar 17, 2020 at 13:47.

Bulk carrier LADY I ran aground at around 0100 UTC Mar 17 in Parana river, upstream of San Lorenzo port, shortly after unmooring being underway downstream with cargo of maize on board. As of 1330 UTC Mar 17, the ship was still aground with tug BRUTUS at her side. Traffic, reportedly, not affected.
Tanker collided with fishing vessel, Japan
Mar 18, 2020 at 07:07.

Product tanker CHIZAN collided with 14-ton fishing vessel at 0135 Tokyo time Mar 18 south of Cape Irago Lighthouse, Honshu, while entering Ise Bay, en route from Yokosuka to Yokkaichi OPL. Understood fishing vessel struck tanker starboard. Tanker starboard sustained some damages, fishing vessel suffered bow damages, its’ skipper was seriously injured. Tanker was ordered to sail to Toba anchorage for investigation, resumed voyage in the afternoon, fishing vessel understood to remain afloat.
Freighter grounding, Seine, France
Mar 18, 2020 at 07:57.

General cargo ship KELLY C ran aground on Seine river in front of La Bouille, shortly after leaving Rouen port, France, bound for Casablanca, at around 1815 UTC Mar 17. The ship was refloated in less than an hour with the help of a Rouen port tug, and sailed back to Rouen, where she was berthed, understood for inspection. As of 0730 UTC Mar 18, KELLY C was still at Rouen. Reportedly, the ship ran aground while maneuvering to pass clear of tug with barge.
20 Corona distressed cruise ships: Summary. Mar 22 UPDATES COSTA LUMINOSA trap
Mar 18, 2020 at 17:56.

I compiled something of a summary of cruise ships distressed or troubled by coronavirus paranoia and fears. The overwhelming majority of the ships and people on board are corona clean, they fell victims to inflated, not justified, fears, not to infamous virus. The list contains brief information on 17 troubled ships, it’s not full of course, there are more ships still cruising around, turned away by a number of countries, and not knowing where to dock.
Thousand of people are trapped on board, unsure of their fate. It’s not a fight with coronavirus, it’s our shame and disgrace. I don’t know how dangerous coronavirus is, but I know, that the actions governments are taking to contain it, and all the fears hyped around it, are much more dangerous and ruinous, already.
Will do my best to update this list and monitor the situation.

MSC FANTASIA docked at Lisbon Portugal, all 1338 to land in Lisbon, no problems so far except cancelled cruise.
COSTA LUMINOSA at Savona, ordered to leave in the morning Mar 23, with at least 200 passengers and 800 crew on board – they’ll stay locked on board until Italy starts to cancel quarantines and lockdowns.

COSTA LUMINOSA and COSTA PACIFICA partial disembark at Marseilles.
COLUMBUS – unique solution found, passengers on the way home, mainly to UK and Australia, Thumbs up to Cruise & Maritime Voyages company.
BRAEMAR - HAPPY END, thank you Cuba!
MAASDAM and NORWEGIAN JEWEL won’t be allowed to disembark passengers at Honolulu, said State officials.
COSTA VICTORIA with 700 passengers on board slowly cruising in Med, see details below.
AIDAmira: Cleared after virus check, passengers will be allowed to disembark and fly home.
Read in full below.

1 BRAEMAR (IMO 9000699, on board 682 passengers, crew 371) HAPPY END, thank you Cuba!

Refused entry by several Caribbean nations, heading for Cuba, which agrees to allow the ship to entry Cuban port, with following passengers disembarkation. Mar 18: Ship’s at Mariel Cuba, looking like she’s berthed.

Mar 20: All passengers disembarked at Mariel, Cuba, and understood, are already in the air flying home. Thank you, Cuba!

2 CELEBRITY ECLIPSE (IMO 9404314, capacity 2850 max, crew 1270)

Refused entry by Chile, anchored at Valparaiso Chile probably to replenish supplies, will sail to San Diego (USA), ETA Mar 25.

3 SILVER EXPLORER (IMO 8806747, on board 111 passengers, 120 crew)

Was at anchor at Puerto Montt Chile, under way since 1330 UTC Mar 17, destination Castro Chile, ETA Mar 17. Mar 18: Returned to Puerto Montt, anchored.

4 SILVER SHADOW (IMO 9192167, on board 316 passengers, 291 crew)

Berthed at Recife, Brazil, 1 passenger infected, all people on board to disembark starting Mar 17, all to be taken to their countries of origin by planes to be provided by these countries; operator of the ship is to take care of the ship or pay for maintenance while at port.

5 SILVER SPIRIT (IMO 9437866, on board 650 passengers, crew 400+)

Mar 18 - allowed to berth at Darwin, passengers disembarked, required to undergo self-quarantine of 4-day duration.

6 NORWEGIAN JEWEL (IMO 9304045, on board 2000 passengers, 1000+ crew)

Stranded in South Pacific, refused entry by 4 countries, on Mar 17 managed to refuel at Samoa, steaming full speed to Honolulu Hawaii, where allegedly, passengers will be allowed to disembark, ETA Mar 22.

Mar 20 UPDATE: State and cruise line officials previously said passengers would disembark at Honolulu Harbor. However, State Department of Transportation decided to only allow the Maasdam and Norwegian Jewel cruise vessels ... to come into port solely to take on fuel and resupply, in Honolulu Harbor.

7 PACIFIC PRINCESS (IMO 9187887, capacity 670, crew 370)

Has been refused entry by Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, headed for Fremantle Australia, ETA Mar 20. Understood she passengers will be allowed to disembark, because by Mar 19 she will be 14 days at sea, required time of being under quarantine.

8 AIDAmira (IMO 9172777, on board 1240 passengers, crew 486)

Berthed in Cape Town since Mar 16, under quarantine, 6 passengers who’s been on the same flight with 1 corona infected person are in hospital undergoing test.

Mar 20: Cleared after virus check, passengers will be allowed to disembark and fly home.

9 MSC MUSICA (IMO 9320087, on board 2900 people)

Allowed to berth at Buenos Aires, all on board are undergoing health screening, hopefully passengers will be allowed to disembark, because the majority of them are Argentinians.

10 CORAL PRINCESS (IMO 9229659, capacity 1970, crew 900)

Arrived at Rio Del La Plata and was anchored off Montevideo, Uruguay, on Mar 17. The ship arrived from Ushuaia Argentina, she was to dock at Buenos Aires, but understood, banned. No clarity yet.

11 COSTA FAVOLOSA (IMO 9479852, on board were 2204 passengers, crew 1110)

Stranded off Guadeloupe, Caribbean, and it looks like authorities found a way of repatriating passengers without quarantine – they leave island by chartered planes, in groups. After disembarking each group, the ship leaves Port de Pointe-a-Pitre and cruises off port until everything is ready to disembark next group. She’s to dock port again on Mar 18, with remaining 400 passengers, to be deported as soon as planes will be chartered, according to local sources.

12 MEIN SCHIFF 1 (IMO 9783564, capacity 2534 passengers, crew 1000)

Steaming full speed towards Bridgetown Barbados, with hope to be allowed to dock and disembark passengers.

13 MAASDAM (IMO 8919257, capacity 1258, crew 580)

ETA Honolulu Hawaii Mar 20, all on board to undergo health check prior to disembarkation.

Mar 20 UPDATE: State and cruise line officials previously said passengers would disembark at Honolulu Harbor. However, State Department of Transportation decided to only allow the Maasdam and Norwegian Jewel cruise vessels ... to come into port solely to take on fuel and resupply, in Honolulu Harbor.

14 ROALD AMUNDSEN (IMO 9813072, capacity 500-1000 passengers)

Refused entry at Punta Arenas Chile, anchored at Punta Arenas since Mar 16, heaved anchor on Mar 18, port of destination Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, South Atlantic.

15 ZAANDAM (IMO 9156527, capacity 1432 passengers, crew 615)

Banned from Punta Arenas, transited Magellan Strait and entered Pacific, steaming towards San Antonio Chile with a feeble hope of being allowed to dock and disembark, ETA Mar 20.

16 COSTA LUMINOSA (IMO 9398905, on board more than 1400 people)
Approaching Marseilles with several corona infected (confirmed or suspect, unknown) people on board, ETA Mar 19, highly probably to be banned from entry.
187 French passengers were disembarked, the ship was to sail to Italy, however, thanks to diplomatic intervention, 296 passengers, mainly Austrians and Germans, managed to land on Mar 20. The ship is to sail to Italy, port of destination yet not nominated.
Mar 22: The ship berthed at Savona Italy on Mar 21, ordered to leave on Mat 23, next port being probably, Genoa. Disembarking under way, understood majority of passengers will managed to land, some 800 crew and 200 passengers will stay on board, because they can’t fly from Italy, anyway, as long as all flights to their native countries are banned.

17 COSTA PACIFICA (IMO 9378498, capacity 3780 passengers, crew 1100)

Arrived at Marseilles on Mar 19, after disembarking 145 French passengers, was kicked out by French Authorities, under way to Genoa Italy, ETA Mar 21.

18 COLUMBUS (IMO 8611398, capacity 1800, crew 700)

Refused entry by a number of Indonesian ports, reached Phuket island, Thailand, Andaman sea, in the morning Mar 18, anchored. No news at all, except that 1 passenger was treated for possible corona infection in Indonesia.

Mar 20: Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) has confirmed that two of its cruise ships have rendezvoused 12 nautical miles off the coast of Phuket, Thailand, and undertook a unique passenger transfer during Mar 18. COLUMBUS is now undertaking a 7,842 nautical mile voyage directly back to the UK with 907 passengers including 602 British nationals and 619 crew members on board.

VASCO DA GAMA will undertake a 2,837 nautical mile voyage directly back to Australia with 952 passengers including 907 Australian & New Zealander nationals and 552 crew members onboard arriving back in Fremantle (Perth) on 27 March.

Thumbs up to Cruise & Maritime Voyages – they found quite an unusual and daring solution to frustratingly difficult problem.

19 COSTA VICTORIA (IMO 9109031, on board 700 passengers, crew 770)
En route to Venice Italy ETA Mar 28, from Oman. The ship has been planned to be relocated to Mediterranean after seasonal deployment in Indian ocean. No decision yet on her fate and passengers disembarkation. The ship is reportedly, clean, but raging virus paranoia doesn’t take such nuisances into account. She’s to be quarantined, though she’s been at sea for more than 2 weeks. She transited Suez (without calling Canal ports) on Mar 19, and as of morning Mar 20, was sailing in Med at a reduced speed, heading for Venice.

20 MSC FANTASIA (IMO 9359791, on board 1338 passengers, crew 1310)
Sailed from Rio de Janeiro on Mar 9 to Europe, all European calls were cancelled, docked at Lisbon Portugal on Mar 22, all passengers are to disembark in Lisbon after health check, and fly home.
Cargo ship with barley bound for Iran aground in Caspian sea
Mar 18, 2020 at 18:30.

General cargo ship PORT OLYA 2 loaded with 4698 tons of barley ran aground in Volga – Caspian Seaway Channel at 143.5 kilometer mark, at around 1600 Moscow time Mar 18, while en route from Port Olya river Volga, to Amirabad Iran. As of 2100 Moscow time, the ship was still aground, with tug nearby.
Bulk carrier grounding, Ramallo, Argentina
Mar 20, 2020 at 14:14.

Bulk carrier FEDERAL TIBER ran aground on kilometer 310 mark in Ramallo area, river Parana, at around 1950 UTC Mar 19, while proceeding upstream to San Nicolas, Argentina, with cargo of ore. The ship managed to refloat by own means in about half an hour, resumed sailing. Was anchored at San Nicolas in the evening Mar 19, understood damages are slight or none.
Fire in engine room of hopper dredger, Netherlands
Mar 20, 2020 at 15:33.

Hopper dredger DC VLAANDEREN 3000, berthed at Breskens, Westerschelde mouth, Netherlands, suffered fire in engine room in the evening Mar 19. Crew activated firefighting CO2 system, and extinguished fire, leaving engine room sealed. In the morning Mar 20 Breskens firefighters team boarded the ship and opened engine room in a safe manner.
Bulk carrier ALGOMA CONVEYOR aground in Green Bay, Michigan UPDATE
Mar 20, 2020 at 19:27.

Bulk carrier ALGOMA CONVEYOR aground in Green Bay, Lake Michigan, since around 2000 UTC Mar 19, on a fairway approaching Green Bay port.
UPDATE: The ship ran aground in ice, after losing propulsion, probably because of damages inflicted by ice. She’s loaded with salt, and though she blocked fairway, no vessel is expected soon. Lightering mentioned.
South Korean seiner with 24 crew sinking off PNG, Bismarck sea UPDATE
Mar 21, 2020 at 04:44.

South Korean fishing vessel LIM DISCOVERER with 24 crew on board reported sinking in Bismarck sea in vicinity 03 26S 147 50E, north of Port Lae, Papua New Guinea, at 0230 UTC Mar 21. At 0330 UTC ship’s AIS was still on.
Mar 21 UPDATE: 24 crew safe. Crew includes 9 Korean and 15 other nationalities. It is believed as of now, that the ship hit the reef, was holed and sank.
General cargo ship sank off West Papua, 1 crew missing
Mar 21, 2020 at 05:59.

General cargo ship SURYA EXPRESS sank off West Papua northeast coast in vicinity 00 40S 133 20E at around 2315 EIT (UTC +9) Mar 20, while en route from Gresik to West Papua. Of 18 crew, 17 were rescued, 1 is missing. Seamen were swimming in the water with life jackets on, they’ve been picked up one by one. No other details are available, including character of cargo and the cause of disaster.
Vessel attacked in Gulf of Guinea
Mar 21, 2020 at 19:08.

Mar 20: Vessel attacked in Gulf of Guinea in Cameroon waters at around 2345 UTC Mar 19, most probably product tanker STENA IMPORTANT, anchored at attack site position 03 40N 009 26E, since early morning Mar 19, on arrival from Fujairah UAE.
Mar 21 UPDATE: Confirmed STENA IMPORTANT was attacked, crew safe, details unknown.
Longliner aground, 36 evacuated, Tuamotu
Mar 22, 2020 at 08:09.

Reportedly, Taiwanese fishing vessel ran aground on southwest reefs of Atoll Arutua, Tuamotu, French Polynesia, on Mar 20 or 21. MRCC French Polynesia sent a helicopter to evacuated 36 crew, they are to be isolated prior to repatriation to 2 sister fishing vessels, which approached grounding site.
According to AIS tracks, there are three longliners in the area where accident occurred, all three are Chinese (SHEN GANG SHUN 1, SHEN GANG SHUN 2, SHEN GANG FA 1), at least two are owned by the same company. No Taiwanese fishing vessel in this specific area, so most probably, local media mistook Chinese longliners for Taiwanese ones.
Container ship attacked in Gulf of Guinea, AIS went off
Mar 22, 2020 at 09:09.

UPDATE: Confirmed it’s MSC TALIA F, 7 crew reportedly kidnapped out of total 17, all said to be Ukrainians. The ship resumed sailing at around 1115 UTC, AIS on, as of 1415 UTC she was approaching Libreville.
1030 UTC: Cargo ship attacked in Gulf of Guinea halfway between Sao Tome and Libreville Gabon, at around 0730 UTC Mar 22. The ship is not identified, but according to ships’ tracks, it’s almost undoubtedly, container ship MSC TALIA F, en route from Lome to Libreville. As of 0900 UTC, ship’s AIS was off during last 3 hours.
Tanker explosion, crew injured, Libya UPDATE seized by Libyan Gov
Mar 22, 2020 at 19:30.

Mar 23: Tanker arrived at Benghazi on Mar 13 from UAE, allegedly with cargo of jet oil for Libyan National Army (LNA), adversary of Libyan Government of National Accord LGNA. Tanker left Benghazi on Mar 16, went off AIS radars on Mar 18, being in Gulf of Sidra, and reappeared on Mar 22, issuing distress signal. LGNA in its’ statement said, that tanker was seized by LGNA in the evening Mar 22, to be taken to LGNA-controlled port for investigation. As of morning Mar 23, tanker was already in Misrata waters. Not clear what happened, and whether there was an explosion or not.
Mar 22: Chemical tanker GULF PETROLEUM 4 suffered explosion in engine room at around 1630 UTC Mar 22 in vicinity 32 00N 015 55E, off Libyan coast, Mediterranean. Unknown number of crew injured, understood in need of medical assistance. Tanker understood to be disabled, drifting. She was engaged in operations in Gulf of Sidra since Mar 16 after leaving Benghazi Libya.
Freighter ran on rock, Russian crew rescued, Scotland
Mar 23, 2020 at 17:43.

General cargo ship KAAMI ran aground on the rock, known locally as Eugenie Rock which in about 6 nm North West off Duntulm, Isle of Skye, Scotland, at 0150 UTC Mar 23, reported RLNI UK. The Portree Lifeboat was launched at 2.24am., also were deployed the Emergency Towing Vessel IEVOLI BLACK (IMO 9439242) and the Pharos, a Northern Lighthouse Board buoy-laying vessel. 8 all Russian crew were airlifted to Stornoway by duty Stornoway Coastguard Rescue Helicopter, all are safe. Stornoway coastguard said weather conditions were “challenging” and stormy with high seas at the time of the rescue.
According to track, the ship was still on the rocks as of 1600 UTC Mar 23 with AIS on, offshore tug IEVOLI BLACK standing by. The ship is en route from Belfast to Slite Sweden.
If it’s not a madness, then what is? Locals threaten anchored tanker on corona fears.
Mar 24, 2020 at 16:24.

Chemical tanker HARAPAN BARU arrived at Pulau Atlas, Samarinda, Kalimantan, Indonesia, on Mar 10, with cargo of bitum. The ship is anchored since arrival and can’t off load her cargo, because of coronavirus fears. Tanker sailed from Singapore and was to offload cargo, all or part of it, in Pare Pare Sulawesi, Indonesia, but was turned off by strong locals protests, because “the ship arrived from Singapore, where there’s an outbreak of virus, and therefore, may be contaminated”. The same story repeats itself in Samarinda, locals demand to move tanker someplace downstream away from port, or if not, they’re threatening to cut off anchor chain.
If it’s not a madness, then what is? There’s no information on infected crew on board, and in any case, tankers are least connected to shore vessels and as such, are the least imaginable bio threat.
Container ship Master medevaced
Mar 26, 2020 at 06:42.

Master of container ship MAERSK BATAM was medevaced at night Mar 23 with heart attack symptoms, by US Coast Guard by helicopter in Caribbean, 100 nm south of Puerto Rico. The ship was en route from Colombia to Southampton UK. The ship interrupted voyage and headed for US Virgins Islands, resuming voyage after medevac.
Bulk carrier attacked in Gulf of Guinea, attack probably thwarted
Mar 26, 2020 at 06:43.

Cargo ship was attacked by pirates in Gulf of Guinea at 1006 UTC Mar 25 SW of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, while en route from Calabar Nigeria to Port Owendo Gabon. DRYAD GLOBAL have reported that one speedboat with 7 attackers on board was in the vicinity of the ship, with no other details. According to track, the ship changed course after attack and was sailing at a reduced speed for some time, later returning to course and gathering way to a full ahead. Hopefully, attack was thwarted, by maneuvering or by armed guards, if they were on board.
Cargo ship trampled down fishing vessel, trapping inside 6 fishermen
Mar 26, 2020 at 08:46.

General cargo ship COMAU collided with fishing vessel Victoria in Corral Bay, southern Chile, at around 2100 LT Mar 24. Cargo ship struck fishing vessel and trampled her down under bow, vessel capsized, remaining stuck to freighter’s bow. Of 7 fishermen on board, one was rescued, 6 were trapped inside, at least one recovered dead.
Coastal freighter attacked, 3 crew kidnapped, Gulf of Guinea
Mar 26, 2020 at 09:20.

Coastal ro-ro passenger ship ELOBEY 6 was attacked and hijacked by pirates in the morning Mar 21, some 22 nm off Port Gentil, Gabon, while en route from Port Bata to Annobon island, Equatorial Guinea. Pirates forced the crew to sail to Nigerian waters, but fled when ELOBEY 6 was approached by Nigerian Navy. Pirates kidnapped 3 crew, including 2 Moroccan and Equatorial Guinean. The ship was taken to Equatorail Guinea waters, escorted by frigate.
Ro-ro passenger cargo ship ELOBEY 6 (ex - Thassos I), IMO 7422867, GT 999, built 1975, flag Equatorial Guinea.
Tanker broke in two, sank or sinking, Mediterranean
Mar 26, 2020 at 15:25.

Product tanker LADY SANDRA was caught in rough seas and issued distress signal at around 2030 UTC Mar 25, reporting severe structural damages and hull about to break in two, E of Valetta Malta. Tanker broke in two, 3 crew found themselves in water after their life raft was ruptured. All 3 were rescued by Malta Armed Froces ship, and brought to Malta. Tanker or her aft half together with superstructure, was still afloat as of 0600 UTC Mar 26.
Absolutely unclear how this inland tanker got to sail in Mediterranean, and who allowed this river ship to navigate high seas, even if she was deployed for bunkering only. Crew include 2 Egyptians and 1 Romanian.
Capesize near collision at port, Argentina VIDEO
Mar 27, 2020 at 07:00.

Bulk carrier STAR PIERA suffered engine failure while berthing at Port Quequen, Argentina, in the afternoon Mar 26. Giant ship went out of control and was heading straight at pier, but thanks to tugs and released stb anchor, she was stopped meters from pier. Luckily, contact was avoided, one possible accident less, shipping has more than enough problems with coronavirus, which problems dwarf all routine accidents.

MAERSK container ship several crew tested corona positive, China
Mar 27, 2020 at 07:51.

Several crew members of container ship GJERTRUD MAERSK have been tested positive for coronavirus, and hospitalized in Ningbo, reported Chinese media on Mar 27, citing Lloyd, Maersk and local medical officials. It’s the first known case of cargo ship crew corona infection, so far. The ship arrived at Ningbo on Mar 17, from Hong Kong, and as of morning Mar 27, remains docked. Sick crew are to be replaced, with all safety measures taken. Crew ranks and other details are unknown.
8,200 TEU container ship aground, Mississippi
Mar 27, 2020 at 13:44.

Container ship BELITA ran aground on Mississippi river below New Orleans near Belle Chasse at 0320 LT (UTC -5) Mar 27, while proceeding upstream to New Orleans. As of 1330 UTC Mar 27, she was still aground, with at least 3 tugs deployed in refloating attempts. Traffic partially closed, with ships passing by one at a time.
Bulk carrier attacked, looted, crew probably safe
Mar 27, 2020 at 14:00.

DRYAD Global reported pirates attack at Conakry Anchorage Guinea, at 0230 UTC Mar 27. Pirates managed to board the ship, broke into superstructure and looted living quarters and service compartments, stealing cash and valuables. No other information available presently, with regards to crew and situation after attack, hopefully nobody was injured/kidnapped. Bulk carrier is anchored since Mar 21, on arrival from Abijan, Ivory Coast.
Container ship attacked, escaped
Mar 27, 2020 at 19:52.

Cargo ship was attacked at 1700 UTC Mar 27 in Gulf of Guinea halfway between Bonny Nigeria and Principe island, Sao Tome and Principo. According to ships tracks in attack position area, container ship LANA was attacked, but managed to escape – the ship didn’t stop and continued sailing at full speed. She’s en route from Duala Cameroon to Tangier Morocco.
Container ship failed to dock at Piraeus, and virus has nothing to do with it
Mar 28, 2020 at 13:43.

Container ship ATLANTIC SOUTH suffered engine failure on Mar 27 while heaving up anchor at Piraeus Anchorage, to get pilot on board and proceed to Piraeus port. The ship remained at anchor and as of afternoon Mar 28, was still at anchor, understood carrying out repairs. The ship arrived from Split Croatia on Mar 26. Kind of rare event nowadays – just an accident, with no corona involved.
Offshore ship crew corona positive, scared by Lagos hospital and treatment
Mar 28, 2020 at 14:35.

Ukrainian crew member of offshore supply ship SIEM MARLIN has been diagnosed with coronavirus and hospitalized at Lagos Nigeria, reported Ukrainian media on Mar 26. According to their information, several other crew have corona-like symptoms, they are awaiting test results. Seaman who was taken to hospital describes dreadful conditions in hospital – he’s given some grey colored pills as the only medical treatment, food is awful, there are no masks and no emergency equipment, like lungs artificial ventilation apparatus.
They don’t have much of anything from food to equipment and medicine in there in Nigerian hospitals, but somehow, they manage to test for virus. How trustworthy their tests are, and what’s more dangerous for sick seaman, to stay on board in isolation, or to be treated in Nigerian hospitals?
Disabled cargo ship towed to Thessaloniki Anchorage
Mar 29, 2020 at 06:30.

General cargo ship NEPTUN suffered engine failure in the morning Mar 28 in Skiathos island area, Aegean sea, Greece, while en route from Egypt to Thessaloniki with cargo of 1,300 tons of potato. Disabled ship was taken on tow by tug, and towed to Thessaloniki anchorage, she was anchored at around 1420 UTC Mar 28, and as of morning Mar 29, remained in the same position.
Coal barge broke in two, sank at Dillingen port, Germany
Mar 29, 2020 at 06:34.

Coal barge AQUA SPRINTER II broke in two and sank alongside berth during loading operation in Dillingen, Germany, in the morning Mar 28. Understood barge has some 1,200 tons of coal dust in hold. Barge was built in 1983, of 2,100 cargo capacity.
Panamax bulk carrier fire, Bristol, UK
Mar 29, 2020 at 12:44.

Grain loading conveyor caught fire while loading bulk carrier THALASSINI at Bristol, UK, in the evening Mar 28. Fire was extinguished by joint efforts of Avon Fire and Rescue Service and Svitzer tug crews, no injures reported. Understood the ship sustained slight damages, if any.
Korean fishing vessel severely damaged in collision with Russian tug
Mar 30, 2020 at 11:50.

Russian tug SHAKHTERSK 2 reportedly collided with South Korean fishing boat at around 0400 UTC Mar 30 off Busan, Japan sea, while en route from Busan. Fishing vessel sustained heavy damages and was about to sink from massive water ingress, but Coast Guard patrol and rescue boats managed to pump out water deploying extra pumps. Fishing boat was towed to nearest port, Skipper was injured in collision, and taken to hospital. Tug resumed her voyage in eastern direction, port of destination unknown, most probably Sakhalin Island port or offshore. CG launched investigation, but understood, allowed tug to continue voyage. Judging from fishing vessel damages, she struck tug, or they collided head-on.
COSCO bulk carrier Captain died on board, reportedly from coronavirus
Mar 30, 2020 at 16:51.

COSCO bulk carrier FENG DE HAI arrived at Istanbul anchorage Marmara sea on Mar 26 from Conakry, Guinea, bound for Dneprobugskiy, Ukraine. Understood the ship arrived at Istanbul with Captain already dead, later it was said, that he died from coronavirus, though there’s absolutely no clarity in the whole story. Did he die during voyage, or while the ship was already anchored, or was he found to be infected after his death? His body already in coffin, was taken from the ship, to be transferred to his homeland. The ship resumed sailing on Mar 28, she transited Bosphorus, crossed Black sea and anchored at Yuzhniy Port Anchorage in the afternoon Mar 30. According to Ukrainian sources, medical check is under way, probably the ship will be put under quarantine. According to Trade Winds citing COSCO statement, crew already got clean bill of health.
Bulk carrier aground, Parana river
Mar 31, 2020 at 03:27.

Bulk carrier AG VALOR ran aground below Rosario at 401 kilometer mark, river Parana, Argentina, at night Mar 29. As of 0300 UTC Mar 31, the ship was still aground with at least two tugs deployed in refloating operation. Traffic not affected, according to Alpemar Shipping agents. Bulk carrier is en route from Puerto San Martin to Yemen with 19190 tons of maize on board.
CMA CGM mega container ship stranded, waiting for virus test result UPDATE
Mar 31, 2020 at 05:34.

Mar 31 UPDATE: Was allowed to enter port, berthed at around 1240 UTC Mar 31, no news yet on crew test results.
Mega container ship CMA CGM MARCO POLO wasn’t allowed to enter Algeciras Spain, on arrival from Southampton UK on Mar 30, after Master reported one sick crew with fever. CMA CGM MARCO POLO was anchored at Algeciras anchorage in the morning Mar 30, and as of morning Mar 31, remained in the same position, waiting for virus test result. The rest of the crew is undergoing constant health checks, understood they’ve been also tested. Hopefully, it’s a false alarm and crew will come out clean, including seaman who’s suffering from fever.
Chinese freighter sank after collision with fishing vessel, East China sea
Mar 31, 2020 at 06:54.

Cargo ship XINDA 9 collided with fishing vessel ZHEPUYU 34197 at around 0230 Beijing time Mar 29 in Zhoushan waters, south of Shanghai, East China sea. XINDA 9 sank some 3 hours later, all crew rescued by joint efforts of rescue ships and fishing vessels in the area. ZHEPUYU 34197 remained afloat and reached nearest port. XINDA 9 was en route from Ningbo, her laden status unknown.
Container ship attacked, understood escaped
Mar 31, 2020 at 13:49.

Container ship attacked in Gulf of Guinea in the morning Mar 31 while under way. Understood the ship increased speed, maybe did evasive maneuvering, and escaped pirates. Maybe there were armed guards on board, it’s yet unknown. Awaiting ship’s ID confirmation and additional information.
Chinese cargo ship sank in Taiwan Strait, crew rescued
Mar 31, 2020 at 16:56.

Cargo ship JIANGHAIYANGHONGWEI reported sinking at around 0000 Beijing time Mar 31 some 50 nm southeast of Pingtan, Fujian Province, northern Taiwan Strait. SAR ship DONG HAI JIU 116 was sent to assist, when she approached disaster site, cargo ship already sank, leaving 5 crew in the water. 4 crew were spotted with the help of searchlights and picked up from water, fifth crew was found about an hours later and rescued, also safe.
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Avril 01-04-2020 / 30-04-2020

All crew quarantined, freighter resumed voyage with relief crew, Russian Arctic
Avr 01, 2020 at 04:40.

Engineer of Russian NorNickel-owned ice-class cargo ship NORILSKIY NICKEL was tested virus positive while the ship was en route from Murmansk to Dudinka, North-West Russa. The ship docked at Arkhangel port, White sea, where all the crew was taken off the ship and put under quarantine. The ship was disinfected, manned with relief crew, and resumed voyage to Dudinka on Mar 31. Not clear if Arkhangel call was scheduled or was made in emergency because of virus suspicion – medical authorities were tracking infected person’s contacts and found out, that his neighbour passenger in train was ship’s engineer.
Korean tanker collided with Japanese freighter, Kawasaki
Avr 01, 2020 at 06:10.

Korean tanker SUNRISE SAMBU collided with Japanese cargo ship SEIKAI MARU at around 0720 Tokyo time Apr 1 in Kawasaki waters, below Tokyo Bay Aqua Line Expressway, both vessels being under way at the time of collision. Tanker sustained portside bow damages, cargo ship hull was damaged portside midship. Tanker was brought to anchor at Kawasaki anchorage, cargo ship was berthed in Kawasaki Port. No injures, no leak reported.
Cruise ship sunk Venezuelan Navy ship after being fired at and rammed. Don’t mess with RESOLUTE.
Avr 01, 2020 at 10:41.

Apr 2 UPDATE: Cruise ship with 35 maintenance crew on board (no passangers) was positioned outside Venezuelan territorial waters, when she was approached by NAIGUATA and ordered to sail to Puerto Moreno on Isla De Margarita. Warning shots were fired, Master of RESOLUTE (RESOLUTE indeed!) refused to obey and maintained her course. From RESOLUTE owner statement:
… the navy vessel approached the starboard side at speed with an angle of 135° and purposely collided with the RCGS RESOLUTE. The navy vessel continued to ram the starboard bow in an apparent attempt to turn the ship’s head towards Venezuelan territorial waters. While the RCGS RESOLUTE sustained minor damages, not affecting vessel’s seaworthiness, it occurs that the navy vessel suffered severe damages while making contact with the ice-strengthened bulbous bow of the ice-class expedition cruise vessel RCGS RESOLUTE and started to take water…
NAIGUATA sank, but RESOLUTE, as it came out, didn’t flee, she “…remained for over one hour in vicinity of the scene and reached out to MRCC Curacao, and sailed away only after receiving the order to resume passage full ahead by the MRCC and that further assistance is not required”.
So, there’s nothing much else left to talk about, except to laugh and to applaud RESOLUTE Master. Not many – if any – similar cases in naval history, when defenceless passenger ship sunk Navy battleship, and went away with it.
Apr 1 UPDATE: I’ve been correct in my assumption, that the decision to flee was justified, or so it seems, judging from updates published by local sources. According to Curacao media and their information, ANBV NAIGUATA did attempt to seize cruise ship and take her to Margarita Island, east of Tortuga, under a dubious pretext of “violation of Venezuela territorial waters”. Ships navigating in these waters enjoy the right of free passage, so it looks like an attempt to hijack cruise ship. That explains this strange leg in ship’s track and unexplainable Tortuga approach.
Venezuela Navy Patrol Ship ANBV NAIGUATA (GCG-23) sank after collision with cruise ship RCGS RESOLUTE early in the morning Mar 30 northwest of La Tortuga island, Venezuela, Caribbean. Patrol ship was patrolling whatever she was patrolling, cruise ship was on Buenos Aires – Willemstad Curacao run, berthing there same day. According to Venezuelan Military command, RCGS RESOLUTE “in a cowardly and criminal manner fled collision site and didn’t try to rescue the crew of sinking ship”. All 44 crew of ANBV NAIGUATA were rescued, details unknown.
It is not known if there were passengers on board of cruise ship. Here’s the problem – Master of cruise ship could be so scared of possible Venezuela respond to collision, that he decided to flee. However cowardly or criminal his actions may look, he has his point, being afraid of Venezuela, inevitable arrest of the ship and following repercussions. Much more so if the ship had tourists on board. Venezuela is notorious for seizing absolutely innocent merchant ships and crews, and treating them like criminals. What should Venezuela do in this case, is anyone guess, but fair and impartial investigation seems highly unlikely outcome. One more issue – cruise ship was steaming towards port of destination, no dire straits or restricted fairways, and how did Navy ship manage to be hit by passenger ship, is anyone’s guess, too. It tells a lot about Venezuela Navy seamanship.
All in all, this story may be considered as a story with happy end. Nobody died, cruise ship with dozens of crew and probably, passengers, avoided very unpleasant arrest with unpredictable results, the only loss being Navy ship. No big deal, I’d say. One Navy ship more or one less, who cares? Master will be punished if found guilty, in Curacao or anywhere else, but one thing is for sure as of now – he already saved people he was responsible for, from a very bad possible outcome, be the ship seized by Venezuela.
Venezuela Navy Patrol Ship ANBV NAIGUATA (GCG-23), callsign YWKR, displacement 1453, length 80 meters, built 2009 Spain, commissioned 2011, armament artillery, electronic warfare equipment, helicopter, complement 34.
Container ship contacted ferry terminal in Ho Chi Minh
Avr 02, 2020 at 08:01.

Early in the morning Apr 2 container ship contacted pontoon ferry terminal on Nha Be river, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, while proceeding to container terminal berth. Ferry terminal suffered serious damages, no information on ship’s damages, understood slight or none. The ship obviously, went out of control and allided with pontoon and constructions, at minimal speed or moving on momentum. The ship wasn’t identified, but according to available photo and ships tracks, it is most probably, VINALINES DIAMOND, on arrival from Port Klang Malaysia. She was berthed after the accident, and as of 0740 UTC Apr 2, already left terminal.
TORM Aframax tanker reported 3 crew including woman injured in boat fall
Avr 02, 2020 at 15:26.

Broken crane cable caused boat fall from 20 meters height on board of crude oil tanker TORM MAREN on Apr 1, tanker was off Sierra Leone coast, en route from Lagos to Gibraltar. Spanish Navy patrol ship SPS AUDAZ (MMSI 224062000, GT 2670) came to assist, paramedics team boarded tanker and rendered first aid to injured seamen, including 28-year old woman. Tanker interrupted voyage and headed for Conakry Guinea, to transfer people to hospital, tanker arrived at Conakry anchorage in the afternoon Apr 2. Details of accident unknown. TORM MAREN is in ballast, judging from AUDAZ photo of paramedics team boarding tanker.
Disabled tanker towed through ice by nuclear icebreakers, Russian Arctic
Avr 03, 2020 at 13:51.

Product tanker VARZUGA was disabled in ice in Gulf of Ob, Russian Western Arctic, on Mar 29, after azipod breakdown. Tanker was towed through ice to free water by nuclear icebreakers VAYGACH and 50 LET POBEDY, reaching ice barrier on Apr 3. Tanker in ballast was taken on tow by offshore supply tug UMKA (IMO 9171620), to be towed to Murmansk. Photos including curious polar bears closely watching ice towage, provided by RosAtomAflot, owner of nuclear icebreakers.
Ferry feared sunk by cyclone, 60 people missing, Solomon islands
Avr 03, 2020 at 14:38.

Ferry TAIMAREHO with some 60 people on board feared sank in Solomon islands waters, while en route from capital Honiara to West Are Are in Malaita Province, at night Apr 2, being caught in rough weather, brought by cyclone Harold. Solomon MRCC got distress message in the morning Apr 3, saying that the ferry encountered very rough seas and strong winds between 2am and 3am Apr 3, a number of passengers were washed overboard. SAR hampered by stormy conditions.
No data found on MV TAIMAREHO. There is Solomon-flagged, 66-meter passenger ship TAIMAREHO 1, looking like she’s the ship in question, AIS inoperable since Oct 2019.
Japanese tanker alleged hit and run, Gulf of Siam
Avr 03, 2020 at 16:56.

Product tanker SUN FLORA allegedly collided with Thai 83-ton coastal fishing boat (Reg. No. 3109-02396) south of Sattahip, Gulf of Siam, while en route to Bangkok, at around 0500 LT (UTC + 7) Apr 3. Boat broke in two and sank, 8 fishermen on board were rescued by a nearby fishing boat. Tanker reportedly, didn’t stop and continued sailing. Accident took place when it was still dark, tanker watch probably didn’t spot wooden boat, and didn’t feel the jolt when tanker struck the boat. Tanker berthed in Bangkok in the afternoon same day, so investigation is already under way.
Bulgarian Master of K-LINE car carrier found dead in his cabin UPDATE it’s not coronavirus
Avr 05, 2020 at 06:22.

Apr 8: Master’s sudden death wasn’t related to coronavirus, all crew on board checked, all are found healthy but notwithstanding, banned from leaving the ship. Cause of Master’s death wasn’t revealed, understood natural, maybe heart attack. The ship with all cars on board was thoroughly disinfected prior to berthing and offloading cars, disinfection lasted some 12 hours.
Apr 5: Car carrier en route to Hai Phong Vietnam from Laem Chabang Thailand, on Apr 4 reported via Vietnam agent, that 55-year old Master, of Bulgarian nationality, was found dead in his bedroom. The ship with some 2,000 cars on board is to arrive at Hai Phong early in the morning Apr 6, she’s to be anchored in quarantine zone at around 0600 LT, for a thorough medical check of all crew. Of course all everybody can think of, is coronavirus. Everything is coronavirus these days. Master was said to be healthy prior to his death. The ship wasn’t identified, but according to available data and ships tracks, it’s TIANJIN HIGHWAY.
Seamen fled the ship in attempt to return home. New trend?
Avr 05, 2020 at 09:33.

Police intercepted two seamen attempting to flee their ship at Keelung Port, Taiwan, on Apr 4. They’ve been returned to the ship, donned in masks and plastic bags or coats. Both runaways of Myanmar nationality wanted to return home, to Myanmar. Seems like a naïve act, but what do we know? Undoubtedly, a lot of dramas and even tragedies, are currently taken place on board of thousands of merchant ships around the world, because of insane virus fight policies. The number of such personal dramas will forever remain unknown, as well as the outcome, except in some cases after they turn into accidents or tragedies. Just imagine a young seaman whose shore leave is long overdue, and who suddenly, lost contact with girlfriend. Or a family man losing his mind out of anxiety, when his family goes off the line for a day or two. Or a young man deprived of woman’ company for months. Situation is becoming almost unbearable if taking into account absolute lack of anything decisive, any timeline or realistic perspective to be relieved anytime soon.
Italian ro-pax ferry contacted breakwater, damaged, Greece
Avr 05, 2020 at 13:55.

Ro-pax CRUISE EUROPA contact breakwater while maneuvering to berth at Patras Greece in the evening Apr 4, in adverse weather conditions. Ship’s portside hull sustained two breaches above waterline, 20-centimeter long each. The ship arrived from Ancona Italy with 55 vehicles and 56 drivers on board. In the afternoon Apr 5 she was berthed in Patras.
Ferry and ro-pax collision at Piraeus
Avr 06, 2020 at 05:18.

Ferry STAVROS collided with ro-pax EUROPEAN STAR at Piraeus in Keratsini on Apr 5, understood ferry was maneuvering, while EUROPEAN STAR wasn’t under way, she’s in a lay-up, according to available data. Both ships reportedly sustained damages, both ships remained at port and were still in port in the morning Apr 6.
Mega container ship mishap in Busan VIDEO
Avr 06, 2020 at 11:24.

Container ship MILANO BRIDGE in the afternoon Apr 6 contacted gantry crane 85 at Busan New Port container terminal while proceeding to berth 7 with pilot on board, then she contacted berthed container ship SEASPAN GANGES, and moving on momentum further on, contacted cranes 81 and 84. Crane 85 collapsed, cranes 81 and 84 were derailed, crane 85 operator was slightly injured. SEASPAN GANGES left port shortly after accident, understood damages were slight or none. MILANO BRIDGE as of 1100 UTC wasn’t yet moored, probably because of crane debris on her stern.

Bulk carrier ran aground, refloated, but doesn’t resume voyage
Avr 06, 2020 at 15:43.

Bulk carrier KM LONDON ran aground in Bocas de Ceniza, mouth of the Magdalena River, Barranquilla, Colombia, in the afternoon Apr 5, while leaving the port, bound for India. The ship was refloated in less than an hour with the help of 3 tugs, but didn’t continue her voyage, she started cruising off Bocas de Ceniza, reason unknown. Her Apr 6 latest movements look like she’s going to return to port or anchor on outer anchorage. Probably she sustained some damages.
Disabled Lebanese freighter towed back to Marmara sea
Avr 06, 2020 at 16:51.

General cargo ship AMAL NEPTUNE anchored off Sile Agva, Istanbul Province, Black sea, on Apr 5, understood to wait out storm in the area, while en route to Berdyansk Ukraine. Anchor dragged, the ship started to drift towards coast. SAR ship and tugs came to assist, AMAL NEPTUNE was towed back to Bsphorus and then to Marmara sea, anchored off Tuzla early in the morning Apr 6.
Passenger ferry banned from docking, passengers jumped overboard VIDEO
Avr 07, 2020 at 17:03.

Hundreds of passengers of passenger ferry KM LAMBELU, which is connecting Indonesian ports at Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi and Flores islands, were shocked when told, that the ship can’t dock at Maumere, Flores island, Sikka Regency, on arrival from Tarakan, East Kalimantan, on Apr 7. Three of ship’s crew were found to be sick with coronavirus-like symptoms. Passengers went amok and yelled at boat with officials, five of them jumped overboard, wearing life jackets. They’ve been rescued or seized, and understood, returned to the ship. All people on board have to wait for virus test results of three crew suspected in being infected.

Disabled tanker under tow, Aegean sea
Avr 08, 2020 at 14:32.

Product tanker YM MERCURY on Apr 3 suffered engine failure in Mediterranean south of Crete, being en route from Alexandria to Italy. Tug MENTORAS (IMO 9061722) was contracted or designated, to tow tanker to Tuzla Turkey, towage commenced on Apr 3. On Aug 8 caravan reached southern coast of Kos island, tanker was anchored, cause unknown, probably waiting out rough weather.
Vessel on fire, drifting in Med Update abandoned, 12 crew rescued
Avr 08, 2020 at 15:37.

Apr 8 UPDATE: Confirmed it’s BELLATRIX, she issued distress signal in the morning Apr 8, reporting fire in engine room and requesting assistance. MRCC Italy was coordinating rescue operation, 12 crew, all said to be Russian, were rescued by nearby general cargo ship ARIFE (IMO 9266322), abandoned BELLATRIX is said to be towed to Aliaga Turkey, if salvors manage to extinguish fire. Italian sources report BELLATRIX to be Russia flagged, but according to all available databases, she’s registered under Bolivia flag and operated by Ukrainian company, so the crew should be either Ukrainian or mixed Ukrainian and Russian.
Initial news: The ship BELLATRIX reported on fire, drifting in Mediterranean in vicinity 36 26N 018 42E, halfway between Sicily and Peloponnese Greece. Probably it’s general cargo BELLATRIX, en route from Libya to Samsun Turkey, last AIS position dated late Apr 2, north of Khoms Libya.
Bulk carriers collision, British Columbia
Avr 09, 2020 at 05:08.

Bulk carrier GOLDEN CECILIE dragged her anchor on Mar 30 at anchorage between Pender and Satuna islands, British Columbia, Canada. The ship drifted onto anchored bulk carrier GREEN K MAX 1, their anchors entangled, GOLDEN CECILE understood to suffer a small hole portside above waterline. Both ships moved to Vancouver after accident, to carry out cargo operations. GREEN K MAX 1 left Vancouver on Apr 3, bound for Panama Canal, GOLDEN CECILIE left Vancouver on Apr 8, port of destination unknown.
MAERSK cont ship cook and tanker Russian Master corona negative UPDATE
Avr 09, 2020 at 16:43.

MAERSK container ship cook, Spain
Apr 11 UPDATE: Found corona negative, the ship resumed voyage to Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Apr 10.
Filipino 38-year old cook was medevaced from container ship MAERSK LAMANAI at Algeciras road on Apr 8, with coronavirus symptoms. He was taken to hospital, container ship remained anchored, understood the ship interrupted her scheduled voyage and had to call Algeciras, after Master reported sick crew with virus symptoms. As of 1620 UTC Apr 9, the ship remained in the same position.
Bitumen tanker Russian crew, Philippines
Apr 11 UPDATE: Russian Master found corona negative, he suffered from respiratory syndrome, now recovering in hospital in Manila.
Bitumen tanker ASPHALT TRANSPORTER reported 33-year old Russian crew having fever and corona-like symptoms for 4 days on Apr 5, to Philippines Maritime Authorities. Tanker interrupted her voyage from Kaohsiung Taiwan to Newcastle Australia, and headed for Mati port, southeast Luzon. Seaman was taken off the ship on Apr 7 and transferred to waiting plane, to be flown to Manila. Tanker resumed voyage same day.
Suspicious approach in GoG, UPDATE
Avr 10, 2020 at 09:29.

Cargo ship attacked in the morning Apr 10 off Ghana, Gulf of Guinea, most probably product tanker BITU ATLANTIC under way. Awaiting vessel’s ID confirmation and more details.
Confirmed it’s a tanker BITU ATLANTIC (IMO 9382085, dwt 45986, from Gibraltar to Lome Togo). The ship was approached by suspicious boat, pursued for some time, pursuers broke off and fled in about half an hour. Tanker didn’t stop or reduced speed, and continued voyage.
Bangladeshi lighter ship collided with power line tower, sank. VIDEO
Avr 10, 2020 at 17:10.

Bangladeshi lighter ship (MV RUPANTI?) collided with pillar of high-voltage power line tower in Muri Ganga river, Hoogly River, near Namkhana village, South 24 Parganas district in the state of West Bengal, India, and sank, on Apr 10. All crew were rescued. Video of the disaster and rescue:

Chinese PLN new type helicopter assault ship fire, Hudong Shipbuilding
Avr 11, 2020 at 14:00.

Chinese Navy landing helicopter assault ship of a new Type 075, still under construction at Hudong–Zhonghua Shipbuilding, caught fire in the morning Apr 11, according to initial Taiwanese reports. Chinese media still keep quiet. Understood fire, probably major fire, was already extinguished, extent of damages of course, remains unknown.
Type 075 landing helicopter dock (NATO classification Yushen-class landing helicopter assault) – Chinese Navy amphibious assault ship still under construction at Hudong–Zhonghua Shipbuilding, launched in Sep 2019, undergoing outfit at Yard, displacement some 40,000 tons, length 237 meters, armament missiles, guns, 30 helicopters.
Tanker aground, Morocco
Avr 11, 2020 at 17:27.

Product tanker AZIZ TORLAK reportedly ran aground entering Dakhla port, Morocco, in the afternoon Apr 10, on arrival from Spain. Understood tanker strayed off fairway, and as of 1700 UTC Apr 11, was still aground, probably awaiting tugs. Tanker is in load, no damages reported, no cargo loss.
Suezmax crude oil tanker disabled in Bosphorus
Avr 12, 2020 at 11:08.

Suezmax crude oil tanker MILITOS suffered engine failure in southern Bosphorus in the morning Apr 12, shortly after commencing northbound Bosphorus transit, in ballast. Tanker was taken under control by tugs, turned around and towed or escorted, back to Marmara sea. She was anchored at Bakirkoy anchorage at around 1000 UTC Apr 12.
Supertanker contacted terminal, holed
Avr 12, 2020 at 14:43.

Crude oil tanker NEW ASSURANCE contacted Petroterminal oil pier in the morning Apr 11, at Charco Azul, Charco Azul Bay, Panama Pacific coast. Tanker hull was breached in portside area. Tanker is in ballast. Pier loading arm was reportedly damaged with some small quantity of oil leaking in the water. Tanker repairs can’t be carried out in Panama, she’s to sail to other country with suitable repair facilities.
Tanker ran aground, crew evacuated, East China sea
Avr 13, 2020 at 09:16.

Product tanker NINGDA10 ran aground in vicinity 29 50N 122 20E, some 11 nm SE of Zhoushan, China, East China sea, in the afternoon Apr 11, while en route to Ningbo. SAR ship DONG HAI JIU 118 was sent to rescue 7 tanker crew, all were rescued by 1900 Beijing time, all are safe. Condition and damages of tanker unknown, understood she grounded on rocks, developed an aft tilt, so most probably, she’s damaged.
Tanker crew fell overboard while fixing pilot ladder, missing, France
Avr 13, 2020 at 13:50.

55-year old Latvian seaman, crew of Latvian tanker ELANDRA BALTIC, fell overboard in the morning Apr 13 while fixing pilot ladder to take pilot on board, on arrival at Fos-sur-mer, France. SAR was launched, with deployment of helicopter, SAR speedboat, pilot boats and inflatable boat, but unfortunately, missing seaman wasn’t found notwithstanding calm weather, and in the afternoon SAR was suspended. Tanker was anchored at Fos-sur-mer anchorage at around 1000 UTC.
Dutch freighter disabled, anchored while leaving La Coruna
Avr 14, 2020 at 06:13.

General cargo ship KARL JAKOB K suffered engine failure caused by fuel pump, while leaving port of La Coruna, Spain, in the afternoon Apr 13. The ship had to anchor in emergency, understood later she was taken to port’ anchorage. The ship resumed voyage in the evening same day, after fixing the problem.
Disabled container ship towed to Durban
Avr 14, 2020 at 14:45.

Container ship BARRIER reportedly ran aground late Apr 6 or early Apr 7 while leaving Beira, Mozambique, where she was anchored since early March. The ship was disabled, not clear if it was related to grounding, and towed to Durban, arriving at Durban Anchorage on Apr 13.
Italian offshore ship boarded by armed pirates in Mexico waters, VIDEO
Avr 14, 2020 at 16:45.

Offshore supply ship REMAS was attacked and boarded by armed pirates on Apr 9 at around 2230 LT in Gulf of Mexico, some 70 nm N of Puerto Dos Bocas, Mexico. Pirates fired several shots and took several crew, including officers, as hostages. They plundered the ship, taking with them all valuables, including ship’s equipment. Understood hostages were taken as human shields during attack, to subdue the crew, and weren’t kidnapped. Understood all 30 crew remained safe and unhurt.
Romanian members of the crew later posted in youtube video, which captured pirates threatening crew into obedience.
It’s a third attack of REMAS. In November 2019 during violent attack two crew were injured
Pirates attacked Italian supply ship, two crew wounded, Mexico
Nov 12, 2019 at 12:41.

Italian offshore supply ship REMAS with 35 people on board was attacked by some 7-8 armed pirates in two fast boats on Nov 11, in Gulf pf Mexico, N of Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. Pirates boarded the ship, in following skirmish two crew, both Italians, were wounded, but luckily, wounds aren’t life threatening. Pirates managed to loot the ship and the crew, and fled. Injured seamen were transferred to hospital, REMAS moved to Ciudad del Carmen anchorage and anchored.
REMAS was again attacked on Apr 4 this year, when a boat with 8 armed pirates on board approached the ship, but couldn’t board, thanks to ship’s maneuvering.

Tug and oil barge aground, Detroit
Avr 15, 2020 at 13:19.

Pusher tug ALBERT pushing oil barge MARGET ran aground in Detroit river mouth, Lake St Clair, Great Lakes, early in the morning Apr 13, while en route to Green Bay with some 300 tons of diesel fuel. As of 1300 UTC Apr 15, tug and barge were still aground. Understood there is no hull breach, and no cargo loss. Salvage under way.
MAERSK offshore supply tug attacked in Gulf of Mexico
Avr 15, 2020 at 13:49.

Offshore tug, supply ship MAERSK TRANSPORTER was attacked and boarded by armed pirates at night Apr 12 in Gulf of Mexico off Cuidad Del Carmen, Mexico, roughly in the same area where 3 days earlier Italian supply ship REMAS was attacked. Attack was carried out in same manner, too.
Pirates took several crew as hostages and looted the ship, taking with valuable items. Crew luckily, weren’t hurt.
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Unusual piracy attack on container ship
Avr 16, 2020 at 06:21
GISIS reported an unusual piracy attack on container ship FOUMA in Ecuador waters, which took place at 0330 UTC (2230 LT) Apr 9, when the ship was under way, en route from Manta Ecuador to Guayaquil.
Eight armed robbers in two speed boats approached a container ship underway. Master raised the alarm and activated the SSAS. The robbers fired warning shots, managed to board the ship, and opened 15 containers. When the search lights were directed towards the robbers, they opened fire towards the bridge. Port Control and Coast Guard notified. The robbers stole part of the cargo and escaped.
FOUMA arrived at Guayaquil on Apr 9, left on Apr 10. Crew are safe.
It is highly probably, that this attack wasn’t just robbers attack on a random ship with an aim of stealing anything they could. It looks like plotted and planned attack with the aim of obtaining specific goods from specific containers (the ship sailed to Ecuador ports from Balboa Panama). If that is the case, criminals had to know insider information, such as containers numbers and locations, and ship’s plotted movements.
At best, this attack is something of an exception, the result of some criminal operation. At worst, such attacks may become regular. Crime is rising throughout the world, and ships are no exception. On the contrary, ships are most vulnerable to crime subjects, be it stealing, or armed robbery, or hijack. Ships are defenceless.
Crane accident at TESC Terminal, 1 worker injured, 1 died
Avr 16, 2020 at 09:26.

Mobile Harbor Crane (MHC) overturned at TESC Terminal, Sao Francisco Do Sul, South Brazil, understood on Apr 15. Two workers were seriously injured, one later passed away.
Small tanker sank off Singapore in Malaysian waters UPDATE
Avr 16, 2020 at 13:17.

Product tanker WAN DA reportedly capsized and sank on Apr 15 some 3 nm off Tanjung Penyusop, Johor, Malaysia, South China sea. All crew were rescued, all are safe. No other information available at the moment. Last AIS records dated Feb – early Mar.
UPDATE: Capsized tanker drifted into shipping lanes and then further south, nearing Indonesian waters. The wreck understood to be taken on tow by Indonesian patrol ships, to be towed to Riau islands waters, Indonesia. Confusing news on crew – according to Indonesian sources, no crew were found on or near wreck. Details of capsizing also, remain unknown.
Another offshore vessel attacked in Gulf of Mexico
Avr 16, 2020 at 18:55.

Offshore accommodation vessel TELFORD 28 was attacked in the evening Apr 14 at Cuidad Del Carmen Anchorage, Mexico, Gulf of Mexico, according to Offshore Engineer news website oedigital.com. Understood it was a robbery, pirates looting both staff and vessel’s valuable items, and escaped. One crew was injured and taken to hospital, his life is not in danger. Pirates attacks in this area have become regular.
Master of Panamax container ship killed by crew UPDATES
Avr 17, 2020 at 18:22.

Apr 19 UPDATE:
Both The Attorney General's Office of Cartagena, and The General Directorate of Maritime Colombia, announced on Apr 18, that they will carry out the investigation of ship’s Master death. His body was found at around 1700 LT Apr 16 on reportedly, main deck, while the ship was berthed. Colombian authorities therefore, are now legally responsible for conducting investigation and all respective actions which may come necessary, to find culprits and pursue justice.
UPDATE: Crew includes Burmese nationality and 2 Ethiopians. According to leaked crew information and Managers Zeaborn Ship Management, Master was killed by intruder or intruders. According to Colombian authorities, Master was killed by crew member or members. Colombian authorities not surprisingly, don’t want to investigate homicide and take the responsibility: “Under UNCLOS, any crime aboard SPIRIT OF HAMBURG would fall under the jurisdiction of her flag state, which will have primary responsibility for the investigation, prosecutors said”. Management and crew, on the other hand, are interested in “intruders” version. Situation is rather complicated, because if Colombian authorities refuse to investigate, then official investigation will be, technically, a big, nearly unsolvable, problem.
Official Statement:
A statement in relation to the tragic incident in Cartagena
Hamburg, 18 April 2020, 0720 hours - Managers Zeaborn Ship Management regret to advise that in the afternoon of 16 April 2020 one of its valued seafarers of its managed container vessel Spirit of Hamburg has suffered fatal injuries following what is believed to be a violent incident with an intruder onboard the ship in the port of Cartagena, Colombia.
Zeaborn Shipmanagement would like to express its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the seafarer. The next of kin of the crew member have been notified and will be offered full support in this very difficult time. The crew of Spirit of Hamburg will be receiving psychological help following the tragic death of their colleague.
Immediately after the incident all relevant authorities and parties have been notified. Representatives of the company have arrived in Cartagena for further support to the crew. The exact circumstances of the violent incident are yet unknown and police have started an official investigation into the events and conducted interviews with the crew of Spirit of Hamburg. In order to not interfere with the investigation of the local police Zeaborn Shipmanagement will refrain from making any further statements at this stage.
Authorities in Colombia have meanwhile granted permission for the vessel to move from berth to inner anchorage.
Zeaborn Ship Management is aware of social media reports circulating that the crew would be of Filipino nationality. This is incorrect. We would like to add that three senior officers are one month beyond their contractual relief date, but they are showing great professionalism in making the best of the current relief/repatriation restrictions. All other crew are due for relief between now and October.
Comment: Some dozen news outlets of Columbia and Central/South America countries already published the news, all of them referring to, and citing, officials. Some of them mentioned Filipino crew, some didn’t, but it wasn’t social media which first mentioned Filipino nationality. All the local news outlets insist there was a conflict on board, again not out of thin air, but referring to the officials. Some links to local and regional news outlets:
UPDATE: Latest updates from Colombia leave out nationality of crew members who allegedly, killed Master in the afternoon Apr 16, but Cartagena Attorney General's Office in official statement to local media confirmed the crime was committed by crew members, not by outsiders.
Master of container ship SPIRIT OF HAMBURG, docked at Cartagena Colombia, was reportedly, killed by crew on board, understood on Apr 16, or during the night Apr 16-17, according to local news radio station RCN Radio. Radio was told by the police, that there was conflict between 12 Filipino crew and 51-year old Burmese Captain, which ended up in a fight. Police so far, aren’t sure as to how it all happened, because there are language problems and discrepancies between seamen narrative and facts police already has.
If confirmed this tragic accident leaves us with most important questions – what triggered conflict and murder, and is it related to coronavirus mess, crew change delays, and growing tension among crew members?
“Parasite” with cocaine attached to ship’s hull, Guatemala
Avr 19, 2020 at 04:45.

In a joint Navy and Police operation involving divers, a steel construction was found attached to underwater hull of general cargo ship UBC SAIKI in Guatemala. Construction, known as “parasite”, contained 30 packages with presumably, cocaine. The ship arrived at Santo Tomas anchorage on Apr 17 from Santa Marta, Colombia. Investigation under way, understood crew aren’t involved.
Container ship attacked at Cotonou Anchorage. Pirates escaped, kidnapped 8. UPDATES
Avr 19, 2020 at 10:16.

UPDATE Apr 21: Benin and Nigerian forces reportedly boarded the ship early in the morning Apr 21, finding the ship free of pirates. 11 crew sheltered in citadel are safe. 8 crew who were taken hostages are missing, presumably kidnapped by pirates. Benin and Nigerian authorities didn’t provide any other details. If what they said is true, pirates fled the ship with kidnapped seamen. How did they slip between surrounding TOMMI RITSCHER Benin and Nigerian naval ships, is a mystery. Hopefully, 8 missing seamen are indeed, kidnapped by fleeting pirates, safe and sound. Hopefully, nothing happened to them during Benin/Nigerian spec-op.
Earlier today MB received an inside info, not yet confirmed though seemed highly likely, that in the afternoon/evening Apr 20 the ship was about to be stormed by Benin and Nigerian special forces. Ship management asked Portuguese respective authorities to intervene and suspend the attack, fearing it may lead to crew casualties, though doubting, whether Portuguese authorities will intervene and put in enough pressure. Negotiator was already contacted to negotiate with pirates.
UPDATE Apr 20: As of morning Apr 20, situation didn’t change much, according to latest Dryad update. Understood there’s a standoff between deployed naval/security forces, including Nigerian, and pirates on board, who’re holding 8 crew as hostages and bargain chips.
UPDATE 1300 UTC: According to Dryad Global information, it is understood, that the speedboat from which pirates boarded container ship, fled seeing approaching Naval ship, leaving pirates aboard. 11 crew mustered in citadel, 8 crew remained in the open and are believed to be kept by pirates as hostages. There are Russian and Bulgarian nationalities among crew.
Container ship TOMMI RITSCHER attacked by pirates at around 0830 UTC Apr 19 at Cotonou Anchorage, Benin, Gulf of Guinea, details, outcome yet unknown. Benin-flagged Naval or security ship ZOU (MMSI 610000004) responded. As of 1000 UTC TOMMI RITSCHER remained in the same position, AIS was on, with ZOU nearby. TOMMI RITSCHER arrived at Cotonou Anchorage on Apr 15 from Congo-Brazzaville.
Disabled container ship towed to Valencia
Avr 19, 2020 at 13:38.

Container ship VEGA ZETA suffered engine failure in the morning Apr 17 in Alboran sea, while en route from Algiers to Valencia. She drifted until morning Apr 18, understood trying to fix the problem. In the morning Apr 18 she was taken on tow by Spanish SAR tug LUZ DE MAR (IMO 9320104), she was berthed early in the morning Apr 19.
One more strange accident with Master of container ship
Avr 20, 2020 at 12:14.

Master of Malaysian container ship HARBOUR NEPTUNE was reported missing on Apr 19 by the crew, the ship was en route from Pasir Gudang to Port Klang, Malaysia, Malacca Strait, says Malaysian The Star news outlet. The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) launched SAR, Master was found alive, floating in water in a life jacket, after 18 hours of being in water. What happened and how Master fell overboard at around 2200 LT Apr 18, wearing life jacket, is still a mystery. Investigation launched. The crew including Master, is said to be locked on board since Mar 18, but with that, not Master, nor crew, showed positive virus test. They all nevertheless, were put under a new 14-day quarantine, after the accident.
Master and CO of Italian tanker virus positive, Antwerp
Avr 21, 2020 at 10:21.

Master of Italian tanker FT QUARTO was tested positive for coronavirus and taken to hospital at Antwerp, Belgium. Thanker arrived at Antwerp on Apr 15, understood Master reported or asked medical assistance suffering cold, was tested and found infected. Chief Officer has been also tested positive for corona, but remained on board, showing slight or no illness symptoms. The rest of the crew tested negative. Tanker remains berthed at Antwerp under quarantine, not clear how manager and authorities will deal with this situation.
Disabled freighter towed to Victoria anchorage, Canada
Avr 22, 2020 at 06:06.

General cargo ship TAKESHIO lost propulsion at around 2030 UTC Apr 21 just south of Victoria, BC, Canada, while passing Victoria en route to Vancouver. The ship was taken on tow by Canada CG tug ATLANTIC EAGLE (IMO 9199103), and towed to Victoria anchorage. She was anchored at around 0100 UTC Apr 22, as of 0600 UTC was in the same position. Crew is reportedly, fixing the problem. TAKESHIO arrived from China.
Tanker refloated after 11 days aground
Avr 22, 2020 at 08:11.

Product tanker AZIZ TORLAK was refloated on Apr 21 at high tide, with the help of a tug, and brought to Dakhla Anchorage for inspection. No reports on damages, so far.
Previous news:
Tanker aground, Morocco
April 11, 2020
Product tanker AZIZ TORLAK reportedly ran aground entering Dakhla port, Morocco, in the afternoon Apr 10, on arrival from Spain. Understood tanker strayed off fairway, and as of 1700 UTC Apr 11, was still aground, probably awaiting tugs. Tanker is in load, no damages reported, no cargo loss.
Container ship aground, USA. UPDATE refloated.
Avr 22, 2020 at 19:08.

Container ship CMA CGM DALILA reportedly ran aground while approaching Houston, straying off fairway, at around 1445 UTC Apr 22. As of 1630 UTC, the ship was still aground with 4 tugs at her side.
Refloated at around 1830 UTC with the help of at least 4 tugs, according to ship’s track.
Wind farm offshore tender collided with wind turbine, 3 people injured, Netherlands
Avr 24, 2020 at 07:35.

High-speed offshore tender NJORD FORSETI collided with basement of a wind turbine at Borkum Rifgrund wind farm, North sea, in the evening Apr 23. Three people on board were injured. Vessel returned to Eemshaven Netherlands, no information on damages.
Purse seiner abandoned, adrift, South Pacific
Avr 24, 2020 at 07:35.

Fishing vessel HUACHO CINCO was reported abandoned in vicinity 16 00S 077 10W, South Pacific some 300 nm SSE of Lima Peru, understood on Apr 23. Abandoned vessel is adrift.
Tankers are used as crude storage units anchored on the US coast
Avr 24, 2020 at 12:09.

Since crude storage capacity on land is limited and close to being exhausted, oil tankers are used by traders to store crude resulting from the decline in oil prices related to lower demands in times of the corona pandemic. The biggest crude oil glut in history takes place at the moment. According to Reuters crude oil held in the sea as storage hits a new record at 160 million barrels including 60 supertankers, known as very large crude carriers (VLCCs) holding over 2 million barrel each. In February less than 10 VLCCs were chartered worldwide. The crude amount stored at sea doubled compared to three weeks ago. Offloading locations are typically the U.S. Gulf and Singapore, where major oil hubs are situated. But the crude storages are almost full. Rather than offloading the crude, tankers anchor on the coast for storing purposes. 19 supertankers were reported to be heading to the United States this week. Lots of oil tankers are already visible on the US coasts.
Russian reefer aground, Antarctic UPDATE refloated
Avr 24, 2020 at 14:10.

Reefer LA MANCHE ran aground at around 1500 UTC Apr 22 in Maxwell Bay, King George Island, Drake Passage, Antarctica, while performing personnel boarding, understood related to Uruguayan Artigas Base, and being at that time some 2 cables off coast. According to track, as of 1400 UTC Apr 24 reefer is still aground in Chilean zone of responsibility, Chile already dispatched SAR ship AFT LAUTARO (IMO 7325538) to assist. No hull breach, water ingress reported, so far.
UPDATE: Refloated late Apr 24 or early Apr 25. As of Apr 27, under way, destination Falklands.
Container ship involved in hit-and-run identified
Avr 25, 2020 at 17:22.

Container ship PACIFIC EXPRESS was identified by Vietnamese Maritime Authorities and Coast Guard, as the ship involved in hit-and-run accident, said Quy Nhon Maritime Port Authority in a statement, issued on Apr 25. Container ship struck fishing boat off Quy Nhon Port, Binh Ding Province, central Vietnam, on Apr 10. Fishing boat sank, 3 fishermen on board were thrown into water. Container ship didn’t stop and continued sailing, fishermen were rescued by nearby fishing boats. Owner of container ship is to compensate fishermen for lost boat and other losses.
Laden tanker aground, Volga-Kama, Russia UPDATE refloated
Avr 25, 2020 at 17:38.

Product tanker VOLGONEFT 249 ran aground at around 2000 UTC Apr 24 in Kama river estuary downstream from Kazan city, Volga, Russia. Vessel with 3736 tons of gasoil on board is en route from Bashkortostan to Rostov-on-Don. As of 1500 UTC Apr 25, tanker was still aground. Hull wasn’t breached, no cargo leak reported.
UPDATE: Refloated on Apr 26, salied downstream to Ulyanovsk, Volga river, anchored. No damages reported.
Ferry disabled in Sunda Strait, 102 passengers evacuated
Avr 26, 2020 at 07:56.

Ferry MUTIARA SENTOSA III with 102 passengers on board suffered engine failure and went adrift at around 0400 UTC Apr 24 in Sunda Strait, south of Bakauheni, Sumatra, while en route from Jakarta to Panjang, Sumatra. All passengers were evacuated by SAR boats, ferry understood to restart engine in the afternoon Apr 25, she reached Panjang in the morning Apr 26.
Cargo ship sank in harbor, Vietnam
Avr 27, 2020 at 07:00.

General cargo ship TUAN TU 08 (Ex - MINH PHAT 09) loaded with stone reportedly sank in Vinh Tan Port, Binh Thuan Province, southeast Vietnam, in the evening Apr 26. The ship left the port earlier this day but had to return, reporting unidentified trouble – cargo shift or water ingress, most probably. The ship sank in harbor, crew safe.
Very Large Bulk Carrier disabled after blackout, Yangtze river VIDEO
Avr 28, 2020 at 07:48.

Very Large Bulk Carrier MAX WARRIOR suffered engine failure and a blackout in the afternoon Apr 27, while leaving Jiangyin port, Yangtze river, upstream from Shanghai. The ship had two pilots on board and assisting tugs. Bulk carrier went out of control in heavily trafficked area with strong river current. 6 tugs responded to an emergency, taking giant ship under control. MAX WARRIOR was brought to anchor in front of Jiangyin. Power finally, was restored, MAX WARRIOR resumed voyage in the afternoon Apr 28.

Offshore supply ship with 4 tons of cocaine intercepted in the Atlantic video
Avr 28, 2020 at 14:32.

Offshore supply ship KARAR was intercepted by Spanish law enforcement near Canary Islands, and escorted to Vigo Spain, where she arrived on Apr 28, with 15 crew and 4 tons of cocaine, loaded somewhere in the Caribbean. The ship was monitored for understood, months, prior to arrest, while anti drug multinational operation, which led to ship’s seizure, was launched some 6 months ago. Understood there is or are gangs, offering large-scale drugs transportation by ships, from Central-South Americas to Europe. KARAR isn’t the first such case, there were at least 3-4 similar cases in recent years, each involving sea-going ship, transporting tons of cocaine. Except crew, 12 more people were arrested in Spain. Crew includes 14 Bangladeshi and Nepalese nationalities, and 1 Spaniard.

Maersk container ship adrift in Caribbean after engine room fire
Avr 29, 2020 at 06:20.

Container ship MAERSK VILNIUS suffered fire and was disabled early in the morning Apr 26 in the Caribbean east of Guadeloupe, France, while en route from Freeport Bahamas to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Offshore tug ALP DEFENDER (IMO 9737242) was contracted for towage. Tug sailed from Trinidad, as of 0600 UTC Apr 29 MAERSK VILNIUS was adrift, with tug ALP DEFENDER steaming towards her. Tug is to reach container ship and commence towage toady Apr 29, port of destination unknown.
Pilot fall accident, Durban
Avr 29, 2020 at 08:31.

Sea Rescue South Africa informed on pilot accident, which took place on Apr 28 in Durban Harbor:
At 07h45, Tuesday, 28th April, NSRI Durban duty crew were activated by Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) following reports of a 35 year old male TNPA ships Pilot fallen into the sea off a crude oil tanker in the vicinity of N Shed Wharf in the Port of Durban. A securing rope on a rope ladder reportedly severed from undetermined causes while the man was disembarking from the crude oil tanker that was under sail departing the Port of Durban. The Pilot vessel Lufafa went to his rescue and he was recovered and brought to T Jetty where they were met by Police S&R, Metro Police S&R and Life Healthcare paramedics.
He was treated for mild hypothermia and as a precaution, has been transported to hospital by ambulance in a stable condition for further medical evaluation and medical care and is expected to fully recover.
Tanker wasn’t identified. There’s one tanker, presently anchored at Durban Anchorage, which track, positions and time coincide with NSRI story, though tanker in question isn’t a “crude oil” tanker. Have to withhold ship’s details until confirmed or otherwise.
Freighter stuck between river banks, Suriname
Avr 29, 2020 at 14:32.

General cargo ship AIM reportedly went out of control while navigating Cottica river, Suriname, South America, on Apr 27, and got stuck between two banks. The ship managed to free itself, with assistance of tug, and continued voyage. Strong current and narrow channel said to be the cause of the mishap. The ship understood to sustain no or superficial damages, while locals clAIM she destroyed village’s jetty and fishing nets. The ship reached Nieuw Amsterdam, Cottica river mouth, on Apr 28, and anchored, as of Apr 20 she was in the same position.
Disabled in Dardanelles tanker towed to anchorage
Avr 29, 2020 at 15:14.

Product tanker LOUTRO suffered mechanical failure in the morning Apr 29 of Canakkale, while transiting Dardanelles in eastern direction, en route from Greece to Derince Turkey, western Marmara sea. Disabled tanker drifted for some time, was taken under control by SAR tugs and towed to Erenkoy anchorage, Dardanelles, where she was brought to anchor. As of 1500 UTC Apr 29, tanker remained in the same position.
Cargo ship intercepted, seized with all crew, 400 kg of cocaine found
Avr 30, 2020 at 18:03.

General cargo ship THRONE was intercepted and stormed by Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard and Special Forces team early in the morning Apr 28 in the Caribbean NW of northern Trinidad, understood in international waters, according to Trinidad and Tobago Guardian news report. Some 400 kilos of cocaine were found hidden in special made crypt in fuel tank, sealed in watertight packages. Understood all 10 or more crew were arrested and interrogated, the ship was taken to Chaguaramas, northwest Trinidad. She arrived there and was anchored in the morning Apr 28. As of afternoon Apr 30, she remained in the same position. The ship was en route from Guayaquil Equador to Belem Brazil. Nationalities of the crew aren’t revealed.
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Mai 01 2020/ 31-05-2020


Tanker attacked, 10 crew kidnapped, Nigeria
Mai 01, 2020 at 03:59.

Product tanker VEMAHOPE was reportedly attacked by pirates at around 1930 UTC Apr 30 in Gulf of Guinea, some 175 nm S of Lagos. The ship was under way, en route from Lome Togo to Cameroon. According to Dryad Global, pirates managed to board tanker and kidnap 10 crew. Tanker AIS is on, tanker went adrift after attack, in northern direction. As of 0300 UTC May 1, she seemed to be still adrift, with Nigeria-flagged fast support offshore boat SVS AVERY approaching.
Container ships contact accident, Thessaloniki
Mai 01, 2020 at 12:24.

Port Authority of Thessaloniki reported contact accident involving two container ships, which occurred on Apr 30. Container ship UNI ASSURE while maneuvering in harbor, contacted berthed container ship PACAYA, inflicting slight damages on both ships. Both ships left Thessaloniki in the morning May 1, UNI ASSURE bound for Piraeus, PACAYA bound for Izmir Turkey.
Oil-ore carrier aground, Russia
Mai 01, 2020 at 12:44.

Cargo ship NEFTERUDOVOZ 58M ran aground in Neva river upstream from S-Petersburg, Russia, at around 0800 Moscow time Apr 30, while ballasting from S-Petersburg to Cherepovets. Tug is already on site, assisting in refloating. No damages reported so far.
Cargo ship collided with bridge, Japan
Mai 01, 2020 at 14:22.

Aggregate carrier AMATERASU collided with Koasn Ohashi Bridge pillar at Ube port, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Seto Inland Sea Japan, in the evening Apr 29. Understood the ship sustained damages, several crew were injured (not conformed). Bridge was reported to remain undamaged and open for traffic.
Aggregate carrier AMATERASU, IMO 9157600, dwt 1600, built 1996, flag Japan, manager SMHD Japan.
Several containers from OOCL mega container ship blown away by wind
Mai 02, 2020 at 12:32.

Gale-force wind gusts blow off several containers from mega container ship OOCL UNITED KINGDOM, berthed at Zeebrugge Belgium, in the morning May 2. The giant ship arrived at Zeebrugge early in the morning May 2, from Felixtowe UK. Not clear what happened, floating and crashed containers are seen both in water and on pier alongside container ship. See all pics full-scale
Half a ton of cocaine found in cargo hold of bulk carrier, Hamburg
Mai 02, 2020 at 13:08.

German police boarded and searched Montenegro bulk carrier BUDVA in the morning May 2, when the ship arrived at Hamburg. Half a ton of cocaine was found hidden in what was described as “cargo area” – either in hold constractions, or in cargo. Of 23 crew, all Montenegro nationalities, 1 was arreasted. The ship arrived at Hamburg from Santos Brazil via Casablanca, Morocco. Reportedly, drug bust and arrest were the final result of a joint counter drug operation, involving law enforcement agencies of several countries. According to official statement, one more drug trafficking link between South America and Europe was cut.
New heavy-lift floating crane collapsed in Rostock VIDEO
Mai 02, 2020 at 19:35.

Heavy-lift crane collapsed on an offshore wind farms construction vessel ORION I on May 2 in Rostock, Germany. Vessel was planned to work on Moray East Offshore Wind Farm in Scotland waters, she was to begin works in some two weeks, after load tests run in Rostock. Crane collapsed, the ship reportedly was seriously damages, several people sustained slight injures. ORION I was built in China, but crane was installed in Rostock, it was built by Liebherr, so it’s not known yet what caused collapse, ship’s faults including crane basement, or crane itself, or maybe something went wrong during tests.

Filipino freighter suspect in hit and run
Mai 03, 2020 at 14:17.

At around 1500 LT (UTC +7) May 1 Vietnamese fishing vessel BTh 89719 was struck by a cargo ship in Binh Thuan Province waters some 13 nm off La Gi, southeast Vietnam. Vessel sank, 6 crew jumped overboard and were rescued by nearby fishing vessel BTh 85097, cargo ship didn’t stop after collision and sailed away. Crew of BTh 85097 identified hit&run ship as WHITE TOMONY, Filipino freighter. Interestingly, ship’s track during May 1-2 period is missing, AIS reappeared on May 3. She’s en route from Ho Chin Minh to Cam Pha port, Vietnam, north of Hai Phong.
Pink cocaine found in underwater hull stash of reefer
Mai 05, 2020 at 07:47.

Colombian Navy divers found a container or a box fixed to underwater hull of reefer container ship STAR COURAGE, during her Apr 29 – May 2 stay in Colombian waters. 22 packages with amphetamine and “pink cocaine” were found inside container. The ship was allowed to resumed her voyage, she’s to sail to Spain after calling ports in Dominican Republic and in Costa Rica. In official statement, ship’s crew is cleared of any collusion suspicions.
Dutch freighter disabled, stuck in embankment in Kiel Canal
Mai 05, 2020 at 17:01.

General cargo ship SKAGENBANK went out of control and got stuck in the embankment near Levensau, Kiel Canal, at night May 4, while transiting Canal in western direction. Tug assisted vessel to get free, reportedly she was taken back to Kiel and anchored. The problem was fixed, SKAGEBANK resumed transit in the afternoon May 5, understood under own power, though at a reduced speed. As of 1700 UTC May 5, the ship was still transiting Canal.
Tanker sank by stern in Rio de Janeiro
Mai 05, 2020 at 17:51.

Tanker IRMA DULCE, under construction at Maua Shipyard, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, sank by stern at pier, because of water ingress in engine room and aft peak. It happened at nigh May 4 or early May 5. Salvage under way, accident said to be not all that serious, maybe faulty valve. As of 1700 UTC May 5, the ship said to be already stabilized.
Product tanker IRMA DULCE, IMO 9548691, dwt 72900, built 2020 (under construction at Maua Shipyard, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), owner Petrobras.
Container ship MARINA UPDATES
Mai 06, 2020 at 14:57.

UPDATE May 9: Container ship MARINA offloaded migrants at night May 8 in Porto Empedocle waters, southern Sicily, understood outside port. Crew reportedly, underwent medical check, the ship set sail for Malta early in the morning May 9. She anchored at Malta eastern outer anchorage at around 1000 UTC May 9, and as of evening May 9, remained in the same position. Will the crew be put under quarantine, is not yet known.
UPDATE May 8: Container ship MARINA on May 8 was reportedly, allowed to offload migrants in Sicily at Porto Empedoclo, information was confirmed by shipowner lawyer. Ship’s AIS is off during last 18 hours, as of 1700 UTC May 8, so her position and status remain unknown. Congratulating the crew may be too premature, because even if hopefully, the ship offloads migrants in a day or two, crew most probably, will have to undergo quarantine.
UPDATE May 8: Food and water bought by religious charities were delivered to MARINA by Italian CG boat. No news on migrants disembarkation, standstill continues.
Situation on board of container ship MARINA has become critical. 13-crew including Ukrainians, is encountering shortages of food and fresh water, and has to recycle aircon water for washing and toilet purposes. 78 migrants on board, of the majority claiming to be Bangladeshi, the rest being allegedly from Morocco, Chad, Libya and Sudan, are on the verge of explosion – revolt or mutiny or just chaotic violence. There was already a knife fight among them, which thankfully, didn’t involve crew.
Predictably, Malta and Italy refuse to let the ship in and disembark rescued migrants, who may become violent towards crew any time. Crew of course, is absolutely unprepared to handle such kind of situation, such an extremity.
As of 1400 UTC May 6, MARINA was in the same position, drifting S off Lampedusa. Italy or Malta may at least send a Navy or CG ship, to control migrants and to provide most necessary items, such as food and water.
Initial story:
May 4: Three merchant ships were involved into a migrants rescue operation in Mediterranean, which resulted in rescue of 121 migrants in the morning May 4. Rescue operation was coordinated and supervised by MRCC Malta with NGO Alert Phone as their watchdog. While tanker PYXIS EPSILON (IMO 9708760) managed to avoid taking migrants on board and went off with only escorting boat with migrants to Italian waters, container ship MARINA (IMO 9252864) had to take on board 78 migrants, and as of 1600 UTC May 4, according to track, she was drifting off Lampedusa Italy, “waiting for instructions”. How long will the ship have to wait for “the instructions”, or in other words, for permission to offload migrants in any country agreeing to accept them? Nobody knows. Now, a small ship with small crew and with limited supplies, is having on board some migrants, almost all of them being young males. Besides crew, MARINA is carrying containers with cargoes. Owner has obligations and schedule to stick to.
From any point of view, situation with MARINA can’t be characterized and assessed as anything less than major accident. The ship, the cargo and the crew are in danger. Whatever the outcome, owner is to suffer substantial losses, guaranteed. If ship’s stuck for several days, let alone weeks, nobody knows what migrants reaction may be.
Container ship broke off her moorings, Chittagong
Mai 06, 2020 at 17:05.

Container ship MAERSK SIHANOUKVILLE broke off her moorings at Chittagong port, Bangladesh, in the morning May 6. She drifted to the middle of the river, where finally, she was taken under control by port tug. The ship was taken back to berth, though understood, not without problems. No damages reported, no containers loss. Strong wind and current are believed to be the cause of an accident.
Dutch cargo ship collided with ferry in Kiel Canal
Mai 08, 2020 at 13:31.

General cargo ship SCHELDEBANK collided with Kiel Canal ferry HOCHDONN (MMSI 211594520) in the morning May 8 in HOCHDONN area, while transiting in northern direction. Ferry sustained serious damages, one car on board was also damaged. SCHELDEBANK resumed transit in some 3 hours, understood she suffered slight or no damages. she’s en route from Netherlands to Finland.
Container ship LEXA MAERSK interrupted voyage to medevac crew, probable quarantine
Mai 08, 2020 at 13:32.

Maritime Bulletin was informed, that container ship LEXA MAERSK had to interrupt her voyage and call Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands, to medevac an ill seaman, understood with fever symptoms. The ship left Colon Panama on May 1, bound for Tangier Morocco. Reportedly, on May 6 she was diverted to take part in SAR of a man overboard from another vessel. On May 7 the ship suspended search and headed for Charlotte Amalie. She anchored off port on May 8, and as of 1300 UTC May 8, remained at anchor. Seaman has been already taken to hospital. Quarantine was mentioned, depending on ill seaman coronavirus test result.
Philippine Navy patrol ship damaged by fire, two crew injured
Mai 08, 2020 at 16:55.

Fire erupted in engine room of Philippine Navy patrol ship BRP RAMON ALCARAZ at night May 6, shortly the ship left Cochin India, together with patrol ship BRP Davao del Sur (LD602), with cargo of donated personal protective equipment. Fire reportedly was extinguished by crew in about 10 minutes. 2 sailors suffered burns, to be airlifted to Cochin hospital. Understood ship’s machinery sustained damages, it is not yet known if the ship is to continue voyage to Philippines, or to return to Coching for repairs.
BRP RAMON ALCARAZ (PS-16), MMSI 367270000, offshore patrol vessel in the Philippine Navy, built 1968, decommissioned from US CG in 2012, acquired by Philippines. Displacement 3250, speed 29 knots, armament guns.
Tanker disabled, towed to safety, Myrtoan sea
Mai 09, 2020 at 07:20.

Product tanker SEAVEN JOY suffered engine failure in western Kafirea Straits, Myrtoan sea, late May 7, while en route from Piraeus to undeclared port, sailing in eastern direction. Disabled drifting tanker was taken on tow by tug early May 8, and towed to Lavrion anchorage, southeast Attica, Greece. she was anchored there same day, as of 0600 UTC May 9, remained in the same position.
General cargo ship attacked, Russian and Ukrainian crew kidnapped
Mai 09, 2020 at 13:40.

General cargo ship RIO MITONG was attacked by pirates at 0200 UTC May 9 at Malabo Anchorage, Equatorial Guinea, Bioko Island, Gulf of Guinea. According to Dryad Global, two crew, believed to be of Russian and Ukrainian nationalities, were kidnapped. the rest of crew are said to be safe. The ship moved to Malabo Port and was berthed at around 0800 UTC. The ship is engaged in unknown kind of works in Malabo waters since Jun 2019, according to her AIS records.
UPDATE May 10: Research ship was also attacked, 2 Russians kidnapped
Research ship attacked, two Russians kidnapped
Mai 10, 2020 at 04:16.

Another ship was attacked in Equatorial Guinea waters at the same time RIO MITONG was attacked off Malabo Anchorage, at 0200 UTC May 9. Pirates according to Dryad Global, boarded research ship DJIBLOHO, anchored at Luba Anchorage, Bioko Island, and kidnapped two Russian crew, information to be confirmed. Ship’s AIS is off since late 2019, she was formed Soviet/Russian geology research ship, so presence of Russian seamen or technicians is of no surprise.
Research ship DJIBLOHO (Ex – PITON; KAPITAN PUZIKOV), IMO 8724494, displacement 5600, built 1989 USSR, acquired by Equatorial Guinea Gov in 2000, specializes in geology and seismic research.
Wood chips carrier grounding, Chile
Mai 10, 2020 at 05:24.

Wood chips carrier SURABAYA EXPRESS dragged anchor and drifted aground at night May 9 in Corral Bay, Chile. Understood she was refloated with tug assistance, and was anchored. She heaved anchor early in the morning May 10, and started moving towards Corral Port, her port of destination. The ship arrived from China on May 9. No damages reported so far.
Explosions and major fire on Aframax crude oil tanker, Indonesia VIDEO
Mai 11, 2020 at 06:27.

Several explosions reported to occur on board of Aframax crude oil tanker JAG LEELA in the morning May 11, followed by major fire with billowing black smoke. Tanker is drydocked at shipyard Belawan, Medan, Malacca Strait, northern Sumatra, Indonesia, several workers said to suffer burns, they were hospitalized. Unknown number of workers reportedly is trapped inside. Fire reportedly, spread to a nearby vessel. Dozens of fire engines and tugs with water cannons are deoployed, fire understood to be still raging as of 0600 UTC May 11.

Iranian container ship broke in two? Singapore Strait accident UPDATE
Mai 11, 2020 at 11:28.

UPDATE May 12: SAMUDRA SAKTI I was refloated at around 1600 UTC May 11, taken to nearby Batam Anchorage, anchored. SHAHRAZ as of 0820 UTC May 12 remained aground, and judging from latest available photos, it seems like she broke in two in midship area, hull having vertical cracks both portside and stb, throughout freeboard and below waterline.
Container ship SHAHRAZ and bulk carrier SAMUDRA SAKTI I are reported to run aground in Singapore Strait south of St John Island at around 1900 UTC May 10, close to each other, while proceeding in the same direction, probably trying to avoid collision. As of 0700 UTC May 11, both ships remain in the same positions, coordinates don’t change. SHAHRAZ is en route from Port Klang to Yangshan China, SAMUDRA SAKTI I is en route from Belawan to Bayah, southwest Java.
UPDATE May 11 1100 UTC: I’ve received photos from Captain of the ship which passed grounded ships, obviously there was a collision, container ship sustaining hull breach and cracks portside. Judging from photo, SHAHRAZ hull integrity may be compromised.

Master of bulk carrier died in his chair
Mai 12, 2020 at 07:30.

Master of a bulk carrier AURORA CHRISTINE, berthed at Cilacap, southern Java, died on May 10 sitting in his chair. Understood 52-year old Master died from some kind of stroke or attack, and so-called coronavirus has nothing to do with it. His body, nevertheless, was taken off the board in accordance with all biohazard protocols, while all crew were tested for infection, non were found test positive. The ship with cargo of coal arrived from southern Kalimantan on May 8.
Panamax container ship under quarantine until May 16, Brazil
Mai 13, 2020 at 04:30.

Container ship BARBARA is put under quarantine until May 17 at Santos Anchorage, Brazil, until May 16, after 10 crew tested positive for what’s called coronavirus. Results of the test became known on May 9. The ship arrived at Santos on May 1 and was taken to anchorage on May 2, understood after completing cargo works. Understood no crew was and is in need of intensive care or hospitalization, and most of those found positive don’t have any illness symptoms.
Korean fishing vessel abandoned deep in South Atlantic, 40 crew understood rescued
Mai 15, 2020 at 06:08.

Fishing vessel KOSTAR is reported on May 15 abandoned, adrift deep in South Atlantic, 575 nm WSW of Tristan da Cunha Island. No news on crew, which should consist of some 43 people (according to ship’s particulars), but most likely, crew were rescued by another Korean fishing vessel KINGSTAR (IMO 8916009). As of 0500 UTC May 15, AIS was still on. Whatever accident befell KOSTAR, it took place sometime during May 12-14. No information on what exactly happened, though in the majority of fishing vessels abandonment accidents, when it happens on high seas, major fire was involved.
3 container ships under quarantine in Santos Brazil. Something wrong with Santos?
Mai 15, 2020 at 07:42.

14 crew of container ship LOG IN JATOBA were found virus test positive in Santos port, Brazil, according to The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) official statement issued on May 14. The ship – understood after completing cargo operations – was taken on Santos outer Anchorage, and put under quarantine, which will last until May 26. Container ship MSC GISELLE is under quarantine since May 9 until May 23, also anchored. Understood there was one test positive crew, he was taken to hospital. Container ship BARBARA is under quarantine until May 17, Santos outer Anchorage.
– see details here
Panamax container ship under quarantine until May 16, Brazil
Mai 13, 2020 at 04:30.

Container ship BARBARA is put under quarantine until May 17 at Santos Anchorage, Brazil, until May 16, after 10 crew tested positive for what’s called coronavirus. Results of the test became known on May 9. The ship arrived at Santos on May 1 and was taken to anchorage on May 2, understood after completing cargo works. Understood no crew was and is in need of intensive care or hospitalization, and most of those found positive don’t have any illness symptoms.
Something exploded and caught fire at Lome. Maybe tanker, maybe boxship, maybe both.
Mai 15, 2020 at 14:27.

Explosion followed by fire occurred on board of Nigerian cargo ship GOD’S LOVE at Lome port, Togo, on May 15. One crew died, several were injured, was reportedly, extinguished. It is not clear what this GOD’S LOVE ship is. According to IMO number (looking still valid, with operational AIS), it’s a container ship broken up long time ago, and simultaneously, it’s a tanker, positioned at Lome. Take your guess.
Bulk carrier aground, Parana river
Mai 15, 2020 at 17:21.

Bulk carrier MARS HARMONY ran aground at 387 kilometer mark, Parana river downstream from Rosarion, at around 1000 UTC May 15, while proceeding downstream with cargo of maize and soy beans, according to Alpemar Agency. As of 1700 UTC the ship was still aground with tug at her stern.
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Date d'inscription : 10/07/2012

Global Actualité maritime  2020 Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Global Actualité maritime 2020   Global Actualité maritime  2020 EmptyDim 6 Sep 2020 - 15:53

Suite Mai 2020

LEXA MAERSK turning ghost
Mai 16, 2020 at 08:41.

Hapless container ship LEXA MAERSK is to arrive at Rotterdam on May 18, to be berthed at APM Terminal Rotterdam and treated for virus infected crew – well, probably infected. LEXA MAERSK interrupted her voyage to medevac one crew, who was taken to hospital at Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands, see previous news below. Now MAERSK, reportedly, asked APMTR to allow vessel to dock, with 6 other crew, including Captain, being probably, virus infected. Ship’s AIS missing since May 12, last position dated evening May 12, SW of Azores, heading for Northern Europe, port of destination not declared.
Container ship LEXA MAERSK interrupted voyage to medevac crew, probable quarantine
May 8, 2020
Maritime Bulletin was informed, that container ship LEXA MAERSK had to interrupt her voyage and call Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands, to medevac an ill seaman, understood with fever symptoms. The ship left Colon Panama on May 1, bound for Tangier Morocco. Reportedly, on May 6 she was diverted to take part in SAR of a man overboard from another vessel. On May 7 the ship suspended search and headed for Charlotte Amalie. She anchored off port on May 8, and as of 1300 UTC May 8, remained at anchor. Seaman has been already taken to hospital. Quarantine was mentioned, depending on ill seaman coronavirus test result.
One bulk carrier refloated, another ran aground, Parana river
Mai 17, 2020 at 06:34.

Bulk carrier MARS HARMONY
May 17: Was refloated in the morning May 16 with tug assistance, resumed voyage after inspection, as of 0600 UTC May 17 was sailing downstream.
Bulk carrier MARS HARMONY ran aground at 387 kilometer mark, Parana river downstream from Rosarion, at around 1000 UTC May 15, while proceeding downstream with cargo of maize and soy beans, according to Alpemar Agency.

Bulk carrier ANTWERPIA aground, Parana river
Bulk carrier ANTWERPIA reported aground at 375 kilometer mark, Parana river, in Villa Constitucion area, Argentina. The ship ran aground in the evening May 16 while sailing downstream after completing cargo operation at Arroyo Seco, her next port of call being Bahia Blanca, probably for a top off. As of 0430 UTC May 17 she was still aground, no tugs visible nearby.
One more mysterious attack in Gul of Aden
Mai 18, 2020 at 04:23.

Product tanker STOLT APAL was reportedly attacked by two skiffs with armed persons on board at around 1200 UTC May 17 in Gulf of Aden NE of Bosaso, Puntland, Somalia, while sailing west, en route from Al Jubayul Persian Gulf, to Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, Red sea.
“After multiple warning shots were fired by the armed guard team aboard Stolt Apal, the skiffs opened fire on the ship. The armed guard team returned fire, disabling one skiff and ending the pursuit,” a company spokesman told Reuters in emailed comments. The spokesman said the ship’s bridge had sustained minor damage from bullets but that there were no injuries.
Rather strange attacks on passing merchant ships in GoA region are occurring though very rarely, but rather regularly, during recent years. No such attack was ever identified and confirmed as purely pirate or purely terrorist, all of them remained a mystery in this aspect. The one sure thing about all these attacks is, in all known cases attackers were repulsed by teams of private armed guards on board.
Latvian freighter double grounding, Denmark
Mai 19, 2020 at 04:53.

General cargo ship RIX AMETHYST ran aground while leaving Rudkobing, Langeland island, Denmark, in the afternoon May 18. The ship with cargo of barley is bound for Bremen, Germany. Tug was called, the ship was refloated in reportedly, an hour and a half. While maneuvering after refloating, RIX AMETHYST stern entangled with fairway buoy, shifting it from its’ position. RIX AMETHYST grounded again, but this time she managed to refloat under own power, in about half of an hour. She passed under Rudkobing Bridge and was anchored for inspection. Understood there were no or sloght damages, as she resumed voyage in the evening same day. All photos full-scale
Cargo ship contacted lock gate, both damaged, Kiel Canal
Mai 19, 2020 at 07:34.

General cargo ship RIMINI contacted Lock’s gate while entering Kiel Canal in Brunsbuettel, in the evening May 17. Ship and gate were damaged, RIMINI was berthed after exiting lock in Brunsbuettel, Canal side. As of 0700 UTC May 19, the ship was still at Brunsbuettel. Gate reportedly, sustained serious damages and became inoperable. RIMINI is or was en route from Rotterdam to Rostock with ETA May 19. RIMINI suffered hull damages in stb fore area.
Thailand and the “pandemic”, some preliminary results
Mai 19, 2020 at 09:24.

As of May 19, in Thailand, there were 3030 officially recorded cases of coronavirus infections, with 2857 recoveries and 56 deaths, with total population of some 69,700,000 people as of May 2020. “Pandemic” was declared in Thailand on Mar 15, and as everywhere around the globe, virus tests are a mystery, because nobody knows or cares to explain, why they differ so wildly from country to country, why there’s no universal standard test for exactly this type of virus, and why medics mix together statistics of deaths caused by virus, and deaths “related” to virus. As everywhere else, elders and people with pre-existing medical conditions, constitute the majority of mortality statistics.
“Fighting pandemic” restrictions and lockdowns in Thailand are comparatively mild, nothing like regimes imposed on some US “blue” States, or India, or making biggest in the world 11-million concentration camp, once known as Moscow, Capital of Russia. Still, all inbound flights are banned until May 31 at least, meaning that crew changes in Thai ports remain very problematic. Life in general has become very dull indeed, and with that, much more complicated and hampered in some petty, but quite irritable and annoying, ways.
As everywhere else, people and economy suffer not from virus, but from “fighting virus”, with losses, far exceeding those inflicted by virus itself.
Post-pandemic Thai economy forecasts differ in estimations of unavoidable losses and downturns. Thai National Shippers’ Council remains on optimistic side, forecasting nation’s economy contract by some 8%, but with that, recovery, starting fourth quarter. But Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) believes, that most of Thai major industries will be fighting, in post-pandemic era, for a mere survival.
Of the 45 industry groups in Thailand, 32 are expected to suffer a drop in demand and will recover slowly after the outbreak due to the global slowdown, Kriangkrai Thiannukul, vice president of FTI, said on May 13.
He added that only 13 industries will expand after the pandemic, namely medical and healthcare devices, pharmaceutical, information and communication technology, pulp and paper, sugar, air-conditioning and cooling systems, food, electricity generating, chemical, rubber products, plastic, printing and packaging and aluminium product.
However, at least two-thirds of the industries will face a grim future, namely cloth, textile, auto and parts, cosmetics, leather, shoes, jewellery and ornaments, steel, cement, roof and parts, granite and marble, glass, ceramic, sawmill, plywood, furniture, machinery, agricultural mechanics, ship building, steel construction, metal casting, electronics and telecommunication, herb, palm oil, food supplement, petroleum refinery, petrochemical, gas, renewal energy, handicrafts, environment management and biotechnology, he warned.
The Nation/Thailand, May 14 2020
Tourism and trade were most hard hit sectors, as countries around the world imposed restrictions to contain the coronavirus outbreak. Official data shows a 74.6% plunge in foreign tourist arrivals in March from a year ago, and though there are no official statistics yet covering April-May, we can already say, that tourism as industry, is non-existent. When tourism partially recovers, sometime by the end of this year and further on, it won’t be tourism we know or knew. It will be more expensive, and less affordable for common people, until at some stage (and such forecasts are spreading like wildfire) tourism will be affordable only for elites, not for all elites with that, but for top ones. We’ll be allowed to watch their escapades in exotic places on TV/computer screens, in news and live shows. Welcome to your new green sustainable world, millenials and GZs.
Thoresen Thai Agencies Plc. (TTA) reported that its consolidated revenues decreased year-on-year by 11% and quarter-on-quarter by 21%. Shipping and Offshore Service contributed 38% and 21% to the consolidated revenues, respectively. The freight revenues of Shipping Segment were recorded at Baht 1,261.5 million in 1Q/2020, which decreased 26% year-on-year, mainly due to lower freight rate and decreasing service days for chartered-in vessels.
However, Thoresen Shipping maintained low vessel operating expenses (OPEX) of US$ 3,856per day, and the owned fleet utilization rate has remained high at 100% in 1Q/2020. TCE rate was at US$ 7,817 per day which outperformed net Supramax TC rate of US$ 6,229 per day by 25% in 1Q/2020.
At quarter-end, Shipping Segment owned 21 Supramax vessels with an average size of 55,285 DWT and an average age of 12.96 years. No vessel was acquired or sold in 1Q/2020.
The Thai economy sank by 1.8 per cent year on year in the first quarter, state National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) said on May 18. The economic contraction in the first quarter was largely due to the Covid-19 fallout. In it’s full-year forecast, the Council said the economy would drop by 5 to 6 per cent, close to the 7.6 per cent contraction during the 1997 financial crisis.
Thai economy doesn’t look all that bad, when comparing it to other countries in SEA region. In Bangladesh, country's import decreased 62% year-on-year to $1.95 billion in April as industrial production has almost come to a halt due to the ongoing shutdown. A large part of the imports is mainly for the export-earning garment sector, but the industrial units had suspended their manufacturing last month for the countrywide shutdown to flatten the curve on coronavirus. In April, exports nosedived five times from the previous month and 82.9 per cent from a year earlier to just $520.01 million, according to data from the Export Promotion Bureau.
Among those who is profiting from “pandemic”, is Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc (CPF), the country's largest agribusiness. CPF expects to have its best year ever due to soaring pork prices and plans to expand in North America. CPF, whose businesses cover animal feed, farm and food, reported a net profit of 6.11 billion baht for January-March, up 43% from a year earlier and a record high quarterly profit due to high pork prices in Vietnam and Cambodia.
According to the Thai Ministry of Commerce, exports of computers and peripherals from Thailand in the January-March period were $ 3,943.9 million, an increase of 13.7% over the same period last year. Hard disk drives (HDD) increased 23.4% to $ 2,959.5 million, accounting for 75% of the total.
The largest export value of computers and peripherals from Thailand was to the United States, which increased by 41.1% to $ 1,457.62 million. Export to Hong Kong decreased by 7.7%, $ 611.9 million, to European Union (EU) by 5.7%, $ 567 million, while export to China increased by 65.7%, $ 439.12 million. Export to Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) decreased by 35%, 2 $ 422.9 million, to Japan by 6.7%, $ 171.6 million.
As usual, anytime, any century or millennium, anywhere around the world, common people suffer most. Long lines of unemployed relying on free food across Bangkok, scrambles for cash handouts and fishing in fetid canals — Thais are getting increasingly desperate as the pandemic destroys the economy and the government struggles to respond. Some 27 million informal workers — who lost their jobs in the tourism, entertainment, food and service sectors — have applied for a monthly cash handout from the government, though only half have received approval. - Pattaya One News, May 13.
Some 300,000 so-called “sex-workers” were literally, thrown out to streets, and let’s not forget, that many of them or the majority, are(were) supporting their families, mostly in rural areas. This “sex-workers” drama alone makes the whole global “pandemic” scheme looking more like crime against humanity, than war against “deadly virus”.
Does worldwide “pandemic fight” justify all the losses, dramas and tragedies it brought upon humanity?
Bulk carrier contacted berth, Puerto Rico
Mai 20, 2020 at 07:10.

Bulk carrier ATLANTIC TULUM contacted pier at Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica Pacific coast, in the afternoon May 19, while proceeding to berth with tug assistance. Ship’s boq was damaged, pier also sustained damages. bulk carrier was berthed after accident, she arrived from USA.

Container ship LEXA MAERSK Update
Mai 20, 2020 at 16:35.

Maritime Bulletin was informed, on condition of anonymity, of a present status and condition of container ship LEXA MAERSK. It runs as follows:
• Currently moored at ROTTERDAM MAASVLAKTE since 18th of May.
• Dutch medical personnel performed COVID19 testing on ship’s Crew.
• The results of the tests found 5 crew members positive with COVID19 including the Captain. Currently none is critical, but crew members all isolated.
• The NL MSV Port Master placed the vessel under quarantine.
• The vessel offloaded its entire cargo-containers, indicates long stay
• Sign Off-On it’s of an unknown status.
Comment: Understood test positive crew remain on board and feel healthy. Nowadays, though, being healthy means merely, that you’re, most probably, an “asymptomatic person”.
Ship attacked in Gulf of Guinea, probably boarded UPDATES
Mai 20, 2020 at 17:39.

May 22 UPDATE: Crew managed to muster in citadel, and wait out the attack, pirates left the ship without hostages taken, fearing approaching naval ships. Crew is safe. The ship was boarded by reportedly, 7 armed pirates. It goes without saying, that the pirates looted cabins and service compartments, taking with them all they could take.
The ship resumed sailing towards Douala in the evening May 21, but in the morning May 22 she suddenly turned west, and as of 0630 UTC was steaming west at some 11 knots speed, port of destination still Douala.
May 21 UPDATE; As of 0600 UTC May 21, the ship was still adrift, with Nigerian Naval ship DONNY (MMSI 657121200) circling nearby.
Cargo ship was attacked in Gulf of Guinea SSW of Bonny, Nigeria, at around 1600 UTC May 20. The ship wasn’t identified in piracy alert message, but according to tracks, positions and time, attacked ship is highly likely, Polish general cargo ship ESL AUSTRALIA, en route from Takoradi Ghana to Douala Cameroon. As of 1700 UTC May 20, the ship was either disabled and drifting, or proceeding at slow speed. Usually it means, that pirates boarded the ship and took her under control. No other information available at the moment.
Hapag-Lloyd container ship hit by positive tests, stuck in Durban
Mai 21, 2020 at 13:11.

Hapag-Lloyd on May 20 issued a press-release with details on virus related incident, involving container ship MONTPELLIER:
Middle East India Africa Express (MIAX) service - MV “Montpellier” voyage 2017w - COVID-19 Incident
We regret to inform you that during normal operations our MV “Montpellier” voyage 2017w, deployed in our Middle East India Africa Express (MIAX) service, two members of the crew tested positive for COVID-19 in Durban, South Africa.
As a safety measure, the local authorities have ordered the vessel must remain at anchorage for 14 days, and has further directed that no cargo operations can be undertaken at this time.
Berthing at Durban and subsequent ports of the rotation will be adjusted accordingly.
Comment: Understood both positive tested crew remain on board, and generally, they’re well. Again, the same question – what, overall, does this testing mean and to what type of virus exactly people test positive, or negative, and why tests differ from country to country?
Tanker contacted embankment, damaged, Volga river, Russia VIDEO
Mai 21, 2020 at 13:55.

Tanker ALEKSANDR SHEMAGIN went out of control and struck Canal embankment at Balakovo, Saratov Region, river Volga, Russia, in the evening May 20. Tanker was sailing upstream, en route from Rostov-on-Don to Syzran, Volga, probably in ballast. According to witnesses reports, tanker contacted embankment two times, watch video.

Livestock carrier arrested, drug search under way, Spain UPDATE no drugs found
Mai 21, 2020 at 14:56.

May 22 UPDATE: No drugs found, released, resumed sailing in the morning May 22.
Livestock carrier NEAMEH early in the morning May 21 was intercepted while transiting Gibraltar, and taken to Algeciras Spain, on a suspicion of drug trafficking. The ship with cattle shipment is en route from Cartagena Colombia to Damietta Egypt. She was berthed, search is under way, nothing found so far. Hopefully, nothing finally, will be found, and the ship will be cleared to continue voyage. The reasons to suspect ship in drug trafficking, which led to her seizure, aren’t disclosed.
Container ship dangerous approach at Vlissingen
Mai 22, 2020 at 06:56.

Container ship VALDIVIA was dangerously close to public beach at Vlissingen Netherlands, in the afternoon May 21, while heading out to sea, en route from Antwerp to Helsinki Finland. The cause of dangerous approach is unknown, but the ship wasn’t detained, she continued her voyage.
Estonian freighter victim of positive testing, stuck in Rostock
Mai 22, 2020 at 08:00.

General cargo ship KAIE arrived at Rostock on May 16, where all 8 crew were tested positive for virus. The ship has been put under quarantine for two weeks, not clear when she will be freed.
Bulk carrier aground at Rosario for almost a week
Mai 23, 2020 at 07:05.

Bulk carrier MSXT ARTEMIS reportedly grounded at Rosario, Argentina, Parana river, on May 16, understood while being berthed, in process of loading. The ship was refloated on May 22 and anchored in Rosario area, for inspection. As of 0600 UTC May 23, she was still at anchor. Severe river level fall is the cause of grounding. the ship is bound for Gibraltar.
Disabled Vietnamese freighter taken to safety UPDATE
Mai 23, 2020 at 09:35.

May 23 UPDATE: The ship suffered engine failure, she was towed to
May 22 UPDATE: Towed or escorted by tug TAN GANG 65 (IMO 9738650) to Van Phong Bay, Ninh Tinh, north of Cam Ranh, as of 0800 UTC was proceeding at slow speed towards probably, anchorage area.
General cargo ship HOANG THINH 268 reported disabled, adrift off Cam Ranh, Vietnam, South China sea, since morning May 21. As of 1200 UTC May 21, ship’s status, condition unclear, she was moving in northern direction at some 3 knots speed, probably on tow.
Thailand ports counting “pandemic” damages
Mai 24, 2020 at 09:01.

Port Authority of Thailand issued press-release with ports operations statistics during Oct 2019 – Mar 2020 period, which embraces ships calls and containers handling in ports of Bangkok (TOT), Laem Chabang (LCP), Ranong Port (Andaman sea), Chiang Saen and Chiang Khong Ports (Mekong river).
Bangkok Port recorded 1977 ship calls, increase 6.18% in comparison with the same period previous year, with total cargo turnover 11.024 million tons, increase 5.75%, and handled 0.725 mil TEU, increase 1.16%.
Laem Chabang Port recorded 5200 ship calls, decrease 5.21%, with total cargo turnover 43.55 mil tons, decrease 4.96%. LCP handled 3.973 mil TEU, reduction 3.21%.
Ranong Port, Andaman sea, recorded 164 ship calls, decrease 11.58%, with total cargo turnover 70, 700 tons, decrease 14.7%. Port handled 2182 TEU, decrease 4.5%.
Chiang Saen and Chiang Khong Ports, Mekong river, recorded 1775 and 145 ship calls, 6.8% increase and 3% decrease respectively, with total turnover 120,880 and 1,860 tons, respectively.
Virus negative consequences started to affect Thai ports in Feb-Mar, but worst is to come. Thai economy is forecasted to contract by 5.3% in 2020, with tourism and products exports to suffer most. Household incomes, on average, are in deep decline, negatively affecting consumer goods import volumes and retail trade. Cars production and export plunged, because of lockdowns and decreased demand.
Total volume of ocean freight is expected to decrease by 5+ percent, providing economy will restart and recover in second half of the year. Containers volume is forecasted to decrease by 9-10%, while shipping companies profits will plunge by some 20-30%.
Total containers volume during Oct 2019 – Mar 2020 was 4.698 mil TEU, decrease 2.56%.
As of middle May, “pandemic” situation in Thailand is steadily improving, with 0-4 “infection” cases daily during last 10 days. Restrictions and lockdowns lift started early May, it comes in stages, but there’s no final decision yet on inbound flights ban after May 31, as well as on other bans and restrictions. Nobody knows yet the extent of damages world economy sustained during so-called “pandemic”.
Ferry grounding, Italy, Adriatic sea
Mai 24, 2020 at 15:23.

Ferry ISOLA DI CAPRAIA with 7 passengers on board ran onto breakwater in San Nicola harbor, Tremiti Islands, Italy, Adriatic sea, in the morning May 24, on arrival from Termoli, Italian mainland. Ferry was refloated, probably by own means, and left San Nicola in the afternoon same day, destination Termoli. Damages reportedly are slight or none, mechanical malfunction is believed to be the cause of the accident.
Container ship APL ENGLAND lost 40 containers in rough seas, Australia
Mai 24, 2020 at 16:08.

Container ship APL ENGLAND reported cargo loss early in the morning May 24 some 40 nm SE of Sydney, after temporary power loss, in rough weather. At least 40 containers went overboard, 74 were damaged. The ship was en route from Shanghai to Melbourne, ETA May 25. After the accident, she turned back and headed for Brisbane, ETA May 25.
Thai tanker detained in Vietnamese waters for illegal fuel trading
Mai 25, 2020 at 07:19.

Vietnamese Coast Guard stated on May 25, that CG ship detained tanker SIAM VARICH with some 1,700 tons of fuel on board, in South China sea some 90 nm off Con Dao island, southernmost Vietnam. The ship didn’t carry flag, cargo on board didn’t have respective documents, all 11 crew (understood all Thai nationals) didn’t have certificates and other documents proving their qualification and rank. Master of tanker admitted, that he was engaged in illegal fuel trade in the area, understood selling fuel to fishing vessels. Tanker AIS is off for undefined period of time, years maybe.
Product tanker SIAM VARICH, IMO 7534440, dwt 2031, built 1972, flag ?, manager ?
Fire on board of cargo ship, Almeria, Spain
Mai 25, 2020 at 18:04.

Fire erupted on board of general cargo ship SAN TRELA, docked at Almeria Spain, early in the morning May 25. Fire was quickly extinguished by fire engines, but in some 3 hours it rekindled, so firefighters had to be called again. Fire was extinguished, extent of damages unknown, but the fire wasn’t major one. The ship is understood to be either abandoned or in a lay-up, latest AIS dated May 2015. She’s reportedly, to be auctioned.
Capesize bulk carrier collision with Chinese bulk carrier off Shanghai
Mai 26, 2020 at 06:54.

May 26 UPDATE: CASTA DIVA left anchorage early in the morning May 26, new port of destination Hua Feng (ZHOUSHAN HUAFENG SHIP YARD CO.,LTD), ETA May 26, for repairs.
CASTA DIVA collided with Chinese bulk carrier MING LIAN at around 1930 UTC May 19 (0330 May 20 Beijing time). CASTA DIVA left Shanghai (Jiangyin, Wuxi, Yangtze river) and was proceeding to sea after disembarking pilot, MING LIAN was sailing in WNW direction, en route to Rizhao, Yellow sea, N of Shanghai. According to information provided, Chinese ship was to give the way, having CASTA DIVA on her stb. MING LIAN breached ColReg and was struck by CASTA DIVA bow, sustaining serious damages, including hull breaches. CASTA DIVA is about 6 times bigger than MING LIAN, for vessels of such size it’s often impossible to safely maneuver in heavily trafficked areas. She could avoid collision with MING LIAN and collide with some other ship. It’s often humanly impossible to do anything, to avoid accident. Heavily trafficked lanes to and from Shanghai in this area are crossed by North-South lanes, to and from Bohai sea and northern Yellow sea. Notorious mess of ships traffic off Shanghai is ripe for accidents and disasters.
May 23: I was informed by MB reader, Captain, that VLOC CASTA DIVA, collided with unknown vessel while leaving Shanghai, on May 20. Bulk carrier according to his information, was seriously damaged and is in need of dry docking, she was proceeding at 13 +  knots speed at the time of collision.
No other details available at the moment. CASTA DIVA was anchored same day and remains anchored at one of Shanghai’s outer anchorages. She’s to be in ballast, with Australia being her destination.
COSCO container ship cargo fire, probably containers lost overboard
Mai 26, 2020 at 13:08.

Container ship COSCO SAO PAULO arrived at Cape Town outer anchorage on May 25 from Durban, South Africa, and was anchored in a rough weather. Ship experienced heavy roll but wasn’t allowed to enter port, as reportedly, she suffered fire in one of cargo holds early May 25. It is rumoured, that she lost some of containers while anchored. She was taken to Cape Town and berthed in the morning May 26. No detailed information yet on extent of fire, damaged, destroyed or lost containers.
COSCO Panamax bulk carrier grounding, Argentina
Mai 26, 2020 at 13:37.

Bulk carrier COFCO 1 ran aground in Parana river upstream from San Martin port at 2200 LT May 25, understood shortly after unmooring or in process of unmooring, at Timbues port. According to Alpemar Shipping Agency, bulk carrier was refloated in some 6 hours, in the morning May 26, with tug assistance. She was anchored in Timbues area, understood for inspection, as of 1230 UTC May 26 she was still at anchor. She’s loaded with 41,900 tons of soybeans, destined for Denmark, reported Alpemar.
STENA tanker stranded in Brazil for more than a month, being “test positive”
Mai 26, 2020 at 16:28.

Product tanker STENA PREMIUM with 27 crew on board is stuck at Cabedelo, Brazil, since Apr 24. Twelve crew were found virus test positive, all of them remain on board, understood nobody is in need of hospital treatment, or any treatment, with that. The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) is to run serological (antibody) tests to determine crew fate, whether the ship may be released, or has to remain stuck. Understood Master of the ship demanded from authorities to find a solution, and free tanker. ANVISA said that tanker probably, will be allowed to leave with “infected asymptomatic ” crew, while those who’re found not to be fully “asymptomatic”, should be moved to hotel.
One more big container ship down in Santos, Brazil
Mai 27, 2020 at 07:13.

One crew of 10,000 TEU container ship CAP SAN LORENZO was tested positive, said tireless National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) on May 26. The ship berthed at Santos Brazil on May 24, one unlucky non-Brazilian crew was to be relieved and return home, but ANVISA found him virus positive. All crew were tested, cargo operations were cancelled, the ship was taken to outer anchorage and anchored, to wait for testing results.
2 crew changes in Thailand recently, but Thais only
Mai 27, 2020 at 08:05.

Two Thai-owned bulk carriers changed part of their crews in Thailand on Koh Si Chang Anchorage between May 21 and May 23. 25 crew in total, including 17 from THOR BRAVE, and 8 from CHAYANEE NAREE, were changed. THOR BRAVE arrived from Banjarmasin Indonesia, CHAYANEE NAREE arrived from western Sakhalin coal ports, Russia.
All relieved seamen were treated in full accordance with “health” protocols, all have to undergo 14-days quarantine.
Foreign crew changes still not available in Thailand, all inbound flights banned until end of June. The exceptions are state or military aircraft, emergency or technical landing, humanitarian aid, medicine and relief flights, repatriation and cargo aircraft. Not clear if chartered planes with replacement crew may be allowed, and if allowed, on what terms and conditions. Most probably, it is not possible. Inbound flights ban may be lifted earlier than June 30, and in any case, all the “new normal” requirements will be made public prior to ban lift, to assess possibility and feasibility of foreign crew change in Thai ports.
Ship’s agent must submit following document to port authorities at least 24 Hours before vessel arrival:
• Information of Conveyance Arriving In Thailand ( T.1),
• Maritime Information of Health (T.2),
• Maritime Declaration of Health (T.3),
• Last ten port of call,
• Questionnaire for Dangerous Communicable diseases screening,
• Crew list,
• Body temperature (for all crew&passenger record at least 7 days)
• Any others document that have request by Quarantine officer
While docked at Thai port, Master must provide the following:
• Cleaning vessel every day with proper tools and chemical
• Alcohol or Hand cleansing Gel
• All crew onboard must ware mask at all time
• Provide whenever possible, safe distance between people on board of 1 meter at least
Shore leaves aren’t allowed. There’s a nationwide curfew, with all but essential workers and services, having to stay at home, from 11 p.m. until 04 a.m. Expectedly, curfew will be shortened starting May end or early June, from 0000 a.m. until 0400 a.m.
For the majority of Thai seamen, crew change has become more complicated, but still possible, because they’re working on Thai-flagged or owned ships. The same can be said of any other nation, exploiting uninational crews on nation-flagged or owned by nation’s companies, ships. If “pandemic” show is to continue, ship owners and crew management companies will be in preferable position, by mustering uninational crews.
COSCO Panamax bulk carrier aground again, Parana river UPDATE refloated
Mai 27, 2020 at 14:31.

May 29 UPDATE: Was refloated at around 1700 LT May 28 with tugs assistance, taken downstream, anchored for inspection off San Pedro.
Bulk carrier COFCO 1 with 41,900 tons of soybean resumed sailing downstream after grounding, which took place on May 25-26, but at around 0630 UTC May 27 she ran aground again, this time in San Pedro area at 269 kilometer mark, Parana river. As of 1400 UTC May 27, the ship was still aground. Reportedly, salvage was contracted. She’s obstructing navigation, though understood, not blocking it.

Previous grounding news:
COSCO Panamax bulk carrier grounding, Argentina
Mai 26, 2020 at 13:37.
Bulk carrier COFCO 1 ran aground in Parana river upstream from San Martin port at 2200 LT May 25, understood shortly after unmooring or in process of unmooring, at Timbues port. According to Alpemar Shipping Agency, bulk carrier was refloated in some 6 hours, in the morning May 26, with tug assistance. She was anchored in Timbues area, understood for inspection, as of 1230 UTC May 26 she was still at anchor. She’s loaded with 41,900 tons of soybeans, destined for Denmark, reported Alpemar.
UK’s bulk carrier seized by ANVISA, Brazil
Mai 27, 2020 at 16:38.

National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) testing campaign is spreading further on, embracing other Brazilian ports. One crew of bulk carrier CLYMENE at Paranagua was tested positive and taken to hospital. Bulk carrier on May 26 has been moved to anchorage, to wait for tests results. She arrived at Paranagua on May 25, from Singapore, to load a shipment of soybeans. No news on her status, understood she’s put under quarantine.
Either way, migrants rescue is becoming extremely dangerous for merchant ships
Mai 27, 2020 at 18:07.

Container ship ANNE on May 25 had to take on board some 100 illegal migrants off Libyan coast, while being en route from Malta’s Freeport to Misurata Libya. The ship interrupted her voyage and took a long leg, to pick them up. She reached Misurata anchorage on May 25, migrants reportedly, were offloaded and handed over to Libyan authorities. ANNE was berthed in Misurata on May 27.
ANNE was ordered to rescue migrants by MRCC Malta, according to NGO Alarm Phone. After that, ANNE was ordered by responsible SAR bodies to proceed to Misurata, and disembark “rescued” migrants.
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees recommends that all countries “suspend all forced returns of citizens or residents of Libya, including those whose application for asylum was rejected”(!).
So, now what? They will force merchant ships to pick up migrants notwithstanding circumstances, and after that, circle around in Mediterranean for days and weeks, begging EU to take migrants off? Rescuing migrants is becoming extremely dangerous for merchant ships. If the ship “rescues” migrants and waits to be allowed to disembark them where they want to be disembarked, in the EU, the ship is in for many troubles and risks, read previous stories. If the ship disembarks them in Libya, Master and owner may be prosecuted.
COSCO supertanker in distress off South Africa, Indian ocean UPDATE
Mai 27, 2020 at 18:43.

May 29 UPDATE: It appeared, that YUAN HUA HU had suffered damage to engine shaft seals and repairs require shipyard, so tanker is to be towed to Durban. As of 1600 UTC, tanker was in the same position anchored off Port St Johns, with tug SMIT SIYANDA standing by, awaiting the arrival of more powerful tug, required for towage.
Supertanker YUAN HUA HU encountered unidentified problems late May 25 NE of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, while en route from Singapore to Angola. The ship headed for nearest port, Port St Johns, and reached it in the afternoon May 27, understood under tow. She was anchored, and as of 1830 UTC May 27, remained at anchor. SAR tug SMIT SIYANDA is on standby at VLCC side, big ocean going tug is steaming from Cape Town to tow disabled tanker to unnamed port. No other details available at the moment. Crew reported safe, so probably tanker is troubled with mechanical breakdown.
Ro-ro cargo ship stuck under the bridge, Volga river, Russia
Mai 28, 2020 at 04:29.

Ro-ro cargo ship KOMPOZITOR RAKHMANINOV ran onto left bank of river Volga under Starir (Old) Bridge, Astrakhan, at around 2000 Moscow time May 27, while proceeding downstream, in ballast. As of 0700 Moscow time May 28, the ship was still aground, with two tugs deployed in refloating. Traffic not affected, no news on damages.
OLDENDORFF bulk carrier contact pier at Port Lincoln, Australia
Mai 28, 2020 at 04:48.

Bulk carrier JONAS OLDENDORFF contact pier while berthing at Port Lincoln, South Australia, in the morning May 28 (at around 2230 UTC May 27), on arrival from Qatar. Two tugs assisted bulk carrier, and she was berthed without any more trouble. Reportedly, the ship and pier sustained slight damages.
COPENHAGEN's first trip using Flettner rotor
Mai 28, 2020 at 13:19.

On 26 May 2020, the Scandlines ferry COPENHAGEN made its first trip using a rotor to travel the route from Rostock to Gedser/ Denmark. What at first glance looks like an oversized chimney of 30 meters height is actually a modern Flettner rotor, which uses wind power to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.­
The shipping company uses the rotor on the Rostock-Gedser route to gain experience in CO2 emissions-reducing technologies. According to Scandlines a reduction of four to five percent is possible. The ferry had already been prepared for the assembly of the rotor in a Polish shipyard in late fall 2019. The installation of the 30-meter-high Flettner rotor took place in the Rostock seaport on 25 May 2020.
Developer and manufacturer of the rotor sail is the Finnish company Norsepower. The rotor sail is 30 meters high, five meters in diameter, and weighs around 42 tons. The fully automated solution starts the rotor automatically when the wind is strong enough to achieve emission savings. On the open sea, the cylinder is automatically rotated by electric motors. Propulsion is created by suction and dynamic pressure. The stronger the rotation, the less the marine diesel engines have to work. But the propulsion depends on the right wind direction which is from the side. Therefore, the almost north-south route between Gedser and Rostock and the prevailing northwest wind are ideal conditions for the use of the system.
The Norsepower rotor is a modern version of the Flettner rotor, which Anton Flettner had patented as a ship propulsion system around 100 years ago. The principle is based on the Magnus effect commonly associated with spinning objects moving through the air or other fluids: the air flows faster on one side of the rotating cylinder than on the other side. Negative and positive pressure creates an additional force that acts at right angles to the wind direction - in case of side winds the ship is moved towards the travel direction. Flettner rotors were already in use in the 1920s.
In recent years, the rotor technology has experienced a renaissance as an additional drive for ships. For example, the East Frisian wind turbine manufacturer Enercon had the 130-meter cargo ship ESHIP1 equipped with four Flettner rotors in 2010.
In 2018 a 24-meter high Norsepower rotor was installed on the VIKING GRACE ferry. However, the fuel savings on the Stockholm-Turku line were not as high as hoped.
The hybrid ferry COPENHAGEN already combines the traditional diesel drive with an environmentally friendly battery drive. The next weeks will show whether the recently assembled Flettner rotor can significantly reduce fuel consumption on the 45-kilometer route.
ANVISA latest container ship victim, Brazil
Mai 30, 2020 at 05:54.

Container ship PEDRO ALVARES CABRAL is the latest victim of Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) – the ship was put under quarantine on May 29, on arrival at Santos. Quick test detected on crew out of total 21, positive for virus. On May 30 all crew will be tested by, as ANVISA put it, most accurate laboratory test, which is PCR. According to Russian PCR tests results, up to 40% tests of this most accurate technology are faulty. So roughly, a person tested by PCR has a fifty-fifty chance of being wrongly diagnosed, and locked in “quarantine”.
Cargo ship damaged bridge at Port Alegre, Brazil
Mai 30, 2020 at 05:55.

Cargo ship PIRATINI collided with Guaiba Bridge at Porto Alegre, Brazil, at around 2130 LT May 28, while leaving the port with cargo of soybean meal, bound for Rio Grande. Bridge pillar was seriously damaged, understood bridge traffic is suspended, which may lead to some supply shortages in the region. The ship sustained slight damages and continued voyage, she reached Rio Grande late May 29.
Cargo ship sank off Ningbo, 1 crew missing
Mai 31, 2020 at 04:21.

Cargo ship LIAN HANG 7 ran aground some 10 nm E of Ningbo, China, East China sea, in the morning May 30, while en route from Fujian to Zhoushan. Hull was breached, the ship sank after mass water ingress, with bridge and upper bridge deck remaining above waterline. SAR ship DONG HAI JIU 117 arrived at disaster site in the afternoon, after some 3 hours of rescue in rough weather 13 crew were picked up, 1 remains missing.
Weird stuff in Indian ocean, Aframax out of control for some 5 hours UPDATE
Mai 31, 2020 at 14:34.

An email was sent to all ships managed by a company, reporting abnormal phenomenon, which occurred on board of one of the ships of this company, Aframax tanker, early in the morning May 31. The ship slowly but steadily, went out of control, with magnetic compass deviating from that of gyro by some 230 deg, speed reduced to dead ahead, notwithstanding the engine being in full ahead regime. 4 ships in the vicinity are said to close on each other and tanker. Tanker is en route to Cape Town, she resumed sailing some 5 hours after phenomenon started.
I checked all ships and tracks in this area, W of Cape Town, and figured out tanker in question, but will withhold ID information until hopefully, more details will come up.
UPDATE: I’ve checked 3 vessels which passed the site at the time when it happened, not one of them showed any sign of reducing speed and changing course. Probably, the whole “abnormal phenomenon” report is a hoax to cover-up mechanical breakdown and delay.
FPSO fire off Newfoundland
Mai 31, 2020 at 17:36.

FPSO TERRA NOVA, positioned E off Newfoundland and Labrador in the Atlantic, suffered fire on board either early May 30 or late May 29. FPSO is undergoing maintenance works with no oil or gas in her tanks. Fire understood to be minor, it was extinguished by personnel, no injures reported, extent of damages unknown. There are presently, 82 personnel on board, understood there was no evacuation.
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Italian tanker disabled in Arabian sea
Jui 01, 2020 at 14:14.

Product tanker GHETTY BOTTIGLIERI suffered engine failure on May 23 in Arabian sea while en route from Amsterdam to Singapore with ETA Jun 2, according to AIS. Salvage company was contracted, tanker understood to be taken on tow by tug GLADIATOR early Jun 1, port of destination unknown.
Bulk carrier sank, Bay of Bengal UPDATE refloated
Jui 03, 2020 at 15:57.

Jun 3 UPDATE: Bulk carrier was grounded when sudden storm lashed at Mongla port at night Jun 2, while offloading cargo of limestone, destined for cement mills. The ship was refloated in the morning Jun 3. Offloading operation resumed later same day, ship is said to sustain no or slight damages.
Bulk carrier SHAHRIAR JAHAN loaded with 21,000 tons of stone, loaded in Vietnam, reportedly sank at Mongla port, Mongla river, Bangladesh, on May 31. Information rather confusing, but rounding it up, the ship is believed to sank during storm on May 31, after sustaining damages.
Crew understood safe, port authorities will try to refloat the ship on Jun 3 with high tide.
Cyclone Cristobal damaged oil platform, floating dock, Gulf of Mexico
Jui 04, 2020 at 06:02.

Cyclone Cristobal, which battered on Jun 3 Ciudad del Carmen and offshore oil fields areas, southeast Mexico, Gulf of Mexico, reportedly damaged PEMEX oil platform, probably more than one. Port was also damaged, there’s a photo apparently, of broken floating dock with the ship in it. No details yet on damaged platform or platforms, and ships.
Cargo ship damaged after contacting pier, Crete
Jui 04, 2020 at 06:36.

Aggregates carrier MASTRONIKOS contacted pier while berthing at Heraklion port, Crete, Greece, in the morning Jun 3, on arrival from Tsingeli, Greece. Bow of the ship was dented and holed above waterline, holes or cracks reportedly, of some 2 centimeters in size. The ship was reported as detained for inspection and repairs, but she left Heraklion in the evening same day, bound for Psara Greece.
Cargo ship with 21 crew missing in Bali sea, Indonesia UPDATE found
Jui 04, 2020 at 07:33.

Jun 5 UPDATE: The ship was found on Jun 5 drifting some 30 nm E of Raas island, Bali sea, N of Bali. The ship was disabled, in total blackout due to failed generator. Owner of the ship is to provide either repairs on board, or towage. Crew is safe.
General cargo ship KM ODISSEY was reported missing in the morning Jun 4 in Bali sea, Indonesia. Owner of the ship, PT Odyssey Maritim Nusantara company, said that the ship reported generator and communications problems on May 29, she was last seen on Jun 3 some 40 nm NNE of Karangasem Regency, northeast Bali. Company asked Bali maritime authorities to search for the ship, and assist if necessary. Vessel with 21 crew on board is en route from Semarang to Bima, Sumbawa island, central Indonesia.
General cargo ship grounding, Caspian sea
Jui 04, 2020 at 13:56.

General cargo ship SENATOR loaded with auto spare parts ran aground on 126 kilometer mark, Volga – Caspian sea Channel, in the afternoon Jun 4. The ship is en route from Port Olya, Volga river, to Turkmenbashi Port, Turkmenistan. As of 1330 UTC Jun 4, the ship was either already refloated or in refloating attempt, assisted by tug AGAT (MMSI 273347880).
MSC mega container ship contacted crane in Mumbai VIDEO
Jui 05, 2020 at 04:12.

Container ship MSC ROSA M reportedly contacted gantry crane at Ngava Sheva container terminal NSIGT, Mumbai, on Jun 4, during, understood, berthing. Extent of damages yet unknown. The ship arrived at Mumbai from Colombo, she shifted berth at around midnight Jun 4 and as of of 0400 UTC Jun 5, remained in the same position. Video link was sent to MB by Ship and Port Blog and youtube channel.

Car carrier major fire, Florida VIDEO
Jui 05, 2020 at 05:06

Fire erupted on board of car carrier HOEGH XIAMEN at around 1550 LT Jun 4, the ship is berthed at Jacksonville (Blount Island), Florida, where she arrived on Jun 3 with cargo of cars to be offloaded. Officials believe fire erupted on seventh cargo deck and spread to cargo deck or decks below. Fire is treated as major, with deployment of many fire engines and tugs with water cannons. While battling a fire, the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department said an explosion occurred, injuring firefighters. Eight firefighters were injured in the explosion, and an additional firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. 21 crew is safe. As of 0100 LT (UTC -4) Jun 5, firefighting is understood to continue, firefighters were expected to be on ship throughout the night, finding and extinguishing hotspots.

Iranian cargo ship sank after contacting constructions, Persian Gulf VIDEO
Jui 05, 2020 at 06:33.

Iranian cargo ship BEHBAHAN sank at night Jun 4 in northern Persian Gulf, SE of Umm Qasr, apparently after hitting some constructions. The ship was en route from Iranian port to Kuwait. Of reportedly, 9 crew, 4 were rescued, 5 remain missing.

MAERSK container ship disabled by explosion, UPDATE Jun 8
Jui 06, 2020 at 05:51.

Jun 9 UPDATE: Photos of LAURA MAERSK engine room after main engine’s turbine explosion
MB received photos of LAURA MAERSK engine room after main engine’s turbine explosion, and ensuing fire. As of 1500 UTC Jun 9, the ship was under tow of tug ATLANTIC ENTERPRISE (IMO 7417240), speed some 5.5 knots, proceeding to her initial port of destination Newark.
Global Actualité maritime  2020 858a2210
Global Actualité maritime  2020 Lmturb11
Global Actualité maritime  2020 Lmturb10
Global Actualité maritime  2020 Lmturb12
Global Actualité maritime  2020 Lmturb13

UPDATE: Tug ATLANTIC ENTERPRISE (IMO 7417240) seems to be contracted for LAURA MAERSK towage (or delivery of spare parts and probably, technicians, to fix problem on board and restart engine), judging from ships’ tracks. As of 0600 UTC Jun 8, disabled LAURA MAERSK was still adrift, with tug ATLANTIC ENTERPRISE approaching her, tug is to be at her side today Jun 8.
1400 UTC: Tug ATLANTIC ENTERPRISE took LAURA MAERSK on tow, port of destination Newark
Jun 7 UPDATE: Ship’s status didn’t change. As of 0430 UTC Jun 7, ship is still disabled, drifting in northern direction. Seems like tug is contracted, but it has to be confirmed. Weather is favorable.
Container ship LAURA MAERSK suffered an explosion in engine room, which injured one crew and disabled the ship, late Jun 4 in North Atlantic, SE of Newark, USA. CG helicopter couldn’t make it both ways to medevac injured crew, so helicopter landed on Navy destroyer USS MAHAN, and took off from destroyer after approaching damaged LAURA MAERSK. Crew was transferred to hospital in Norfolk.
As of 0530 UTC Jun 6, LAURA MAERSK remained according to track, disabled and adrift, no tug in sight, probably crew will manage to restart engine by own means. She was to arrive at Newark on Jun 5, from Algeciras Spain.

Taiwanese 30-crew longliner abandoned, on fire, Arabian sea
Jui 06, 2020 at 13:48.

UPDATE: The ship reported abandoned, burning, drifting. Crew understood to be rescued.
Contacts lost with 30-crew Taiwanese longliner YUAN TAI 216 since Jun 5, last known position around 08 00N 061 30 E, SE of Socotra, Arabian sea, afternoon Jun 5.
Longliner YUAN TAI NO.216, IMO 8650679, GT 748, flag Taiwan, owner TAI HSIANG HAO FISHERY CO.,LTD.
Chemical tanker under repair after serious breakdown
Jui 06, 2020 at 14:32.

Chemical tanker DACIL suffered one of her two engines failure while leaving Bilbao Spain, on May 27, bound for La Coruna. Tanker was allowed to continue voyage at a reduced speed, she reached La Coruna on May 29. Inspection found crankshaft in need of fixing, the repairs will take about a month, tanker was moved to ship repair yard, to be dry-docked, probably.
Migrants hijack the vessel, threaten the crew and get what they demand
Jui 07, 2020 at 17:13.

On Jun 6, over 400 migrants held offshore on four tourist boats were allowed to disembark in Malta, after migrants on board of one of these boats, EUROPA II, rioted and effectively, hijacked the boat, holding the crew on the bridge, threatening them with stolen knives and giving Malta authorities half an hour to meet their demand of immediate disembarkation. They threatened to blow up gas cylinder and start fire on board. Malta capitulated, all boats were allowed to enter harbor and disembark all migrants.
World's largest containership moored in Hamburg
Jui 08, 2020 at 06:45.

The largest container ship in the world arrived in the port of Hamburg on June 7, 0730 local time. Hundreds of spectators watched the mega-ship being towed into the harbor basin along the Elbe. The arrival of the vessel was accompanied by a ship spraying a huge water fountain as part of the traditional welcome ceremony. The container giant finally moored at the Burchardkai terminal in Waltershof. The gigantic ship has a length of 400m, is 61m wide with a draft of 14.3m. But it is not the external dimensions of the ship that are unique in the world, it is the loading capacity of 24,000 TEU.
HMM ALGECIRAS loaded tons of consumer goods, food and beverages, textiles, electrical items, machines and plant components, medical devices, basic chemical products, and raw materials of all kinds. The pride of the South Korean shipping company HMM was launched end of April and is currently on his maiden voyage. Around 8,500 containers are scheduled to be loaded and unloaded in Hamburg before the freighter leaves for the North Sea around 0200 p.m. on Wednesday.
In addition to the new flagship of the Korean shipping company HMM, several almost identical container ships will be put into service in the coming months. There will be a total of twelve, all of which commute between Southeast Asia and Northern Europe. All of them will be named after European port cities.
Heavy lift ship with 5 luxury yachts barely avoided capsizing, Majorca
Jui 08, 2020 at 14:29.

Heavy lift ship SUPER SERVANT 4 with 5 luxury yachts on her cargo deck developed heavy starboard list at Palma, Majorca, Spain, on Jun 8. The ship literally hang on mooring lines, which saved her from capsizing. Faulty ballasting system is thought to be the cause of the trouble. Understood later in the day situation was taken under control, the ship being stabilized.
Fishing vessel collided with LPG tanker, sank, 4 missing, Gulf of Tonkin
Jui 09, 2020 at 06:11.

LPG tanker ANNIE GAS 09 collided with fishing vessel TH 90282 in Gulf of Tonkin SSE of Haiphong at around 0130 UTC Jun 9, while en route from Dongguan to Haiphong, Vietnam. Fishing vessel understood sank, of 7 crew 3 were rescued, 4 are missing.
Iranian mega container ship distressed when entering Xiamen on arrival from Iran
Jui 09, 2020 at 15:51.

Iranian mega container ship went out of control after engine failure, while approaching Xiamen Container Terminal with pilot on board, in port’s fairway, around 0530 Beijing time Jun 9. Giant ship was ordered to keep her course as far as moment permits, in order to leave fairway and avoid possible traffic blocking. Tugs were sent to assist, BARZIN managed to move from channel and anchor in a safe zone. Problem was fixed, BARZIN resumed sailing at 0740 Beijing time, and was safely berthed at around 1000 Beijing time. The ship arrived at Xiamen directly from Bandar Abbas Iran.
Cargo ship attacked in Gulf of Guinea UPDATE
Jui 10, 2020 at 04:42.

Understood container ship (RIO CHARLESTON, IMO 9362449, dwt 55313) was approached, attacked, in Gulf of Guinea 160 nm SW of Bonny at night Jun 9, escaped boarding, seems to be safe. Awaiting confirmation, more details.
UPDATE: Confirmed it’s RIO CHARLESTON, the ship evaded pirates by speed and maneuvering, continued voyage from Lome Togo to Onne Nigeria, arrived at Onne same day.
Understood container ship was approached, attacked, in Gulf of Guinea 160 nm SW of Bonny, escaped boarding. Awaiting confirmation, more details.
Disabled fish carrier towed to safety, Norway
Jui 10, 2020 at 17:03.

Fish carrier TONNY was disabled after mechanical failure in Vestfjorden, NE of Brettesnes, Lofoten, Norway, in the afternoon Jun 10, while en route to Stokkmarknes. The ship was taken on tow by SAR vessel DET NORSKE VERITAS, and towed to Brettesnes.
Chief Engineer died on board of LPG tanker during lunch
Jui 11, 2020 at 06:35.

Chief Engineer of an LPG tanker EPIC ST.KITTS died on board of the ship on Jun 10, when tanker arrived at Mongla port. According to a preliminary examination, 43-year old Chinese national died from a heart attack, while having his lunch on board. His body was taken to hospital for examination, to be transferred later to China, he’s from Hubei province, according to his passport. He was working on EPIC ST.KITTS during the last seven months. In the last 3 months, the tanker was trading in Bay of Bengal waters.
MSC mega container ship docking: near-miss or perfect maneuver?
Jui 12, 2020 at 05:23.

Container ship MSC MARGRIT looked like she barely avoided contact with pier at San Antonio port, Chile, in the evening Jun 11, while maneuvering to berth on arrival from Coronel. It looked like a near-miss to onlookers, and on video, but according to port authorities, everything was under control all the time, with assisting tugs and pilot on board, who was in charge of the operation. Maybe maneuvering was too daring, but it didn’t go beyond normal safety procedures, authorities insist.
French nuclear submarine fire, Toulon
Jui 12, 2020 at 13:39.

Fire broke out in fore compartments of French nuclear submarine PERLE in the morning Jun 12, at Toulon Naval Base, where PERLE is undergoing renovation. There are no nuclear fuel and arms on board, such as torpedoes and mines, all were removed prior to repairs. All who were on board, were safely evacuated. Understood as of 1300 UTC, firefighting was still continuing.
French Navy nuclear attack submarine PERLE (S606), commissioned 1993, displacement 2600 tons, speed 25 knots, complement 70, armament torpedoes and mines, 1 nuclear reactor.
General cargo ship grounding in Bintan waters
Jui 12, 2020 at 15:44.

General cargo ship MPV URANIA reportedly ran aground off Sasah, southwest Bintan Island, Riau Islands, Indonesia, at around 2000 LT (UTC +7) Jun 10. Ship is said to be under tow (track confirms it was towage) to Singatac Lobam. Understood unfavourable weather and strong current caused the accident. By 2230 LT, with high tide, the ship was refloated, no damages reported. She reached Singatac Lobam and was berthed, at around 0230 LT Jun 11.
Passenger ro-ro ferry capsized while docking, Bali, Indonesia VIDEO
Jui 12, 2020 at 18:03.

Passenger ro-ro ferry DHARMA RUCITRA 3 developed a heavy list starboard and seemingly, capsized, while docking at Padang Bai port, eastern Bali, Lombok Strait, at around 2230 LT (UTC + 7) Jun 12, on arrival from Lembar, Lombok island. Understood passengers managed to get to the pier, no casualties, no injures reported. List was caused by vehicles shift, some passengers said they saw and heard water ingress, prior to vehicles started to move on cargo deck.

Drugs found on board of livestock carrier, Mauritius UPDATE
Jui 13, 2020 at 13:50.

Customs and drug enforcement officers found drugs on board of livestock carrier LSS SUCCESS on Jun 13 in Port Louis, Mauritius. The ship arrived at Port Louis on Jun 13 from South Africa. Quantity and the name of the drug found weren’t revealed, three crew reportedly were arrested.
UPDATE: 39 kilos of cannabis were found, including 2 kg of resin and 1 kg of paste. 4 crew said to be arrested, including 4 Indians and 1 Tanzanian.
Chinese Panamax bulk carrier stuck with jammed rudder, Rio de la Plata
Jui 15, 2020 at 14:07.

Panamax bulk carrier PHOENIX OCEAN arrived at Montevideo anchorage, Uruguay, on May 29, understood on tow, from Zarate Argentina, and as of Jun 15, was still at anchor. Fully laden ship understood to suffer jammed rudder, angled some 17 degrees from amidships position. Reportedly, rudder was twisted and jammed while the ship was at San Nicolas, Parana river, Argentina. Tsakos Naval Industries, Uruguay, is said to be contracted for repairs. Attempts to right and repair rudder at anchorage said to fail, so the ship is undergoing preparations required for entering Montevideo, to be berthed at Bulk Terminal.
Major fire in Yanpu Fishing Port, Taiwan VIDEO
Jui 15, 2020 at 15:04.

Fire engulfed several ocean-going fishing vessels, longliner type, at Yanpu Fishing Port, Pingtung County, southwest Taiwan, in the afternoon Jun 15. Witnesses said they’ve heard at least two explosions prior to fire. A thick black smoke is billowing from harbor towards town, scaring locals off. Firefighters are fighting the fire, including firefighting boats and tugs with water cannons. No news on casualties or injured people.

Tug with 13 crew missing in South China sea, Indonesia UPDATE found safe, faulty EPIRB
Jui 15, 2020 at 15:58.

Jun 16 UPDATE: Tug was found safe, early in the morning Jun 16, distress signals were repeatedly sent by a faulty EPIRB.
Tug SUMBER MARINE 5 with 13 crew on board, towing barge SUMBER KAPUAS 232, went missing in southern South China sea N of Bangka Island, Indonesia, after issuing distress signal at around 0300 UTC Jun 15. Tug was towing barge from Batam island, Singapore Strait, to Banjarmasin, southern Kalimantan, Indonesia. SAR was launched.
Tug SUMBER MARINE 5, IMO 8774279, GT 139, built 2014, flag Indonesia, owner SUMBER KAPUAS MARINE PT.
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Freighter grounding, Norway
Jui 16, 2020 at 05:21.

General cargo ship AMALIE ran aground in the evening Jun 15 while approaching Hestvikholmene in Averøy, north of Kristiansund, Norway, en route from Floro. The ship was refloated with high tide and tug assistance. After refloating, she was taken to harbor and berthed. No information on damages.
Cruise ship fire, Yokohama
Jui 16, 2020 at 06:42.

Fire erupted on upper deck of NYK cruise ship ASUKA II, stuck at Yokohama since early May because of pandemic-related restrictions. The ship is berthed at Osanbashi, fire started at around 1330 Tokyo time Jun 16, with smoke billowing above upper deck in fore section. Firefighters and firefighting boats were deployed, the fire was probably, still on, as of 1530 Tokyo time, judging from aux boats being still at her side.
Freighter blocking Canal, Caspian sea UPDATE refloated
Jui 16, 2020 at 14:30
Jun 18: Freighter refloated, moved from fairway, traffic reopened. Freighter anchored near grounding site, as of 0700 UTC still at anchor.
Jun 17 UPDATE: Still aground as of 0430 UTC Jun 17, tugs, dredger at grounding site. Dozens of ships stuck in Canal in both directions, waiting for traffic opening.
General cargo ship GOLDEN ROSE loaded with grain, ran aground at 155 kilometer mark, Volga-Caspian Sea Canal, at around 0730 Moscow time Jun 16, while en route from Astrakhan Russia to Amirabad Iran. Grounded ship blocked Canal traffic, at least 28 ships lined up, waiting for fairway opening. As of 1730 Moscow time, the ship was reportedly, still aground, refloating attempts under way, with probably, dredger deployment. Ship’s said to sustain no serious damages.
Thai freighter fire in Ho Chi Minh port
Jui 16, 2020 at 17:58.

Fire erupted on board of Thai general cargo ship BANGPAKAEW in cargo holds area, at around 1530 LT (UTC +7) Jun 16, when the ship was under way, moving from Vung Tau to Ho Chi Minh City port. Unattended to fumigation tubes are thought to be the source of the fire, while cargo of cattle feed was under fumigation. Fire was extinguished by 1830 LT by joint efforts of crew and port authorities. No injures reported, extent of cargo damages unknown, but rumored to be small.
Crew with heavy steam burns medevaced from Finnish Aframax tanker, Med
Jui 17, 2020 at 14:06.

A Croatian crew member of an Aframax tanker ALFA FINLANDIA was medevaced by Salvamento Maritimo helicopter, Spain, on Jun 17. He suffered steam burns with some 20% of body affected, understood injury was related to his job. He was transferred to hospital. Tanker is cruising in Med some 100 nm off Tarragona, Spain, since Jun 2, after leaving Tarragona. Novorossiysk was named as next port of call, now she’s marked as “waiting for order”.
Capesize grounding, Parana river
Jui 18, 2020 at 04:47.

Bulk carrier KYDONIA in partial load ran aground at 337 kilometer mark Parana river, downstream from San Nicolas, Argentina, at around 0030 UTC Jun 17, while proceeding downstream. Grounded ship was obstructing traffic. She was refloated at around 0200 UTC Jun 18 and started moving upstream with two escorting tugs, understood to be anchored or berthed for inspection.
Chinese dredger aground, flooded, Philippines
Jui 18, 2020 at 05:39.

he Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) reported Chinese dredger, identified as MV Zhong Hai 69 Alfa, is aground off Botolan, Zambales, western Luzon coast, Philippines, since Jun 14. Ship’s engine room and probably, hold, are flooded, said PCG. Z2K Resources Inc was mentioned as ship’s operator, company is trying to get extra pumps to dewater flooded compartments.
No dredger Zhong Hai 69 Alfa found in databases, but there is an aggregates carrier Zhong Hai 69, with last AIS dated late 2018.
Aggregates carrier ZHONG HAI 69, IMO 8342428, dwt 1915, built 2009, flag China, manager ZHONG HAI GRAVEL GROUP LTD.
Japanese freighter struck Korean container ship, breached engine room
Jui 18, 2020 at 07:07.

Japanese general cargo ship KINEI MARU NO.22 collided with Kprean container ship POS YOKOHAMA at around 0300 Tokyo time Jun 18 some 7 nm off Tahara, eastern Honshu, south of Nagoya, Japan. Both ships were sailing in the same direction, POS YOKOHAMA en route from Yokohama to Yokkaichi, KINEI MARU NO.22 en route from Anegasaki. KINEI MARU NO.22 struck POS YOKOHAMA starboard in engine room area, engine room reportedly suffering water ingress. KINEI MARU NO.22 reached Toba under own power and was anchored, POS YOKOHAMA anchored shortly after collision, near collision site.
Tanker under false name arrested for illegal oil trade
Jui 18, 2020 at 15:33.

Vietnamese Coast Guard detained suspiciously looking tanker in Vung Tau Province waters on Jun 18, under the name BV-789(, which came to be false. Tanker was identified as HAKUYO MARU, under command of Thai Captain. 13 crew include 7 Thais and 6 Cambodians, tanker was found to have on board some 200 tons of undocumented diesel oil. Tanker was arrested and taken to Vung Tau anchorage for further investigation, being suspect in illegal oil trade in Vietnamese exclusive economic zone.
Most probably, arrested tanker is a bunker tanker HAKUYO MARU, last seen by AIS in Gulf of Thailand in early 2019.
Grimaldi’s ferry fire, Sardinia VIDEO
Jui 19, 2020 at 05:24.

Fire erupted on cargo deck of ferry CRUISE BONARIA on her arrival at Olbia, Sardinia, from Livorno, in the evening Jun 18. Refrigerator truck is though to go on fire due to a shortcut. Thick black smoke billowed from cargo deck area to upper decks and high in the air. The ship continued her approach, firefighting and CG emergency teams boarded ferry and took part in firefighting, together with crew. Fire was extinguished, ferry with some 150 passengers was safely berthed at around 1830 UTC Jun 18. No injures reported. As of morning Jun 19, CRUISE BONARIA remained berthed at Olbia, no news on damages, probably none.

Cargo fell on ship’s deck, killing one docker and seriously injuring another, Yokohama
Jui 19, 2020 at 15:29.

Cargo lifted by ship’s cargo gear fell down on cargo deck of general cargo ship TIMU, hitting two Japanese port workers, at around midday local time Jun 19 at Yokohama port, Japan. One docker died, another one was hospitalized with serious injures. The ship arrived from Kashima Japan, and understood to remain in port until completion of investigation.
MSC Panamax container ship aground off Montreal UPDATE
Jui 20, 2020 at 05:07.

UPDATE: Refloated late Jun 19 or early Jun 20, taken back to Montreal, berthed. As of 0700 UTC Jun 21, remained berthed.
Container ship MSC FABIENNE ran aground at around 1315 UTC Jun 19 in St. Lawrence river below Montreal shortly after leaving Montreal, bound for Italy. Reportedly, traffic is obstructed, though not officially closed. Engine failure said to be the cause of grounding.
As of 0415 UTC Jun 20, was still aground, 2 tugs at her side.
1 crew died, 2 injured during cargo operation on TRANSMEDITERRANEA ferry
Jui 20, 2020 at 13:57.

In tragic accident which took place in cargo compartment, of ferry CIUDAD DE PALMA in the evening Jun 19, one crew died and two were seriously injured. Ferry at the time of an accident was docked at Tenerife Port, Canary Islands, Spain. Details of tragic accident unknown, it is said only, that the crew were handling the cargo. The ship left Santa Cruz de Tenerife early in the morning Jun 20, ferry is serving Spain mainland – Canary Islands line.
Mysterious ghost ship wreck in Java. UPDATE mystery solved
Jui 20, 2020 at 18:09.

A mysterious ship wreck was spotted on Google Earth in Pelabuhan Ratu Bay, southwest Java, Indonesia. Locals, including fishermen, don’t know, or don’t hear, or didn’t see, anything, so they can’t explain where this shipwreck come from. One elder recalled though, that there was a maritime accident or disaster, sometime back in 60-,70-th. No records, no archive news, nothing, though the ship, clearly seen on Google map, is of quite substantial size. Her looks, though, aren’t those of 60-70-th architecture, the ship seems to be more modern – look at aft superstructure with bridge wings, and holds, it’s quite a modern design.
Any ideas, any information?
UPDATE: Mystery seems to be solved – I personally, don’t know much (anything, frankly) about ghost GE images, but this one is definitely a ghost image, lens trick or as one of the commentators surmised, a shadow, but ship on photo dated 3/20/2019 is the ghost ship, no doubt about it. Photo was posted on Twitter in comment to my news, by Nikolai Sindorf @niksin24

Global Actualité maritime  2020 F4e1fd10
Global Actualité maritime  2020 Myster11
Global Actualité maritime  2020 Myster10

Indonesian authorities, alerted by widely spread “ghost ship” news, checked records and archives, and didn’t find any ship wreck or maritime disaster leading to ship sinking, in these waters. Local old fishermen, nevertheless, insist that there is a shipwreck in this exact position, known among coastal fishermen as “Badong”, and popular because of fish abundance.
One more tanker detained for smuggling in Vietnam, again with Thai crew
Jui 21, 2020 at 15:32.

Tanker OKI MARU was detained by Vietnamese Coast Guard in waters of Con Dao Archipelago, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam, in the morning Jun 18, in the process of bunkering Vietnamese fishing vessel. Both Captains, of tanker and of fishing vessel, failed to present documents proving the legitimate origin of fuel. Some 1000 tons of illegal fuel were found, tanker was taken to anchorage for further investigation. 10 crew includes 8 Thai and 2 Cambodian nationalities. Ship’s AIS is missing since Oct 2019.
When there’s a surge in smuggling, be it fuel or tobacco or fish or whatever, it usually means, that something is wrong with laws, taxation and cost-setting policy. That is to say, that the governments grab from their nations more than governments should, compelling people to look for cheaper, albeit illegal, alternatives.
Tanker hits breakwater at Marseille, full speed VIDEO
Jui 22, 2020 at 14:18.

Bunker tanker CAP PINEDE struck a breakwater in northern Marseille port, understood on Jun 15, while entering port. Tanker hit the dyke sailing at high speed, most probably due to steering failure, because she was obviously, trying to mitigate impact by reversing engine to full astern. Tanker was berthed after contact, and as of Jun 22, she has remained in the same position. No information on damages extent, but it was said, that she managed to move to port and berth, being under own power.

16 out of 19 Russian crew found positive
Jui 22, 2020 at 16:15.

16 out of 19 Russian crew of Russian reefer ICE STREAM on Jun 22 were declared to be cvd test positive at Busan, Korea, where the ship arrived on Jun 21, from Vladivostok Russia. Some 160 people, including dockers and ship repair technicians, were put under quarantine.
21 containers lost overboard from container barge, Hawaii
Jui 23, 2020 at 04:50.

Some 21 containers were lost overboard from barge HO OMAKA HOU, towed by tug HOKU LOA from Honolulu to Hilo, Hawaii, some 8 miles north of Hilo, early in the morning Jun 22 local time, when caravan was approaching Hilo. The crew understood to notice missing and collapsed containers on arrival, weather seems to be good, so probably, stacks collapse is the cause of loss. 9 containers have been reportedly located, 12 remain missing.
Bulk carrier grounding, Crete
Jui 23, 2020 at 05:55.

Bulk carrier STAR CENTAURUS ran aground in the morning Jun 22 in front of Limenes, southern Crete, Greece, while en route from Morocco to Suez, with 57,000 tons of fertilizers on board. The ship interrupted her voyage and headed for Crete in the evening Jun 21, reason unknown. Looks like she was either trying to loop back and forth, for whatever reasons, or tried to anchor, and ran aground. She was refloated with the help of tug, and anchored at Limenes Bay. No damages reported. As of 0230 UTC Jun 23, the ship was still at anchor.
Desperate to change crew? Try Georgia, Black sea
Jui 23, 2020 at 07:43.

MB has got notification from Georgia Maritime Authority, presenting a project to make Georgia a “Safe Crew Change Hub”. Georgia isn’t exactly an oceans crossroads hub, but considering all the problems, headaches and costs involved, when changing crews in the majority of world ports, Black sea alternative may be worth it.
Georgia can now be considered as a “Safe Hub” for seafarers – crew change and rotation for seafarers is allowed by Georgia.
Georgia is one of the first countries in the region to have recognized and designated seafarers as “key workers” and to have allowed crew change and rotation on its territory.
Government officials note that “It’s been more than a month since Georgia has been actively cooperating with the maritime industry worldwide and is involved in the facilitation of crew change process and repatriation of Georgian seafarers. Therefore, the time has come to move to the next stage and become more efficient in the process of seafarers’ rotation.”
Georgia will use the best of its experience gained during the successful management of the spread of the coronavirus to facilitate the seafarers’ repatriation and rotation process.
The country step-by-step is achieving the status of a “safe hub”, whereas representatives of the maritime industry and shipowners will be offered the possibility to safely send seafarers to access and transit through Georgia to reach the final destination.
Taking into account Georgia’s favorable geographical location and the county’s stable successful response against the spread of COOVID-19 global pandemic, this decision may turn out to be the only viable opportunity for many shipowners to overcome the challenge.
MMEA patrol ship fire, Malaysia
Jui 23, 2020 at 14:58.

Fire started in engine room of dry docked MMEA patrol ship KM JUJUR (3907) at Tok Bali, Kelantan, Malaysia, South China sea, at around noon Jun 23. Understood fire was extinguished by engine teams and crew, no injures reported.
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency patrol ship KM JUJUR (3907), Gagah-class, length 39 meters, armament guns, machine guns, complement 34.
Korean trawler on fire, threat of ammonia explosion
Jui 23, 2020 at 17:07.

Fire erupted in fish processing compartment of trawler SUR ESTE 709, docked at Montevideo, Uruguay, around noon LT Jun 23. Trawler crew and crews from nearby vessels were evacuated, firefighting teams responded. Assumedly package materials are on fire, notoriously hard to extinguish and easy to re-kindle. There’s a threat of possible ammonia cylinders or tanks explosion, that’s why all works on and near pier were suspended, people being evacuated.
Bulk carrier destroyed railway bridge in Panama Canal VIDEO
Jui 24, 2020 at 03:20.

Bulk carrier BLUEBILL collided with Chagres river railway bridge in Panama Canal at around 1740 UTC Jun 23, judging from track. The ship is understood to be in ballast, transiting Canal from Pacific to Atlantic, en route from South Korea. Bridge is severely damaged, authorities said trains movement will be restored in no less than 16 days. The ship understood to be anchored, traffic not affected. No information on ship’s damages, probably superficial.

Bitumen tanker fire in engine room, China
Jui 24, 2020 at 08:04.

Fire erupted in a boiler room of a bitumen tanker YU SHUN 88 in the morning Jun 18, in East China sea E of Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China. In the afternoon, 14 crew were evacuated by SAR ship DONG HAI JIU 115. Disabled tanker, loaded with bitum, started to drift, being under constant monitoring. Understood fire compressing system was activated, so rescuers were waiting for boiler room and hull to cool down. In the morning Jun 19, tanker was found to be safe for towing, she was towed to anchorage in Wenzhou Bay.
Purse seiner attacked, 6 crew including 5 Koreans, kidnapped, Gulf of Guinea
Jui 24, 2020 at 18:22.

Vessel was attacked some 80 nm south of Lagos, Gulf of Guinea, at around 1430 UTC Jun 24. According to Dryad intelligence, purse seiner PANOFI FRONTIER was attacked and boarded by armed pirates, 6 crew were kidnapped, including 5 Korean and 1 Ghanaian nationalities. Seiner steamed due south and as if 1800 UTC, continued sailing in the same direction.
Ro-ro grounding, Aberdeen
Jui 25, 2020 at 13:35.

Ro-ro cargo ship ARROW ran aground while entering Aberdeen Harbor, Scotland, reportedly at around 0745 LT Jun 25, though from track, it happened earlier. The ship was refloated in about half an hour with the help of tugs, and safely berthed at Aberdeen. No damages reported.
Russian trawler aground, Norway
Jui 25, 2020 at 14:11.

Trawler KOKSAYSK ran aground at Arnoya, north of Tromso, Norway, at around 0330 UTC Jun 25. As of 1400 UTC, trawler was still aground, with Norway CG ships and tug nearby, reportedly waiting for high tide. No water ingress reported, 35 crew remain on board.
Mass quarantines in ports of Antwerp and Hamburg
Jui 25, 2020 at 15:17.

Greek tanker under quarantine in Antwerp
Product tanker MINERVA OCEANIA is reportedly under quarantine in Antwerp until Jul 1, because, it is said, 15 out of 26 crew were found virus positive. 2 crew understood to be hospitalized, not clear with what illness and in what condition. All others are kept on board in “separate cabins”, whatever that seclusion means – they have to feed themselves, look after ship, etc., so what exactly the term “are kept in separate cabins” means, is anyone’s guess. And by the way, why quarantine is to last until Jul 1 only? All “pandemic” related quarantines last 14 days.

GRIMALDI’s ro-ro under quarantine in Hamburg
Ro-ro cargo ship GRANDE COTONOU was put under quarantine in Hamburg, where she arrived on Jun 24 from Ijmuiden, Netherlands. Two of the crew were found virus positive, one of them was hospitalized – again as in Antwerp case, not clear with what illness exactly, and in what condition. The rest of the crew are under quarantine, all cargo operations suspended, the ship is shift the berth.
Freighter sunk by Greek Navy, warning to Turkey. VIDEO
Jui 25, 2020 at 16:30.

On Jun 23 Greek Navy sunk old freighter during Naval drills, deploying submarine, frigate and helicopter. The ship, obviously decommissioned aux transport, was torpedoed and fired upon with missiles, launched from frigate and helicopter. Greek media and Naval brass admitted that this drill is a warning, addressed to Turkey.

USA-flagged MAERSK IDAHO: one more down
Jui 25, 2020 at 18:25.

Several crew on board of USA-flagged container ship MAERSK IDAHO were tested positive for Covid19- virus, the ship is held anchored off Virginia Beach since Jun 21, on arrival from Newark. She sialed to USA Newark from Bremerhaven Germany. One crew was hospitalized with pneumonia symptoms, taken to hospital, and tested positive for virus.
“Maersk Line, Limited works on a plan to evacuate the ship, bring the crew to a quarantine facility, clean the ship and then bring a new crew on board, said Patrick McCaffery, Maersk Line’s general counsel.” – wrote The Virginia Pilot pilotonline.com. MAERSK IDAHO is part of Maersk Line, Limited’s fleet of American-flagged ships and routinely sails across the Atlantic Ocean to northern Europe, added The Virginia Pilot.
Tug sank in Singapore Strait
Jui 26, 2020 at 16:53.

Tug MULTI SAHABAT 8 sank in Singapore Strait in the afternoon Jun 25, reportedly being unable to keep against high swell. Of 5 crew on board, 4 were rescued, and 1, skipper, went missing. SAR was suspended on Jun 26, skipper wasn’t found.
Containers lost overboard, off Australian southwest coast
Jui 26, 2020 at 16:54.

Container ship NAVIOS UNITE reportedly lost 3 or more containers overboard in rough weather, at night Jun 25 south of Augusta, south-west coast of Western Australia, while en route from Perth to Adelaide. The ship didn’t stop or slow down, according to track, and continued voyage. Three containers later were spotted drifting, roughly in a ship’s track.
Cargo ship engine room fire, Spain
Jui 26, 2020 at 18:08.

Fire erupted in engine room of a cargo ship berthed at Port of Sagunto, Spain, north of Valencia, on Jun 25. Reportedly, general cargo ship CORNION is the ship which suffered fire. Fire was extinguished by engine teams, no injures reported. The ship sustained damages, extent of damages wasn’t revealed. CORNION is docked at Sagunto since Jun 11.
Tanker disabled while transiting Dardanelles
Jui 27, 2020 at 07:13.

Tanker KOLIN 2 was disabled in Dardanelles late Jun 25, apparently due to mechanical failure, while transiting in northern direction en route from Bozcaada. Tanker was near Kepez port at the time of an accident. Tug and SAR boat responded, tanker was taken to Kepez and berthed.
Foreign crew change in Thailand not anytime soon
Jui 28, 2020 at 09:12.

Crew changes in Thailand are becoming routine, but alas, it’s Thai-only practice, no foreign crew changes permissible, so far.
On Jun 11, 21 seamen of Thai nationality were relieved in Thailand ports of Bangkok and Laem Chabang, from 3 Thai ships: bitumen tanker TASCO ANAN (IMO 9279642, dwt 3851); general cargo ship SEA WISDOM (IMO 9576882, dwt 14411); chemical tanker PHUBAI PATTRA 1 (IMO 9481386, dwt 7177). All were taken to designated hotels (Hotel AMBER in Bangkok, hotel BELLA EXPRESS in Pattaya – both are 3-star hotels) for a 14-day quarantine.
On Jun 15, 16 seamen of Thai nationality were relieved in Thailand port of Bangkok, from container ships JARU BHUM (IMO 9796274, dwt 20026) and LALIT BHUM (IMO 9801500, dwt 19779). All relieved crew were placed under 14-day quarantine in Hotel AMBER.
On Jun 20, 6 seamen of Thai nationality were relieved in Thailand port of Bangkok, from bitumen tanker TASCO AMATA (IMO 9279680, dwt 7139). All relieved crew were placed under 14-day quarantine in Hotel AMBER.
It’s difficult to predict, what this “new normal” realm in Thailand will look like, providing there will be a “new normal”.
Thai's minister of toursim and sports said recently:
…The “high-end visitors” will be able to travel freely while they’re on the island and be allowed to leave for home or other destinations in Thailand once the minimum 14 days have passed. The country plans to court such visitors, possibly during the winter months of November-February when European and American travelers seek out warmer climates, Mr Phiphat said.
“One person can easily spend as much as five by staying at the finest hotels,” he said, adding that full and free travel should become a “thing of the past.”…
In a moderate scenario, with chaotic “new normal” practices, determined by each nation more or less independently, Thailand will hardly develop into a popular “Safe Crew Change Hub”, without restrictions or with as few restrictions as possible. It will be something in-between, and hopefully, authorities will apply to foreign crews the same rules they apply to tourists, businessmen, skilled workers, etc., not these 12-steps guidelines, concocted by IMO and “maritime organizations”.
Thailand Government is planning to allow foreign nationals back into the country, starting Jul 1. About 50,000 foreigners are likely to visit the country under the new rules:
About 30,000 people expected to arrive for medical and wellness tourism.
Others include about 15,400 skilled workers and experts; 2,000 teachers, educational personnel and students; 2,000 foreigners with Thai families or with residences in Thailand; and 700 business people and investors.
Long stay visitors will have to undergo 14-day quarantine.
Short stay visitors will be tested for Covid-19 both before and upon arrival, have health insurance and will be monitored by medical personnel.
Government is planning to open so-called “travel bubbles” with countries, deemed free from disease, top candidates being China and Japan, NZ was also mentioned.
But more or less mass visiting is not to be expected anytime soon, not before September at the very least. It is rumored, that the EU flights may be resumed sometime in November.
Not any published or spoken plans specifically mentioned seamen and crew changes, and the key role they play in supporting economy and supply chains. Maybe it’s for good, in the long run, because it means, that the seamen, on arrival and departure, will be treated like any other human being, not like wild extremely dangerous animals.
Italian ferry fire, Marseilles
Jui 28, 2020 at 14:38.

Fire erupted on board of passenger ro-ro ferry FANTASTIC at Marseilles, France, at around 0030 LT Jun 28, in compartment or compartments at waterline level, with a lot of smoke. The ship is understood to undergo repairs, probably drydocked. 35 engines and 105 firefighters responded to fire, which was extinguished by 0500 LT. No injures reported, extent of damages yet unknown.
Crew tense, conflicts, in dire need of change. Singapore and Korea aren’t option.
Jui 28, 2020 at 17:14.

Croatian bulk carrier PERISTIL is in state of emergency, because of a tense situation on board, caused by long overdue crew change. 14 out of total 21 crew are to be changed for quite some time already, conflicts and even fight among crew reportedly, took place recently. The ship is en route from Bayuguan China, Bohai sea, to Indonesia, as of Jun 28 she was sailing in northwest East China sea, ETA to Indonesian port Jul 6. Understood PERISTIL is in ballast, chartered to take cargo in Indonesia, which is to be delivered to China. Managing company JADROPLOV is planning Hong Kong call, to change crew, during a return trip from Indonesia, to minimize financial losses. Singapore and South Korea, according to management, aren’t an option, thanks to very complicated procedures and practices. In South Korea, said management, sign–off seamen have to undergo 14-day quarantine in terse conditions, being settled in containers.
Crew change procedures must be carried out in easiest manner possible, excluding prison-like “quarantine” and humanly insulting, humiliating transfer procedures.
Bulk carrier hit and run – there was no hit and run: CORRECTION
Jui 28, 2020 at 18:49.

MB received a letter with an official statement of bulk carrier VIENNA WOOD N managing company, presenting their version of collision off Mindanao, Philippines. Frankly, I wasn’t surprised at all, because I have had my doubts in Philippines official narrative from the very beginning, doubts arising just from ship’s track analysis. Time and positions of the track don’t corroborate Philippinese version, and now it is confirmed by managing company:
Vienna Wood N – collision in the Philippines
Late at night on Saturday, 27 June, our bulk carrier, Vienna Wood N collided with an object thought to be a fishing boat off the coast of Mindoro Island, Philippines.
Vienna Wood N stopped and the crew conducted an emergency damage assessment. The collision was reported soon after to Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Manila.
The crew inspected the damage sustained in order to ascertain if it compromised Vienna Wood N’s own safety and stability and then returned to the location of the collision to search for survivors. An overturned hull of what appeared to be a small vessel was spotted and reported to the Coast Guard, no survivors have been found.
Our thoughts are very much with the missing individuals and with their families.
Vienna Wood N remained on scene until the Philippines Coast Guard arrived.
Once the Coast Guard arrived, Vienna Wood N remained on scene until cleared to sail to a nearby port for surveys and repairs of the damages she sustained. She was escorted by the Coast Guard to Batangas Bay, Philippines.
The Owners, Ship Managers and the Crew are cooperating fully with the authorities as part of the ongoing investigation.
Initial news, Philippines version:
Bulk carrier VIENNA WOOD N is stopped and reported the incident to MRCC Manila in Mindoro Strait, Philippines, in the early hours of Jun 28. Local fishing boat was struck by cargo ship some 15 nm southwest of Paluan, Occidental Mindoro, 12 fishermen went missing, boat later sank. Exact number of fishing boat crew unknown, probably 14 or 15. Cargo ship didn’t stop and sailed away. Coast Guard figured out VIENNA WOOD N as the main suspect, the ship was ordered to interrupt her voyage from Subic Bay Philippines, to Groote Eylandt island, Australia, and sail to Batangas, Philippines, for investigation. Bulk carrier crew is said to be Chinese. As of 1830 UTC Jun 28, the ship was either drifting or moving dead ahead in northern direction, see track.
Car carrier and LNG tanker reportedly collided off Ostend, Belgium
Jui 29, 2020 at 17:09.

According to unconfirmed report, car carrier GRAND VENUS and brand new LNG tanker AMBERJACK LNG collided on Jun 28 at Ostend-Zeebrugge outer anchorage, understood both ships sustained slight damages, though available information is sketchy and incomplete. Both ships were either anchored or moving in loops, waiting for order. GRAND VENUS was in anchorage area since Jun 20, AMBERJACK LNG since Jun 24. GRAND VENUS moved to Vlissingen same day and was berthed, reportedly for repairs.
Foreign crew changes in Thailand possible?
Jui 30, 2020 at 08:21.

Additional groups of foreigners will be allowed to enter Thailand from tomorrow (July 1), the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) announced on Monday (June 29).
There’s one category of foreigners allowed to enter Thailand, which may embrace foreign crews and allow crew changes:
6. Transporters of necessary products, who must leave the country immediately after their work is done.
Advise managers and owners contact their Thai agents to clarify. If crew changes are indeed, possible, it may well be, that Thailand option is preferable to those of Singapore, South Korea, Japan, for at least one reason – “pandemic”-era Thailand in general, isn’t as strict as abovementioned countries, in dealing with Chinese virus.
Fin Juin 2020
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Juillet 01 - 2020 / 31-07-2020

German freighter collided with bridge in Rotterdam, lost containers VIDEO
Jul 01, 2020 at 12:51.

An inland cargo ship loaded with containers struck Willemsbrug Bridge in Rotterdam at around midday Jul 1, and got stuck under the bridge. At least 3 containers fell into water, all reportedly empty. The bridge was slightly damaged, and closed for traffic. Unidentified cargo ship was berthed at Noordereiland. According to ships tracks, the ship in question is German inland cargo ship RHENUS DUISBURG (MMSI 211689390, GT 2900, built 2015).

Freighter fire, Chittagong UPDATE ordered to leave port with fire still on
Jul 01, 2020 at 17:22.

General cargo ship IZUMO reportedly caught fire at Chittagong port in the afternoon Jul 1, details unknown. The ship berthed at around 0345 UTC Jul 1. Several fire engines and a tug were deployed in firefighting. IZUMO unmoored at around 1300 UTC, sailed downstream under own power, left port area and as of 1430 UTC Jul 1 looked like she’s going to anchor.
UPDATE: Anchored at around 1700 UTC. The ship arrived from China with cargo of construction materials. According to latest updates, the ship was ordered to leave the port with fire still on, she’ll be allowed to return after fire will be extinguished.
Tanker grounding, Lofoten
Jul 02, 2020 at 05:51.

Product tanker KEY FIGHTER ran aground in Lofoten, Norway, south of Restlandet, at around 1940 UTC Jul 1, while en route from Stokkmarknes to Rest, Restlandet. Tanker, loaded with fish oil, was refloated some 3 hours later, with assistance of KNM SKJOLD and SAR boats, and reached Rest at 2230 UTC, where she was berthed. Hull, reportedly, wasn’t breached.
German freighter ran aground at Tromso Norway
Jul 02, 2020 at 06:38.

General cargo ship BBC LISBON suffered steering failure and ran onto shore in Tromso, Norway, at around 1500 UTC Jul 1, while understood, shifting berths. The ship was refloated about an hour later with tug assistance, and was safely berthed at Breivika. BBC LISBON arrived at Tromso on Jun 28 from Poland. No reports on damages, she is to be inspected by divers.
Cargo ship sank in Malacca Strait, 9 crew rescued
Jul 02, 2020 at 08:17.

Cargo ship CAMAR 1 sank on Jun 30 in Malacca Strait near Jemur island, being caught in rough weather. The ship was en route from North Sumatra Indonesia, to Port Klang Malaysia, with cargo of consumer goods. Ship’s pumps weren’t able to control water ingress, the ship sank, understood in shallow waters, partially above water. 9 crew were rescued by fishermen.
9 personnel of FPSO kidnapped, Nigeria
Jul 02, 2020 at 16:05.

Pirates boarded FPSO SENDJE BERGE, positioned south of Bonny, Nigeria, at 0345 UTC Jul 2, and reportedly, kidnapped 9 personnel, all of Nigerian nationality. All remaining personnel are safe, unharmed.
Mega container ship MSC FLAVIA virus positive, situation unclear, Ningbo
Jul 02, 2020 at 17:23.

11 crew of container ship MSC FLAVIA were found Chinese virus positive on Jun 26 on arrival at Ningbo anchorage from Hong Kong, where 9 of those virus positive signed in, arriving from Indonesia, Greece and Croatia. Of 11 crew, 9 are all respects healthy. The ship was allowed to berth on Jul 1, and as of 1700 UTC Jul 2, remained berthed. Understood ship’s schedule is broken. It is not known yet if the ship is to be put under quarantine.
Suezmax tanker collided with FPSO CORRECTION it was contact, not collision
Jul 03, 2020 at 07:18.

Tanker management sent a report on an accident, reporting no collision, but a contact with SBM mooring chain:
There was NO collision or contact between the Olympic Future and the FPSO.
The vessel made contact with one of the SBM mooring chains only causing superficial damage to the port bow bulwark. No pollution and no injuries. The Master and the pilot on board confirm that there was no contact between the vessels. The contact with the mooring chain was as a result of a severe gust of wind.
The Olympic Future sailed on passage to East India via Suez at 0200 hrs local time last night.
Suezmax tanker OLYMPIC FUTURE collided with FPSO YUUM KAK NAAB at night Jul 1 on oil field off Campeche, Mexico, Gulf of Mexico, in stormy weather conditions. FPSO hul suffered a 1.5 meter long gash, no reports on tanker damages. FPSO suspended all operations, though no oil leak is reported. OLYMPIC FUTURE left oil field and as of morning Jul 3, was sailing in northern direction, port of destination unknown, status of tanker unknown.
Singaporean freighter attacked, 5 crew kidnapped, Nigeria
Jul 03, 2020 at 13:43.

Cargo ship was attacked at night Jul 2 W of Warri, Nigeria, Gulf of Guinea, by armed pirates. They boarded the ship and kidnapped 5 crew, all of Chinese nationality. The ship was identified by Dryad Intl as KOTA BUDI, Singapore-flagged and managed general cargo ship. She left Warri on Jun 23 and was cruising in loops near attack position from Jun 24 until Jul 2, destination unknown, probably waiting for orders. After attack KOTA BUDI steamed south, in the morning Jul 3 stopped moving, was still adrift as of 1300 UTC Jul 3.
GRIMALDI ro-ro cargo ship aground, Olbia
Jul 04, 2020 at 14:56.

Ro-ro cargo ship EUROCARGO VALENCIA reportedly (confirmed by track) ran aground while entering Olbia port, Sardinia, Italy, at around 0215 UTC Jul 4, on arrival from Livorno. Strong wind gusts believed to be the main cause of accident, with coming low water she developed slight stb list and fore tilt. The ship ran into mussels farm and destroyed farm installations, causing serious material losses to mussels producers. As of 1430 UTC Jul 4, EUROCARGO VALENCIA was still aground, with 2 tugs assisting her in refloating attempts.
Bulk carrier scrap cargo fire, Rotterdam UPDATE
Jul 04, 2020 at 17:53.

Jul 5 UPDATE: Fire was extinguished in the morning Jul 5, firefighters left the ship at around 0300 UTC, extent of damages yet unknown.
Fire erupted in cargo hold of bulk carrier DIMITRIS S, moored at mooring buoys at Waakhaven, Rotterdam, in the afternoon Jul 4. One crew hospitalized after smoke inhalation. Bulk carrier arrived from Dordrecht, cargo of scrap understood to self ignite. There was a lot of hazardous smoke until firefighters closed the holds. Extent of fire unknown, as of 1730 UTC Jul 4 the ship was still surrounded by firefighting boats and tugs, apparently continuing fire fighting.
Merchant ship picked up Migrants
Jul 05, 2020 at 13:50.

On Jul 3 the carrier TALIA picked up migrants south of Lampedusa, Italy. According to crew, they’ve been promised a quick relief, all migrants were to be taken on board of Malta Naval patrol boat. It didn’t happen. Italy rejected entry in its’ waters, Malta doesn’t want them, either. The ship arrived at Malta outer anchorage early on Jul 5, and remains anchored, awaiting the decision of EU and coastal States.
Bulk carrier disabled while leaving Tauranga NZ
Jul 06, 2020 at 04:41.

Bulk carrier FUNING loaded with timber, went out of control after losing power at around 1245 UTC Jul 5, while leaving Tauranga, New Zealand, with pilot on board. The ship was anchored in Tauranga Channel waters with assistance of two tugs. Some 6 hours later, she was relocated to deep water outer anchorage, and anchored at around 2230 UTC. As of 0700 UTC Jul 6, she was still at anchor, she’s to undergo divers inspection, because she is thought to contact buoy by rudder/propeller during mishap.
Bulk carrier grounding, Parana river
Jul 06, 2020 at 05:30.

Bulk carrier OURANIA LUCK ran aground on Parana river in General Lagos area at around 0130 UTC Jul 5, while proceeding downstream from San Lorenzo with cargo of maize. Salvage was launched, the ship understood to be refloated late at night Jul 5, and anchored downstream from grounding site. As of 0500 UTC Jul 6, she remained in the same position, with tug BRUTUS at her side. It is said, that while aground, the ship blocked all the traffic in the area.
Cocaine in MAERSK container ship with attached watchmen UPDATE MAERSK Statement
jul 06, 2020 at 06:30.

UPDATE: MAERSK sent to MB its’ official statement with regards to cocaine bust on board of SVENDBORG MAERSK, which is given below.
Maersk can confirm that authorities at Manzanillo Terminal are conducting an investigation after allegedly two stevedores were found hidden alongside with narcotics in one container onboard SVENDBORG MAERSK on July 2nd, 2020. We are collaborating with the Mexican authorities in charge of the case. As a matter of policy, Maersk will not comment further while criminal investigations are ongoing.
Throughout all aspects of our vessel and shore operations, Maersk is committed to conducting our business in a responsible and lawful manner with respect for the wider economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities. Maersk does not accept illegal cargo and we have guidelines in place to guide staff on screening and handling cargo bookings, to be alert to anything unusual or suspicious. We proactively work with authorities to mitigate risk and will cooperate openly with relevant authorities during this investigations.
Mexican law enforcement officers after tip-off searched container ship SVENDBORG MAERSK on arrival at Manzanillo Mexico, on Jul 2. Two packages with 102.5 kilos of cocaine were found in the container, no big deal nowadays, except that there were two persons in the container, obviously put in there to look after packages. The ship arrived from Buenaventura Colombia, via Panama Canal, next port of call understood to be in Japan.
Ro-ro ship struck pier at Ceuta, Spain VIDEO
Jul 06, 2020 at 15:19.

Ro-ro cargo ship FESTIVO struck pier at Ceuta while berthing on arrival from Algeciras, at around 1300 UTC Jul 6. Cause of accident unknown, both ship’s bow and pier sustained damages.

Offshore supply ship damaged by fire, North sea
Jul 06, 2020 at 18:12.

Offshore supply ship WILSON ARCTIC suffered fire in engine room, which started at around 1300 UTC Jul 6 in North sea, N of Domburg, Zeeland, Netherlands. The ship was en route from Vlissingen to BORSELLE2 (offshore wind farm). Crew reportedly, managed to extinguish fire by own means, but the ship suffered damages and had to interrupt voyage and turn back. KNRM boats assisted and escorted damages WILSON ARCTIC, while she limped back at Vlissingen at a reduced speed. As of 1800 UTC, she was approaching Vlissingen.
Bulk carrier aground downstream from Rosario
Jul 07, 2020 at 05:05.

Bulk carrier DINO ran aground at around 1800 UTC Jul 6 on 410 kilometer mark, river Parana, downstream from Rosario. The ship left San Lorenzo with cargo of soybeans and maize, bound for Ghana, according to Agencia Maritima Nabsa shipping agency. Traffic in the area was suspended, but later re-opened. As of 0500 UTC Jul 7, bulk carrier seemed to be still aground, tug BRUTUS assisting refloating operation.
VLCC tanker crew in critical condition in need of insulin
Jul 07, 2020 at 18:57.

VLCC tanker NEW TRIUMPH on Jul 6 requested immediate medical assistance, one crew is in critical condition, in need of insulin injection. The ship interrupted her voyage and is steaming towards nearest port, probably Galle or Hambantota, Sri Lanka. Tanker is en route from Kuwait to Taiwan.
Very Large Crude Carrier NEW TRIUMPH, IMO 9689990, dwt 318517, built 2015, flag HK.
Indonesian container ship with test positive
Jul 08, 2020 at 08:29.

Container ship SINAR POMALAA arrived at Kolkata India, Bay of Bengal, on Jul 2, from Singapore, crew were screened, 2 out of 17 found with temperature above normal, and were taken to hospital. One tested positive. Everybody and everything is isolated, including containers to be offloaded, crew tested and waiting for results while remaining on board, ship.
Bulk carrier stuck in Santos, glimmering hope of release
Jul 08, 2020 at 08:31.

Bulk carrier SEAJOY will hopefully, be released from quarantine at Santos anchorage, which lasted since Jun 23. The ship loaded 63500 tons of soybeans, but was caught when setting sail, with two crew found COVID-19 positive. Understood all crew remains on board. The ship is to undergo one more check, crew are to be tested once again, and with any luck, they finally, will be free to leave.
Tanker knocked out by rapid test, Algeciras
Jul 08, 2020 at 08:32.

7 out of 9 crew of chemical tanker SAMUS SWAN were found COVID-19 rapid test positive at Algeciras, tanker and crew isolated, crew remaining on board, as all seamen are reported to be in good physical condition. They’re expecting results of PCR test. The ship in load arrived at Algeciras on Jul 6 from Nigeria, initially she was bound for Gibraltar, but had to stop at Algeciras, for virus test.
Wind farm installation platform ZHEN JIANG flooding accident
Jul 08, 2020 at 16:34.

Jack-up wind farm installation platform ZHEN JIANG suffered water ingress on Jul 4 in Yellow sea north of Shanghai, understood while being positioned on legs, in the process of lifting the house. There were some problems during lifting process, watertight door didn’t close automatically or wasn’t closed as requested by emergency procedures, and engine compartment was flooded. Human error or isufficient personnel training may be the cause of the accident.
Crew Change Information Latest Jul 9
Jul 09, 2020 at 08:38.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 4165af10

Good news:
Russia probably open for crew changes, 14-day quarantine no longer required, only negative test certificate required (both types). Technically, sign-in foreign seamen can enter Russia, but more details required.
Poland says crew changes possible, including foreign crews, ask your Poland agent for more details and verification.
USA – highly complimentary reviews of foreign crew change, at least in East Coast ports.
Nigeria – understood crew changes possible, direct charter flights from/to Eastern Europe possible.
Reunion – probably possible, more info required.

Bad news:
Hong Kong alternatives seem to be closed – all arriving sign-ins are to be tested on arrival, but what’s worse, what’s sealing opportunity, is a rather vague order to put them under 14-day medical observance.
With Hong Kong closed, there’s no port and country left in East and South East Asia, applying more or less sensible, realistic crew change practices.
There are talks and rumors about Malaysia, crew changes probably possible, awaiting information from a ship, the crew was promised change in the coming days.

Seamen nationalities:
Filipino, Indian and Indonesian seamen are the most difficult to deal with from the point of view of crew change. The one and only reason, the cause of all troubles, and problems, is their governments. Their governments sealed off all the possible alternatives, so that the change has become almost impossible, if seamen of these nationalities are part of the crew, not all of the crew or at least, majority.
Latest – 7 Filipino crew arrived at Hong Kong from Philippines, to change 7 fellow Filipino crew, but change failed. Why? Because all of sudden, Philippines government banned all flights from China, Hong Kong, Macau. It happened just 3 days ago, and I don’t know what’s in store for those sing-in 7, because hotel said they can’t stay in the hotel. They’ve been tested negative, they’re healthy, they can’t stay and they can’t return. Situation is utterly frustrating and outrageous. Guilty without guilt, people suddenly, out of blue sky, found themselves to be outlaws.
Manning is likely to undergo some deep shifts and changes. Filipino, Indonesian and Indian seamen may soon, find themselves out of job, to be replaced with seamen from mainly, Eastern Europe.
Russian freighter grounding, Saimaa Canal
Jul 09, 2020 at 17:04.

General cargo ship STK 1008 ran aground at around 1240 UTC Jul 9 in Saimaa Canal, Finland-Russia, with Finnish pilot on board, probably because the ship went NUC due to some kind of failure. The ship managed to refloat by own means and resumed sailing at around 1300 UTC, she’s en route from Kaskinen Finland to Russia.
Offshore crew supply ship fire, Okhotsk sea
Jul 10, 2020 at 05:21.

Offshore crew supply ship BROMPTON SUN with 42 passengers on board, offshore oil rig platform personnel, suffered fire in engine room in the afternoon Jul 9 in Okhotsk sea off central Sakhalin Island coast, while sailing to an oil rig. Fire was extinguished by crew, passengers were taken by offshore supply ship KATUN (IMO 9701126), and delivered to platform, no injures reported. BROMPTON SUN is sailing back to base port Korsakov, southern Sakhalin, under own power.
Mechanical failure at Russian freighter on tow, Aegean sea
Jul 10, 2020 at 06:52.

General cargo ship SEA SPRINTER suffered mechanical failure and according to track, was disabled in the evening Jun 7 in Aegean sea south of Kavala, northern Greece, while en route from Kavala to Porto Nogaro, Italy. The ship was taken on to by tug APPOLON (IMO 7431806) early in the morning Jul 10, to be towed to Skiros, ETA Jul 10. It is not clear how SEA SPRINTER sailed to a position, where she was taken on tow.
Crew Change Information Latest Jul 10
Jul 10, 2020 at 08:54.

Global Actualité maritime  2020 4165af10

Good news:
Hong Kong changed rules again and now crew change seems to be possible, with no requirement for a 14-day quarantine or “medical observance”. Sign-ins required to have test negative certificate no later than 48 hrs prior to boarding plane, issued by certified recognized laboratory. On arrival to HK, people are to be screened several times a day, but otherwise, are free to move around.
Malaysia - probably a Green Lane for crew change, on some conditions – sign-in s must arrive at Malaysia 2 days prior to ship’s arrival to undergo test. Sign-offs are also obliged to undergo test on shore and then return to ship to wait for result, ship’s to be taken to anchorage and wait there, if cargo operations finished.

Bad news:
Singapore - not available, though theoretically, formally it’s available. Management has to notify authorities 14 days in advance, too many formalities, have first-hand reported cases of turning sign-ins back right at the airport on arrival, no explanation given. So for the time being, better to forget about Singapore.
South Korea – almost impossible, until they lift 14-day quarantine on arrival requirement. There are complains on treatment while being under quarantine, but first and foremost, fitting in the dates of quarantine completion and ship’s arrival, is very difficult, costly and unpredictable experience.
Car carrier contacted Lock, damaged, Bremerhaven
Jul 10, 2020 at 13:19.

At night Jul 7 cargo ship contacted North Lock constructions while understood, leaving Bremerhaven. Both Lock and ship sustained damages, ship’s hull suffering some 20 cm crack or gash. The ship was detained for repairs and investigation, she left Bremerhaven on Jul 9 and reached her next port of call, Hamburg, on Jul 10. The ship’s name wasn’t revealed, on Jul 10 local sources identified the ship as car carrier HOEGH TRAPPER, with officers being of Chinese nationality.
Cargo ship aground, crew evacuated, South China sea
Jul 10, 2020 at 14:42.

In the morning Jul 10 cargo ship KAI SHENG 2 ran aground some 50 nm ENE of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, southern China, being caught in stormy weather. Because of deteriorating weather, it was decided to evacuate all 12 crew, but SAR ships or boats couldn’t approach stranded KAI SHENG 2, so in the evening they’ve been rescued by helicopter. Salvage to commence with weather improvement.
Generals cargo ships collision in Welland Canal, Great Lakes VIDEO
Jul 12, 2020 at 04:53.

General cargo ships ALANIS and FLORENCE SPIRIT collided at around 2000 UTC Jul 11 in Welland Canal, which is connecting Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, Great Lakes. The ships collided while proceeding in opposite directions, ALANIS en route from Toledo Ohio, Lake Erie, with cargo of wind turbines, FLORENCE SPIRIT en route from Montreal to probably, Colborne. Both ships were damaged in fore area, extent of damages unknown. ALANIS reached Colborne and was berthed in about an hour after collision, FLORENCE SPIRIT was berthed at Welland, near collision site.

Disabled cargo ship drifted dangerously close to shore, Norway
Jul 12, 2020 at 06:41.

Cargo ship FREIFJORD was disabled after engine failure at around 2100 UTC Jul 11 at Moldefjord near Molde, south of Kristiansund, Norway, and drifted dangerously closed to the shore. SAR boat arrived just in time and prevented disabled freighter from grounding, until arrival of tug POLAR VIKING. FREIFJORD was taken on tow and towed to berth.
Tanker’s all crew to be changed after some found positive
Jul 12, 2020 at 08:18.

Product tanker SAN SAN H is stranded in Campana Argentina, since Jul 8, after one of the crew has been tested positive. All 24 crew were tested, 11 were found positive, and transferred to clinic, those tested negative are to be taken to hotel for a 14-day quarantine. Tanker is to undergo disinfection, to be manned with a new crew, not yet found positive.
German freighter “test positive”, stuck in Ukraine
Jul 13, 2020 at 07:29.

General cargo ship SOPHIA is stuck on Yuzhniy port anchorage, Ukraine, Black sea, since her arrival on Jul 8 from Istanbul. She was to dock at Oktyabrsk port, but reportedly, majority of the crew were tested positive, so the ship is put under quarantine. No details on number of test positive crew, or circumstances of testing – why and how it was carried out. Understood all crew are on board, all are healthy in all respects except this mystical “test positive” diagnosis.
Cocaine found in bulk carrier hold, hidden in coal, Mexico
Jul 13, 2020 at 07:29.

Mexico law enforcement teams found 3 sacks with total 140 packages containing 162 kilo of cocaine, in a cargo hold of bulk carrier ES JUPITER, at Lazaro Cardenas port. The ship arrived at Lazaro Cardenas on Jul 7 from Buenaventura Colombia, with cargo of coal. It took 4 days of a thorough search of coal, to find cocaine. Investigation under way, no mentioning of probable crew involvement, so hopefully, seamen will be left out of it. The ship was taken to port’s anchorage on Jul 11, and as of morning Jul 13, remained at anchor.
MAERSK container ship anchor fouled, can’t shelter from storm, Cape Town
Jul 13, 2020 at 14:23.

All ships anchored at Cape Town anchorage were advised to shelter from oncoming storm, or to sail further off to sea, to wait storm out, on Jul 12-13. Container ship JPO LIBRA failed to heave up anchor on Jul 13, because anchor got fouled in other chain. The ship is holding on against wind and waves, anchor reportedly, doesn’t drag, ship isn’t drifting, so there’s no immediate danger of accident. Anchor can’t be disentangled until weather improves. As of 1400 UTC Jul 13, the ship remained in the same position.
Tug and barge accident in Duluth Canal, Lake Superior VIDEO
Jul 14, 2020 at 05:14.

Pusher tug and barge PRESQUE ISLE, loaded with iron ore, in the morning Jul 13 left Duluth Port, Minnesota, Lake Superior, bound for Conneaut, Ohio, Lake Erie. Barge contacted, visibly, embankment while passing Duluth Canal, PRESQUE ISLE passed the Canal, but was anchored, off Canal in Lake, and later returned to Duluth Harbor. As of morning Jul 14, PRESQUE ISLE remained berthed at Duluth. Canal embankment didn’t suffer any damages, because PRESQUE ISLE didn’t contact structure, but did contact underwater basement of the embankment. Understood PRESQUE ISLE hull integrity was compromised in the accident.

A suivre suite et fin Juillet 2020
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Suite et fin Juillet 2020

Tug pushing 3 barges contacted bridge, Biloxi USA
Jul 15, 2020 at 05:33.

Tug MISS LAURIE pushing 3 tugs contacted Popp’s Ferry Bridge in Biloxi, Mississippi city on the Gulf of Mexico, while entering Biloxi, in the afternoon Jul 14. Bridge was closed for about 4 hours for inspection, no structural damages reported. Reportedly barges contacted pylons, bridge was said to be closed for another check in the morning Jul 15. no reports on barges, tug damages. they berthed at Biloxi at night Jul 15.
Cocaine hidden in coal: traffickers use special equipment
Jul 15, 2020 at 06:17.

Dutch media reported cocaine bust last week on board of a bulk carrier, which arrived to Ghent Belgium from Barranquilla, Colombia. Black bag with packages of cocaine, totaling 37 kilos, was found in cargo of coal. 4 men were arrested, including 3 Belgians and 1 Albanian, when they attempted to pick up the bag. Interestingly, they wear port worker’s jackets and helmets, and had special equipment with them, to search for bag in a hold full of coal.
Understood the ship in question is bulk carrier ULTRA DANIELA, she arrived at Ghent on Jul 6, left on Jul 14. Understood crew were not involved in drug trafficking.
Indonesian Navy Assault ship sank in Java sea
Jul 15, 2020 at 08:07.

Indonesian Navy Medium Landing Ship (LSM) KRI TELUK JAKARTA-541 sank in Java sea northeast of Kangean island, eastern Java, in the morning Jul 14. The ship was caught in rough weather while on logistics duty, understood bow ramp integrity was compromised with ensuing water ingress. All 55 people on board were rescued.
Indonesian Navy Medium Landing Ship (LSM) KRI TELUK JAKARTA-541, displacement 1900 tons, complement 42, cargo capacity up to 600 tons, armament cannons and guns. Class Frosch-I/Type 108, built in 1979 in East Germany.
2 US-flagged container ships down, after positive test
Jul 15, 2020 at 08:36.

Hapag-Lloyd alerted its’ customers on pending changes in AL3 Service, after two of its’ US-flagged container ships, PHILADELPHIA EXPRESS and ST. LOUIS EXPRESS, were found test positive. That is, one crew on each of the ships was tested positive, so understood, both ships will probably be put under quarantine. As of morning Jul 15, PHILADELPHIA EXPRESS was anchored at Norfolk anchorage since Jul 13, ST. LOUIS EXPRESS was under way off Florida, approaching Jacksonville.
Ships from China cleared to berth on arrival, without quarantine, Chittagong
Jul 15, 2020 at 08:50.

Chittagong Port authorities revoked quarantine order related to all ships arriving from China. For several months, all ships arriving from China, with average 11-day long voyage, were to undergo quarantine to fit in universal 14-day quarantine demand. The ships had to wait some 3-4 days until cleared for berth. Starting Jul 12, restriction is waived, the ships may proceed to berth immediately on arrival. China as of now, is recognized by Bangladeshi authorities, as a safe country with disease situation being under control.
Germany announces strategy to relaunch cruise tourism
Jul 15, 2020 at 08:59.

The global cruise industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus and the accompanying measures and restrictions. Having decreasing numbers of reported corona infections for weeks, Germany dares a first step towards relaunching cruise tourism. The city of Hamburg, the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Germany, and many local authorities have agreed on common guidelines setting the course for the comeback of cruises in Germany. CLIA is the world’s largest association representing the global cruise industry.
According to the press release on 9 July 2020, the cruise business will be opened to the public in three phases:
1st phase:
Some ships – significantly less than usual - are allowed to leave the ports of Hamburg, Rostock, Kiel, or Bremerhaven for passenger trips. The cruise liners may carry guests from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland only. After a couple of days at sea, the passenger ships will return to their start port. The cruise trips will last between 3 to 7 days in total. There will be no shore leaves in between.
2nd phase:
The 2nd phase regulates the launch of cruise trips, which, depending on the local regulations for cruise ships, allow for stops at foreign ports. A close collaboration between the shipping companies and the port authorities is needed to comply with the existing hygiene regulations on board and during shore leaves.
3rd phase:
The last phase characterises a cruise industry close to the situation before the coronavirus breakout. Shipping companies return to their usual business habits in compliance with hygiene and health regulations on board and the ones being in place at the ports on the route.
In collaboration with health authorities and medical experts, the shipping companies
have drawn up detailed measures to adapt the regulations to each individual ship’s specifics. These measures are checked by the local authorities, in particular by the medical services, to ensure that the requirements of the guidelines are met.
Key points of the health and safety concepts are introducing comprehensive preventive measures for the time before, during, and after the trip, including avoidance of contact through extensive distance rules, guidance systems on board, and additional hygiene and safety measures). Furthermore, defined medical care processes and additional equipment (including a supply of COVID -19 rapid tests) need to be in place. Emergency plans and a comprehensive training and safety program for the crew are also part of the health and safety concept.
With this guiding strategy, Germany is among the first countries to slightly pave the way to a realistic comeback of cruise tourism.
The shipping company TUI already announced to offer phase 1 cruise trips on Mein Schiff 2 in late July. Major shipping company AIDA will slowly start their business again in August with short trips on cruise liners AIDAperla, AIDAmar, and AIDAblu.
Ferry fire, Kattegat
Jul 15, 2020 at 15:08.

Fire erupted in engine room of ferry PRINSESSE ISABELLA in the morning Jul 15, when she was on scheduled trip from Denmark mainland to Samso Island, Denmark, Kattegat. Turbocharger reportedly, caught fire, with a lot of smoke. Fire was extinguished by crew, the ship reached Samso and after inspection, was allowed to resume sailings. There was no risk of any kind to passengers who were on board, at the time of fire.
MSC container ship lost containers in rough weather, left unsafe anchorage
Jul 17, 2020 at 05:26.

According to SAMSA South African Maritime Safety report, container ship MSC PALAK lost up to 23 containers overboard at night Jul 14 while being anchored at Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth area, South Africa. Container ship left port of Ngqura on Jul 13, but anchored to wait out storm, which bashed the region on Jul 13-14. Local fishermen later reported floating containers in the area.
According to track, MSC POLAK heaved anchor and sailed out to sea late at night Jul 14 or early Jul 15, most probably because she couldn’t keep safe anchorage. She returned to Algoa Bay in the morning Jul 16 and berthed at Port Elizabeth – Ngqura container terminal.
Singaporean tanker caught in illegal fuel trade, Vietnam
Jul 17, 2020 at 07:46.

Product tanker DIAMOND Z was intercepted by Vietnamese Coast Guard on Jul 13 southeast of Con Dao island, southern Vietnam, South China sea, while transferring oil to Vietnamese fv BT 99887 TS. Both ships failed to produce documents proving fuel origin, both ships were detained and taken to Vietnam port for further investigation.
Norwegian car carrier collided with Korean submarine
Jul 17, 2020 at 09:31.

On Jul 17 Korean media reported minor collision between car carrier HOEGH LONDON and Korean Navy submarine, which took place at around 0500 UTC Jul 15 southeast of Gadeokdo island, Busan area. Car carrier has just left Masan port, E of Busan, and was under way, en route to China. Submarine reportedly was under way too, surfaced. Car carrier bow suffered 0.5 meter long gash, submarine reportedly, suffered minor damages. Car carrier interrupted her voyage and anchored in Korean waters, for investigation.
Bulk carrier hit and run, Vietnam
Jul 17, 2020 at 14:36.

Coastal fishing vessel 94727TS with 6 crew was struck by a cargo ship early in the morning Jul 16 some 4 nm southeast of Da Nang, central Vietnam, South China sea. Cargo ship reportedly stopped, but soon sailed away, and didn’t attempt to assist or rescue distressed fishermen. Fv 94727TS sank, fishermen were rescued by nearby fishing vessels, all reported safe. Cargo ship was identified later as bulk carrier VINACOMIN HANOI, and contacted by Coast Guard. The ship admitted involvement in collision accident.
Crew Change Information Latest Jul 17
Jul 17, 2020 at 16:13.

Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO) successfully changed the crews of 6 ships, which are operating outside Caspian sea, in Black and Med seas. 33 crew were changed in Samsun, 36 in Istanbul, Turkey, during Jul 15-16. Special charter flight (Baku-Istanbul-Baku) of the Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC was organized, to carry out crew change logistics. All details here: https://asco.az/en/crew-replaced-on-asco-vessels-operated-outside-the-caspian-sea/
A number of cargo ships head for Manila Philippines, to change the crews, obviously Filipino seamen only. The problem of crew change, even when signers are Filipino only, still remains – promised by Philippines Government “Green Lane” for Filipino seamen remains a promise. They can be changed in Manila only. Philippines authorities promise to open Bataan, Batangas and Subic, some time soon. As it stands now with Philippines crew change, it is valid for Filipino seamen only, though of course, for many shipowners and managers having even one port accepting Filipino crews is a relief, because their change is one of the biggest challenges, thanks to Philippines Government.
Nothing decisive yet on UAE/Dubai, news and rumors are rather sketchy and sometimes contradictory.
Egypt crew changes up and running, including even Filipino crews. Latest from Alexandria – 9 Filipino sign-ins arrived at Alexandria via Abu-Dhabi. 9 Filipino sign-offs were to fly to Manila from Alexandria, via Caire – Abu-Dhabi-Incheon.
Rather strange information on 15 countries fully opened for crew changes, provided by Inchcape. It is not confirmed by seamen, first-hand.
Tanker attacked, 13 crew kidnapped, Gulf of Guinea UPDATE
Jul 17, 2020 at 19:01.

Jul 18 UPDATE: Management official Statement:
Alison Management Corp. as management company of the chemical/bunkering tanker MV Curacao Trader , IMO No:9340908 advises that its vessel was attacked by pirates approx. 210 miles off the coast of Benin at 1100 hrs local time on 17th July.
13 out of its 19 Ukranian and Russian crew members have been taken hostage by the pirates – as a result the ship is currently drifting with limited man power on board.
Immediate assistance has been secured from nearby refrigerated carrier MV Frio Chikuma , owned by Laskaridis Family interests , which is currently proceeding full speed towards the Curacao Trader with expected ETA at noon today July 18th local time.
Chemical tanker CURACAO TRADER was attacked at around 1100 UTC Jul 17 in Gulf of Guinea, 230 nm south of Lagos, Nigeria, while en route from Lome Togo to undefined port. Pirates boarded tanker and kidnapped 15 crew, according to Dryad/IMB report. They’re believed to be of Russian and Ukrainian nationalities. Tanker AIS was off after pirates boarded tanker, she reappeared at around 1850 UTC, south of attack position, moving in northern direction at a reduced speed.
Workboat sank during Aframax tanker unmooring, 2 missing, Mexico
Jul 18, 2020 at 06:21.

Mooring boat PEMEX 365 sank in the process of unmooring crude oil tanker SEA VINE (IMO 9266877, dwt 106021) at Pajaritos Oil Terminal, Mexico, Gulf of Mexico, in the morning Jul 17. Tanker loaded with crude was departing, bound for Port Arthur, USA. During unmooring maneuverings, strong currents created by two assisting tugs propellers, pushed boat towards pier, PEMEX 365 allided with pier and sank. Of nine crew on board, seven were rescued, two went missing. They haven’t been found, so far. Tanker left Pajaritos as scheduled, ETA Port Arthur Jul 19.
Crew Change Information Latest Jul 18: India, China, UAE
Jul 18, 2020 at 15:41.

India opening window but not door
Indian Government allowed foreign sign-offs to disembark at Indian ports, and Ministry of Home Affairs issued a special Memorandum on Jul 17, says The Hindu Business news agency. This permission is applicable to all crews except cruise ships crews. The sign-off of foreign seafarers at Indian ports and their repatriation to their home countries will be subject to the standard operating procedures (SOP), worked out by the Directorate General of Shipping. Sign-off foreign seamen with expired visas will be granted temporary landing permit (TLP) for up to one month, providing they have valid passports and seaman's Identity document. After landing, they may fly abroad to their homeland by Vande Bharat flights, non-scheduled commercial flights or chartered flights.
It is not clear though, whether foreign sign-on seamen will be allowed to fly to Indian ports, or not. Understood that as of now, they aren’t allowed, so sign-offs are to be replaced with seamen of Indian nationality only.
China 14-day lockdown in hotel room, on arrival
Crew arrived to Shanghai from Eastern Europe, went through 5-checkpoint control, was taken to hotel and locked in rooms, for a 14-day quarantine. Can’t leave rooms, doors are closed from outside. Rooms are non-smoke. Food brought in, Internet, Cable TV available. Enjoy Shanghai views from your room, watch but can’t touch.
UAE – not yet open for sign-ins, de-facto. Sign-offs only, so far.
Palmali ships in detention, crews locked on board
Jul 19, 2020 at 06:43.

Two Palmali Group ships are detained in Ravenna Italy, after Court rule: tanker GOBUSTAN (since middle of June, according to track records), and general cargo ship SULTAN BEY, after she docked at Ravenna on Jul 16, on arrival from Istanbul. More and more ships of Palmali Group are detained or seized throughout Med region, because of company’s outstanding debts. The core problem is the owner of the Group Mr. Mübariz Mansimov himself, not because he’s a fraudster or a criminal on the run, but because he’s under arrest in Turkey, accused of assisting Turkey 2016 failed Coup. Sad story, with politics being the main and only reason of crews mishaps. GOBUSTAN 13 crew includes Russian and Azerbaijan nationalities, they can’t leave the ship even for a shore walk, let alone be repatriated. GOBUSTAN crew is supported by a seamen charity organization, seems like SULTAN BEY crew is in for the same fate.
Disabled freighter adrift, Gulf of Tonkin
Jul 19, 2020 at 16:48.

General cargo ship TIEN DAT 36 on Jul 19 was reported to be disabled after mechanical breakdown, adrift in Gulf of Tonkin, some 40 nm ESE of Hai Phong. Ship’s AIS is off since early July, ports of departure/destination unknown.
Tanker aground, Barranquilla
Jul 19, 2020 at 16:48.

Product tanker NORDIC WOLVERINE ran aground at Barranquilla entrance, Columbia, at around 0700 UTC Jul 19. Tanker arrived from Cartagena. As of 1620 UTC, the ship was still aground, with 2-3 tugs assisting her in refloating attempts. No damages reported so far. Understood fairway not blocked.
General cargo ship fire, Philippines
Jul 20, 2020 at 03:57.

Fire erupted on board of general cargo ship MORETA VENTURE at around 0500 LT (UTC +Cool Jul 20, off Marikaban Island, Batangas, south of Manila. The ship reduced speed and headed for Marikaban, she is anchored or is drifting off Matikaban coast, southwest Markiban, since around 2330 UTC. As of 0330 UTC Jul 20, the ship remained in the same position with working AIS, CG boat at her side. Crew safe. Reportedly, she’s waiting for a tug to be towed to nearest port, so probably, fire (said to be under control or extinguished) was or is in engine room. No other information available at the moment. The ship is en route from Batangas to Manila. Judging from Philippines Coast Guard photo, MORETA VENTURE is anchored.
Crew killed by container on board of container ship, Norway
Jul 21, 2020 at 04:38.

A crew member, young man in his 20s, died on board of a container ship NCL SVELGEN during cargo operation in the afternoon Jul 20, at Orkanger, Trondheim, Norway. It was an accident during work, understood he was caught between containers, or hit by container. Authorities can’t yet say what caused accident. NCL SVELGEN arrived at Orkanger on Jul 19, was still at port in the morning Jul 21.
Student fell from training tall ship mast, died
Jul 21, 2020 at 07:08.

A tragic accident occurred on board of tall training ship DAR MLODZIEZY on Jul 20 in Baltic sea, during 1-day training cruise with students on board. 19-year old student fell from mast, and later died from injures he has got. The ship returned to Gdynia, Poland, from where she started the training cruise.
Dutch fishing vessel aground, Jutland
Jul 21, 2020 at 16:52.

Fishing vessel SURSUM CORDA drifted aground in the evening Jul 20 at Nørre Lyngby, northwest Jutland, Denmark, after her anchor dragged. As of 1630 UTC Jul 21, the ship was still aground, with tug nearby, awaing weather improvement and underwater hull survey.
Ro-ro ship on fire, 26 crew rescued, Java sea VIDEO
Jul 22, 2020 at 06:53.

Passenger ro-ro cargo ship BAHARI INDONESIA caught fire in the evening Jul 21 in Java sea north of Jakarta, while en route from Jakarta to Pontianak, western Kalimanta, Indonesia. The ship with 26 crew and 20 vehicles on board was soon engulfed in thick smoke, crew had to abandon BAHARI INDONESIA in lifeboats and probably rafts. The crew were rescued by nearby vessel KM SAMUDERA JAYA ABADI at around 0600 LT (UTC + 7) Jul 22, all 26 seamen are reported to be safe. BAHARI INDONESIA understood to be drifting, she’s to be towed to port, probably Jakarta, according to official statement.

Aframax tanker crew member died several hours before reaching port, Atlantic
Jul 22, 2020 at 07:54.

Crude oil tanker SEATRUST while en route from Spain to Corpus Christ USA, interrupted her voyage in the Atlantic on Jul 18 and headed for Bermuda, in urgent need of medical assistance, after one of her crew fell ill, understood after heart attack. Sadly, seaman didn’t make it, he died on Jul 19 several hours before tanker arrived at Bermuda. His body was transferred to port, tanker resumed voyage same day.
Zero-emission sailing cargo vessel Avontuur returned after 7-month journey
Jul 22, 2020 at 09:02.

In early 23 July, commercial sailing cargo vessel AVONTUUR moored in the port of Hamburg and ended her 5th journey across transatlantic waters since 2016. The captain and 15 crew members had been sailing for over 7 months. The 100-year-old vessel operated by the shipping company Timbercoast GmbH is Germany’s last commercial sailing cargo vessel in service.
"After over 200 days on the high seas without being able to really leave the ship and the constant uncertainty caused by the corona virus, the crew is now looking forward to finally arriving again", reports owner and captain Cornelius Bockermann.
In early January 2020, the Dutch schooner AVONTUUR started off to the Caribbean to load and unload fair-trade luxury goods. Owner, shipping operator, and captain Cornelius Bockermann and his crew sailed from Germany to Madeira, to the Canary Islands, the Caribbean Island Marie-Galante, to Honduras, Mexico, and back to Germany via the USA and the Azores - a journey of more than 18.000 nautical miles. Onboard they are carrying 60 tons of fair-trade products like coffee, rum, spices, and tea from overseas.
The aim of the project which was launched in 2014 is to promote zero-emission alternatives to commercial cargo shipping. Bockermann operates the AVONTUUR to raise awareness for the environmental destruction caused by the shipping industry and proves that zero-emission cargo shipping is possible - although only within a small niche.
"With a lifting capacity of 114 tons, the two-master is only a dwarf compared to container giants, but David was only a tiny guy compared to Goliath," states Bockermann.
Avontuur saves shipwrecked
On 20 Feb 2020, the sailing freighter "AVONTUUR" with homeport Elsfleth saved 16 refugees from a boat south of the Canary Islands. A group of eleven men and five women who started of the Ivory Coast had been at sea for ten days. They had no food or water for three days. Without any petrol left the boat drifted out of maneuverability in a southwesterly direction out onto the Atlantic. The shipwrecked were taken on board the "AVONTUUR". Afterwards, a Spanish rescue cruiser brought the people to Gran Canaria. Sailing vessel AVONTUUR then changed direction and anchored at the port of Puerto de Mogán / Gran Canaria to be professionally disinfected due to corona restrictions. After the disinfection process, AVONTUUR continued her journey to the Caribbean.
Crew Change Information Latest Jul 23: Hong Kong Hub No More. MPA spying via FB.
Jul 23, 2020 at 15:31.

Six cargo ships which called Hong Kong recently to change crews, outside port limits in anchorage area, were put under quarantine until Aug 3. On each of these ships one crew tested positive. So Hong Kong Center of Disease Control grew deeply suspicious of HK Crew Change Hub scheme, and demand from Maritime Department to close the loophole of changing crews without actual Hong Kong port call, i.e. without any cargo operations to perform, during a short stay at anchorage only. What makes Hong Kong a very convenient hub (unique for the whole region) for changing crews, is the possibility of sign-on crews arrival at Hong Kong shortly before ship’s call, without 14-day quarantine. All arriving seamen should have valid health and test certificates, plus extra test in Hong Kong, but there’s no compulsory quarantine. If HK CDC claim is approved, it means, that HK won’t be Crew Change Hub any more. CDC insists that crew change must be allowed only for ships which actually dock at Hong Kong port.
Interesting information or alert, sent by Marlow Navigation Ru to all Russian-speaking seamen employees, appeared in social nets:
Recently, Singapore Maritime Administration cancelled crew change after they spotted a photo of sign-on seaman, posted in FB, boasting his violation of 14-day home quarantine.
Ferry engulfed by fire, all on board rescued, Philippines
Jul 23, 2020 at 17:17.

Fire started on board of passenger ro-ro ferry FILIPINAS DINAGAT at around 2200 LT (UTC +Cool Jul 23, when the ship was under way in Visayan sea north of Ceby City, Cebu Island, Philippines, en route from Ceby City to Palompon Leyte. Ferry in a short time was engulfed in flames, Captain ordered all on board to abandon the ship. All 47 people on board (understood crew and passengers) were rescued, no casualties, no injures reported. Burning ferry is understood to be drifting.
6 ships seized in Hong Kong with positive test, including 4 container ships
Jul 24, 2020 at 06:43.

Some 140 seamen on board of 6 ships found themselves under quarantine at Lamma island anchorage, Hong Kong, starting Jul 13, when all these ships arrived at anchorage for crew change. Among seized ships are:
Gen cargo ALISA V, IMO 9875434, dwt 7867 (brand new, built in 2020) – confirmed;
Container ship ROSA, IMO 9484534, dwt 54339, capacity 4380 TEU – confirmed;
Container ship MSC KERRY, IMO 9062960, dwt 45530, capacity 3501 TEU – confirmed;
Container ship VANTAGE, IMO 9628192, dwt 110875, capacity 8800 TEU – confirmed;
Container ship CMA CGM ROSSINI, IMO 9280639, dwt 73235, capacity 5770 TEU – confirmed;
Bulk carrier DARYA GANGA, IMO 9601936, dwt 36845 – confirmed.
To clarify situation: All seized ships called HK anchorage for crew change, they weren’t supposed to dock and carry out cargo operations. All crews on board were tested, one seaman per each crew was found guilty of positive test. One He Bailiang, head of HK University Infectious Disease Center, said, that situation is very risky, and that all ships calls with sole purpose of changing crews, must be cancelled, because of course, this crew change scheme is endangering everything and everybody, and overall, situation is bloody critical. He Bailiang didn’t miss ships’ photos, taken on Lamma anchorage, where some crew were without masks. Situation is very dangerous, and prone with infection spread risk, said watchful He Bailiang. He Bailiang somehow, didn’t assess situation in general – those crews are on board of their ships for many months, carrying goods, which feed, warm and provide life itself, for all mankind.
Hong Kong authorities already started to panic, so there’s almost no doubt, that the only loophole in this region, Hong Kong, will be closed soon.
So much for your online governmental conferences.
As I see it, there’s only one viable way to return situation to normal (“normal” normal, not “new normal”) – to impose heavy levies on all seagoing imports/exports of all countries, which hamper or ban crews change. But who’s to carry it out?
Tanker contacted bridge while entering Saint-Nazaire
Jul 24, 2020 at 13:49.

Chemical tanker HARBOUR FIRST contacted Petit Maroc vertical lift Bridge while entering Saint-Nazaire Port via southern lock, in the Monring Jul 24, on arrival from UK. Bridge reportedly sustained damages and was closed for traffic, tanker said to remain more or less intact, with mostly, superficial damages. Tanker was berthed after contact.
Crew Change Information Latest Jul 24: East Asia is just that – closed. Hong Kong still holding on.
Jul 24, 2020 at 17:10.

Singapore closed
MPA Singapore is tightening crew change restrictions and rules (as if they were loose), but there’s no clarity so far. MPA will give priority to applications from Singapore-flagged ships and applications for sign-off crew only (i.e. without signing-on new crew). In all other cases, MPA will consider the following applications: the crew has served his/her maximum time on board and no further extension of the employment contract is granted by the flag State.
First-hand info – seamen about to fly to Singapore were said to lay off.
Malaysia closed
Malaysia is imposing 14-day quarantine for foreigners arriving at Kuala Lumpur airport.
First-hand info from management company with advise not to send onsigners to Malaysia, because of compulsory 14-day on-arrival quarantine.
Hong Kong is sending confusing signals
According to Maritime Administrations latest Notices, arriving onsigners aren’t subject to 14-day quarantine, so far. Chinese and HK media meanwhile, is flashing a red light and propagating ban on arriving crews exemptions from 14-day quarantine.
The main problem is this 14-day on-arrival quarantine, which is making crew change almost impossible. If Hong Kong is closed any time soon, it will mean, effectively, that there’s no country left in East and South East Asia, where international crews can be relieved. India, allowing foreign offsigners only, is no option, either.
Rumors – South Korea and Japan may probably, waive quarantine starting August 8 and 5, respectively.
Russia is said to re-open for international flights starting Aug 1, and with 14-day crews quarantine already waived, it does give a fragile hope, that probably, crew changes will be possible in Russian Far Ports, like Vladivostok, Posyet, Nakhodka, maybe even Petropavlovsk.
Crew Change Information Latest Jul 25: Singapore
Jul 25, 2020 at 15:47.

Singapore crew change requests:
14-day home quarantine prior to departure to Singapore, to be strictly observed, including video phone calls and GPS positioning;
Test to be taken not earlier than 48 hours before arrival;
Health check not earlier than 24 hours before arrival;
On arrival at airport immediate transfer to ship must be provided, Holding Facility stay not allowed;
Max 6 hours interval between ship’s arrival and onsigners arrival at the airport.
Health check on arrival on board;
Flight no later than 48 hours after ship’s departure, if it’s impossible and takes more than 48 hours, ship’s to anchor and wait for clearance;
If immediate transfer from ship to airport is impossible, seamen are to be accommodated at Holding Facility ($400/daily, all facilities are usually, full, and have to be booked for 2 weeks in advance, at least).
Latest incident with several Filipino seamen, who were found by Singapore Authorities to be holders of fake test certificates, plus general tightening up of applications review issues, lead seamen and crewing to a belief, that Singapore may be considered as a crew change no-go port.
Capesize bulk carrier aground, Indian ocean
Jul 26, 2020 at 07:35.

Capesize bulk carrier WAKASHIO ran aground off Pointe Desny, southeast Mauritius, at around 1600 UTC Jul 25. Bulk carrier is en route from Singapore to Tubarao Brazil, ETA Aug 13, in ballast. She grounded on reef, according to latest information, probably damaged. As of 0730 UTC Jul 26, she was still aground, heavy swell preventing ship’s condition assessment.
Cargo ship hit rocks, partially sank, Java sea
Jul 26, 2020 at 08:10.

Aggregates carrier KM DJO NO 3, caught in rough weather, drifted towards shore and hit the rocks at Masalembu island, Java sea, Indonesia, at night Jul 24, with ensuing water ingress. The ship partially sank, but understood, she may be yet salvaged, or at least, her cargo of marchandise and construction materials. Of 16 people on board (13 being crew), 9 were evacuated, 7 remained on board to protect the cargo and assist in salvage. The ship sailed from Surabaya.
Crew Change Information Latest Jul 26: Hong Kong closing down
Jul 26, 2020 at 09:28.

Hong Kong authorities on Jul 26 officially declared ban on all crew changes in HK, with the exception of the ships which call HK to carry out cargo operations. The only loophole in the whole region, in all of South East Asia, is to be closed, understood, starting Jul 29. It means, that anywhere around the region, in any country and port, onsigners are to undergo 14-day quarantine on arrival, thus rendering the whole operation either impossible, or very costly and unpredictable in its’ outcome.
Cargo ship sank after collision with another cargo ship, East China sea
Jul 27, 2020 at 06:05.

Cargo ships MV JIN SHUANG LONG 3 and JIN HONG 89 collided at around 0000 Beijing time (UTC +Cool Jul 27, some 6 nm north of Dachen island, Taizhoum Zhejiang province, East China sea. JIN HONG 89 sank after collision, reportedly capsized. All 11 crew were rescued during SAR with deployment of SAR ship DONG HAI JIU 115. Cargo ship MV JIN SHUANG LONG 3 sustained serious damages.
Chinese sand carrier capsized and sank in Taiwan Strait, 4 dead 4 missing
Jul 27, 2020 at 06:55.

Chinese sand carrier HONGXIANG with 9 crew on board capsized and sank at night Jul 26 some 60 nm SW of Penghu island, Taiwan, Taiwan Strait. Taiwanese and Chinese SAR responded. Taiwanese SAR boats rescued 1 crew and recovered 4 bodies, 4 crew remain missing. There are several cargo ships under the name HONGXIANG, one’s most likely the ship in question, but its’ AIS is off for more than 3 months: HONGXIANG, MMSI 412356112, length 110 meters, flag China.
Crane vessel Sleipnir sets jacket lifting record
Jul 27, 2020 at 08:45.

The semi-submersible crane vessel SLEIPNIR completed in May 2019 was built for the Dutch offshore services company Heerema Marine Contractors. Giant SLEIPNIR can accommodate 400 persons and is deployed globally for installing and removing jackets, topsides, deep-water foundations, moorings, and other offshore structures.
In July 2020, SLEIPNIR was assigned by client Vår Energi to remove the 8.100 tonne Jotun-B jacket which is part of a retiring offshore platform in the Norwegian North Sea. For the jacket removal, SLEIPNIR being equipped with two 10.000 tonnes revolving cranes which can lift loads of up to 20.000 tonne in tandem, arrived at the Jotun Field, located 200 kilometres west of Stavanger, and completed the job in only four days. With its 220-meter by 102-meter reinforced deck area SLEIPNIR is the largest vessel of the type ever built. SLEIPNIR performed the full removal operations while running on emission-reducing LNG fuel. Lifting a module of 15.300 tonne set a world record since it has never been done by a crane vessel before
Research vessel Oruc Reis remains off Antalya's coast
Jul 27, 2020 at 12:57.

The two NATO partners, Turkey and Greece, claim natural gas deposits off the Greek island of Kastelorizo. Warships from both countries traveled to the region last week - until Chancellor Angela Merkel from Berlin intervened. Turkey is now de-escalating and, at least for the time being, has the exploration ship ORUC REIS anchored off Antalya. The Turkish research vessel was to conduct seismic investigations in the area around the island. The project also affects regions south of Crete with natural gas deposits, which from the Greek perspective, belong to the economic zone of Greece.
Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey have had a dispute over the Mediterranean as an economic zone for years. Turkey does not recognise the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which Cyprus and Greece comply with. The EU and the United States reject the Turkish claims to the area due to violating international law. In January, the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan had announced to search for natural gas in an area agreed with Lybia as soon as possible".
On Saturday, the Turkish embassy in Washington communicated via Twitter that research vessel ORUC REIS started seismic investigations. Later this tweet was deleted without clarification. When checking the historical track of ORUC REIS, FleetMon investigated that the vessel did not leave the coast of Antalya in July. The waters around Kastelorizo island have not been entered by ORUC REIS. FleetMon Explorer showing the real-time location of vessels confirms that the Turkish research vessel is anchoring close to Antalya at the moment.
Broke mooring line struck 2 crew, 1 died, Indonesia
Jul 28, 2020 at 08:04.

2 crew of ferry MUTIARA PERSADA 2 were struck by broke mooring line at Merak, Java, Sunda Strait, early in the morning Jul 28. Both were taken to hospital, one later died from injures inflicted by a broke rope, another one suffered slight injures.
Tug and barge with 9000 tons of coal aground, Java
Jul 28, 2020 at 16:53.

Tug TB VOYAGER 6 with barge loaded with 9,000 tons of coal, ran aground on Cilacap coast, Cilacap Regency, central south Java, in the morning Jul 26. Tug started to tow barge, but failed to keep against strengthening wind and sea. On Jul 28, tug and barge remained in the same position.
Russian trawler suffered water ingress, heavy list, Norway
Jul 28, 2020 at 17:59.

Russian trawler ARCTIC LION, berthed at Tromso, Norway, developed heavy portside list, caused by water ingress, in the afternoon Jul 28. Tugs, CG and SAR boats and an engine team were deployed, leak was sealed, trawler stabilized. Trawler arrived at Tromso, understood to offload frozen fish, in the morning Jul 28, offload was resumed after ship was stabilized.
Russian freighter seized in Incheon with one positive test
Jul 29, 2020 at 06:05.

One Russian crew in his sixties of Russian general cargo ship ORANGE DREAM tested positive and was taken to hospital at Incheon, Korea, on Jul 29, according to official statement. The rest of 20 crew are test negative and healthy, but it doesn’t matter of course. The ship was put under quarantine for 14 days. ORANGE DREAM has arrived at Incheon with cargo of scrap from Vladivostok, on Jul 26.
German freighter disabled, Norwegian sea UPDATE waiting for tug
Jul 29, 2020 at 15:03.

UPDATE: Attempts to fix problem by crew failed, tug NAUTILUS BALDER (IMO 8406157) was sent to assist, ETA 2030 LT Jul 29. RANDZEL is to be towed to nearest port, she was en route from Arkhangelsk Russia to Hull UK.
Jul 29: General cargo ship RANDZEL, Norwegian sea off Norway, NUC since evening Jul 28. Disabled, attempting to fix engine control, propulsion problem.
Car carrier damaged Lock’s gate in Bremerhaven
Jul 29, 2020 at 15:59.

Car carrier contacted rubber panels or fender of Bremerhaven Lock gate, seriously damaging gate and sustained hull dent. Understood accident took place on Jul 28, and car carrier in question is GARNET LEADER, but it’s not confirmed yet. The ship maneuvered into Lock with 2 tugs assistance. As of Jul 29, GARNET LEADER was still berthed at Bremerhaven.
Ro-ro ship troubled outside San Juan, Puerto Rico
Jul 30, 2020 at 05:01.

Ro-ro cargo ship ISLAND EXPRESS reported broken pipe and water ingress in engine room in the afternoon Jul 29, shortly after leaving San Juan, Puerto Rico, to avoid Tropical Cyclone 9. Coast Guard sent SAR boats to assist cargo ship, if need be, ISLAND EXPRESS was allowed to return to San Juan. She was met by tugs at port’s entrance, and safely berthed in port. Situation is reported to be under control, with water ingress sealed, excess bilge water pumped out.
MAERSK Mega container ship lost man overboard in Pacific, continues SAR
Jul 30, 2020 at 05:01.

Container ship MAERSK EUREKA lost a man overboard on Jul 29 in the Pacific ocean, NW of Los Angeles. The ship turned back at around 1720 UTC, sailed to the area where most probably, crew fell overboard, and started to search for him, moving in logs at a reduced speed. As of 0400 UTC Jul 30, MAERSK EUREKA was continuing SAR in the same area. The ship left Los Angeles on Jul 27, bound for Yokohama Japan.
Tanker refloated after being stuck for 10 days, Barranquilla
Jul 30, 2020 at 07:20.

Tanker NORDIC WOLVERINE, which was aground at Barranquilla entrance, Colombia, since Jul 19, was finally, refloated at around 0000 UTC Jul 30 by 4 tugs, and taken to anchorage at Cano Dulce area, west of Barranquilla, for underwater inspection. Tanker’s hull contacted rocky bottom when aground, and reportedly, she’s in need of repairs to be carried out at yard, but it’s not confirmed. No cargo leak reported.

Jul 19: Product tanker NORDIC WOLVERINE ran aground at Barranquilla entrance, Columbia, at around 0700 UTC Jul 19. Tanker arrived from Cartagena. As of 1620 UTC, the ship was still aground, with 2-3 tugs assisting her in refloating attempts. No damages reported so far. Understood fairway not blocked.
2 ships stuck with positive test: bulk carrier in Ningbo, reefer in Faroe islands
Jul 30, 2020 at 08:25.

Crazy testing in China
Bulk carrier BUNUN GLORY arrived at Ningbo China on Jul 26, from Japan. 19 crew were tested, 4 were found to be test positive. There was another type of test taken, which found, that 5 other crew though not exactly infected, may be infected, so together with other 4, they’ve been taken to hospital, though to a different one. The rest of the crew remain on board. Ship’s under quarantine, all crew, including infected, not infected but probably infected, and not infected / probably infected, are healthy.
What does this new test mean, exactly? Not infected but probably infected? Healthy but infected or probably infected, subject to quarantine anyway?
Faroe island, Lithuanian reefer
6 crew of 23-crew Lithuanian reefer CASSIOPEA were declared test positive on Jul 28, the ship is berthed in Klaksvik, Faroe Islands. She arrived from Canary islands. As of Jul 30, ship remained in the same position.
High-risk oil tanker off the coast of Yemen
Jul 30, 2020 at 11:39.

A high-risk oil tanker has been lying off the coast of Yemen since 2015 and is rusting without a crew on board - but holding 1.2 million barrels of crude oil. The oil tanker FSO SAFER which was built in 1976 had been used by the Yemeni government to store and export oil from inland oil fields until 2015. During the early days of the Yemeni Civil War, the tanker fell into the hands of the Houthi forces when they took control of the coastline surrounding her mooring.
The news agency AP quotes from UN documents that seawater has already entered the engine compartment of the tanker and caused damage to pumps. This increases the risk of the ship sinking. It could break up at any time, estimates Lisa Grande, UN coordinator for Yemen: "It would be a terrible environmental disaster, a disaster for shipping and it would be a humanitarian disaster."
The FSO SAFER swims in front of the port of Al-Hudaydah, the lifeline of Yemen. All food and medicines for the north of the country arrive there. If the ship breaks or if it may be hit by a mine, the aid deliveries for millions of people also stopped. Three-quarters of the population depends on them. Ten million Yemenis are at risk of famine, the cholera epidemic is raging in the country; the coronavirus also spreads.
For the past two years, the UN has been pushing to send a team of experts on board. To do this, however, they would need the approval of both warring parties in Yemen: the Houthi rebels and the Saudi military coalition supported by the Yemeni government, which are fighting bitterly. Both are interested in proceeds from the potential sale of the oil. A breakthrough seemed to have been achieved a year ago: "We had a team of specialists who had been waiting for their assignment in neighboring Djibouti for weeks," says Grande. The approval was initially granted but was then withdrawn at short notice.
Aframax tanker left without crew on Piraeus anchorage UPDATE
Jul 30, 2020 at 17:33.

Jul 31 UPDATE: According to inside info and news published by at least one Greek news outlet, all 25 crew remain on board, under quarantine. Other news agencies said all crew were taken ashore.
Jul 31 1800 UTC: According to latest news, all crew, including those tested positive, are in good health, they’ll all remain on board until quarantine expires. After that, all crew will be changed. The origin of initial information on evacuation of all the crew, remains a mystery. It could be a genuine misunderstanding on behalf of Greek media, but it could be as well, intentional falsification, to stoke pandemic fears, and justify restrictions imposed on public.
Jul 30: Aframax tanker MERBABU arrived at Megara Greece from Ceyhan Turkey, understood with cargo of crude, on Jul 17. After offloding cargo, tanker was anchored off Megara. On Jul 26, one crew was reported to authorities having fever. Medics team board the ship, and in no time, it seems, figured out 16 infected out from total 25 crew. Tanker was moved to Piraeus anchorage, all crew were transferred to shore. Identified as infected crew, 8 Indians and 8 Filipino, were taken to hospital, the rest – according to Greek media (https://www.protothema.gr/koronoios-live/article/1031158/merbabou-me-simaia-maltas-to-ploio-me-ta-16-krousmata-ston-peiraia/) – were taken to hotel for observation or quarantine. Tanker is to be disinfected, and after that, manned with a new crew. Who’s to watch after the ship, and maintain her, until new crew arrives?
Surge of “infected” crews and quarantined ships
Jul 31, 2020 at 07:02.

Tanker and bulk carrier were put under quarantine in Santos Brazil, MT FAIRCHEM BLUE SHARK and MV DIAMOND STARS. FAIRCHEM BLUE SHARK arrived from Antwerp and 1 crew was tested positive, during understood, “routine testing”. FAIRCHEM BLUE SHARK is under quarantine starting Jul 27, she was moved to anchorage. DIAMOND STARS is at Santos since Jul 11, management tried to change part of the crew, 3 offsigners were tested positive, the ship is under quarantine starting Jul 29.
As of late, there’s a surge of “infected” crews and ships being put under quarantine.
Containers collapsed on board of container ship, UAE UPDATE
Jul 31, 2020 at 15:11.

UPDATE: Understood it happened not in port but during the voyage.
Containers stack on the stern of container ship UNI FLORIDA has reportedly collapsed at Jebel Ali, UAE, on Jul 30. Some containers were damaged, some probably fell overboard, it’s not yet confirmed. UNI FLORIDA arrived at Jebel Ali on Jul 27 from Saudi Arabia, and as of evening Jul 31, remained moored at Jebel Ali.
There already was containers collapse accident on board of UNI FLORIDA before, in 2007, when she was sailing under her maiden name ITAL FLORIDA.
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